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Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
22/02/2020 00:13:04
Posted by Nigel R on 21/02/2020 12:11:31:

"please don't think I'm angling g for someone on here to offer, just need heads up best place to get them printed"

Various ebay sellers offer a customised sticker type service. I paid £2.30 for ten.

Search for "stick on waterproof school kids identity printed name labels stickers"

I figured it was cheaper than buying a printer.

heers Nigel,

19/02/2020 17:39:45

Received my operator I D couple of days ago. Can anyone tell me please where I could get them printed on some vynal self adhesive sheet, please don't think I'm angling g for someone on here to offer, just need heads up best place to get them printed.

Cheers. John

Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
28/01/2020 23:47:26

I hope that you computer techies forgive me, what started off as information for helping out a windows 7 problem seems to have ended up as a quantum physic's session to me, and perhaps a couple of others. I am now at a loss what to do, my W7 is performing as before, does what I ask, lets me fiddle about with my Phoenix, and do my emails. My concern was about the security after windows said it will not be supported so I wonder if my option was to upgrade this to 10, Jon kindly pointed out it is a bit dated and would recommend a linked new laptop which was the option I was going for, then Linux reared up, I fear far too technical for me, then Kaspersky came into play, shall I put this on this laptop, decisions, decisions, decisions. I shall probably go for the new one, then possibly try the upgrade on this one. Do I have to copy everything I have on here or will it remain on here during and after the upgrade.

Keep it simple please chaps, I know you are all being helpful but my eyes spin at some of the technical posts, probably born 40 years too early.blush

Edited By fly-navy on 28/01/2020 23:48:35

Thread: Prostate Cancer
24/01/2020 00:15:57

Tomorrow will be the 20th day since my last radiotherapy session. Treatment itself was a breeze, couple of hiccups during treatment which dragged the day out, one was dehydrated, tother was full bowel, other than that it was a walk in the park. It took a lot for me to drink 2litres of water a day and resulting toiletries which I have never had to do so often before, but small price to pay for hopefully good outcome.After effects of treatment has not been evident, took a few days for bowels to settle but feel absolutely great and positive. My personel downside is I suffer (Riddled) with rheumatoid arthritis which has been well under control with methatextrate, unfortunately this is a cancer drug they found beneficial to RA sufferers, but you have to stop it while you have RT treatment and as the radiation is still in your body after you finish I have had to wait This has caused my RA to flare up again and caused me considerable pain and I have now resumed my drug taking. I have been told my appointment to see oncologist is March and to have psa test a week before that, waiting for app.Apart from RA I feel grand, staff at Royal Wolv were brilliant, next three month hormone injection is Feb and tomorrow is another day, Kidderminster hospital for injection into my eyeball Ain't getting old wonderful.

Keep positive guys, enjoy life.

Thread: Flair Harvard
18/01/2020 23:57:00

Pleased it went well for you David.yes See it still has my name on the fuselage. smiley

Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
16/01/2020 23:54:40

Righto guys all getting bit too technical for me now, sorry. Decided I will go and have a look at Curry's weekend and after five minutes they will realise I'm a pc duffer. If you could give me some idea what would be best for me long term, don't intend buying another one after this, ie, what size RAM, GB space, drives, ssd? memory etc. Willing to go to 3/400 squids.

Thanks again for your help, this doesn't mean I'm getting one from Curry's just getting their speil.


16/01/2020 19:15:49

Thank you for that Jon, I shall probably get the one you linked.

Ahh, grandkids, we have a 4 year old great granddaughter, and her fingers fly across the keyboard, "Grumpy this is what you have to do" LOL talk about embarrassed.

16/01/2020 18:11:06

The reason I joined the thread is, (a) I'm an old git

(b) Puters frighten the **** out of me

(c) I want some security for the minimal purchases I do on line

(d) I do not do any work as such on pc, transfer files etc just want something for browsing, going on different forums, using my flight sim, booking holidays so really do not need an all singing / dancing laptop. if Jon says that one will be ok seems good enough for me. You can guarantee when my son visits wekend it will be " Why don't you get a decent refurbished win 10 one for your needs dad!" Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Now whats these Apple Mac's coolcoolcool

15/01/2020 21:38:21

Thanks John, seems pretty reasonable price also.

15/01/2020 19:53:18

Thanks for replies gents. Is there a minimum equipment requirement?

Mine has 3.8 rating

AMD E 450 ADU HD graphics 1.65 GHz

4.0 GB Ram

64 Bit

15/01/2020 16:58:34

Do I really need to upgrade mine gents? I have a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7, with Microsoft Essentials installed. I have had the message it will not be supported after the end of the month. I do not use internet banking as such, but in truth I do book holidays and buy some items on line using PayPal which is paid for on my CC which is cleared every month. All your helpful guides I'm afraid just goes over my head so if needs must it will be a new / reconditioned laptop with 10 already installed or should I just carry on. Tis only used for forums and the web really.

TIA John

Thread: Prostate Cancer
22/12/2019 18:36:12

Yes still kicking on. I have been put on a course of IMRT, 20 sessions, which gives a higher dose over a shorter period. They say this is more beneficial to the lower end and non aggressive cancer as it protects the good surrounding tissue and cells in the prostrate area. I have had 12 sessions so far and finish on 4th Jan. The low fibre diet is a pain, and all the water you have to drink plus the constipation powders I have to take each night. Sometimes I am lucky and don't have to get up in the night, other times once or maybe twice. It's a month of inconvenience out of my life I'm sure I can cope with that,staff at Deansely Centre New Cross are bloody brilliant.

Having Xmas dinner in New Year with me sprouts cabbage and cauli, heaven. Merry Crimbo guys,say safe and healthy.


Thread: Enya 120-4c Exhaust Replacement
17/12/2019 22:21:41

Failed to find transaction but if memory serves was about twenty quid.HTH

17/12/2019 22:14:37

I went straight to Enya engines in Japan, great fast service and at a price I thought was pretty competitive That impressed used the later for other parts.

Thread: Ashbourne 2019
26/10/2019 17:52:52

Outsider's two penneth Chris. Is it really necessary to provide the food? Surely people can squeeze a sarnie in amongst the models, whereas a cuppa is always welcome and people can brew up whatever they want from a boiling urn, this in turn would free up John to enjoy the day and even do some flying.

Would be a shame for such a standout event lose out for some grub, and people / club should not be out of pocket for putting these events on. It's always been late event because of all the clash's with other shows and the one I visited sometime ago was really a lovely relaxed laid back day.

Hope I've not trod on too many toes.

Thread: Fairey Gannet
24/10/2019 22:58:13

You and me both John, you and me both mate.

On the Aeromodellers forum martin there is a guy RalphR who is building a big AEW3 and would you believe he has stalled a Firefly build to do the Gannet.sadsad


Thread: 80 Mick Reeves Hurricane
18/09/2019 19:56:34

Hope all goes well Bert. Have word with Pete Fullard (on tother forum) he has a lovely scale one with modified cowl much more scale looking. Hope to get on with mine soon after many years of promises.

Edited By fly-navy on 18/09/2019 19:57:14

17/09/2019 18:46:29

If all else fails Bert will sort it for you weekend when we return from holiday.


Thread: Prostate Cancer
11/09/2019 22:43:12

Had my first injection in July plus tablets and second one in Aug Andy, last one was a three month one because of holidays. Saw consultant after bone scan and she said no sign of any spread so booked me ctrl scan before we came away, got another app with her end of Oct so don't know if there will be a letter when we get back for radio therapy dates. Side effects, none, only the hot flushes. I honestly feel great.


19/07/2019 00:09:29

Had my hormone injection today and good talk to specialist nurse, SWMBO feeling lot more comfortable about it now as she heard original diagnosis wrong and thought I had very aggressive reading.

Off to Wales for two weeks Sat so expect letter when we get back with appointment for bone scan, which hopefully shows good results for me to have the radiotherapy treatment.

Good luck and try to be positive Andy.

I feel great, really, no different now to before I was diagnosed. I honestly never thought I would have this reaction to my diagnosis, although in fairness had a rough patch Sat, they were on about pelvic floor exercises on tv which is supposed to help, another program showed a son visiting his skeleton of a father in hospital with the big and to top it all two letters came with appointments ,one for "Surviving with cancer" talk and prostrate cancer and you, for some reason got to me and had a weep.


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