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Thread: Valdez Stol Record breaker build blog
01/07/2020 21:09:47

Forgot to mention, i had already added some slight down thrust and right thrust before the first flight.

01/07/2020 21:07:31

Mine also has a 13x6 prop and motor from 4-max. In all my years model flying i have never experience anything like this. I have a 3d fokker that will not turn by ailerons alone, rudder is the only wait will turn. At first i thought i had no signal but managed to land but it did the same on the second flight again no control regarding right input but plenty of left turn.

01/07/2020 16:52:17

Eventually the weather was ideal to maiden the Cub. Did not go well at all and iam completely baffled by what happened. No wind , did the usual range check, checked all controls for the right deflection and everything was okay. Took off gained some height and gave some right aileron and nothing happened if there was no control at all but managed to land safely by pure luck. Doubting myself did another range check and gave the ailerons a little more movement and tried again but to my surprised would not turn right so gave it some left aileron and she turned rather sharply due to the extra movement i added but once again my luck was in and managed to land it but ended with a broken prop so that was the end off my session. I have built a lot of models in my day and most of the time they have been successful but this episode this afternoon has really got me baffled.

25/06/2020 22:32:06

Mine is also ready for its maiden flight, will wait for a decent day looks like they have forecast rain tomorrow.

20/06/2020 20:13:56

Okay, Thank you, will give it try

20/06/2020 17:43:44

Hi, just about finished the Cub but iam a bit puzzle on how to secure the batt through the front of the firewall. Would like to know how you guys have secured the batt, got to be through the front. Thank you

Thread: Ripmax Phase 5e
02/06/2020 20:45:08

Hi, After nearly 6 months of waiting i eventually got to maiden the Phase 5 this afternoon. Pressure is on as it was a christmas present from my wife so i did not fancy taking it back in pieces. Need not to worry as the Phase 5 5 flew well, needed a bit of up elevator trim so need to adjust the controls or cg before the next flight and also the crow braking as it just ballooned up when activated so will have to give it some more down trim. Managed to do a perfect landing with out crow and even managed not to damage the fragile cowl. One question is how far back is your batt as my 3s 3300 is way back in the fuslarge nearly in the wing compartment to get the cg correct but overall well pleased with my first flight.

Thread: Ben Buckle kits.
24/05/2020 19:59:57

Hi, As you say its very confusing, I went ahead and lifted the tip by 1/2 inch but made sure that from forward of the tip to the leading edge was flat to the board. After taking the outer tip from the board i eyeballed it from the TE and it just shows a few degrees of washout, hopefully the second tip will be the same. Thank you for your advice.

23/05/2020 18:52:45

Hi, In capital letters it says washout. It says the wings must be washed out1/2 inch at the tip,this means that when the tip panel is placed  on a flat surface the trailing edge is raised 1/2 inch at the tip. The inner panels must be flat by the same test. This is what is confusing me.

Edited By bees on 23/05/2020 18:53:11

Edited By bees on 23/05/2020 18:53:47

22/05/2020 22:09:49

Hi, I have now received my Playboy and well into the build with no issues at all. On the plan it says to give 1/2inch of washout at the wingtip but does this mean raising the wingtip 1/2inch up at the wingtip at the trailing edge while keeping the leading edge flat while joining to the inner panel using the dihedral braces. Thank you for any help given.

13/05/2020 22:42:27

Once again thank you, Just ordered one from Steve webb models, looking forward to starting the build.

13/05/2020 21:19:29

Thanks guys that was what i was hoping for. I fly all electric these days so iam going to convert it to electric. Pete, obviously i want to turn off the motor and extend the flight time even more, did read some where that it would thermal in the right conditions would you say that is correct. Thank you.


Edited By bees on 13/05/2020 21:20:26

13/05/2020 20:49:54

Hi, iam thinking off purchasing the Playboy senior but have been looking through some rather old threads regarding poor quality and fitment of various parts.Was wondering if they have addressed this problem in the more recent kits.Thank you for any advice.

Thread: The Atom Special
21/04/2020 20:51:06

Okay thank you.

21/04/2020 20:20:30

Thank you, could you please comfirm that the blades are 600mm chord wise but what length regarding span wise

21/04/2020 15:24:20

Hi, Iam in the the process of building the Atom and was wondering it would be okay to fly with out the canopy leaving a open cockpit, Thank you.

Thread: Ripmax Phase 5e
26/02/2020 19:52:41

Not got that far yet but will try 3s first has i have them spare then try 4s.

26/02/2020 19:31:36

After having the phase -5 bought for christmas i had a quick check for any damage and then put it on the back burner till i finished another build.How ever having started the Phase-5 build and getting round to connecting ailerons, flaps i have found a twist in the inboard side of the aileron on both wings. Has anybody else experienced this, so disappointed with this model.

02/01/2020 22:08:20
Posted by Jeremy Scott-hake on 02/01/2020 19:21:04:

I got one of these from Wings and Wheels in the summer .

I have kitted it out with Axi 2826/10 hobbywing 40 amp speed control Hitec 85mg on the tail Savox servos in the wing .

I use 4s 4000 ma Optipower lipos also used in Wot4.

The flaps are very effective also crow brakes are even more effective! I have programmed the flaps to aeleron. On a switch the roll rate is phenomenal.

All movements set to recommened in manual.

One of my favourites at the moment. It rolls vertically at 3/4 throttle!

You will be very happy with it

Thats nice to know, Was a bit a concerned after reading earlier posts regarding the weakness at the front end.

02/01/2020 15:57:11

Hi, After trying to make my mind up if to purchase the Phase 5-e my wife made it up for me and bought one for christmas. Looking forward to building and flying and have taken note regarding beefing up the nose area and trying to strengthen the cowling.

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