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Thread: plastic sheet to cover plan?
24/04/2020 22:26:52

Yes I use the SLEC sheet.


Thread: cleaning cox 049
19/04/2020 10:15:35
Posted by Martin Harris on 18/04/2020 23:41:14:
Posted by Alan Gorham_ on 18/04/2020 20:09:50:

You most certainly can buy nitro on it's own in small quantities without I license. Model Technics and Southern Modelcraft both sell it.

Are you sure, Alan? The last time I checked, the possession of nitromethane or mixed fuel from 30% nitro and above needed you to have purchased a licence at considerable cost.

Edited By Martin Harris on 18/04/2020 23:42:47

You are quite right and I was wrong Martin. However, thinking about the OPs fuel more, I doubt I would buy nitro to add to 5% nitro fuel to try and make a 25% nitro mix. By the time you had bought the nitro and the extra oil it would most certainly be cheaper and simpler to buy a litre of pre mixed 25% nitro fuel. That is definitely still possible without the need to obtain a license and would suit most Cox engines just fine.

18/04/2020 20:09:50

Like Peter said, the cylinder gumming up is not really your major concern with Reed valve Cox engines. It's the fuel passage/needle and the Reed. I always used to inject a ml or so of IPA into the thread where the needle screws in to hopefully wash out any fuel residue before storing the engine.

I'm not sure 3 in 1 oil is very good for model engines.

I think your facts on the Cox Texaco may be wrong. I always thought that came onto the market in the late 1980s to suit a competitive class that was popular in the US then. Also I am fairly certain that the Texaco engine was designed to run on lower nitro fuel than most other Coxes.

You most certainly can buy nitro on it's own in small quantities without I license. Model Technics and Southern Modelcraft both sell it.

Edited By Alan Gorham_ on 18/04/2020 20:11:05

Thread: Ignition
08/04/2020 18:30:24
Posted by Alan Gorham_ on 08/04/2020 14:02:04:

I don't think you are meant to power up ignition units without the plug in.

08/04/2020 14:02:04

I don't think you are meant to power up ignition units without the plug in.

Thread: Pink and Purple Super Sixty
07/04/2020 15:29:08

I think you are looking for igull run by Neil Gillies. Unfortunately on his ebay shop he has posted the following message:

"Hi All,Sadly, due to the current Covid restrictions here in Scotland and the UK, I have decided to close down the Igull Laser store for the forseeable future. Hopefully, we will open as soon as these restrictions have been lifted.Please, please stay safe and as always, 'Happy Flying' !!! Best regards Neil"

Thread: C.A.P No.19 DH Tiger Moth 70"
07/04/2020 11:17:05

Sarik and Traplet before them sell the old CAP plans and parts.

I think this is what you are looking for:


Thread: Another "which radio?" Question
06/04/2020 08:50:50

People probably start by not caring about the protocol that their radio link uses.

If budgetary concerns are an issue why not see what sets fit your budget and then perhaps look at the support available for the actual functional programming of the radio (either direct from the manufacturer or on forums or YouTube etc) and use that to make your decision.

Thread: Do you know what this BiPlane is!
05/04/2020 22:20:54

I remember there was a kit review in RCM&E. I'm sure the review model was covered in the same scheme as your and in fact I think the company used to have a model decorated in the same scheme in their ads. I really can't remember if it was supposed to have cabane struts or not. I vaguely think it didn't have any and that was a unique design point.

05/04/2020 21:59:04

It was a commercial kit made in Ulster in the early 1990's. I think the manufacturer was called Ulster Model Products, but I'm relying on memory there. It was marketed as the AeroBi46. Note that back then it was common for cottage industry kit manufacturers to hand mark and hand cut kits so no surprise to see pencil markings.

Thread: DH89a Dragon Rapide
04/04/2020 19:24:18

I wouldn't necessarily take Alex Whittaker's word as gospel on someone else's model. This is the man that in his column in the magazine a few months ago would have us believe that Duncan Hutson the designer of many scale models was also responsible for the Flair Hannibal and Magnatilla! When it was obviously the work of Dudley Pattison of Flair...

Thread: Chrome covering
03/04/2020 16:45:51

Here are two statements you've made in this thread Foxfan, the first statement is in your first post:

so I'm thinking it would need covering in chrome film,

The second is in your last post:

It would be those rather than chrome films that I would use

In between, you've doled out a lot of advice on how all the suggestions you've been given in good faith are poor solutions. You seem to already know the direction you wish to take on this front, so it does seem like most contributors have wasted their time offering you the benefit of their experience.

I look forward to seeing your results - should be great!

03/04/2020 16:28:32

Metallised paint...just as the covering films talked about in this thread are metallised films....

If you really want a polished metal finish then you could look at FliteMetal or just build the entire model out of lithoplate. Both won't be cheap or light or easy to use!

03/04/2020 14:28:30

They are both painted and to me the Spitfire looks particularly realistic. Better than "Chrome" effect iron on covering? You bet...

Thread: Rob's F-86F NASA 228 research aircraft build
03/04/2020 12:59:42
Posted by robk on 29/03/2020 13:33:35:

A few days later and I had given it a first sand with wet and dry paper (wet). Then have given it its first coat of filler-primer (actually two coats). This revealed a few obvious gaps which I filled then sanded it down again with wet and dry. I am a bit surprised at how much the weave of the glass still shows through the paint. Not sure why? The peel ply looked pretty filled. Anyway, after this sanding it feels much smoother. When the wind calms down I will give it a couple of coats of grey primer. Not only the first glassed model for me its also the first one I have painted with the spray paint (using Halfords stuff). The close up photo looks worse than it actually is - not sure why.



Edited By robk on 29/03/2020 13:34:51

Rob, sorry if this sounds like wise after the event, but if these pics here are the base point at which you started putting your silver paint over, then you have missed out several intermediate stages that would help to give you a better base for the top colour coats to over and also a lighter model....

When you glass with peel ply you will be left with a "stippled" texture to the glass when you have removed the peel ply. At this point you must block sand the model with something coarse such as 80 grade ali oxide paper to take off the tops of all these "stipples".

You then spray filler primer to fill the low points in the stipples, but you must then remove the primer from the high spots using wet n dry used wet. Once you have done this process in 2 or 3 iterations, you will find most low points are filled and any dings, dents or depressions should be filled with a surfacing filler such a 3M red acryl. Once you have rubbed this smooth you can put one light primer coat over the whole lot, rub that down with wet n dry used wet and only then think about putting on top colour coats.

If you do that you should barely (if at all) be able to see the weave of the glasscloth, but you will have much less paint on the model overall.

It is a ball-ache to do all that rubbing down, but worth it I feel in the end result.

Thread: Chrome covering
03/04/2020 12:37:00
Posted by Foxfan on 03/04/2020 12:03:53:

Alan, glassing and painting will never look like polished ally!

Not certain I agree with that.

These are not my models, but very much an aspiration to aim for (credit for pics and models by Phil and the team at Fighteraces).

I don't think covering models such as this in Oracover would give quite the same effect.



03/04/2020 09:45:09

Oracover offer what they call Chrome film which IS backed with real aluminium and they do warn of issues with radio reception on this covering.

They also offer Brushed Aluminium film which is not metallised and may be close enough to a chrome finish for most people.

Personally I find their Chrome film to be too shiny to be realistic at model scale and it also seems prone to hangar rash which makes the model look tatty. However, that is likely to be my fault and as they say YMMV....

I prefer glassing and painting anyway!

Thread: What Traders are still offering Mail Order? Services?
02/04/2020 21:05:11

I'm probably going to sound grumpy here but how many times is Steve Webb going to tell us in this thread that Steve Webb Models is open?

Thread: Airbrush compressor + Tank.
01/04/2020 20:06:16

I didn't hold out great hope for the lifespan of the little compressor, but I bought mine 4 years ago and it's been well used and not cosseted. Still going strong.

01/04/2020 17:25:05

I use the same device but without the tank to power my airbrush John. I only use the airbrush to paint markings such as serials, reg numbers and roundels on my models. I do build plastic models too and the quiet operation of the compressor means it can be done in the spare room!

Good to see yours comes with a moisture trap as mine definitely fills up with water on a regular basis!

I prefer a "proper" compressor with tank and spray gun for applying solid colour to the model.

Some examples of the results:





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