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Thread: Flair products
18/08/2016 20:03:08

Thanks Geoff for your comments. So it does not take long to rig the Tiger moth for flight, This was one of my main concerns and if it could handle a slight breeze as it always seems to be windy these days. I have a small van so i was hoping i could transport it all ready assembled but i have a 55inch pattern ship and that only just goes in so i think the Tiger Moth might be a struggle. Best regards glen

17/08/2016 19:06:26

Thankyou for your response, Iam actually looking for something to build this coming winter to keep me out of mischief and i fancied a Pup. DB sport,scale have a 80inch span which is a bit to big and a 40inch span which is a bit too small. I think i will turn my attention to the 58inch Tiger Moth from DB which is about the right size and can be converted to electric.

16/08/2016 22:03:22

Hi, I have been trying to obtain a Flair Puppeteer to no avail and it seems most flair products are out of stock. My question is flair models still trading.

Thread: BMFA
25/02/2015 17:43:00

Been trying to create a new pin number to re register for BMFA classified. sent a email to webmaster with name, address , BMFA no but have had no email with new pin number, any body advice me on what to do next.

Thread: Crane Fly Light , Autotogyro Trainer , For experienced pilots trying autogyros for the first time.
03/06/2014 11:30:41

Actually it would only take me about 15 mins to repair so will get back to you after my break . Glen

02/06/2014 21:46:45

Hi Tom , will be away on hols for next week so will give it a rest and see how I feel after . Thanks for your offer but if I Decide to carry on will come over to your place if that is okay as I would not expect you to come to my place. Glen

02/06/2014 16:11:45

Sorry Tom but i think my auto gyro days are over. Just about got fed up of going to the field trying it and bringing it back in pieces. I think this time was the last straw. I can not keep asking you questions all the time when i can not sort it out myself so i think i will just stick to flying the CF on occasions when i take my fixed wing to the field. Thank you for your time and help over the last 12 months and at least i gave it a try. Glen

02/06/2014 13:53:01

Tom, Launched and the CFL flew for about 40 yards with some height gained but when any roll input is applied more so left it just wants to drop its nose and roll to the left violently any ideas . Glen

31/05/2014 17:13:54

Down at the field today again and with a breeze the blades will spin to speed but only if I hold at 90 degrees and find when levelling out to launch they tend to slow down a little but enough to launch , is this normal never took much notice when launching the CF. Any how when I launched the wind seems to act against the CFL and it seems to go backwards into the wind. Do you think I should add a little more weight to the nose to penetrate the wind . I have started with probably 0.9 to 1 mm shims and have been sanding them down slowly and the spin up seems to be getting better.

29/05/2014 22:19:02

When eyeballing from the tip you can see some slight negative pitch. I reckon I am about 0.8 at the moment and have tried shims from less then 0.4 up to about 1mm shims. I put the shims 4mm from ct go bolt hole. I like to go flying my fixed wing on Saturdays but aim determined to solve this problem by myself as this will hold in good stead for future projects but if I find I cannot I will send you a pm. Glen

29/05/2014 17:28:45

All this afternoon spent trying to solve the problem to no avail. Did manage to get them up to something like speed but i had a fraction over 1mm shim. Now i have started adding shims and i reckon iam around 0.4 mm shim but no spin up. Just about had enough for today and a little frustrated that i cannot solve this problem as i was ready to order the Firefly 11 as my next step up but at the moment i have stalled. Glen

Edited By bees on 29/05/2014 17:29:32

28/05/2014 22:00:53

Okay will do, feel sure it's something simple. That's staring at me. Glen

28/05/2014 19:29:41

Hi Tom, everything you suggest is okay on the CFL . Little bit annoying as my CF blades were made pretty quick with good results and on the CFL I have took my time and made 2 sets of blades but no results. Could it be the blade airfoil but they look to be the same as your profile shown on the PDF. Not sure about Winterton yet as I think Waddington air show is on the same week end. Glen

28/05/2014 15:55:24

The crane fly lite is ready to fly except I cannot get the blades to spin even in a breeze. Tried different shims and even made some new blades but to no avail.

Thread: Chris Williams ASK11
27/04/2014 11:04:06

I have been trying to register on scale soaring but with no luck and have given up trying so will hope i get a reply here on this forum.

26/04/2014 17:37:06

Interested in the electric version of Chris Williams ASK11 and would like to know of it's gliding capabilities with the motor off and also when landing with air brakes how quick will it descend as I have a few trees to get over and then I have a about 200mts before runnining out of room. Thank you for any help.

Thread: Crane Fly Light , Autotogyro Trainer , For experienced pilots trying autogyros for the first time.
15/04/2014 21:17:10

Tom, I see no mention of a 3 degree tilt of the rotors looking from the rear like on the CF. is it correct that you keep the rotors level with the CFL. Glen

13/04/2014 20:40:25

Hi Tom, finally getting round to finishing the crane fly lite after being very busy. Just want to know how much mix you need regarding aileron to rudder. Had a slight problem when connecting esc to motor I had smoke coming out for some reason so will have to get myself another esc .

08/01/2014 18:05:36

Thank you Terry, great idea will give it a try.

07/01/2014 20:53:20

Will do, Thank you. Glen

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