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Thread: Model Flying Centre
24/02/2008 09:29:00
I'm with Timbo here Goosedale is long gone 8-9 yrs at least maybe more 
Thread: Overweight?
19/02/2008 15:58:00
Thats sounding much better
Thread: Radio gear help please
19/02/2008 08:49:00
Smoke signals used to work for the "Native Americans"
Thread: Deadsticks!
18/02/2008 22:55:00
I would think it's about time to adjust your idle mixture usually after a couple of Hrs running in there comes a time when you have to bite the bullet and adjust said idle mixture
Thread: Overweight?
15/02/2008 19:22:00

With an aerobat the lower you can keep the wing loading and the higher you keep the power to weight ratio the better the performance you can extract. I'm sure your CAP will fly but the problem is it may bite you if you slow it up too much for a landing with it's high wing loading. I had a Glen's CAP 231 some years ago not the current one and it would snap at the drop of a hat on a landing approach, it actually snapped to inverted about three foot off the deck and I landed it on the canopy and fin damaging both. My gut instinct is I'd ditch the P/box and one R/X pack and possibly put a lipo on ignition if it will take one without a voltage regulator. Once you've flown an aerobat with a low wing loading you won't want a heavy one ever again, there's nothing worse than facing uncertain landing approaches. My current 50cc machine, a Wild Hare Edge has 1 2S lipo a voltage reg a failsafe switch and 2 feeds to the R/X and on a ZDZ 50 weighs around 17.5lbs.

P.S. The ignition is on a 1500 nihms 4.8v

15/02/2008 12:20:00
Sounds like you've got it pretty much in hand, If thats the ignition system I think you can run it direct off a 2S lipo without a reg. I dont think you'll save a lot in the exhaust dept unless you go to the ridiculously small "silencers" the Americans use which are usually very loud. Troy Built models of Florida are a good supplier of carbon tubes and landing gear but they are not retail ie you cannot visit only mailorder, the only problem with carbon landing gear is it sometimes delaminates at the corners if you have a bit of an arrival, ask me how I know. To be honest if it were me I'd have stayed with one reciever pack with a good failsafe switch and a double feed to the R/X on that size of model. I don't personally advocate powerboxes and double battery packs until one gets up into 33-35% stuff ie 80-100cc when the extra weight becomes far less of a penalty. Good luck and enjoy
14/02/2008 14:35:00
I've just checked out the H9 website your model is the 27% CAP and deffinately on the "lardy" side at that weight. You could go 4.8V on all three packs (gain duration lose a little torque) bin the choke servo and the power box or switch to a lipo setup but then you'd have to get a reg or change your powerbox for a lipo compatable one. Are your engine standoffs alloy or steel? and you could get carbon bits as the alloy wing tube are usually pretty heavy
14/02/2008 14:26:00

You still have'nt said what size the model is the motor looks like the MVVS 58 so basically it's a 50cc jobby and heavy at 23 lbs to put it into perspective I have a H9 Extra 330 on a ZDZ 80 cc running 2 3270 2S lipos an Emcotec power system it's full 33% scale (96" span) and weighs less than 23lbs. I have fitted carbon undercarriage and wing tube as aftermarket diet aids but even so your model still sounds heavy. I have a fifty cc model but just fly that on 1 lipo (3270mah) and the servos are powered from the reciever and not through a powerbox and it weighs around 18lbs. The BCM silencer you have fitted are not as a rule considered heavy. I think you'll have to get it down to weightwatchers

14/02/2008 11:40:00
Doug what size is this model is it a full 33% what is the rest of the setup ie engine silencer(s) etc? As Tim says those are vey big nihms packs you're using are they 6V as well?
Thread: MODE 1 OR 2
13/02/2008 08:15:00
Ernie, don't change modes it's too much time and trouble and will inevtably lead to heartache. With modern transmitters if the local expert wants a go of your model either go the buddy lead route or let him set the model up in his trannie to mode 1, if by deffinition he is an "expert" this usually takes around 5-10 minutes
Thread: Large wheels
07/02/2008 15:12:00
I think Dubro do some wheels specifically for the 1/3 scale Cub complete with Cub hubcaps and inflatable tyres but you may have to get them from the States. Here's a link to the relevant page of their website 
Thread: Lipo in a Tx
05/02/2008 17:09:00
One final point I can make here the warning bleep on my FF9 is set at 8.4V  which if you wait for the bleep on a lipo will deffinately see you in the doo-doo
05/02/2008 13:17:00
I run a lipo on a FF9 and hot off the charger it shows around 12.5V if your lipo shows significantly less maybe the pack or the meter in your trannie are suspect, you could check the trannie meter against a muti meter reading to give some idea of what's going on.
Thread: Thems tuff oop north ya knows!
22/01/2008 19:49:00
Ah yes ynys the isle syr the county I stand corrected but then I am a sasenach
22/01/2008 17:37:00


      Syr Mon actually

Thread: canopy colouring
06/12/2007 11:42:00
Model car sellers have paints specifically for this purpose ie you spray on the inside of the canopy
Thread: What would happen if........
05/12/2007 08:04:00
Reverse pitch would be far more fun. Already been done with the electrics and someone in the States is experimenting with a large petrol with reverse thrust, 4D and all that
Thread: Some advice please
03/12/2007 16:06:00
Lewis do you have any Insurance at all?
Thread: 2.4ghz
03/12/2007 09:51:00
All batteries lose performance in the cold weather even the good old lead acid jobby under your car bonnet
Thread: Are you out and about in 2008?
02/12/2007 21:11:00
Probably the nearest big show to you Stuart is RAF Woodvale between Liverpool and Southport, it's usually staged on the first weekend in August
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