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Thread: Pick a plane 2009
24/02/2009 07:50:03
It looks like the Lysander is favourite!!!!!
my choice would be
1.  Miles Magister
2.  Lysander
3.  Gloster Gladiator
Thread: Dried Cyano Glue Removal
16/02/2009 07:50:13
a note on acetone.
Ken mentioned nail varnish remover as a sorce of acetone. Indeed nail varnish remover is prodominentley acetone but has lanolin (shep fat ) added as a method od not drying out the natural grease on your hands. "(erm' or should I say the wifes hands!)".
Acetone is a fine degreasing agent and has many uses in the work shop and indeed around the house. Don't buy it from your local chemist  ' £1 for 20ml though. Look in the yellow pages for suppliers of fibre glass products. You can buy a gallon for arround £7. the GRP people use it as a general cleaning / de-greasing agent and so consider it a cheap consumable hence the cheap price from thier suppliers.
Acetone is ideal to get rid of fuel from fuel soaked balsa before effecting a repair, wiping the castor gunk from coverings befor patching or repairing ( but not on painted coverings so try a inconspicuous area befor you commit it to your precious covering), cleaning dust from any component before bonding ., cleaning epoxy spills... etc.. etc.. etc.
Thread: The November Grand Prize Draw
16/11/2008 21:16:00
I'll try again maybee this time
Thread: The October Grand Prize Draw
02/10/2008 21:23:00
this would be a welcome addition to my squadron
Thread: The September Grand Prize Draw
08/09/2008 23:35:00

I'd look after this mister...... honest

Thread: The August Grand Prize Draw
10/08/2008 14:56:00
well it's worth a shot !!!!!
Thread: Overlapping Solarfilm
27/07/2008 13:19:00

'Ere Mate try this

23/07/2008 19:45:00

Hi guys,

There is a website (airfield models) google it up and there are some good articles on laping solar film.

Its a great website. you can browse for hurs on a lot of stuff.



Thread: Werewolf free plan
23/07/2008 19:40:00

Hi Dave,

I'm in the same boat and have had a few hints from Peter Miller with cutting out parts and transferring the drawings to the wood. I had a disaster photocopying the drawing to stick to the balsa to cut out parts as my printer / copier reduced the scale and I did not notice until well into the assembly of the fuzz etc.

\look on the other forum sites for werewolf as Peter has posted some photos. this may be of some help.

if you need help leave a post as peter always gets back with good advice.



Thread: The July Grand Prize Draw
23/07/2008 19:00:00
maybe just maybe ????????????????????
Thread: Werewolf
09/07/2008 22:12:00


Thin card?  I've still got 407 sheets of Buff Lynette   from staff sales , would that do?

I still fancy clicking the plot button with my mouse and letting the computer do all the laborius tracing duties. 

But I will get the build underway trhis week.

I would have loved to go to the Geordie Nats but I will be towing my hut on wheels around Ireland with the one who must be obeyed.

I still facy a visit with my mate from g'head though so I will be up over the next few weeks.


09/07/2008 21:17:00

stuff me guys , if i wanted to play with light boxes I would have taken up photography as a hobby,

Realy though thanks for the info. they all sound like good ideas.

However I still fancy the idea of plotting out from a CAD file. How about it Peter,  any thoughts on putting your designs onto a CD disk so as i could print out the bits I need to cut the components and save the planet by not cutting down trees and harnessing mercury gasses in flossy tubes to make a light box. Or am I loosing the plot when it comes down to the traditional methods?.

I take it by the Quality of your drawings you use a CAD package to produce the drawings.

I guess I may be lazy by wanting the easy way out but with a CAD file you could scale up or down if the fancy took you.

answers on a postcard please

07/07/2008 20:49:00

Thanks Peter,

Some good advise to a novice builder. I like the Acetone idea as I swim arround in the stuff at work!.

I will have a play with my printer gizmo to see if I can sort out the copy scale settings. I am determined to build Werewolf so I'll get back to you when I cock up something else.


Thanks for the offer i'll probably take you up on that, but as I remember things wern't you tea total???

One of my clubmates at Gateshead also fly's up at Cramlington and has threatened to take me up with him over the next few weeks . When I find out I'll give you a call and see if we can meet up.

Cheers Lads


06/07/2008 09:42:00

Hi Peter,

I finally plucked up courage to build from a plan. I chose Werewolf.

My idea was to photo copy bits of the free plan on my all in one printer gizmo so as I could keep the original in decent condition free of glue etc and so as I could tape the tail end of the drawing to the main fus drawing in order to establish the true length of the fuselage sides.

I intended stick the photocopies to the balsa etc and cut out the components with my brand new scroll saw. This I duly did cutting out all the fus parts and all of the wing ribs and started to build the fus as directed in your accompanying article. So far so good. I was enjoying myself.

 I assembled the basic fuselage formers etc to the stage where I could offer the wing ribs into the wing seat area to check the fit. They were nowhere near. Something strange here I thought. So I tried the fuselage assembly against the photocopied drawing. This seemed fine so I did the same with the wing ribs against the original drawing. Once more nowhere near. I then offered up the glued up fus carcass to the original drawing. It was small by about 8-10% in all directions.

The PENNY eventually rolled around the building board, tipped into an ever decreasing spin, and eventually DROPPED. My all singing, all dancing, printer-copier-scanner had not scaled the photocopies true to scale and had reduced them. This meant all the work I had done to date was destined for the scrap heap. My heart sank down somewhere between my boxer shorts and my knees.

I work in specialist joinery manufacturing and we regularly build complex shaped reception counters which I draw in AutoCad and then print out at a scale of 1:1 to make templates for full sized curves and other such components. I could do the same to make templates for the components for building models if I had the plans as .dwg or .dxf files. Would it be possible to obtain a copy of Werewolf in this format? That way I could still print out the component parts and paste them onto the balsa etc to cut on my scroll saw. If not how should I go about transferring the lines for the bits from the drawing in order to preserve the original and still use expendable copies to paste and cut. Would I have to trace them from the original? That would seam a bit Dickensian in the digital age.

I understand the copyright situation, but would it be feasible to have some sort of CAD club where a covering fee would allow the downloading of these types of drawings so as those lucky enough to have the access to the facility can benefit.

I realise what a Wally I look making such a fundamental error but I look forward to your comments Peter, as to how we can combine the traditional building skills with the available technology that would help the building beginners like me to get up and running.





Thread: The July Grand Prize Draw
03/07/2008 23:15:00
maybe this time it'll hapen maybe this time I'll win............ wernt that a line in some song?
Thread: Travelair or Twister
22/06/2008 21:31:00

I have a travelair and find it a great flyer. I agree about the under cart ,it would be well worth beefing up before flying for te first time. I have a SC46 fitted and it pulls it round at a fair rate of knots although it will fly at a fairly sedate pace before it stalls. The model will float on when landing if there is no wind to slow it. I'll try the tail weight idea to see if it improves my landing tecnique. I've ripped the wing covering a few times as a result of high speed landings and it is starting to lok a bit battle scared, but I would buy another without a doubt.


Thread: The June Grand Prize Draw
22/06/2008 12:01:00
Yes I'll have it if no one else is interested
03/06/2008 22:48:00
Yes Sir  !!!!  This would be a great home for my new 91 FS
Thread: The May Grand Prize Draw
19/05/2008 21:32:00

fly a yellow texan round that old oak tree.

that would be a good title for a song !!!!!!! and boy would I be singing if I won it

12/05/2008 22:18:00
I'm up for it . it would look great next to my flight box on the field. Even better in the air...............
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