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Thread: Bobs F86 Sabre
15/08/2019 11:18:36

Greek? Nice. different, unusual!

Thread: Single servo ailerons
15/08/2019 09:54:03

Sorry again Brian, you've totally failed to convince me again. If you fit a 90 2-stroke in an Acrowot, then good luck getting it to balance to begin with!

Secondly, while I accept it may be a good idea to use more powerful servos, this can be achieved using a decent single servo. Again, there's no advantage in using two servos that cannot also be gained by using one!

I'm not having a go, and in many circumstances in other models I agree, but not in this case, ever....

15/08/2019 07:09:37

I absolutely would use a single servo in a simple model like an Acrowot!

I was looking forward to hearing of the advantages I could gain, because apparently there are some, but it's too complicated.

If that's the case then can I suggest that there aren't any real advantages?

14/08/2019 15:38:42
Posted by Brian Cooper on 14/08/2019 10:59:40:

Using just one servo on the ailerons, especially on a model like the Acrowot, is very "old school".

It is far better to use two servos, and then dial-in expo and rates to suit. . . There seems to be a mental barrier about using more than 30% expo. . It is permitted to use more if required. . Just keep dialling it in until the correct "feel" is accomplished.

Also, by using two servos, they can be individually "tuned" to get the best out of the aeroplane.



Please can you give me any solid evidence of why a simple sports aerobatic model like the Acrowot we are discussing here can be improved by the use of two servos on the ailerons?

I'd genuinely be astonished if there is any genuine improvement over a well setup simple single servo but I'd love to know your reasoning.

Additionally, why does having two aileron servos make it easier to "dial-in" expo and dual rates?

I find that statement hard to accept at face value, sorry.

Thread: Take off dolly for a Funfighter, anyone used one?
14/08/2019 10:41:21

You don't need up trim (which actually puts the aircraft closer to a stall situation surely??) if you launch the model nose up. That was my understanding of the advantage of the underarm launch - you push the model up into the air.

14/08/2019 10:18:41

Martin: both Chris and I have advocated underarm launching. This is the factor that will save you. Because you are throwing the model away from you underarm it will go away from you nose up, then tend to describe a parabola as gravity takes effect so "dipping" from the launch is not an issue.

As I previously suggested, using 2/3 throttle reduces the torque effect as well.

You will find you have time to get on the sticks and climb away.

I've launched three funfighter type models this way on many many successful flights and I'd much rather do this than faff on with a dolly or catapult.

Edited By Alan Gorham_ on 14/08/2019 10:19:03

Thread: JSDAF Blue impulse F-86
14/08/2019 09:21:40

Excellent choice Toshiro! I will watch with interest.

Thread: Take off dolly for a Funfighter, anyone used one?
13/08/2019 15:41:39

Underarm launch at 2/3 power works really well.

Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
13/08/2019 12:56:29

Perhaps the BMFA are occupied with organising the upcoming Nationals and we can expect something after the bank holiday weekend?

Thread: Sciabola or Italian Sabre
13/08/2019 10:08:43

Thanks Andy I quite like the prancing horse motif on the fin and the big white numbers on the fuz sides. Should help me decide which way it's going!

Thread: Silent Flight nats
12/08/2019 17:53:43

Saturday is 100S and 2m e soaring

Sunday is F3K and F5J

Monday is Open e soaring

This is from the entry form on the silent flight nats website.

Thread: Martyn's F-86 Sabre Build Blog
12/08/2019 14:39:10

Wow! We might have to call you "Flash Harry" Martyn. That is bright!

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
12/08/2019 11:56:03

Love this jazzy scheme!

Thread: Mercury Aeronca Sedan
12/08/2019 11:04:47

Lovely scale, gentle flying. You must be chuffed with that lovely model Chris!

Thread: The Aerodynamics of the Spitfire
11/08/2019 10:38:59
Posted by J D 8 on 11/08/2019 09:15:41:

+ 1 on the above.

It is also much the same story with computer development and the ideas of Alan Turing for which he is rightly recognised.

However it was Tommy Flowers and other former GPO team members who built the electronic Colossus and made it work. I think there is a street/road named after him somewhere.

It is an interesting parallel indeed...Maybe it's human nature to latch onto one person's name in association with great advances.

The housing built at the site of the GPO research station in Dollis Hill is called Flowers Close.

Thread: Isle of sheppey flying
10/08/2019 20:27:26

Free flight models can be powered!

10/08/2019 19:56:37

Medway Model Flying Club fly on the isle of sheppey.

Thread: ASP prop driver stuck!
10/08/2019 17:14:05
Posted by alex nicol on 10/08/2019 10:14:23:

I could be off the mark here, from memory I think the ASP also has a woodruff key that locates the prop driver?


Someone did....

Thread: Wing section help
10/08/2019 16:30:46

Just checking that everyone appreciates we are talking about a slope soarer here and not a power model.

10/08/2019 11:12:57

I'm no expert so I can't offer you any advice, but Andy Meade's Hawker Typhoon is 1/5 scale I think and built from a powered kit. After seeing it fly at the Lleyn PSSA event in June I'd question whether you need a specific "slope" section. The Typhoon has a thick semi-symmetrical section so yes will be draggy but the model carried enough momentum to fly like a tankbuster.

I'd probably say don't build the Me too light!

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