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Thread: Crane Fly Trainer Autogyro
10/08/2013 16:09:17

Success at last . Went down to my flying field with the Cranefly this week and gave it a hand launch and flew a couple of circuits but when coming to land my fixed wing mode activated and reduced throttle too much and the Cranefly came in with a crunch but with no damage. Been this afternoon and launched once again and completed 3 or 4 right hand circuits but this time made a successfull landing. The Soft prop i have been using has been a good idea as it has took a beating and on the last flight it was producing some vibration so will wait till i can renew the prop before my next attempt. Must say oreintation is still a problem even now i have added some colour and a couple of guys watching commented on this as well. Glen

Thread: UK GYRO MEET 2013
22/07/2013 20:57:34

Tom, once again I thank you for your help and assistance in flying and trimming my first autogyro . I had a really great day out meeting and talking to everybody and seeing my first autogyro actually fly was the icing on the cake.. Will let you know how I get on with flying my Cranefly. Glen

Thread: Crane Fly Trainer Autogyro
15/07/2013 17:57:47

Tom, Will we get away with using 1800 lipos for the maidem as i had allready ordered them before you answered my question when you say we would be better off with 1000mah. Glen

12/07/2013 21:47:01

Allso looking forward to seeing this one fly next week. Lets hope this heatwave continues . Glen

10/07/2013 20:09:36

could tell me what size prop you used with this set up, can not see the reccomended size, Glen

10/07/2013 18:17:02

Forgot to ask , would I be better off with 1000mah or 1800 mah capacity lipos.

10/07/2013 17:57:20

My mistake, read it wrong. Must get my brain in gear after hols.

09/07/2013 22:36:28

Back from hols so its back to the Cranefly so i can have it ready for the Autogyro meet. Going to order the motor and esc but Giantshark have the motor in stock but they reccomdend a 60amp esc which they dont have in stock. The Esc that you reccomend is a Min 30amp with a 5v output but on their website it states it is a 3v output can i use this if it has the right prop on to keep the amps down or should i use a 60amp as stated. Glen

19/06/2013 22:39:50

Is the pva thinned slightly or put on neat. I am away for a couple of weeks from Friday but hopefully will finish the Cranefly before the Winterton meet.

19/06/2013 22:01:22

Typing error forth blade is .5 in weight

19/06/2013 21:59:25

Made my first set of blades today and hopefully they are okay.

balanced the Cg chord wise with leading edge slightly down and balanced span wise. All three blades are .6 oz with the forth .6 in weight. Will see if they are okay when I attach them to the plate. Do you need to cover the blades or seal them to stop any warping or what. Glen

17/06/2013 08:40:22

Thanks Tom, yes I was referring to the rotor bolt so will stick with the original. When you spin the rotor plate with out the blades it seems to level it self out and seems quite smooth.

16/06/2013 20:39:13

Tom, I have set my rotor plate up and iam struggling to get the correct size pivot bolt , LHS does have them but the one I have used has the slightest bit of play . Is this critical and cause vibration.

15/06/2013 18:18:46

Disregard my last question as i have been reading that much imformation a lately i must have been reading a pdf build log for one of the later Craneflys and i must have read a set up for the roll and pitch roter plate and when i came to do a bit more on my Cranefly i then read my printed out pdf build log which only mentions setting up 3 degrees to the left . As the build log says i have set my mast 8 degrees back from the vertical. Sorry for confusing you guys. Glen

14/06/2013 22:21:38

Thanks Tom. Another question please is I understand setting the tri plate for a 3 degree tilt to the left but it also says to give a 5 to 7 degree tilt positive to the boom. If the cranefly is a single function head what does this forward tilt mean. Thank you glen

14/06/2013 21:02:24

When you find the Cg chord wise do you position the pins so the leading edge is slightly down and use this mark for the rotor bolt hole and then do you have to make sure all three bolt holes are exactly the same measurement chord wise or does each blades Cg differ  which then makes the bolt hole differ. Hope this makes sense.    Glen

Edited By bees on 14/06/2013 21:12:54

13/06/2013 19:29:03

Hi Tom, Building your SFH cranefly and have stuck to the original build but iam going to cut myself some blades while i wait for the rest of my gear. The question is should i still stick to the measurements you give regarding profile or can you can you offer a better blade for the SFH cranefly now you have progressed with more Craneflys. Thank you Glen

Thread: UK GYRO MEET 2013
12/06/2013 13:55:54

Hi guys, You can put me down as a new face. Tom kindly sent me the SFH cranefly pdf and iam currently half way through the build and have been reading all the rc groups and modelflying threads to get as much imformation as possible. Have not posted any questions yet as i have been on with the basic building of the cranefly but can assure you i will have plenty to ask as i get towards installing the rotor head, making the blades and balancing the cranefly. If i finish the cranefly before the meet i will bring it along so hopefully Tom can give it the once over. Glen

Thread: RCDirectsource4U
08/03/2013 22:09:52

Thank you for the chargeback imformation, Will wait and see what my has to say regarding a refund and if not will imform them of the chargeback.

08/03/2013 20:16:44

I actually paid with a debit card and i dont think you are covered but i spoke to them and they asked me to forward proof of receipts so iam still hopefull. This was the first time that i did not go into a bit of research before hand.

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