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Thread: FMS T28 Trojan v4.
18/07/2019 22:40:20

I bought a servo tester today and while trying to understand the Chinese English instructions tried the plane and the nosewheel leg started to work again! After a few cycles though it started to make squealing noises and then failed again in the closed position! Clearly there is a fault with the retract unit, somewhat galling after only two flights with perfectly good landings on a smooth runway.

I managed to locate a replacement online with Wheelspin Models and ordered it, but it won’t be in time for the Fradley Scale Day on Sunday. Having to shell out nearly £50 isn’t much of a joke, I hope the replacement is satisfactory, otherwise I am very pleased with the plane so far but there are limits! My first experience with FMS.

Thread: Re: Looking Back 43 Years
18/07/2019 11:28:08

I think one of the biggest influences on the interest in our hobby has been the loss of places to fly. When I was a kid there were fields, common land and parks nearby where you could fly free-flight gliders, rubber powered and small I/c engined planes, let alone early radio control, with no restrictions on time and place. Other kids saw this and they became interested, apart from the considerable level of adult model aircraft activity that set the example. The general public was mostly tolerant and the country was air-minded. Nowadays you probably won’t be able to fly anywhere without being a member of a club which in itself probably has restrictions, unless you are a large private land-owner or remote from civilisation. I have recently knocked up some free-flight models for fun but don’t know where I can fly them any more. The last opportunity was MayFly at Old Warden for me. Free-flight is great fun if you can find somewhere to do it.

Edited By Colin Leighfield on 18/07/2019 11:29:10

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
17/07/2019 22:39:34

Hope you get back to normal soon Ernie, that’s bad luck.

Thread: FMS T28 Trojan v4.
17/07/2019 22:32:33

Thank you Ron, Dave suggested that but I am ashamed to admit I don’t have one! I’ll try and do something about it tomorrow.

17/07/2019 19:36:16

7ba5dd93-029a-4142-8105-6f0731e09609.jpeg55b54813-2b1d-4bfd-959c-5050ec5e007f.jpeg4f77536f-00cf-4e7a-8430-13259a966d14.jpeg18826d16-d6d2-40ab-993d-7049f6269657.jpeg134eec42-4414-44d8-9ff7-2f466726a6e3.jpegI bought this last year but just got around to trying it out. The wind at Fradley today was varying in strength and swinging between along and straight across the runway. Not ideal for a first flight but having mused on it for a while with Dave Wright we decided to have a go and Dave being far better than me agreed to do the maiden. It really flew well and didn’t need a lot of trimming . I had a go on the second flight. However while getting ready for the third flight the nosewheel retracted and wouldn’t come back down. The mainwheels continued to function normally. Because the doors are d90b1f31-2a87-44d7-99ce-83c00317c225.jpegclosed I can’t access the leg and servo without breaking something and the access from inside is insufficient. I will persevere but if anyone has any ideas please let me know!

Thread: Colinís Spanish Fury
16/07/2019 22:10:13

c71e8c03-8565-427b-8db4-88bfdcd8f584.jpeg610c2f83-0097-4d8c-96bd-f22bede87d67.jpegI finished off sanding all of the wing leading edges tonight. Had a bit of a problem when I came to the starboard lower wing because I had started to shape this before Danny lent me the widget and got it wrong. It became obvious immediately that I had taken too much off. The only solution was to cut the leading edge off and make a new one. It didn’t take long, so I can return Danny’s very handy gadget, that saved me a lot of time and gave me a much more 180485ae-819a-459c-8f9e-a745454e80b5.jpegaccurate shape than I would have otherwise. Thank you Danny, I will return it asap. There is the slight issue of having used it over-enthusiastically on the ailerons as well! However I am sure that I can live with it. The photos show current state of play, the airframe is fundamentally complete, but still loads to do.

Thread: Perry carbs.
16/07/2019 09:19:01

I think Jonathan’s conclusion is fair enough. The Perry carb works very well but is intolerant of any muck or gumming up. I always used a filter with mine, never flown an I/c plane without one (excluding Mills .75 and Cox motors), but the Perry did need a bit of work after a while. The Irvine carb never needed any attention at all, so that was it really. I tend not to throw things away, the Perry is probably still in the bottom of the junk box somewhere, I haven’t rummaged in there for thirty years so perhaps I should have a look.

Thread: K3731 Martians Fury 1
15/07/2019 20:12:32

Looks perfect to me. When you see my shabby effort I am sure you will think so too!

Thread: Perry carbs.
15/07/2019 20:10:45

If they will fit and the choke diameter is the same you’ve probably got a chance! Easy to find out. Interesting to see Trevor’s comment about the Veco 19 with a Perry carb. The HB61 that I had was identical to the Veco 61, built under licence or something like that. Perry carbs work very well until they go wrong. I seem to remember there was a disc with a slot in it you had to keep clean, or something like that.

15/07/2019 20:00:46

They were a fiddle. My HB61 had a Perry carb originally and it got more troublesome as time went by. Problem solved by chucking it and replacing with the carb off an Irvine 61, it ran without trouble for years until I wore the engine out. Still got it somewhere.

Edited By Colin Leighfield on 15/07/2019 20:01:54

Thread: MF's Hawker Fury Mk1
15/07/2019 19:54:54

Looks very good to me. I wouldn’t dare bring the camera that close to mine!

Thread: K3731 Martians Fury 1
15/07/2019 19:53:00

It looks amazing. Whatever the minor niggles about scale accuracy on the plan, there’s no mistaking what that is!

Thread: Sabre F86
13/07/2019 17:50:34

I loved that film! Hard to believe it was so long ago. The flying under a bridge bit upside down was a bit interesting.

Thread: Javahawk
13/07/2019 15:54:28

d991f369-39bd-4ee5-bc05-dba78ee9ef51.jpega53acb74-d028-4e75-a52a-0e92ec0a4fb0.jpeg0cc31252-00cb-4c46-8288-bd61e2495ae6.jpegAmazing to see this one come up after so long, I wonder if Ady still has it? It would be great to hear more about it.

Perhaps like a few others I remember when P E Norman designed this and it was published in I think AeroModeller. Incredible the way he made these designs work with a home-made fan on a Diesel engine so long ago. I imagine that he coined “Javahawk” from Javelin and Skyhawk, you can see elements of both in the design.

The Javelin fascinated me from the beginning and I have fond memories of being close to FAW9s for a week at ATC summer camp, RAF Waterbeach, 1961. They truly were “all weather, day and night” and you were forcefully reminded when they took off over your billet at 02.00! It was a mixed bag in some respects and there were handling restrictions throughout. (Can’t recommend too highly “The Quick and the Dead”, by Bill Waterton).

I recently put something about my “knock it together in an evening” profile Depron D/F Javelin on my indoors page, a bit of a joke really being not much more than a chuck glider with 24” span and weighing 58 gms. with a pair of Eric Strefford’s miniature D/Fs and 1S 300 mah Lipo. It has astonished me how well it flies. No wing rocking or odd stalling characteristics, dead stable in pitch and direction, yet responsive on elevon. It has surprising presence in the air, looking bigger than it is. af831c41-1813-4fd7-9e30-e075fc1d7490.jpegDefinitely a candidate for scaling up, although it is giving me a lot of fun as it is. Here’s hoping we will hear more about the Javahawk. Didn’t mean to hijack the thread, but I was interested by it. 


Edited By Colin Leighfield on 13/07/2019 15:56:07

Edited By Colin Leighfield on 13/07/2019 15:58:22

Thread: Sukhoi SU-26
13/07/2019 13:40:08

Martyn, the FX91 has probably got as much go as a 25/30cc petrol anyway, so I don’t doubt you will make a go of it. I can see the attraction of the plane, it looks that little bit out of the rut. Very interesting, I can see why you want to do it.

Actually I am itching to try petrol, I have got the new version of the RCGF 10cc motor in the shed, a bit less ambitious than your 40cc weapon, but I’m itching to find a suitable plane for it. It is rear induction so need to take that into account when choosing the plane for it.

Thread: Colinís Spanish Fury
13/07/2019 13:30:56

Looking at the ailerons again, it wouldn’t be hard to correct the profile, but I will leave things as they are. Visually, the shroud means that you can’t see the leading edge from above and I can’t imagine why anyone would wish to stare at the underside when the plane isn’t exact scale anyway. Also I think aerodynamically the difference will be negligible, adverse yaw will be countered by differential I hope and a bit of CAR may not hurt. Remarkable though that the dimensions of Danny’s widget (if not the profile) are spot on for the leading edges of the ailerons as well as for the wings! Now that I know what it is really for, I had better do the wings as well before I let Danny have it back. (Possession being nine tenths of the law etc, etc)!

12/07/2019 22:35:01

Oh dear! I wondered why it was different from the plan, I thought you had improved it, seems to have been a slight misunderstanding in the email exchange with Martian! I’ll have a think about whether anything needs to be done about it, not too difficult, although I doubt if it will makes much difference.

Edited By Colin Leighfield on 12/07/2019 22:35:22

Thread: Sukhoi SU-26
12/07/2019 21:56:50

My Top Gun Edge 540 was 69” span and I thought that had all the power I could ever use with an O.S. FX91. This one is going to be interesting. Have I heard that petrol engine powered planes don’t need fuel proofing?image.jpg

Thread: Colinís Spanish Fury
12/07/2019 21:47:51

After some rough shaping with the David plane and Permagrit, Danny’s super widget enabled me to get a really good job done of the aileron leading edges in a couple of hours.9e343af7-85fb-452f-a5ee-dd50509ae472.jpegSpot-on, thank you Danny, I will get it back to you ASAP.

11/07/2019 17:57:45

Hi Danny. That is the kindest of offers, gratefully accepted. Shall I come and collect it?

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