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Thread: Tony B's replica
24/03/2019 21:45:51

Looking good Tony.

Thread: K3731 Martians Fury 1
24/03/2019 21:43:28

Great to hear the good news, I’m really pleased for you. The Fury is looking fantastic. Must sort out the pilot for mine (the amazing Tony B again)? As my subject is Spanish Civil War he will need to have a long droopy moustache.

Thread: Tony B's replica
24/03/2019 08:24:21

Now you’ve got to build two more so you can demonstrate proper tied together aerobatics!

Thread: Indoors Today!
24/03/2019 08:22:19

cb79ed73-e480-4090-a910-fa1b7db80a65.jpeg862882cd-9c8b-4fde-bc1b-865b4efb2b01.jpegFirst chance this year to do some indoor with tried and trusted simple flyers, plus a new and quickly cobbled together Bell P59A Airacomet in Depron with twin miniature D/fs.45bd4659-6e9d-4878-bf34-76b001808b14.jpeg

Thread: Colinís Spanish Fury
16/03/2019 17:54:36

Although I got back from Oz more than a week ago other things have prevented me getting on with the Fury. However I got going again this afternoon and finished the spar webbing on the upper left wing panel. Cap strips next then the wing tip detail before sorting out the aileron and hinges. I will complete this before starting on the right side. Should be able to do some more tomorrow.

Thread: Cheaper Teslas.....
13/03/2019 13:00:27

The truth about the diesels though is that in reality they aren’t cleaner than the petrol cars, the only advantage is in CO2 and when I bought my car the comparison with the equivalent diesel in CO2 emissions was only 5%higher. The real world position is that diesels are much dirtier in practice than indicated by the test figures. Interested to see that Jaguar have just launched the new XE with only one diesel option, the main engine engine choices are petrol now. I am sure that more progress can be made with Diesel engine emission control, but it looks as if the manufacturers are going to walk away in most cases. They seem to see it as a lost cause.

13/03/2019 10:14:46

The claims about the improved performance of current diesels though are based on the reported test figures, which differ wildly from the on-road reality. The Times reported a few weeks about results of practical tests on this. The worst diesels on the road for emissions are Nissan/Renault. On average they exceeded their claimed numbers by eleven times. JLR Ingenium engines were the closest to the posted numbers, with the actual emissions being double. All of the others, BMW, Mercedes etc etc are somewhere between the two, and this includes all cars with the “blue” additive system. Euro6 is actually of limited benefit, because it only improves on Euro5 when the engine is at optimum temperature, I.e. when cruising at steady pace. In traffic stop/start conditions it is proving to be no better than Euro5. Tests in German cities have shown that dangerous emissions have continued to increase in spite of the growing proportion of Euro6 cars. These are key reasons for my decision to go back to petrol when I changed my car recently and to accept the higher running costs. That is a personal choice though, I’m not condemning anybody that chooses to run diesel, it is a difficult decision and affordability is important for everyone.

The progressive change to EV is inevitable, the pace of it is unpredictable though. When I was in Orkney last September my tour guide was using a Nissan Leaf and she said that on the undulating, twisty roads it only gave a range of 80 miles and on windy days with everything turned on it would fall to 50. For personal driving she used her Ford Mondeo. That was a mark one though, the current model is better but you have to pay a lot of money to get an EV with decent range and the problem of convenient and rapid charging for all journeys will be a problem for a long time. I can jump in my car today and drive anywhere I want to in Europe conveniently and quickly, that is a long way off even for a top and expensive EV like the IPace.

As far as Tesla is concerned, I have always thought that once the big boys got properly into gear(!) with EV they would kill it. However there is a strong brand loyalty to Tesla in the USA and I would be very careful about predicting that Elon Musk won’t pull it off. He has a probably unique ability to surprise everyone. Any dispassionate review of his range of innovation including in things as widely apart as space flight and boring tunnels will show somebody who appears to be quite unique.

Edited By Colin Leighfield on 13/03/2019 10:16:36

Thread: Tony B's replica
12/03/2019 15:36:45

You have done a great job Tony, a really impressive scale model. Completed weight will be very interesting, also if you have to make any adjustments for c of g. I have deliberately avoided Depron on this build, so we can make some finished weight comparisons. There is a lot of Depron in the Chipmunk, so at some point that will be interesting as well. The 100% switch from balsa to Depron on the Super Marauder reduced finished weight by about 1/3rd.

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
07/03/2019 14:45:55

I have still got my MIcroMold Spitfire24, must go back best part of 40 years. Finished as a Seafire 47 and fitted with an OS25. Flew very well, the only problem I ever had was my ineptitude at hand launching. Still in sound condition and would just need a radio update. Might be possible to fit retracts now, although a fair bit of surgery would be needed.

Thread: Cheaper Teslas.....
06/03/2019 21:07:32

I had never resolved reliability issues with a BMW 5 series back in the nineties. The most disappointing car I ever owned. That is a long time ago though, although from the cars going through the company over the years BMWs have never been the most reliable.

Real viability with electric vehicles will come when cars have a practical range in excess of 300 miles in all conditions of use and can be recharged at universally available roadside charging points in ten minutes. I don’t doubt it will happen. However I was recently present at a regional transport committee meeting I chair where FTA/RHS representatives said that conversion of freight transport to electric power was still 20/30 years away and the current move elsewhere in the world is to gas for HGVs. Surprisingly unpublicised is that the world’s largest HGV producer, Scania, will this year deliver 30% of their output powered by gas. Iveco are expected to be similar.

Surprisingly also was the decision by the UK government last year to cancel the rail electrification programme, very important to UK manufacturing, and replace it with the introduction of “Bi-Mode” locos powered by both diesel and electric motors, so they can operate equally on both electrified and non-electrified lines. These will be manufactured in Japan and assembled in the North East of England in a new operation employing just 350 people. So we will have diesel engines running on our lines for decades to come while our confused transport minister tells us not to buy diesel cars. The whole thing is contradictory, confusing and misdirected. However it is also inevitable although uncertainties remain.

06/03/2019 20:40:28

Interested to see that American Consumer Reports has removed the Tesla Model 3 from their recommended list because of “declining quality”. Equally interesting to see that they have also removed the BMW 5 series for the same reasons.

Edited By Colin Leighfield on 06/03/2019 20:45:22

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
06/03/2019 20:33:55

Great memories. Most of them just as viable flyers now as they were then. Commercial reality probably limits market potential but hopefully we will see something come out of all this interest.

Thread: PFM are coming back
06/03/2019 19:18:56

I can vouch for the PFM designs being easy and quick to build. Some ARTfs are a slow fiddle to put together anyway. No one is more pleased than me to see these coming back!

Thread: Australia, Victoria Feb/March 2019
04/03/2019 06:28:21

c5d0c00b-1ed5-4bb3-8e4b-9dd508d33760.jpegc0eabd6e-27be-4260-baf3-91ed99252398.jpegThere are some bad bush fires raging, we saw the start of them around Pakenham while on the M1. This will take weeks to sort out.7c950983-54e4-4abe-90e3-8d1ff591acf6.jpeg

04/03/2019 06:24:51

Glad you noticed Cymaz, do you think my missus will like it?

04/03/2019 06:23:33

19e51f82-ebb7-4c9b-9cce-63a0c744144a.jpegd06e93e9-d1c0-4730-aa27-ef8fee55faa8.jpeg9fe2007e-be46-4fc3-8493-38e48bb09803.jpeg944bab2d-b309-4a82-970d-3bb4ff851a04.jpeg83be2b18-308f-4f76-bf7f-47b1c8e0ec9c.jpeg78fc76a3-77cd-4a86-91f5-0d78687655db.jpeg6d61a016-057f-4642-8368-156090590fb4.jpegHad an amazing day at the National Air Show held at Avalon. RAAF and USAF, temperature 37C! Just a few shots again, spectacular displays from C17, F18E and G, Hawk127, F22 Raptor, F35A Lightning Pilatus PC9 and 21, etc, etc.

04/03/2019 06:16:14

f2d647d6-c7a2-4815-8567-bac3beee9fc4.jpegc0e91fa8-d8f7-4af3-9649-ede6b6fe1e80.jpegAnother amazing place is the Moorabbin Antique Motorcycles Museum and Naked Racer Cafeteria! Motorbike heaven but also with an aviation streak. 8e861b30-bc63-4389-a085-c8b9f849b158.jpeg

04/03/2019 06:09:37

938f1324-0f22-4398-a5c4-ff366e577243.jpeg8f4f4ac6-a136-4d5e-a974-256e1080319d.jpeg7ab1fb2a-58f3-4912-b5b5-bea74fe8e87d.jpeg525cc5a0-6754-4235-b471-fb4fe1318c64.jpeg304a8503-602f-4e18-bd4a-9b919e8b23fb.jpeg302b8211-0f1e-42a9-bd99-b25916367eed.jpege4602e62-67bb-490c-974d-8c1759eeeceb.jpegddf005fc-f6ae-4ede-a411-f5544f23e68d.jpegd8979daa-1260-49f5-b68f-5828f5cc17e7.jpegd0603213-5b1c-4043-8aff-1638244eaf4d.jpegbf4e7497-72b7-4d6d-b8d1-cb7ce437172d.jpegb723594e-ad70-401d-9fa1-1089800a0029.jpegi’m Back in Melbourne airport waiting to start the journey back home. Here ‘s a few snaps from Moorabbin Air Museum. Only IPhone quality, didn’t think to take my good camera. Who recognises 255c835a-385c-4b23-87ca-9c4922aeaf52.jpegthe engineering standard model of the CAC 15 Kangaroo? Superficially similar to the P51, but a new design with RR Griffon engine. Over 460 mph, but like others came too late as the war ended and jets were looming.

Edited By Colin Leighfield on 04/03/2019 06:11:26

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
03/03/2019 07:37:13

I’ve used Danny’s shape for F6. However I need to get back to this detail and have a proper look, but that will be after I finish the wings. Back from Oz in a couple of days.

Thread: PFM are coming back
03/03/2019 07:32:33

Great news, several designs that all flew very well. The Tiger Moth Monoplane was in there, in two sizes I think. Practical scale models that were also very easy to build.

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