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Thread: Walkera 37
21/06/2009 10:05:06
Hi Pete
When you are learning to hover the cheap foam blades are the best thing to stick with, as they do less damge to the heli if you tutch the blades on things, but if you need to make them more robust just cover them in packing tape or soia film, this makes them last a lot longer and stifens them up so you get less boom strikes.
Happy hovering Owen.
20/06/2009 17:10:38
Hi Pet
I have found that that the H K sites on ebay are ok and good value for money if you need a full range of walkera spares this is your best place to shop.
Hope this is some help Owen.
Thread: Anybody tried the HK450 from Hobbyking?
30/05/2009 09:10:49
Hi Delta
As the price is so good and the shiping quite good may be by two, why thay are at this price.
happy hovering Owen.  
29/05/2009 20:39:38
Hi Ben
This is not for the beginner, it is a full blowen 3d heli and will proberly put you of heli's, so If you are looking to start flying 4 channel helis I would try a cx countre rotating job this will get you into learning to hover the safe way, and the inexspencive way, as 3d is not a good starting point, unless you have got a good club to go to with people who can spend the time getting you sorted out, so give it a miss as by the time you have added all the parts to it will cost you plenty, there is no sutch thing as a cheap 3d heli.
Good luck Owen. 
Thread: How high will they go
23/05/2009 11:57:29
Hi all
I have just got the replacement Ag 24, and this one dose not have the rx problem that the first one had, and flys very well this is a truly nice heli for the money. I have held the heli down and switched of the tx off, to make shore it duss not start up sping if there is no signal, but all  is well, and the range check is fine so all being well I wont loss this one.
Happy Hovering Owen. 
Thread: The Cafe
23/05/2009 11:43:51
Hi Pil & all
This is my latest mad Idear. I have decided to go back to my youth, and as I started out as a Mod, and passed my motor cycle test on a Capri 80 scooter, and used it for over a year. I then got frends With a Rocker who had a 650 triumph and also had a 350 triumph witch he was selling for £35, so I tried it out and was a bit cagee as to weather or not to by it, but did, and then till now have been a out and out rocker but at the moment have got a Gold Wing 1100 cc, But the sad day has come when it has got to heavy for me to move around, so I thougt it was a time to be relistic, and to face the fact that at 58 years old I need something that I can push around esaly, so I whent out and got a Tamoretti 125 retro scooter and a open face helmet and the parker coat, and have now become a true re born Mod, and I am having so much fun riding round all the lanes in Essex and Sufork neer my home. I shoud have dun this some time back as it has rekindeled my love of the open road, and given my work mates a good laff, this cant be bad all in a cupple of weeks. By the way this is a grate thread as I very seldom keep to the topic.
Keeping fun alive Owen.  
Thread: Isn't aeromodelling therapeutic ?
19/05/2009 22:46:09
Hi all
If doing things with planes or heli's is giving all these other people so much fun, this can only be a good thing, yes I am a nerd, boffin, call it what you will,so I just love all things flying and mechanical so I have always been this way and when I am flying my life seams just that little bit more level and carm.
happy days Owen.
Thread: How high will they go
07/05/2009 21:27:24
Hi all
Thanks for all you feed back, all I am getting at work at the moment is lost your choper, and how high is this one ment to go, hope it dose it againas we mised it last time and back to the day job, all in good fun, and a new one is flying in by air mail as we speak, so the morning will soon be over and happyness will be back.
happy hovering Owen. 
04/05/2009 10:02:15
Hi Kevin
I think the real of cotton would have run out, it was so high and fast and out of sight in seconds. I had all ready flowen it for ten minits and it still had another power to go out of site this heli is the most amazing heli I have owend but that was to be short  lived, happy days. I mite get a replacment as that was a good one.
Happy hovering Owen.
02/05/2009 18:50:00
Hi lads
I am fully awear of this as I have been flying for a lot of years but I was totaly distracted by the real thing, and in the heat of the moment did the thing we all dread and hay presto it all whent hay wire so to speek, but as for where it whent, it whent over open farm land, very little chance of it coming down on any thing but fields and trees I havent heard any thing of it, so fingers crossed that it came down safe.
happy hovering Owen.
02/05/2009 16:25:47
Hi all
Have just got and lost this heli it was a two channel cx large heli from H K and was only £32 and flew like a demond. I had it out side the factory friday and it was flying very well and my work mates were all impresed by the way I was getting on with it, well in the nexed few seconds there was the sound of a real heli over head an it was the air ambulance looking to land on the small medow at the side of the factory, so I had to stop flying and let it land as some one had been taken ill in the factory across the road, any way back to the point of this thread. I put the heli down on a wall, and as I was totaly ingrosed at the euro copter at sutch close hand, I started to chat to my coleges and then the bell whent to get us back into work, and with out thinking I switched of the tx wow the demond ag24 sprang into life and whent up like a rocket ship and fond some wind and lift. I would say it was at well over a 1000 ft when we lost site of it and still going, so if you would like to go for a hight record I would get one of these, as it was the most fun seeing it go I have ever had with my heli's, but I was sorry to lose it but  just as well it was not a lot.
happy days Owen

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Thread: Lama 500
24/03/2009 23:05:56
Hi all
Yes the walkera blades should be ok, and if you cover the leeding edge with glass reinforced tape, the blades get more lift, and last much longer and do not chip.
Happy hovering Owen.
Thread: Twister Storm
16/03/2009 21:24:58

Hi Edgar

Its nice to hear that you are getting on with the heli, this is what its all about the first few hover's are mind blowing, and give you that real zing and the sence of acheivment, and getts the old adrenalin rushing round, so keep it up and enjoy.
Happy hovering Owen.
Thread: Lama 500
08/03/2009 16:54:11
Hi all
I my self only ever fly in flat carm conditions, and are luck to be able to fly every day of the week at some point, so I can only feel sorry that not every one of you has this pleasure, and all I can do is keep wishing for good weather to come as soon as posible for you all, we all look fullward to the day when the heli just flys totaly fine with no hitches.
Happy hovering Owen.
Thread: Twister Storm
08/03/2009 09:35:30
Hi Edgar
Its nice to here from new members and to try to help you settel in to the heli thing, it is a mine feild of info out there, and the thing to do is read as much as you can as there is so meany good people out there to help you, as for the set up of the tx it is quite a personal thing, and every one has got a way to set it up, from my own point of vew I like to have the heli set up totaly rite mecanicaly first, so the trims on the tx are all at nutral to start with, and set the giro to heading hold 100% is a good starting point, so where the nose of the heli points, is where it says in the hover, but this is only my point of view and others may have difrent ways of setting it up, nice to chat and hope to read more of your progress in the future.
Happy hovering Owen.
Thread: Twister skylift problems
28/02/2009 10:11:03
Hi Paul
The rx in the sky lift has to control all 4 motors as seprate units, so will be made to suit the sky lift only, and if you use a cx 4 in to 1 I dont think this will work, so as you have found out that the parts all work the only think to do is get a sky lift rx, and I think your problems will be at an end, hope this helps.
all the best Owen.
Thread: Tail fins Whats the point????
22/02/2009 20:03:05
Hi all
I dont no whether its just me, but all my single rota heli's seam to have a slitly tail drop on the clime out, but the c of g is just fine, as when the power is backed of the heli then levels out and flys fine, and if you try to make the nose the slitest bit hever it is totaly imposible to get a good controled hover, so I tend to ignor the tail heavy look and all is well.
Happy hovering Owen.
Thread: Trex 450 V2 complete head on a Belt CP
21/02/2009 13:19:37
Hi John
I love this about heli's as I do it all the time, and make basic heli's in to better models, with bitts I get on the net, new and second hand, this way you can get the heli to your own speck and budget, keep up the good work.
Happy building Owen.
Thread: 2 channel made better
21/02/2009 11:01:38
Hi all
I have made many coments about getting the most out of that cheaper heli, and this is a way of getting the best out of your Syma, if you own one of these you will know how they only have a three speed motor control, and limited tail control, so if it can be made better so be it, as the heli its self is very durable and flys nice and flat and level,I thought it was worth a go, so I have just got a lot of second hand parts and radio gear and in amung it was a Century mixer giro board, and very small 6 channel rx, and I have some other tx's to chose from so if you can get the bits to gether on the cheap, this is for you, it not worth doing if you have got to bie the bits from new. But thats by the way. I took the plung and did it, and this is what I did. I removed the standard rx and conected in the new rx and speed and giro mixer board, and put it in a place to get the c of g rite, and fixed them on the frount of the battery carrier with dubble sided tape and a cable tie, this was spot on and the heli hovers at low throtle, but gets fullward flite on higher throtle, and as for the tail it has full control, as is expected on any 4 channel heli, so I am fully chuffed with the out come, it has made my faverit hack heli so much more fun to fly.
Happy hovering Owen.    
Thread: Tail fins Whats the point????
18/02/2009 21:47:35
Hi Josh
I always take them of, as I do not see how thay can make any diffrence on normal flying, and I am a grate fan of Night flyer On youtube, and this man knows his suff as he is one of the main heli pioners of model heli desine, and has clearly had a lot to do with heli desine, and he always takes them of, and tells you lots of information about how to get the best out of your flying, both heli and plain's, so take a look at his vids and you wil be amazed at how much he will teach you.
Happy Hovering Owen.  
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