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Thread: 80 Mick Reeves Hurricane
17/09/2019 18:46:29

If all else fails Bert will sort it for you weekend when we return from holiday.


Thread: Prostate Cancer
11/09/2019 22:43:12

Had my first injection in July plus tablets and second one in Aug Andy, last one was a three month one because of holidays. Saw consultant after bone scan and she said no sign of any spread so booked me ctrl scan before we came away, got another app with her end of Oct so don't know if there will be a letter when we get back for radio therapy dates. Side effects, none, only the hot flushes. I honestly feel great.


19/07/2019 00:09:29

Had my hormone injection today and good talk to specialist nurse, SWMBO feeling lot more comfortable about it now as she heard original diagnosis wrong and thought I had very aggressive reading.

Off to Wales for two weeks Sat so expect letter when we get back with appointment for bone scan, which hopefully shows good results for me to have the radiotherapy treatment.

Good luck and try to be positive Andy.

I feel great, really, no different now to before I was diagnosed. I honestly never thought I would have this reaction to my diagnosis, although in fairness had a rough patch Sat, they were on about pelvic floor exercises on tv which is supposed to help, another program showed a son visiting his skeleton of a father in hospital with the big and to top it all two letters came with appointments ,one for "Surviving with cancer" talk and prostrate cancer and you, for some reason got to me and had a weep.


Thread: Electric Cars.
18/07/2019 23:54:10
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 17/07/2019 10:32:17:

Was flying my leccy UltraStick yesterday and landing when I got bored. I was getting two flights per pack with 25% left over. My Wot 4 will go 20+ minutes with a mix of hooligan and tootling. 'Having' to land should be a thing of the past these days. The last time I was in that position was with my OS61SF powered Tornado that would just manage 7 minutes with reserve for ONE go-around. After that it got quieter than your average leccy model.

Back to cars - in hindsight, I now realise that the Mitsubishi PHEV would have been a better fit than the Kuga I went for. Nothing wrong with the Kuga, it's a fine car. It's just that a PHEV would fit my current needs and would eliminate the polution guilt. IWhy did I go with the Kuga? Concern with servicing, there's no Mitsubishi dealer withing 12 miles while Ford is just down the road.

I'm in the fortunate position of having off-road parking so charging wouldn't be a problem, but judging by the sheer volume of cars that I see parked on the roads overnight I'm very much in the minority. The streetlights are currently being replaced with low current ones (LED?) in my area but they don't appear to incorporate charge points.

Fields at Bromsgrove not close Bob ?


Thread: Prostate Cancer
10/07/2019 23:12:59

Cheers Martian, appreciated.Went for a meal together earlier and she has perked up a bit now.


10/07/2019 19:31:44

Got back from Cosford saturday to find letter waiting for me to attend hospital yesterday to see specialist nurse,

Cut long story short she said biopsy had shown some low and medium aggression signs. Started me on hormone tablet for a month, hormone injection next Thursday, and because we are away in July and Sept after that will have 4 to 8 weeks radiotherapy sessions. It's strange it hasn't affected me the way I thought it would, I feel no different now mentally than I did the weekend, it's diagnosed, caught early and going to be treated.

My dear wife on the other hand, oh dear, she went to hospital convinced there was no problem and it really knocked her for six , I know where she is coming from though as she had cancer in the fallopian tubes many years ago and thankfully it was contained and cut out and binned, me I was a complete wreck, crying in the day, at night, in the night get up crying, and we are supposed to be strong.

So I'm up for it, lifestlye changes, not too bad as I don't smoke or drink, and I'm sure the way I feel has a lot to do with this thread and the support shown and experiences shared by all. Cheers guys. John

28/06/2019 21:10:47

Of course it should read "Trus" method. Blooming puters why doesn't it appear what you write.frown

28/06/2019 19:19:03

Went yesterday and had biopsy using trust method, dreading it as daughter said husband got home and was on the floor sobbing as pain had been excruciating. Doc went through procedure with me, any questions ,ok lie on your side please . What was I worrying about, nothing to it, slight discomfort but nothing to write home about. (Well I was in the RN 😀😀No after effects and felt quite normal ever since I have got home. Biggest downer no caffeine associated drinks for couple of days.

NHS bloody brilliant, just wait and see now. Get it tested chaps.

12/06/2019 20:44:24

Had my MRI two weeks ago, today received a letter asking me to attend for a prostrate biopsy on the 21st. Got me a bit concerned now, after seeing the consultant and having a DRE with him saying all appears fine with the prostrate nice and smooth!!

Of course as usual we go on holiday tomorrow so had to phone re he appointment. Changed it there and then for the 27th with go and enjoy your holiday and we will see you when you return.

Must say brilliant NHS service for us again.yes

07/06/2019 13:06:35
Posted by Eagle 899 on 06/06/2019 16:28:44:

I got the PSA test result print out this afternoon........0.8 ug/L endorsed Normal - No Action thumbs up

Splice the mainbrace smiley

That's excellent news Shep, tots up.

Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
30/05/2019 20:06:24
Posted by Dwain Dibley. on 30/05/2019 09:47:14:

Thanks John, Hope you are well Mate.

I will probably see you at Weston Park, are you going ??

Is Halesowen Flyers Club still going ??

Kettle will be on, just remember my shifts LOL


Not too bad thanks Steve. Silly buggers booked two weeks in Devon ain't she.

Thread: Prostate Cancer
30/05/2019 20:01:15

I'm sure you will be fine Shep.

That would be 892 matey, only did familiarisation trials on Ark, and 767 at Yeovil for a while. Brawdy, Vic, Brawdy, Hermes Yeovil 63/74 came out redundant, worst decision I ever made.John.

"Pussers" bubbly is quite close. Sorry chaps back on topic now.

Edited By fly-navy on 30/05/2019 20:02:53

30/05/2019 00:54:09

Had my MRI today, sounded just like an old steam engine, thump, thump thump cool. about two weeks for the results so we wait and see.

Good luck tomorrow WAFU. (He knows who I mean smiley)

Edited By fly-navy on 30/05/2019 00:56:37

Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
30/05/2019 00:42:28

That's a cracker Steve done a lovely job there, will have to come and have a butcher's at it sometime.

I have been retired thirteen years now and madam makes sure we have plenty of holidays, we got back from Scotland last week Isle of Bute for a week then over to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, beautiful weather. Wish I could get my mojo back building and flying. Sorry back on topic. All the best for the maiden matey I'm sure it will fly as good as it looks.

Thread: Prostate Cancer
24/05/2019 00:29:17

Cheers Tony, Cornwall is in September mate, Devon next.

Fired them Lanc engines up yet nerd

23/05/2019 21:49:29

Got back from two glorious weeks in Scotland to find letter waiting for me to see consultant today. Had a good talk with him and he said my elevated levels could well be to do with the medication for rheu arth, but I will give you a full examination.So madam leaves the room, trousers and kecks down on the bed did a lot of external pushing and prodding asking about any pain I said none whatsoever, then the sound of rubber gloves being snapped on,"Lie on your side please with your knees towards your chin", could feel the examination and said I felt no pain when he asked. Got dressed he said everything was fine as far as he could tell, prostrate was smooth with no roughness. Two options he said, we can monitor with blood tests on a regular basis or I can get an MRI. I said he was the expert what does he recommend, get an MRI then I will be 100% sure, then in future any small increase in psa levels we will know we need not be too concerned.

Boy did the roses smell sweet when we got home, go to Devon in few weeks time so thats going to be a goodun. Just got to get another injection into my eyeball next friday now, getting old"s a bitch isn"t d

04/05/2019 19:28:32

Martian saw my GPS last Monday. First time I had met him, what a guy, I was bricking it and he put me completely at ease, asking if I minded him talking me through everything. Asked if I had any symptoms after the talk and I said none whatsoever, no prob going to toilet don't have to get up in night etc. He said the thing is with this is your prostrate changes as you get older and basically any change could be cancerous or benign. You can show all the symptoms and not have a problem, conversely you can show no symptoms and have a problem. My thoughts he said is best to get it investigated to find out why the change and you should here from hospital soon and it will be a quick referral. Told him we go to Scotland this Thursday so he took note of dates. Received letter Thursday, 13th May, bloody marvelous. Phoned up said we are on holiday so will sort out another date.reason it was so quick he put me in the express system and the hospital is obliged to see me within two weeks. Everyone has been so very helpful, NHS, brilliant we have never had a problem.

Thanks for asking.

28/04/2019 00:30:59

Decided at Christmas to get my test done.Had bloods done in Jan same time as the ones for my Rh Arth, and saw practice nurse at end of Jan for my monthly review. She said my level reading was 5.1 slightly elevated but more than likely age related (73) and they would monitor it with another test in 6 months. Saw GP in Feb for prescription review who commented about raised level and asked me to do another test Mach/April, did it early April. Saw nurse for my review last week who said it had risen to 7 and made appointment to see doc on Monday and said not to worry it is probably to do with my age but needs keeping an eye on so doc would like to talk me through it, bricking it if I am honest. I have no problem going to toilet, gushes out,(bit graphic I know) I can go through the night without having to get up and in all honesty there is no indication of anything wrong and without having the test would not think there could be a problem. If I can cope with having needle injected into my eyeball every 10 weeks think I can cope with this if there is a problem.

Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
18/04/2019 11:34:25

Looking nice Stevie, might be an idea to check balance before sticking tail feathers on as you could put some holes in them if it's tail heavy.

How ya keeping buddy.

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
02/01/2019 00:23:38

Sad news indeed, condolences to his family. RIP.

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