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Thread: Trendsetters and Iconic Models over the Years?
18/01/2020 07:28:01

Joe Bride’s Kaos range of aerobatic pattern aircraft from the 1970s

Kaos 40, 60, super Kaos, killer Kaos etc. All now available on outerzone.

topflite Contender 60

Sig 4 Star 40

Thread: CAA Registration Impact on STEM Activities
08/01/2020 18:54:15

I rarely post my on here anymore, but this thread sparked my eye.

My experience with STEM and the CAA is a mixed bag. My recent discussions with them on protection of GA airfields and their essential status for the start of the pilot training pipeline (initial flying training) and an inclusion into the GA strategy hasn’t yet delivered a result. Without easy affordable access to aviation to start their flying careers we are not helping the next generation fill the supposed pilot shortage.

We run an aviation scholarship each year and my interviews with those applicants from local Air Cadet Squadrons highlighted how little the kids actually learn these days(in science and aviation subjects) in stark contrast to what I did as an Air Cadet. I went to chat with the local area commander, offering my services to help. You would have thought they’d grasp the offer of help from an Airport Manager, recently retired senior officer, active pilot and much less active (lack of time) RC aeromodeller offering help to get kids into aviation..... zero.

Most of the pilots I know, started off with RC models. Beyond restricting aeromodelling access with the new laws, if we can’t even inspire kids into aviation, or increase access we are loosing the battle. I hear lots of talk of STEM- engineers are good at it (also a Chartered Engineer) but aviation is still miles behind, despite lots of individual efforts and policy notes from the CAA.

This is just another lump of ice on the wing of our rapidly descending hobby.

When we get the kids into it, they are the same as they’ve always been. Many of our 2 week scholarship kids are now either training, have a PPL, are flying instructors or now commercial pilots. It does work and I don’t think it’s the kids fault if we don’t help them.

Edited By Reno Racer on 08/01/2020 18:57:35

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
15/08/2019 20:31:14

1/4 Scale Nieuport 17 built from a Balsa USA kit


Thread: Local club attendance
01/07/2019 13:06:02

I am one of those nasty non attenders.

I used to fly regularly at my club and very regularly when living in the US, but now I struggle to find time. It doesn’t mean the desire and commitment has gone, quite the contrary. I haven’t flown at the club site since Aug last year, although I have flown a few models at work before we open; I’m an airport manager so have plenty of space and my own authority to fly in the FRZ. I have also built a 1/4 scale Nieuport 17, a Wingbat 48e and assembled lost of ARFs and am a committed builder.

My problem is, that between running an airport, being a full size pilot and normal family commitments (9 yr old), I don’t seem to get time and when I do,the weather is bad, so I potter off and build some more planes or tinker.

I'm hoping this week to get to the field.....

i sense, I’m not alone here and not have the luxury (I look forward to)of having more time retired.

Thread: Good luck to the BMFA
08/06/2019 09:07:55

In the full size flying industry, we call them the Campaign Against Aviation. You’d be amazed at the loop holes we have to jump through. I do hope the BMFA has success, this is after all a hobby and for me a break from all the regulation of full size operations.

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Hawk & Lightning
01/06/2019 17:19:45

Tony, I think you’ll cause a complete UK shortage of FMS 50mm fans with these little crackers. smileyI keep checking your site for the kit packs. Gnat will definitely get built, since I have a work connection, as will the JP and now the frightning. Great work and good to see some proper wood edf jets.

Thread: Gaui engines and DB Hurricane
27/05/2019 09:01:08

That Gaui F-50R look like a nice engine, a 50cc four stroke petrol engine, I also note they are about £900. If it was my choice, I’d chose a better known engine.

Edited By Reno Racer on 27/05/2019 09:01:49

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
25/05/2019 10:24:37

In practical terms, it is manageable to fly within an Airports FRZ, it just takes a bit of work to draft an agreement with the airport/airfield. Admittedly, much easier for a club than an individual and it must be noted that permission can be refused- it entirely depends upon the risk and location of the model/drone flying in relation to the transitional surfaces for the airports runway and any defined approaches or departure routes.

To quantify, my day job is as the Operations Director/ accountable manager of an airport that serves both business jets and GA ( about 35,000 movements per year and as much as 180 per day in the summer). For a hobby I fly full size aerobatic aircraft and fly RC scale models. I frequently give permission for drones to be used for filming some of our tenant businesses and we have a long established model flying club within our ATZ. Indeed, before we open, I have been known to test fly a new model before flying at my normal club (although admittedly I haven’t flown at the club since late last year due to work)

Regulation and draconian policy is with thing, practical risk management by those held accountable is another- it’s not all doom and gloom.

23/05/2019 06:14:33

European Aviation Safety Agency

Thread: SFM Piper cub.40 kit 67 ins wing span.
18/05/2019 21:07:53

I can’t add much more to the excellent advice already provided by others. I tend to build more than a fly at the minute, but have flown lots of tailwheel models, Cubs, decathlon’s, WW1 and tiger moths.

The reason I don’t fly models much these days is because I fly full size, mainly a Citabria ( or Decathlon) which exhibits similar characteristics as a cub, only shorter coupled, aerobatic and more power.

Almost all tailwheel aircraft have their CoG behind the main wheels, which can make take offs pretty tricky, the worst aircraft what to swap ends If you’re not careful - the ground loop/swerve. When I take off in the Citabria, I advance the throttle slowly (about 3 -4 seconds) and then push the stick forward to the neutral position to lift the tail. All the while I need to counteract the torque pulling it to the left with a resting foot of right rudder. I keep it in this position until I’ve reached flying speed ( in this instance 65) before gently lifting off. Once I’m off the ground I immediately feel any effect of crosswind even more; fly relatively flat for a while before slowly climbing into my best rate of climb speed. If there is a cross wind when taking off, then in addition to all the above, when starting the take off run, I also have my aileron into the wind and counter with opposite rudder, whilst remembering to keep a bit of right rudder as well.

Models tends to be the same and needs to be flown in a similar manner, albeit, I find it much harder to do all the above in a model, then a a full size! Yanking an aircraft off too early and not allowing speed to build up when on the main wheels will lead to a stall and the angle between the relative airflow and the able of attack to create a stall, certainly no full size is not great at all and the speed with which it stalls will increase with both weight and angle of bank.

none of the above it tricky in both models or full size, it just takes practice.

Edited By Reno Racer on 18/05/2019 21:09:01

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Hunter & Phantom
12/05/2019 08:08:32


i know she’s a shapely thing, but what’s the chances of the very under modelled Buccaneer making an appearance? Perhaps paired with the Lightning... am I asking too much?

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
11/05/2019 19:01:38

Can’t wait for you to get them for sale on your site. I’m definitely building the JP and maybe the Gnat. Great work

Thread: Model Suggestions for OS 30FS
31/08/2015 12:50:45

One of the Balsa USA 1/6 scale WW1 biplane kits, Nieuport 17 for example.

Thread: What's flying over your house
27/08/2015 08:34:13

Sorry John, forgot to add details, Kenneth is one of the pilots and it's his Mig 15. Although officially the Norwegian Historical Squadron, the aircraft are owned by the pilots.

Edited By Reno Racer on 27/08/2015 08:34:45

26/08/2015 20:21:15


If it was a mig 15 is was probably Kenneth's new toy, it's based in the UK for the season, along with the he vampires, and scheduled for the Bournemouth air show next. Sadly Martin' T-33 is still awaiting new engine pipes fitted and Martin is now based in the USA on their first F35 squadron. Martin has just also bought a single seat vampire in the USA and I hope to catch up with him in Oct when I visit.

Thread: Hawker Hunter crashed at shoreham airshow
22/08/2015 21:40:52

Very sad incident. BBC news (SW) just showed the road junction. Looked a mess. Condolences to those affected.

My view is that it appears to be pilot error, insufficient altitude to start the manoeuvre, but AAIT will provide details. In my expeience pilot error is 90% of incident causes.

It will be interesting to see what the sum of these last few (including Gnat and Spitfire ) incidents is, post investigation, with the CAA. I'm about to set up a company operating classic jets for jet experience flights (my Norwegian mate owns a vampire and T-33 and I will soon add a JP and we have access to other two seat vampires and L29s). Although not engaged with air shows, albeit my mate flys his at air shows), it may cause operational limitations. The UK-I hope not.

I hope this sad trend of loss, both aircraft and people doesn't continue. Very sad summer for aviation this year.


Edited By Reno Racer on 22/08/2015 21:41:35

Thread: Who's going to Much Marcle?
22/08/2015 21:27:55

That not helping Bob!wink

The aim of clearing space is to start a 1/4 scale Sig Cub build, I do hope there not other bargains at the show otherwise, the cub might be sharing bench space!

22/08/2015 21:00:23

I'll be there. Hopefully meet Bob to handover the TA-152.

Lots of traders, I must not spend, I must not spend, I must not spend devil

Edited By Reno Racer on 22/08/2015 21:01:20

Thread: Petrol Tank & Fuel Tubing Specifications
20/08/2015 12:56:55

The other thing to remember is that you need to maintain tank access in your model. Even Tygon recommends changing the fuel tube every six months. Despite the brand used, they all go hard at some point, cheaper ones quicker than others. I would also recommend a felt people clunk to stop fuel foaming allowing air into the fuel feed to the carb.

Thread: EBay Ads by Forum Members
18/08/2015 09:09:20

Bob, I've sent you a PM.

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