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Thread: True or false
27/01/2009 23:40:56
yes i am indeed but i still dont think it is ideal to have a model creep foward on idle,it will also increase landing speed,the guy that owned the plane before me used the same set up with no problems and as i say i had this problem with another model and a guy done something with the low end needle to sort it.when he adjusted the needle it lowered the revs at idle without it cutting out which it was doing with me when i lowered the throttle trim.
i had the model ideling at its lowest point with out it cutting,it was creeping foward,this guy made the revs drop at idle even lower to stop the model creeping with out it cutting the engine.he done all this by adjusting the low end needle valve only.
22/01/2009 20:49:34
i suppose what im really trying find out is if you have a model ideling and you lean the low needle valve what will happen(will the revs increase or decrease)
22/01/2009 20:23:28
i remember with a previous plane i owned was doing the same and a guy kindly helped me,he either richened the low end or leaned it but whatever he done it allowed it to idle lower without it stalling
21/01/2009 19:09:02
if any ic engine is running a its lowest idle point without stalling but the plane is still creeping foward is it true or false that it could be doing this because the low needle is too lean?
i know for a fact that its not incorrect prop choice.
Thread: ASM pitts owners
16/01/2009 23:27:35
hi,i bought an asm 1/4 scale pitts second hand and forgot to ask the guy what the control throws are,can anyone help me?
many thanks
Thread: ASP 120 fs owners
12/01/2009 23:03:00
i dont suppose you know the factory settings for the 2 needles
12/01/2009 23:01:00

many thanks timbo

so the twin needle thing really applys to most if not all engines then

its just when i bought the engine it sort of promoted the fact that it was twin needle as if it was something special

12/01/2009 22:04:00

hi,just bought an asp 120 fs and the instructions are the worst ive seen for a 4 stroke newbie like me.i can see the high speed needle but is the low speed needle the one that has a spring on the screw beside the fuel inlet nipple also there is a slot head grub screw in the centre of the throttle arm(what is this for??)

also when you push the throttle arm to the fully closed position there is still an opening in the carb of about 4mm

and 1 last one what is ment by twin needle on this engine

please help as i really want to get this engine going

many thanks 

Thread: os 55 ax
28/12/2008 22:47:00
so from where the engine is set now do you think i should try to lean it bottom end ever so slightly?
27/12/2008 08:01:00
sorry if im causing any confusion
27/12/2008 07:45:00
yes the manual says the mixture control screw which im assuming is the low end needle is about 1/2 inch or less from the main or top end valve,the only other screw i can see is in the centre of the black plastic throttle arm which i thought was only for adjusting the postion of the arm.
26/12/2008 22:34:00
on my 55ax the 2 valve screws are right beside each other,but what your saying is that you screw both clockwise to lean and anti to richen?
26/12/2008 22:14:00
sorry eric,i was asking, to lean the top end i know to screw in the main needle but the lean thebottom end do i screw out the mixture control valve? (botom end needle valve)
25/12/2008 23:17:00
thanks eric,so would i be right in saying that to lean the top end you close and to lean the bottom you open?
25/12/2008 22:46:00

hi all i have an os 55 ax that is mucking me about, i have the engine fitted in a kyosho edge,problem is when in flight(never on the ground)if im flying at full throttle and then snap the throttle shut after a handful of seconds of the engine ticking over it will then cut and i have to perform a dead stick landing.i dont have much knowledge on tuning engines but a far as i can tell all is throttles up smoothly etc

hope someone can help

could it be too rich bottom end???

Thread: ASM pitts
25/12/2008 22:35:00

I have just bought an asm pitts it says to use a 120 4 stroke,i was wondering if anyone owned one that could tell me how it performs on this engine im not in to any 3d flying but i would like to have enough power to pull vertical and i have a feeling this engine may not be enough.

hope someone can help

Thread: Futaba 6 ex-pcm
20/12/2008 22:11:00

I have a futaba 6ex-pcm tx for sale or swap

right hand stick ale/rud has a broken spring so there is no resistance when using aleron

should be easy fixed or you could use it for a sim just as i have been doing.

Thread: Kyosho spitfire 90
12/12/2008 17:17:00
i was thinking of buying one and was wonder what they were like,also if the covering on the model would allow you to add weathering(graphite dust etc)
11/12/2008 22:14:00

hope someone can help me,if you own a kyosho spitfire 90 please could you let me know.

many thanks

Thread: Is there quality anywhere??
10/12/2008 19:27:00

i would love to build ernie but my last effort ended up in the wood burning stove after cutting,sanding,cutting,sanding etc etc  not one rib was the same and im afraid my patience could not take any more.i also reackon i would not exactly be a dab hand at covering.

hopefully some day i can prove myself wrong but until then i think ill have to build a few more artfs.

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