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Thread: Prostate Cancer
08/10/2020 22:38:33
Posted by Eagle 899 on 08/10/2020 15:51:18:

As posted in June last year, no symptoms whatsoever but prompted by this thread I requested a PSA test which happily returned ‘0.8 ug/L endorsed Normal - No Action’.

In the last month or so I have developed the associated night time pee problems and quite severe constipation, my GP has arranged another PSA test for next Monday, then will arrange a DRE etc.,

He thinks the constipation might be associated with the suspected prostate issue.

I’m nearly 73 and one of six brothers. None of the others have had any similar problems.

I’ll come back with progress…………….


PS Keith, suggest you take the coin back out of your pocket, just in case!

Good luck Shep, hope its a positive outcome shippers.

Thread: Gary's Brian Taylor P-47 build
20/07/2020 00:23:09
Posted by Gary Clark 1 on 12/07/2020 13:21:42:

The 3D printed cockpit looks great! Do you want me to print you one nick? Easy to do once I scale it for myself anyway.



21/05/2020 00:27:36

Might be worth having a ride over to see Charlie Cox at Kings Lynn models gary he might be able to help or know someone with a lathe. Personally mate (Sir) I would hang fire and see how the final outcome is with the CoG and if nose weight is req'd get nut made out of appropriate material, some guys on LMA offer these services. ill send you pm tomorrow.

18/05/2020 23:07:34

If budget allows Gary a radial all day long, if only for the sound. As for nose weight that may be required there is always that lump of a spinner nicely turned and balanced. I was contemplated a split wing on mine if possible, what are your thoughts about that?

Edited By fly-navy on 18/05/2020 23:08:12

18/05/2020 21:28:00

Been up and down ladders like a fiddlers elbow for two weeks now Steve, getting to old for that lark. Rewired the lights last week two hours on my knees in loft, talk about pain, just getting over it. Sorry Gary, I blame Dibley, back on topic now. What are you putting up front? Electric and I will have word with draftie and get you grounded.cheeky

18/05/2020 19:43:43

Way to go Gary, good to see you have extracted your digit. All the more motivation to think about mine. Decorating the spare bedroom so put my bits in the loft,reason I mention this is I'm a bit perplexed about the "Model World" bottom right, I would swear it isn't on mine,so now I need to go and have a look to put my mind at rest. Build looks grand lad, idle hands and all that winkwink

Thread: Can you tell what it is yet ??
30/04/2020 00:51:00

You don't have to tell me, I have stood close to you often enough.cheeky

28/04/2020 20:51:08

Idle hands and all that cheekycheeky, Stevo me old warrior hows life matey, hope you and the girls are all safe buddy yes

Thread: Prostate Cancer
27/04/2020 23:02:04
Posted by Andy Joyce on 11/04/2020 15:40:39:

Have my appointment with the consultant in just over a weeks time so fingers crossed. Out of interest are you still on the hormone injections as my doctors cancelled my monthly appointments due to the virus.

Andy had phone call on Friday to say injection would be going ahead tomorrow morning, 0900, first patient in the surgery so everywhere will be cleaned down and steralised, got to go in side door at appointed time not the waiting room, got my surgical gloves ready and masks which I picked up at shows last year.

Way to go Martian.


Edited By fly-navy on 27/04/2020 23:03:44

11/04/2020 17:08:36

Thanks guys, bottle of Pusser's has been opened wings.

Andy my injections are 3 monthly ones next one is due on 23 april so can expect call about what is happening.

Strange thing about all this is my bald plate is covered with hair again and no one knows why. Madam runs her fingers over it with that look in her eye.sadGulp,

11/04/2020 01:15:33

Should have had appointment with consultant Monday to let me know how the treatment had gone. Had phone call on morning to say it was cancelled due to the virus, she would phone me at the allotted time. Said everything was all good and fine and the psa levels were undetectable, did not want to see me again (I have this effect on people smiley) and would refer me back to the specialist nurse later in the year to monitor me.

Boy that's a load off. Stay safe guys.

John (Gardens spruced up, cuttings done now to sneak into cave)

Edited By fly-navy on 11/04/2020 01:16:32

Thread: Wanted parts for Enya 90 and 60 FS engines
26/03/2020 23:27:17
Posted by Wilco Wingco on 26/03/2020 22:32:47:

Just received a new exhaust total cost inc postage from Japan. £20.36. + VAT £4.12 + post office handling charge £8,00 ????? Not sure why the Post Office should get the £8.00 as it only cost £6.50 postage from Japan Air Mail angry

Pleased your sorted Mike. Very good to deal with aren't they!

Thread: Heads up
04/03/2020 18:20:34

Thursday 5th March ladies, "Warbird workshop" 2100 on the Yesterday channel.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
22/02/2020 00:13:04
Posted by Nigel R on 21/02/2020 12:11:31:

"please don't think I'm angling g for someone on here to offer, just need heads up best place to get them printed"

Various ebay sellers offer a customised sticker type service. I paid £2.30 for ten.

Search for "stick on waterproof school kids identity printed name labels stickers"

I figured it was cheaper than buying a printer.

heers Nigel,

19/02/2020 17:39:45

Received my operator I D couple of days ago. Can anyone tell me please where I could get them printed on some vynal self adhesive sheet, please don't think I'm angling g for someone on here to offer, just need heads up best place to get them printed.

Cheers. John

Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
28/01/2020 23:47:26

I hope that you computer techies forgive me, what started off as information for helping out a windows 7 problem seems to have ended up as a quantum physic's session to me, and perhaps a couple of others. I am now at a loss what to do, my W7 is performing as before, does what I ask, lets me fiddle about with my Phoenix, and do my emails. My concern was about the security after windows said it will not be supported so I wonder if my option was to upgrade this to 10, Jon kindly pointed out it is a bit dated and would recommend a linked new laptop which was the option I was going for, then Linux reared up, I fear far too technical for me, then Kaspersky came into play, shall I put this on this laptop, decisions, decisions, decisions. I shall probably go for the new one, then possibly try the upgrade on this one. Do I have to copy everything I have on here or will it remain on here during and after the upgrade.

Keep it simple please chaps, I know you are all being helpful but my eyes spin at some of the technical posts, probably born 40 years too early.blush

Edited By fly-navy on 28/01/2020 23:48:35

Thread: Prostate Cancer
24/01/2020 00:15:57

Tomorrow will be the 20th day since my last radiotherapy session. Treatment itself was a breeze, couple of hiccups during treatment which dragged the day out, one was dehydrated, tother was full bowel, other than that it was a walk in the park. It took a lot for me to drink 2litres of water a day and resulting toiletries which I have never had to do so often before, but small price to pay for hopefully good outcome.After effects of treatment has not been evident, took a few days for bowels to settle but feel absolutely great and positive. My personel downside is I suffer (Riddled) with rheumatoid arthritis which has been well under control with methatextrate, unfortunately this is a cancer drug they found beneficial to RA sufferers, but you have to stop it while you have RT treatment and as the radiation is still in your body after you finish I have had to wait This has caused my RA to flare up again and caused me considerable pain and I have now resumed my drug taking. I have been told my appointment to see oncologist is March and to have psa test a week before that, waiting for app.Apart from RA I feel grand, staff at Royal Wolv were brilliant, next three month hormone injection is Feb and tomorrow is another day, Kidderminster hospital for injection into my eyeball Ain't getting old wonderful.

Keep positive guys, enjoy life.

Thread: Flair Harvard
18/01/2020 23:57:00

Pleased it went well for you David.yes See it still has my name on the fuselage. smiley

Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
16/01/2020 23:54:40

Righto guys all getting bit too technical for me now, sorry. Decided I will go and have a look at Curry's weekend and after five minutes they will realise I'm a pc duffer. If you could give me some idea what would be best for me long term, don't intend buying another one after this, ie, what size RAM, GB space, drives, ssd? memory etc. Willing to go to 3/400 squids.

Thanks again for your help, this doesn't mean I'm getting one from Curry's just getting their speil.


16/01/2020 19:15:49

Thank you for that Jon, I shall probably get the one you linked.

Ahh, grandkids, we have a 4 year old great granddaughter, and her fingers fly across the keyboard, "Grumpy this is what you have to do" LOL talk about embarrassed.

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