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Thread: Giant Shark Selling Galaxy Models Kits
13/06/2013 10:37:31

Cheryl and Ian,Many thanks for the info on the Mustang. Might be my next buy!!

Thread: RC Bird of Prey & Red Kite
12/06/2013 13:28:54

Good to see after all the rubbish thats spouted about us interfering with wildlife,nesting birds etc. Experience shows that most birds are more curious than anything. Excellent bit of film!

Thread: Giant Shark Selling Galaxy Models Kits
12/06/2013 13:17:46

Also be interested to know what happened to the Galaxy Mustang?

Thread: How old are we?
19/03/2013 13:07:51

64 n a half but I think I'll be working on cos I need to keep the car going to get to the field at weekends and pay for fuel n stuff for planes and to get to the odd "do" like Weston Park. Pensions are OK but tend to keep food,heat and house in good order!

Also strangely work keeps me fit,disciplined and mentally active or maybe just mental! Am I alone in this?


Thread: Northern Model Exhibition 2013
05/03/2013 13:20:35

I helped out with the Tyldesley stand on Friday and Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed myself but I do echo some of the thoughts in other posts. There seemed to be a lot more families there on Sunday this year compared to 2012 and most kids (big ones as well) like action, hence the £1 a go for indoor flying would seem like a bargain and I bet there would have been queues all day. Certainly when Andy offered me a go on his night vapour I couldn't get in there fast enough.

The Component Shop near our stand was busy nearly all day and as the guy said it was better than being at home doing housework!! and making shedloads of cash and PR at the same time so come on traders, lets have a few more - its not that far for SWM to travel from Frodsham, give us Northern Modellers the support for the business we do with you all year. (just bought my Night Vapour from them).

Excellent show and I'll be up for it again next year!

Edited By Geoff Jackson on 05/03/2013 13:22:31

Thread: Agritug
19/12/2012 13:09:04

Only just picked up on this thread. I started mine in July as well. Nearly finished wings. struggled with the canopy getting it square so I'm gonna do it again. I'll have to get going on it again now I've read all this!!! just getting motivated to get out to the garage,get heating on and do it!!smiley

Thread: A380
13/09/2012 13:20:13

The Emirates 380 regularly flies over my house at Flixton nr Manchester and looks frighteningly slow as it climbs and turns, more so than the Virgin 747's on their way to the States.

When I worked at Engineering Control for BA in Manchester back in the 70s the Guppy used to come in on sunday mornings but only if the wind was very light!! I remember the BA engineers requesting a tech manual for the front opening cargo doors which required disconnecting loads of hydraulics. The manual came on the next weeks flight and when opened was ........all in French!!!

Those were the days and Viscounts and Tridents were still flying!!

Thread: Elf and Safety think a Spitfire seat is dangerous
23/08/2012 13:11:42

As a practising Health and Safety Officer I'm inclined to think that this was more a fear of being sued if anything went wrong rather than health and safety concerns. Modern health and safety's main concern is preventing serious injury in the workplace and not leisure activities.

Thread: A welcome visitor to the garden
24/04/2012 13:17:28

Insect suet feeder. My 2 blackbirds spent a couple of weeks watching the starlings hanging onto the feeder and have now become quite adept at hanging on till they are stuffed!!

Thread: Slide Rule
18/04/2012 23:11:18

I was at Bletchley Park as an apprentice with the Board of Trade when GCHQ was till there. I never knew till 10 years ago what happened there - it was still secret. I still have my official secrets letter. i've been back to see the Bombes and Enigma and realised our old social club was the hut Alan Turing was in. I had the time of my life there and now realise what a huge importance this small place was. You have to visit to realise the impact it had on the war's outcome. I'd recommend it to anyone and will be visiting it again. They still have to fight for funding to protect it from all our shortsighted political parties!!

18/04/2012 13:17:17

Still got my slide rule! When I did my O levels (just given my age away) we had to state on all the maths papers whether a slide rule was used! I think they also did that when calculators arrived. I may still have my first Texas Instruments scientific calculator as well.

Must read the Neville Shute books though. smiley

Thread: warbirds LA-7
18/11/2010 13:14:14
Agree with Lee. Got an La-7 with a  lot of finishing work. I've modded mine for wing mounted aileron servos which was quite a job and the retracts are not the easiest to fit! However the final outcome will be worth it!
Thread: The Mode Survey - what do you fly?
06/01/2010 13:29:53
Flown Mode 2 for 30 years
Fly in the NorthWest and taught in the NorthWest by an instructor.
Of a club of 20 members we only have 2 Mode 1 flyers luvingly known as "kackhanders"!!
Thread: The July Grand Prize Draw
30/06/2008 13:29:00
'ere we go again. Gotta keep tryin'!
Thread: Are cyano glues safe?
30/06/2008 13:24:00

I'm an H&S officer at a commercial vehicle builders where we use 2 pack (Isocyanate paints), sealants and epoxy glues all containing derivatives of cyanide.  These are not nice to say the least and need to be used with airfed respirators, LEV etc. and a lot of care.

Looking at some of the comments shows up what industry already knows ie isocyanates, cyanide can all cause respiratory problems, dermatological problems as they can be absorbed through the skin. and high concentrations can cause eye irritation.

 As most of my fellow balsa bashers have said - take no chances - use fume masks and plenty of ventilation. If using gloves try and use nitrile not latex. Latex brings with it a whole host of possible nasty dermatological problems!

What did Dave look like before he got "better"!

Thread: The June Grand Prize Draw
05/06/2008 13:12:00
Gimme, gimmee - yes please enter me - anybody worked out the odds - is it better than the lottery?!
Thread: The May Grand Prize Draw
20/05/2008 13:17:00

Love the Texan - got a Flair one already - another would make it very happy!!!


Thread: The April Grand Prize Draw
06/04/2008 17:41:00

Could I be first time lucky in the draw - never won nowt before!!

fingers crossed

Thread: Where do you you build
08/01/2008 13:36:00
My first post. John's shed sounds like my garage - double length and not seen a car for 20 years. Have to share with washing machine, freezer, wine rack , beer on the floor (in bottles most of the time!).  Bench doubles as model building and domestic repairs. Upgraded the hifi recently - my daughter gave me her old student midi hifi unit!! I dread to think what'll happen if wife decides to downsize - stay on and rent the garage!!??
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