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Thread: Powerplanes International Delta Dagger plans needed!
02/06/2014 00:33:28

Hi all, a long shot I know, but I have a Powerplanes International kit of the Delta Dagger, a small very fast model for about a 25 size engine, looks great but it has no plan or instructions in the kit, they are missing.

I would love to build the kit, but I really do need to see a picture of the plans and instructions just to aid me. I am not asking for a copy but just a large digital picture so I can enlarge it and glean all the information from it I need.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.

Best regards, Paul.

Thread: Super tigre 25cc, prop size required - help with info please.
27/05/2009 20:05:24
Many thanks for the reply E.D. I found some information on the Super Tigre 25cc engine, read the article then bought a Moki 210 to replace the ST engine. It seems the carb can be a touch funny on tick over, the last thing I need is to go dead stick with my DB Spitfire! Also the Moki 210 should pull the Spit vertically  from take off as thrust should be greater than one to one. Should be fun.
Regards, Paul.
Thread: Old Horizon Systems radio, made in England anyone know it?
27/05/2009 20:00:53
Many thanks for all the information. I think I will sell them as I am a flyer and the last thing the wife would want is for me to start building boats as well !
Regards, Paul.
26/05/2009 14:28:54
Hi, I have two lovely old Horizon Systems HS6E transmitters and gear, they seem to be on 27mhz, they look very old pre 1980 but also they look like in new condition. Even have the Horizon System charger for the sets. Does anyone remember this make, especially as they were made in the UK, are they worth selling as collectors items? They are to nice to throw out and so modern looking, they must have been cutting edge at the time, especially six channel units. Any information would be great. Thank you.
Regards, Paul.
Thread: Super tigre 25cc, prop size required - help with info please.
24/05/2009 15:28:57
Hello, can anyone tell me the recommended prop size for the Super Tigre 25cc engine, I bought an old DB Spitfire fitted with a brand new ST 25cc two stroke glow but has no engine instructions with it. It does have a 17" x 6" prop fitted at the moment. I just would like to know the manufacturers stated prop range for this engine. I did a search on the internet and Super Tigres web-site, but no instructions or specs found for the old ST 25cc glow. I guess a few of you out there have this engine and will have the instructions to hand. Any help would be great. Many thanks, Paul.
Thread: The April Grand Prize Draw
31/03/2008 12:26:00
I never win s*d all, so here I go again  but I did get Chickenpox last year for free, nice.
Thread: The May issue Nijuis free plan teaser
31/03/2008 12:18:00
The wife said no, but I say yes please! She never spots me hidding them in the converted loft! Count me in, thank you.
Thread: Club waiting lists
13/12/2007 00:16:00

At what age should we consider the euthanasia option? Just wondering, want to make sure I'm ok.

I have got so fed up with waiting lists that I have given up on the Windsor club, it seems that you need to know some of the old guys and be able to do a funny hand shake to get into the club

Thread: Bobcat 50 motor choice?
12/12/2007 23:31:00

Hello Colin, sorry for the late reply, work got in the way of fun!

C of G is stated: 260mm (10.3 in) behind the leading edge measured at where the wing meets the fuselage.

Hope this helps you.

Regards, Paul.

07/12/2007 00:57:00

Hello, can not make my mind up on which motor will be best for my Bobcat 50. I will not be going for retracts due to our rough patch - it will rip them out on the bumps. So I will have an U/C dangling in the breeze, but will use ultra slim wheels to cut drag.

Thought of the West 50, OS 55AX, OS 61FX, OS 91FX or a JEN 57, what motor do you run on your Bobcat 50 and how does it perform? I am thinking of going for brute force with the OS 91FX as its the same crank case size as the OS 61FX and same weight.

Any advice most welcome.

Regards, Paul.

Thread: Ben Buckle Kits
07/12/2007 00:40:00

Adam, I get the feeling your not keen on Als hobbies either then? As you pointed out so kindly to me, what's this got to do with the thread topic. We should start a black book thread where we can all add companies and people we have a beef with!

Also I never suggested were all rather spoiled to expect nicely cut accurate parts that match the plan, or enough balsa to build the model, but I completely agree, if you are sold a kit that does not build right or badly fitting parts, you should get a refund or replacement from the place of purchase - you have your rights.

Regards to you all, Paul.

Thread: How Many flyable planes do you have ?
15/11/2007 18:58:00

Panic, BB Junior 60 & Flair Junior 60, Hellcat slimfly (ripmax), 1/2 ASST, Star Delta, Lazer Delta, Large Dart free plan from mag, BB Majestic Major, Zagi 400, Bird of Time glider, a Hacker hand launch glider, Funfighters - all of them, and 35 electric models all ready to go, most of the robotbirds epp fights, flying wings and epp jetfighter pusher models, most of the Silerlit range, 3 x helicopters, Bobcat 60 size IC, Bobcat 25 size IC.

I have many more than listed above, converted my loft this year, now packed to the rafters, plus one bedroom as a hanger, and one large room at my parents house used to store my planes.

About 40 kits unbuilt to add to the list above.

Always have 20 ready to fly at any time, and dependant on weather on the day, will take three to five down to the field to fly.

Can never have enough!

 Regards, Paul.

Thread: Ben Buckle Kits
15/11/2007 15:47:00

Hello Tom, I do not use hot melt as it does not penetrate ply or balsa, I suppose its used because its cheap, fast and easy to apply, thats why most Chinese ARTF's are so bad - thats my thought on Chinese ARTF's, proof is seeing so many with failures at the flying field and we are not talking people crashing them, but parts being loose from manufacture. How long before some one is at worst killed because of the wrong use of glue ? There would be an inquest and I think it would be the supplier who would be before the court explaining their quality control on imports. You can bet that the Chinese manufacturer would be impossible to find in a case like this.

It was not so long ago that a young lady was killed when hit in the head by a plane that was built wrongly, film was not removed from the tailplane to fin joint on investgation and the fin seperated during flight. Tragic, I was given an ARTF by the chap next door to me, he bought the lot from a model shop, spent £600 on all the gear, went down the park and managed to get his ARTF trainer off the ground and a few seconds later it hit the ground hard inverted. I looked at all his gear - MDS 40, top range Futaba radio and a Ripmax 40 trainer, he had simply glued everything together with 5 min epoxy and had not removed the film from the tailplane to glue it to the fuz and had simply expoxied the fin on top of the tailplane again using the film coated surface. I am sure the instructions would have clearly stated to remove all the film on glued joints, but we are talking of some one who had no clue at all and I assume did not undersatnd why to remove the film covering. Oh well, I gave him a tenner for all the gear, he wanted nothing for it but I felt bad accepting it for free Just a shame he did not buy a Junior 60 kit, an OS 25 LA and a middle of the range Futaba set, cost about £300 all in and we would have had another one in our fold. I offered him a free airframe (in my loft) but he said no as he had wasted £600 already. Bet the model shop was happy though! £600 hit all in one go. I wish I had a model shop, I would sell new customers planes that I know they will be able to fly and get the basic principles of flight mastered, for instance I bought a Silverlit twin to fly at work in the garage, paid £14.99 from Tesco's for it, flys superb with an addition of a paper clip to the nose for correct C of G, I have so much cheap fun with it it's bad. I even take it down the field when flying big expensive toys as its really that good. £600.00 verses £15.00 and indestructable + ready to fly straight out of the box, I wonder what I would want to sell to someone if I owned a shop?

Regards, Paul.

Thread: Ken stokes MIRUS
15/11/2007 02:21:00

Hello, can anyone come to my aid, I have been searching for years for a Mirus, stopped being kitted in the 1980's. I just love the hot rod and hope that someone has a plan that they can copy and send to me, all costs paid. I know a few of you still own these machines, if you would like to sell me your airframe even better!

Regards, Paul.

Thread: Ben Buckle Kits
15/11/2007 02:15:00

BB Junior 60, Majestic Major, 2 x Matador's as I hit a post with the first one, Fokker D8, have built them all and love them, have found Mr Colin Buckle nothing but super polite and ever ready to help. Mr Buckle has always gone the extra mile for myself and my Father.

I bought a decent ARTF last month, one of the 'quality' one's, and found it lacking in many area's concerning the use of hot-melt glue. Will not buy another ARTF, as for a few quid more can build a better plane myself even if it needs the odd adjustment to fit bits, all part of a skilled hobby. I think we have become spoiled these days and have it far to easy. I remember the fun I had 30 years ago building kits with the min of instructions and printed wood and only had wood glue, no super duper CA glue.

Colin, you will always have a customer here!

Regards, Paul.

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