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Thread: ARTF
15/03/2008 19:27:00
David all the pictures I've seen from China show the workers doing their jobs in modern light and airy modern factories with the latest in CNC gear etc. What the hours and wages are like who knows but they produce good results which I think would be unlikely if conditions were too horrific.Finally whether all the factories are the same isn't known but what I've seen does not depict the so called sweat shop conditions that some would have you believe.
Thread: JP Panic press stud
13/03/2008 10:00:00
If you type in press stud fasteners into you search engine Yahoo Google or whatever you'll be presented with a great long list of suppliers, here's one from the list yahoo put up for me whops Timbo beat me to it "nay mind"
Thread: Wing Servo coupling
12/03/2008 10:40:00
Bob you're obviously using mini servos keep an eye on the gear train wear in my experience they can be quite prone to vibration, particularly in an i.c. model, that said I've no hands on experience with the GWS servos you're using.
Thread: Subscriber only forum content - Lets loose it !!!!
12/03/2008 09:38:00
Sorry Stephen but I think you're the one whose being petty here, so what there's a small amount of content you can't access on the website, unless you're a card carrying subscriber of RCM&E, but even this will be unlocked in a month or two. The website and the magazine are both quite overtly commercial and to stay alive need to generate income,whether it be through advertising or subscriptions, hardly a dagger in the heart of a classless society. Webspace and bandwidth cost money just like newsprint so come on enjoy what we've got at least now we have innumerable ways of expressing our views in a much more instantaneous ways than before.
Thread: Wing Servo coupling
11/03/2008 17:07:00
Bob I used two Hitec 945 servos in the lower wings of the Ultimate one either side they were a high powered (coreless motor) servos which pre-dated todays digitals. I would think two148s would have been fine in your application however now you have them fitted I'd go the two R/X inputs route
11/03/2008 13:37:00
Ok if your servos are mounted all outputs outboard your directions will be ok so yes you could go the Y lead right and left route and one connection per side, another route you could go and one I've used up to a 1/3 scale 80cc 3D capable Ultimate, is just servos on the lower wings and linkage between upper and lower ailerons. There's a good weight saving to be had this way, but bottom line it's down to personal preference
11/03/2008 13:04:00
Bob personally I would say keep the right wing servos one one channel and the left wing on the other. If you go the other route you'll have the top wing servos rotating in the same direction and likewise the bottom wing, you would then have to correct this with the layout of your mechanical linkage to you're ailerons to give you the usual one up one down, in my past experience this always leads to problems and niggles. Thats my vote
11/03/2008 10:16:00
As an over sixty year old I'm entitled to a free yearly jab to prevent "dumbthumbing" perhaps you are too, if not perhaps you could go private
11/03/2008 09:44:00
David why has this thread which yesterday evening was in the beginner's section suddenly moved to the gallery section? Is it because Timbo posted a picture in the thread? Certainly makes it hard to follow things
10/03/2008 21:03:00

Yup I've just checked the manual online you want page 39 of your manual and follow the setup of a flapperon type wing. If you don't have the manual here's a link

P.S. sorry I see in your post you do have the manual, never mind

10/03/2008 20:46:00
Martin there is more than one way to do this and it mainly depends on how sophisticated your trannie is. The first and in some ways the simplest way is to use a "Y" lead which comes from the aileron channel of your reciever and then the two other legs of the Y are connected to the two aileron servos. The second way if your trannie has the facility to do so is to use either a free mix or "flaperons", in this case the two servos are plugged into seperate channels on the reciever,  (you may need extension leads to allow the wires to reach) you then use the elecronic mixing capabilities of the trannie to link the two servos either with what's known as a flapperon mix, aileron differential or as a free mix. This probably sounds very complicated but I assure you it's simpler than it sounds. Read up on your manual for your radio and it will clarify what your sets capable of. Good luck
Thread: April 2008 issue
10/03/2008 13:48:00
I think the word is "electrickery" Timbo. I as a confirmed petrol tank sniffer do do a little electric stuff mainly with Shockflyers on a calm summer's evening or indoor, however one remark that really gets up my nose from "some" electric flyers (not Timbo I hasten to add) is that they unlike us disgusting petrol heads cause no pollution. It just happens that their pollution occurs either at the local power station or the tailpipe of their car depending on their mode of charging. So if one day you end up sharing a flying field with me please do not try and force this old chestnut down my gullet it gets stuck in my craw 
Thread: New style of flying sites......
08/03/2008 22:35:00
Arable farming is very much on the up at the moment most crops having doubled in price within the last twelve months.
Thread: Thread searching tools have changed for the worse!
06/03/2008 07:39:00
Alright so long as you lot stay over the other side of "Offa's Dyke"
05/03/2008 19:08:00
It's around 100" span built from the Nick Ziroli plan, powered by a Zenoah 62, even the "sirens of hell" works which can be seen in John's excellent photo affixed to the R/H undercarriage leg. The model was built by Richard Thomas treasurer of the Rhyl &DMFC and is faultless in every respect. John when you get to reading this please excuse me for filling in some of the detail on your as usual excellent photo.
05/03/2008 09:40:00
Hello J.B. great to see you here, this will obviously be a great album to keep an eye on
Thread: Hi There
02/03/2008 07:56:00




Richard I think the best advice we can give you on this forum is to find and join your local club, this is always the best way into the hobby, however if for any reason thats not feasable do as David says and ask away with your questions and also research what's already on here for beginners like yourself. Good luck and enjoy
Thread: New style of flying sites......
01/03/2008 09:59:00
Sadly David your a little late farming paticularly arable farming is on the "up" at the moment, crop prices have doubled in the last year due to worldwide demand, and the government set aside scheme which was instigated to see farmers through sticky times has been set aside (excuse the pun) and looks unlikely to be seen again so the days of diversification in farming seem to be on the wane at the moment. A project much like you're advocating was set up at Goosedale in Notts  several years back inluding boating lakes car tracks, museum etc but for one reason or another did'nt prosper ( I think there's a thread elswhere on this forum about Goosedale) All that said good luck if you do go for it.
Thread: help on how to solder deans connecters
29/02/2008 19:54:00
Good question this one, if they're genuine Deans connectors they won't melt but as with a lot of things the markets been flooded with copies and most if not all are inferior and tend to melt. The give away is most of the copy ones are listed as Deans "style" plugs, gives the seller a get out. So you'll probably have to give one a go,if you do have to buy genuine ones you'll probably have to pay a little more
Thread: Woodvale
29/02/2008 19:26:00
The Liverpool Model club will no longer be running the aeromodelling side of this event, I believe the flightline is to be run by Andy Johnson, IMAC UK have found an alternative venue for their 2 day scale aerobatics comp, not sure whats happening about the scale freeflight and radio comps. There is deffinately no camping on site other than for traders. Time will tell how successful this will be, obviously it's a big event even without the aeromodelling side so it's a case of watch this space. Speaking personally I think tthe modelling side of the show has been on the wane for a while now, this may be kill or cure.
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