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Thread: How to Minimize CRASHING!
21/10/2016 18:25:51

Chris, I wasone of the guys who responded to your earlier thread. Glad uwent to Steve webbs - a great model shop but as per all our advice I'd still recommend u join a club, Sale, Parkway, Tyldesley, wherever. Sorry you did not wantmy help butgood luck anyway. Geoff

Thread: Another one going - Braincube
21/10/2016 18:16:37

Have a look at Lasercraft services- DylanReynolds. I nearly went with Braincube - close shave!

Thread: Life Today and Customer "Choice".
19/10/2016 09:26:55

Bit like our dear old mate Tel Wogan! "Is it me?" He used to ask. Asdas pizzas are great. Always a good selection ready made for the oven and they never argue or try and pursuade u to change your mind. Other supermarkets are available.

Thread: help during my 1st ever nitro plane build
18/10/2016 10:54:08

Chris, Dont panic! Weve all had to start somewhere and its all the learning stages which bring the satisfaction when it all comes together and flies. We all makemistakes as well, again its part of the learning curve and at nearly 68 I'm still learning - ive just started with petrol engines and more learning! Happy to help you with a trainer and engine whatever make


18/10/2016 09:57:03

Chris, I live in Flixton near to Sale ans have flown round here for 30 years or more. More than happy for you to contact me and I can take you through a few things, even provide a cup of tea and a look in my workshop to give u some ideas if you wanted to visit. I use Steve Webbie's quite a lot and they are a good supplier, been around a long time.

Regards, Geoff Jackson

Thread: Aurora 9
15/09/2016 20:35:08

Tks for reply Steve. (And Ken). Just need elevons on the Wildthing. Sorted the Cub flaps this afternoon at the Tyldesley patch with help from a club mate.

14/09/2016 17:47:59

Like you Wilson im having problems with elevons on a Wild Thing and getting flaps off the sliders and onto a 3 position switch with an Optima 9and a Piper Cub. Book not very helpful. Ok for all basic operations and I love the Aurora 9. Could do with a user guide more like the Futaba FF9 guide books!

Thread: What is this thing?
29/07/2016 18:31:03

I'd go for lost model alarm as well. Got something very similar in one of my planes.

Thread: Ideas for articles in RCM&E
09/07/2016 18:36:30

Hi. How about an article on powerboxes and installing HV servos and systems. Lipos to use for re eivers and ignition? Bit of a minefield when doingit for the first time. Tks Geoff

Thread: Essential RC at Weston Park International Model Show 2016
20/06/2016 22:29:17

Thanks Dom. Superb and just how I remember it. Will be watching it for a few days!

Thread: Weston Park 2016
20/06/2016 18:41:43

Agree with you Tim. Been going for many years and you can tune out the commentary but hes a bit of a national treasure now - and hes British dont you know! Noticed the full size glider wasnt ledded up this year butthe fireworks on Saturday night were awesome. Camping prices still good, great camping neighbors, wife loved it as ever even tho shes not that mobile these days. 67 now but I'll be back next year, great aeromodeller in the sky permitting. Gteat job Wrekin.

Thread: Weston Park Model AMAZING show !
19/06/2016 17:19:21

Just got back before rain from camping weekend. Great flying and displays, full size as well. Evening full size glider amazing both Friday n Sat nights. Fireworks awesome. Pulse jet loud! Met some great lads from Heydock/Halton club n a luvly guy from Newbury. Got all myshopping list, wife enjoyed relaxing. What more can u ask on Father's day!! Thanks Wrekin MFC. Looking forward to Ragley now.

Thread: Hobby King dissabled my account! :'¬(
12/06/2016 12:48:04

Better than talktalk! Been trying to get my email back for nearly a month now. Only had it 20 years! N they decided unilaterally notto support it anymore-no warning! Beware!


Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
31/05/2016 19:51:18

Hi all,

Am in Llandudno on hols from Friday this week. Anyone likely to be up on the big rock if winds are favourable? Normally fly power sport at Tyldesley but have flown Fusion ( just about!). Might need some help setting rates as its now on Futaba FF9 and Frysky receiver. Will chuck it in the car anyway with dog, missus and kitchen sink and hope for the best! Like reading this thread.

Regards to all.

Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
02/07/2015 16:03:24

My 2 pennerth for what its worth as a "mature" modeller of some 40 odd years and member of 2 clubs. I remember going to Goosedale for a day out years ago with guys from the club I was in then and great it was but I'd have been hard pushed to justify another visit. i enjoyed the Nats for the first time last year and will make the effort again this year but its a huge area for all those disciplines but theres lots to see and do.

I've been to Weston on and off for 20 years, camping, one day trips , caravanning and the reason(s). Its esay for me to get to and it spans everything including drones this year and a good trade turn out. This year I've never seen so many there. I thought I'd got there early to camp on the friday and struggled for a pitch - thats serious footfall. But it does show what a club can do IN conjunction with another outfit. The Weston people were great, emptying toilets regularly, litter picking etc

For me the BMFA have lost the plot - like Dave Hopkin above says - "what are they really promoting", certainly not my support!!

Thread: BMFA Area Chief Examiner standards
05/12/2014 19:24:36

Like Ian I've been a member of Tyldesley for about 3 years after having not flown for nigh on 3 years before that due to all sorts of "stuff" in my life. I already had an A cert and had been flying for 20 odd years in another club. That club had been taken under its wing by Andy and in a very long summer of coaching he passed 3 A certs, 4 B certs and 3 examiners in order to make our club self supporting. Andy took me under his wing at Tyldesley (along with all the members at TMFC) and coached me personally and from a distance and helped me regain my confidence. I intend to re-take my A test again as a 2refresher" and re affirmation that I can fly safely.

I have been out and about this year, to the Nats for the first time with TMFC, to Delyns flyin for the first time and witnessed Andy's holding in high esteem by so many people. I cannot for the life of me understand what the BMFA thinks it can acheive by this seemingly motiveless personal act (goes for Richard as well) l cannot imagine a more dedicated experienced pilot and ambassador for all aeromodelling disciplines.

I am not interested in the semantics of this, I like to live in the real world and I only know that my life would have been a lot emptier without what Andy and Tyldesley MFC have given me and he will have my support and vote always.

I am 66 by the way and a member of our Geriatric Squadron and age is not a problem or the daft comments that go with it!!!

Geoff J. AKA Crustypilot

Thread: Another Aldi offer for us modellers.
22/10/2013 09:21:34

A3 mats are great - got one on Sunday to replace very old worn out example. They were also selling cheap 2 part syringed epoxy - 5min and 15min. very useful.


Thread: A national flying site?
21/10/2013 13:20:47

My 2 pennerf for what its worth!! I'm your average club member/sport flyer /builder(I think).I have the legendary garage workshop thats not seen a car for 30 years! Get down the field when I can/weather permitting, domestic chores permitting, dog walking etc. I'm also very nearly a pensioner but intend to carry on working - a financial requisite in these austere times! My flying and building is a hobby and as such the cost has to be looked at carefully cos other things tend to have a higher priority like food on the table,house repairs, running the car and so on. I'd love a new half decent 2.4g radio but hopefully that will come as a Xmas present, not out of a household budget.

Anyone remember Goosedale ? - great for a day out with the lads from the club but once you'd been it tended to be another tick in the box.

Finally, like Erfolg, I too was heavily involved in Projects with a large financial institution with a black budgie for its emblem. Nothing got projectised without a properly constructed feasibilty study and then a full blown business case, signed off and sponsored by the executive. It then needs excellent, not just good!,project management and a realistic project plan that can bring it in on time and in budget. Has the BMFA the will and where with all to achieve that?

At best I'm ambivalent (not apathetic) but it would need a very good business case to get my vote and especially if some of my hard earned cash is going into it. Sorry if it made long-winded reading!


Thread: Pilots!
09/07/2013 12:28:18

Thanks Pete - I'll give that a try. Hes not a working pilot, in fact hes bone idle - just sits there looking suitably teutonic!!! But suits a DV11 just fine.

09/07/2013 11:03:46

Help please with a scale Latex pilot. Hes a World War 1 flyer complete with Iron Cross but hes starting to come apart at the seams (bit like me on a bad day!). Has anyone any experience in repairing/gluing these back together. I need to restore him to the office cos i cant stand empty cockpits! are there more like me or is it just my obsession? Thanks in anticipation.

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