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Thread: Antonov AN124 Ruslan
12/01/2020 16:50:17

“It’s going to be interesting” hardly describes this one!

Thread: RBC Dornier 335
12/12/2019 21:57:40

You can’t be slower than me. On a project like this though you need time to think it through. I’ve always thought that the general dimensions and design of the Pfeil combined with the torque reaction cancelling effects of the contra rotating motors make it a perfect subject for a scale model. Could be your “piece de resistance”! (Stuck Widerstand?) I’m happy to wait. The Seafang is still sitting in the shed ready to go again when I get around to it. I kicked that off in 2015!

12/12/2019 16:11:15

That’s a great choice Erfolg, I share your interest. I’m sure your careful approach will pay dividends in the result.

Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
26/11/2019 22:16:49

Care and patience appear to be the key ingredients, don’t they? Can there be any issues with radio interference?
Thanks for the advice on the linear micro servos by the way, I’m drawing the same conclusion.

Thread: Sopwith Camel, Tony Ray Models.
26/11/2019 22:06:13

Thank you Timo. This is where it is now. Frustration has been caused by unreliability of the linear micro-servos, which I have found previously tend to stick inexplicably, despite taking the greatest care with linkages. In this case the rudder and elevator servos have been fine and the two underwing aileron servos did too until I had covered the wing underside and enclosed the leads and connectors. However it is quick and easy to strip off the tissue and replace it, so I’m going to do that and fit small,rotary servos instead. I’m then going to finish it as the Shuttleworth Trust plane, fit Vickers guns and a foam pilot. The quality of the cnc cutting on this is very good although care is needed because of its delicacy during assembly. When all together, covered and doped it is really robust, far more than a foamy. Still some tidying up to do around the edges etc.87d16a71-20c7-42e8-ae56-ace9f9e0d7e1.jpeg

Edited By Colin Leighfield on 26/11/2019 22:07:39

Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
25/11/2019 23:42:30

I’ve been completed distracted from this yet again by the making of a serious attempt to get something viable flying in advance of the indoor nationals, even if only to make up the numbers. I have limited time to build and I have wasted at least two hours tonight with the Camel when at a late stage close to finishing, one of the linear servos has decided to go intermittent in operation and I can’t find out why. These micro linear servos are a pain, don’t know why I have continued to use them. Slow learner.

Edited By Colin Leighfield on 25/11/2019 23:43:15

16/11/2019 16:38:08

Tissue on top of silk on the Chipmunk wing has given a super smooth hard surface. I originally hoped to get away with just the Japanese silk but it tore too easily, so did this thinking it was the wrong way round! However the result is actually very good. I’ve already got the nylon to go on the Fury and although it is best part of sixty years since I last used it my recollections are good. Also possible of course to put tissue on top of that! Messing around with this indoor stuff is holding me up again.

Edited By Colin Leighfield on 16/11/2019 16:38:58

05/11/2019 19:11:52

When it looks that good you can be excused.

03/11/2019 23:15:07

I’m watching. The undercarriage is a work of art. Because the Oleos are at an angle from the vertical, as they compress the distance between them at the axle end must reduce. Therefore the axle has to slide and in doing so increase the amount of its length outboard of the axle fittings, or the oleos have to pivot outwards to maintain the distance. The load through the oleos can’t be vertical. I would have thought that the friction in this would have been considerable and I’m surprised that the oleos compress at all. I would have thought that to work properly the axle should bend in the middle, perhaps with a universal joint. However you say that they do compress, so I must be wrong.

Thread: Fairey Gannet
25/10/2019 21:41:52

Hi Nigel. The motors used are from the very reasonably priced AEO range bought from HK. They don’t list them any more, although they appear here and there on EBay. I’m away from home at the moment, from memory the one in the XB42 is the1550Kv version and the one in the Depronised Super Marauder is 375W, they work well and seem to be available here and there on EBay still. I can’t remain the detail of the US originated co-axial motor but will check when I get back home. There is a full range of sizes and outputs including pretty large, but they start to get pricey.

Thread: Antonov AN124 Ruslan
25/10/2019 20:36:11

I think the An124 is likely to fly very well, although I take your point about power perhaps being marginal. If it is you will find the solution, I’m sure.

Thread: Fairey Gannet
25/10/2019 20:30:51

img_0295.jpgimage.jpegI’m very keen on contra-props, these are my efforts so far. I’ve also got a contra rotating motor set up bought from the USA waiting for the right opportunity. Really fancy doing a Gannet or a Wyvern.dsc_0351.jpg

Edited By Colin Leighfield on 25/10/2019 20:31:34

Thread: Antonov AN124 Ruslan
25/10/2019 16:39:18

I’m trying to work out where this one fits into the scale of clever and complex projects that you have presented to us over the years. You certainly know how to keep the old grey matter occupied. It’s probably the most challenging so far?

Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
25/10/2019 16:33:34

You could say that I am, when I get back home! Itching to get the aileron servos in place but I keep getting diverted by things like indoor projects!

Thread: Fairey Gannet
25/10/2019 16:30:27

Great plane. We certainly missed them after we finished up in the Falklands war without a “proper” aircraft carrier able to operate them! The AEW3 would have made all of the difference and probably saved a number of lives. Good luck with the project Martin, great choice.

Thread: Fieseler Storch
25/10/2019 16:23:41

You have a result though Martin, your perseverance shows through! What is the finished weight? It could turn out to be a decent flyer!

Thread: Hangar 9 Ultra Stik 10cc
13/10/2019 08:43:02

It’s definitely in place Cymaz. If it dries up a bit later today I could run the motor up in the garden and see if the problem’s solved. Not sure if the neighbours will speak to me afterwards though. I was revving my Norton up around the cul de sac yesterday. Have to have a fix occasionally.

13/10/2019 08:20:37

I confess that a I put a piece of wood on top of the plug cap and whacked it with “me ommer”. Do or die. I don’t think I’ll get up the field today, it’s chucking it down, I will be away for two weeks after today so that’s everything stuffed.

Thread: Sopwith Camel, Tony Ray Models.
13/10/2019 08:04:30

ec1f57be-274a-4859-8fb4-1048199a29a4.jpeg25745490-f366-48cd-abb9-e808a73c0fda.jpegAfter a bit of fiddling the ailerons are sorted and servos in place. Linkages still to do and then I will cover and finish it off. It needs a pilot and a pair of Vickers guns, I’ll knock those up from foam and then finish it as the Shuttleworth Camel. Looking at it, this would 224c2327-e15b-44f9-84ff-2a60ab6ca9f9.jpegscale up into a bigger model very nicely.

Thread: Hangar 9 Ultra Stik 10cc
10/10/2019 23:02:02

Hi again Bob. This one is a straight push fit but so stiff you get no sense of location or positive detent. I’m getting to have a go at it tomorrow.

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