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Thread: Magazine request
02/07/2020 14:50:58

I've got that issue but I'm not parting with it! I'll happily scan the article for you though Martin if all else fails...

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
01/07/2020 12:58:00

Like Scott, I now paint my scale IC models with automotive basecoat and use 2K clear as fuelproofer. I've used gloss and semi gloss and both are impervious to glow fuel.

I have tested the ability to overspray 2K clear over the following paints with no ill effects, but as already discussed, they key is to mist on the first coat and make sure you've covered the entire airframe before hitting it with a heavier top coat:

Halfords rattle can acrylic

Humbrol enamel

Warbirds Color waterbased

Tamiya Acrylic

Flair Spectrum enamel (now called Guild)

Obviously make sure your base coats are fully cured hard before spraying on the 2K.

Thread: Hanger Rash
25/06/2020 19:25:31

I think it probably does explain it. When they are built in the far east they are more likely to be covered dry and then expand slightly when they get to relatively more damp uk keeping the covering taught. If you build your models over the damp winter then they are more likely to dry out during the summer and let the covering slacken.

25/06/2020 17:14:41

I think you might have hit the nail on the head when describing the conditions in which you store the models. I bet when the air is cold and damp the wood is absorbing moisture and expanding slightly, keeping the covering taught.

When the air is dry (like it will be at the moment after a very dry late spring and early summer) I bet you airframes are drying out and shrinking slightly, leaving the covering slack. Therefore not the fault of the covering.

Thread: Blue Foam
25/06/2020 12:43:19

I went through this process last year and I drew the same conclusion Martin, minimum quantities have now become an issue as most suppliers aren't holding it in stock. They will order it by the pallet and sell on a large quantity but not an individual pack or sheet.

25/06/2020 12:09:48

It's equivalent is now called Ravatherm. Dow sold their insulation business to Ravago and this is the replacement.

Thread: Is the hobby dying/dead
25/06/2020 10:59:07
Posted by SR 71 on 25/06/2020 10:46:32:

Im a modeller of 70 years flown everything from gliders to twin turbine jets and scratch build most of my models, the club i belonged to in Cyprus had just the one rule, common sense.

I have now returned to this country and joined a club but find i cannot fly because i dont have a A certificate, and also that i cannot fly my favourite model, the only one i brought back with me, because i have to have a B certificate to fly it as it weighs just over 7,5 kg

Im now looking for a new hobby

But if you have the ability to fly such models then you have the ability to take the B test with them problem solved....

24/06/2020 10:51:15

Tony - we've had lockdown since 23 March - little wonder that all retail shops are facing huge problems!

I've ordered materials, rc gear, engines and electric motors from UK suppliers during lockdown. In conversation with a couple of them while ordering, they reported that they have never been so busy; doesn't look like a dying hobby to me.

As to cost: this is a hobby, it can cost whatever you want it to cost.

CAA regulations: have they actually had any impact? Compliance is trivial...

Thread: Jeti new Tx for 2019
24/06/2020 10:37:35
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 24/06/2020 08:59:04:

Jeti radios are nice. Would I buy one? No.

I don't care about the prices but:

1) Jeti radios only exist at all because of an EU 'Small countries development grant' so justified or not I have personal doubts about their continued existence.

2) There is no large and long established UK agent and those small agents that do exist are constantly changing. So among other problems with such agents, such as "who's the best small agent this week?" I have doubts about getting it fixed if it breaks.

3) Over the years all the several Jeti ESCs I have purchased have melted sooner or later even though used well within spec. So I have doubts about Jeti's technical competence and quality control.

4)The constant promotion of Jeti by a well-knows US agent on a well-known US forum indicates that a Jeti installation, can be as complicated and can involve as many boxes as an Apollo Moon Mission.

What do I use? Multiplex, and have done so for year. But their quality, though 'adequate' is not as good as it used to be.

Alternatives? Only one - The Futaba T18SZ. It is more than double the price of a Multiplex Evo, Royal, or Royal SX But other than OpenTx it is the only one that comes even remotely close to their functionality. As for OpenTx, I'm totally put off by all the dopey, ever self-promoting fanboyism over a mere machine.

Edited By Richard Clark 2 on 24/06/2020 09:01:28


As someone who made the change to Jeti after many years using Futaba, I can say that your assumptions, prejudices and falsehoods are your issue. They are certainly not concerns of anyone who is a Jeti user and certainly not those of us in the UK who enjoy consistent and reliable support, stockholding and delivery times from the distributor, who, I might add seems able to grow the business year on year on the back of Jeti sales.

If you don't want to use Jeti, then fine, your choice, but your remarks are coming over with the inference that nobody else should use it either.

PS - my oldest Jeti ESC in current use was bought in 1997. Maybe you are doing something wrong...

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
19/06/2020 09:37:55


19/06/2020 09:37:26


19/06/2020 09:36:57


19/06/2020 09:36:38


19/06/2020 09:36:17


19/06/2020 09:35:58


19/06/2020 09:35:38

Here's a series of photos to show how I meant the star masks to be used:


19/06/2020 09:27:32

Looking really great Dirk but I think it is too late already to use some of the masks I made. Because it is better to paint dark colours over light, I made the star masks to go over a base coat of white and then paint the blue top coat over the masks and then peel the mask off, leaving a white star.

Maybe you have a different plan for the stars?

I can quickly make and send you a set of masks for the stars that will allow you to paint them over the blue, but that would take more paint to cover.

The roundel masks are also meant to be stuck down over a white base colour, but the light cream colour can still be over coated with white and will cover well. It is just more work for you and more paint to do it that way.

I did write some notes on the back of the masks. Have you seen them? Sorry if you can't read my writing....that is what happens when you use a computer all day every handwriting practise!

Thread: Diesel vs glow on a .5cc engine
12/06/2020 17:43:55

D1500 fuel? Is that a mix of 2 parts D2000 and 1 part D1000 then?

12/06/2020 17:40:38

An 0.49 glow is its capacity in cubic inches. Therefore its capacity in cc is 0.8cc. 0.5cc is approx and this is the size of a Cox Pee Wee glow, DC Dart, Frog 50, PAW .55 and various modern Redfin diesels. I would take slight issue with those who say you don't need to fuelproof a diesel powered model. I would suggest that you definitely need to proof round the engine bay and where the exhaust will collect if only to prevent oil soaking in to the wood.

I'd still use a diesel any day of the week in this case though.

Thread: Cambrian ME109 Funfighter electric Prop Size
12/06/2020 13:08:48

Actually, Cambrian list two different motors for the 109, but only show one size of prop (the 9 x 6). It would seem to me that they are suggesting using the 1050kV motor for 4S use and the 1500kV motor for 3S use, but keeping a 9 x 6 prop in either case.


You could always ask their advice?

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