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Thread: New style of flying sites......
01/03/2008 09:59:00
Sadly David your a little late farming paticularly arable farming is on the "up" at the moment, crop prices have doubled in the last year due to worldwide demand, and the government set aside scheme which was instigated to see farmers through sticky times has been set aside (excuse the pun) and looks unlikely to be seen again so the days of diversification in farming seem to be on the wane at the moment. A project much like you're advocating was set up at Goosedale in Notts  several years back inluding boating lakes car tracks, museum etc but for one reason or another did'nt prosper ( I think there's a thread elswhere on this forum about Goosedale) All that said good luck if you do go for it.
Thread: help on how to solder deans connecters
29/02/2008 19:54:00
Good question this one, if they're genuine Deans connectors they won't melt but as with a lot of things the markets been flooded with copies and most if not all are inferior and tend to melt. The give away is most of the copy ones are listed as Deans "style" plugs, gives the seller a get out. So you'll probably have to give one a go,if you do have to buy genuine ones you'll probably have to pay a little more
Thread: Woodvale
29/02/2008 19:26:00
The Liverpool Model club will no longer be running the aeromodelling side of this event, I believe the flightline is to be run by Andy Johnson, IMAC UK have found an alternative venue for their 2 day scale aerobatics comp, not sure whats happening about the scale freeflight and radio comps. There is deffinately no camping on site other than for traders. Time will tell how successful this will be, obviously it's a big event even without the aeromodelling side so it's a case of watch this space. Speaking personally I think tthe modelling side of the show has been on the wane for a while now, this may be kill or cure.
Thread: Avatars
29/02/2008 15:31:00

Sorted so quickly, it's great this time many thanks Monica excellent service

                        Cheers Brian

Thread: In search of the correct battery for my petrol ignition
29/02/2008 15:24:00
Yes I've not had "hands on " as yet but I have read up on the system, I think theres a PDF file type manual on their website
Thread: Avatars
29/02/2008 15:20:00

Thanks for your help Monica there's another attempt on it's way from me

                           Cheers Brian

29/02/2008 12:26:00
 Just changed my avatar, went to great trouble to size it in Photoshop and to keep it's proportion only to find when it's changed hours later that it's totally squeezed out of proportion. I belong to numerous forums and on every other one you can change your avatar immediately and it's proportions are not affected, WHY SO???
Thread: Dubro spinners?
29/02/2008 11:30:00
The thing with spinners at the moment like a lot of other things the market has been flooded with chinese imports, that said some of these are very good quality, so maybe the Dubro ones have become less competative and retailers are reluctant to stock them
Thread: In search of the correct battery for my petrol ignition
29/02/2008 11:23:00
As Bond (Connery) would say Sccchhhhnap!
29/02/2008 11:21:00
There are some failsafe switches and sockets on the market (usually inlude an LED but they do come at a premium price, I do have one of these on my largest model at the moment.
29/02/2008 11:17:00
Clive on most of my petrol models I use a normal charge socket and switch as usually used on the R/X and then most battery checkers just plug in to read batt state
Thread: Dubro spinners?
29/02/2008 11:11:00
Steve Webbs in Frodsham deal with Dubro but don't at the moment list spinners on their website, might be worth a call or an email.
Thread: In search of the correct battery for my petrol ignition
29/02/2008 10:22:00
I think if memory serves me correct (which quite often it does'nt these days) the MVVS is the odball in this ballpark as it runs an elecrtronic choke setup as well as the now normal electronic ignition so at this moment in time quite different to the rest. In fact I think you can run it straight off a 2S lipo which would account for your 6 cell count Doug. I like to keep the cell count down or more correctly the weight, I just hate putting non-essential weight in an aeroplane unless it's there for balance issues, weight I see as the enemy of good flight characteristics, I was always educated to build in lightness
29/02/2008 00:13:00
That explanation stands up like a chocalate fireguard in front of the old logfire, sorry I just don't buy that I'd run with Timbo's suggestion above
28/02/2008 17:13:00

Hi Timbo, I really don't see the logic of this insistence on nicads at all ! and a 1/4 scale Cub is not particularly large so I can't see the engine being that big. The third scale Balsa USA one we've got in the club flies on a 45cc jobby so 2200 mah seems rather large to me. That said I believe the new Zenoah 20cc is heavy on the current drain of the ignition. We'll await news of what the engine is and proceed from there

P.S. You mean I'm a petrol Head

28/02/2008 16:50:00
Clive can I ask what make of engine you're reffering to I've flown petrol for several years now and never encountered this issue before at the moment I run mainly ZDZs and 3Ws and have used both nihms and nicads I usually stick with 4.8V as thats less weight and more duration for a given mah rating I have once used a lipo but had voltage reg problems so reverted to nihms but as for nihms versus nicads I just dont see the issue a battery is a battery 4.8v is 4.8v
Thread: How to prop-hang?
28/02/2008 10:32:00

As Timbo's written above a sim can help but even there models vary considerably there's an Ultimate available on AFPD that you can put it into the hover go and make a coffee and it'll still be there when you get back, if your going to practice on a sim get someone to reccomend a model that "flys" realistically. Finally shockflyers are a "relatively" cheap route into prop hanging.Keep practicing and heres a photo of a good friend of mine strutting his stuff with a very large scale Katana at the Rhyl field his name Nathan Farrel Jones rumour has it Nath can hover a breeze block. If you've got a general interest in 3D flight here's a good link to check out

27/02/2008 21:10:00

Brad you say you're trying with a 3D model, first thing has it got plenty of power, secondly you need fairly large control movements to hold the nose vertical however be careful of large movements as they can get you into trouble if you're not used to them, sometimes a slightly rearward centre of gravity helps but again be careful. Some models are more adept at hovering than others. If you're going to try larger control movements then it's wise to use a fair amount of exponential assuming your transmitter has this facility. Another thing 3D flyers tend to favour is a lower pitched prop(usually with a larger diameter) this allows the motor to spool (rev) up more quickly thus giving better throttle control.One final thing that can help when starting is to start hovering into a breeze at a slightly less than vertical angle.

You don't say how experienced you or your Dad are so if you're not too experienced think about finding someone local to you to advise you as some of the things I've reccomended can bite you if you don't proceed with caution. Once you've got a good setup on the model it's a case of practice and more practice, finally good luck and keep out of the green stuff

Thread: Smoke System
27/02/2008 18:45:00
I would think that would be very expensive unless you have bulk buying facilities with "Johnsons" that said it might keep the "bottom"of the model a little smoother
27/02/2008 17:26:00

The thing is do you want the mess that goes with it. Like a lot of you I wanted smoke a good few years back but once the novelty wore off I soon got fed up with it I used diesel as the smoke element in a petrol powered model the system worked fine but the resultant mess on what had been a perfectly clean running Ultimate soon became a PIA it starts to lift the covering in this case Profilm, never again would I go down that route. Unless your flying composite airframes or are a diplay pilot I'd give it a miss JMHO for what it's worth Here's a couple of photos of the model theflying one is very small and low res to boot but it shows how well the system worked

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