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Thread: Colinís Spanish Fury
23/11/2020 21:15:20

I’ve just down-loaded part of the AeroFred plan and the difference in the cabane wires is obvious, not just in the dimensions but in the relationships between front and rear. I’ll plough on from here, but it will be a job for tomorrow now.24e1026c-8768-4f29-adbd-a663ff3b10df.jpeg

23/11/2020 20:07:41

Thinking about what I said, the wood came from where I said, but I think the plan came from Sarik.

23/11/2020 20:03:22

The wood and plan came from somewhere I’m not allowed to say (can I say that now?). I’m measuring now and can confirm that the wires as drawn make no allowance for the diagonal span-wise or the forward angle from the vertical. I’m wondering if the copy I’ve been sent is from when the error was identified but not corrected? Let me have a look at Aerofred and see if I can download the pdf. If I can’t I’ll gratefully accept your offer.

23/11/2020 19:30:45

I wonder if the squiggles on the cabane wires drawn on the plan (you can see them in the photos previous) have got something to do with it? I didn’t do them, they’re on the printed copy. Are other plan copies the same? If I use them as drawn, the upper wing will be too close to the fuselage. To position the wing correctly, they have to be longer, so I’ll work that out myself. It definitely ain’t right.

Thread: Colin Leighfield's Chipmunk build.
23/11/2020 19:18:37

Hi Martin, I’m pleased that helped. I got my Chipmunk to an advanced stage before I parked it in frustration, I had a number of issues with it but decided to build the Fury and come back to it later. Having said that I’m finding frustrations with that and I don’t think I’ll tackle any more Dennis Bryant designs.

Thread: Colinís Spanish Fury
23/11/2020 17:12:21

9d387bd1-02f2-4ff6-8722-dd5ca36013b6.jpeg6f1bfc10-123e-4c0a-8874-23b736977473.jpeg42ea8e7a-78fd-4ec0-8915-659a823a84ea.jpegefd420c5-0584-4410-8854-67ed9e72923d.jpeg736bafb7-a716-4ea1-8f26-91d45923a4d1.jpegI’ve struck a problem that I’ve shared with Danny and he has sent me some helpful detail. I’ve lost a couple of days trying to understand why in attempting to set the upper wing incidence using the jigs made up from the plan, the fuselage section made up from F3 and 4 was about an inch up in the air from the base board! The 10swg wire cabanes are accurate to the plan. I’ve finally understood that the wire dimensions on the plan are drawn to the vertical spacing and make no allowance for 91be184e-ca0d-4c11-a199-1c08820e21e7.jpeg the true diagonal dimension. Ridiculous, how can that be? Fortunately I’ve got enough 10swg to re-make them when I’ve worked out the accurate dimensions, but could have done without this.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
20/11/2020 12:21:22

Gary is spot on, the tamer version I was thinking of was the Ridge Recruit, not “Runner”. I know the Solent Sailplanes planes were highly thought of and it was sad that they disappeared.

20/11/2020 10:27:30

Trevor, I've got a feeling that the Ridge Runt was from another maker, but I could be wrong. I remember the plane.

20/11/2020 07:52:50

Around 1979 I did some slope soaring on the Malverns and the Ridge Racer was really rated as a top model, very fast. Solent Sailplanes did a tamer version as well, called the “Ridge Runner”. You’ve got a good one there.

Thread: Colinís Spanish Fury
15/11/2020 20:07:45

Thank you Danny, your comments are noted and appreciated. This is moving now, I’m able to put in regular hours at last!

15/11/2020 17:42:06

Wing servos and extension 940e2b7d-7d76-400a-8879-ab9e886e96f0.jpegleads are in, apart from final sanding and any filling, the wings are finished and ready for covering. Next step is to make the top wing incidence setting jig from the pre-formed parts and get that done. I’ve noticed today that for some unknown reason the trailing edge of the upper centre section has warped along its length, so have to find some way to straighten it.

14/11/2020 19:24:56

96976a19-a0fb-4363-a75a-3d12307de688.jpegI’m getting in regular time on this build at long last. Ailerons sorted and shrouds made, now fitting the Hitec HS125 slimline metal geared servos and extension leads. Once done I’ll set the incidences and solder in the cabane strut diagonal members. I’m leaving all of the sanding to the final stages, so shortly will be back 9733cb5d-9ecf-4536-b8f1-556910870070.jpegonto the fuselage. Decent working space has always been a problem, so the existing two sheds are disappearing and being replaced by a new one 17’x9’ long, partitioned off to give me a proper workshop 13’ longx9’ wide, with a continuous work-bench 11’ long. It will be in position on 22 December and at last I will be able to properly set up my drill stand, bench saw, 3D printer etc. Being (90%) properly retired makes all of the difference.

06/11/2020 19:20:43

With more free time now I’ve been working on the wing details to 9048167f-502f-4738-a56c-268fbefe2686.jpegcorrect poor workmanship and make sure that everything is right. Dihedral angles are correct, wing panels slide on and off the carbon-fibre rods smoothly and all line up correctly. The brass connectors for the rigging wires are fitted. Although the ailerons are in place I haven’t yet bushed the hinges, that’s the next job, then fit the shrouds and sort out the aileron servos.

28/10/2020 16:19:44

Thanks chaps!

28/10/2020 15:39:01

44158547-a0de-4649-b75e-45611a121da4.jpega038237e-d32f-4ce2-8c01-5d7111e18cec.jpegGetting there. Does this look better?98cba6ba-bb20-40fc-a919-b8d6eeddd7c4.jpeg

27/10/2020 16:08:58

You noticed Martian! Tailplane, elevator, fin and rudder all done. When I’ve resolved these self-inflicted wing problems the end will be in sight!

27/10/2020 13:16:42

Of course they should! That’s what comes of staying up too late. There is a problem though, I’ve got some more work to do.

27/10/2020 11:01:35

68d6b93f-916f-4bec-815a-e4db3b2004ca.jpeg35a5a227-471c-4439-a07c-523bc91eede7.jpegIn spite of taking great care on the building board I’ve got some misalignment on the wing panels and dihedral is slightly out on one side of the top wing. I should have used Danny’s method and built them in one piece and sawed through the dihedral braces afterwards, it’s slowing things down but it must be right, so we persevere. 0ed2b333-6ec7-4ee7-a185-329a764ff70b.jpeg

Thread: Antonov AN124 Ruslan
24/09/2020 07:47:53

This one is too good to be over! What’s more Depron might not be disappearing completely. Another chapter - - -

Thread: Colinís Spanish Fury
24/09/2020 07:40:40

This is all inspirational and helpful stuff, great to see one in the air and the camouflaged finish looks brilliant. Although there were only three Spanish Furies, it looks as if they weren’t all finished the same, so there’s some choice there. I’ve also noted the experiences with the rigging. The way I’ve done the wings with the panels sliding on c/f tubes makes the centre section very rigid. I intend to see if I can keep the wing bays pre-assembled to minimise the work load at the field and also minimise the need for re-adjustment.

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