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Thread: The Bolt chuck Glider
16/09/2019 18:22:33
Posted by Guy Hamilton-Fletcher on 15/09/2019 22:58:47:

Hi, sorry to bring this thread back from the deadsmiley but I have a couple of questions

I have tried to straighten the wing with weights held flat for a few days and found that the wings just pops back to roughly the original polyhedral angle. Did you overbend it to remove the bend or use the spar to keep it flat? would the creases in the bottom surface not come out over time?

Unfortunately I damaged the wing using a steam iron to try and straighten it as the the foam is less heat resistant than the stuff they use for the lidl model. I should have tried on a scrap piece first. I will be getting a replacement bolt glider for a second attempt.

I have thought about cutting a slice from the topside and inserting a foam piece and gluing flat before putting a spar in, but that does seem less than ideal.

Does anyone know what foam its made from as it doesn't seem to like standard CA unlike the lidl glider I have. I do have uhu por so will use that instead.



Hi, Hardly bringing this thread back from the dead, Only 40 days since the last post.

Anyway to answer your question my building room is the loft so possible the hot weather helped here.

And i did rely on the spar holding the wing in place and it worked perfectly no creases on the bottom of the wing and still holds true to this day.

I have bought two more and a cheep Chinese copy from eBay to compare the difference .

This time i want to make a more aerobatic model and have a powered version.


Thread: Autumn is been flying ?
11/09/2019 23:15:16

So i managed to get some flat field flying in over the weekend and met my old school friend John Quinn who came to the rescue with a Os Number 8 glow plug.

So i flew my SaS Cygnus powered by a Os 25 sf which went well.

I also flew my Spitfire which i also crashed.

And finally my Guppy and my Sipa S-200 which never seem to let me down.

Happy Days.


Thread: Hobbyking Phoenix 1600
08/09/2019 23:37:13

Hi Jeff,

I have one the 1600 got it cheep as is old version with 2s motor in it.

Not impressed, wanted it for the slope so motor not a concern tried it in 20 mph winds and it lacked penetration .

In fact my Chuck glider The Bolt flew much better.

It may be me of coarse. i like fast models and the Phenix 1600 was slow, or maybe i needed to add a lot of weight in it not sure.

My Opinion for what it`s worth did not live up to the hype.


Thread: Indoor Flying NW no more
03/09/2019 19:40:22

Hi, I have received a Email from Keith, BMFA NW Area.





It is with great regret that I have to tell you that the BMFA NW Area Rochdale Indoor flying sessions will not continue.


A new company, SLS School Letting Services, took over the letting of a numbers of school facilities when not in use by schools. Sadly the bookings I had made in April were not passed onto them and bookings every Saturday and Sunday for rollerblading were made.


After spending many, many weeks looking for an alternative venue that was both near our old hall and that was affordable have proved fruitless. This has forced the decision to cease the indoor fly-ins.


I will continue to look for an alternative venue and keep you informed if I have any success.


Thank you for your support over the years and let’s hope we can find somewhere to continue.


With your permission I will keep the ‘email list’ and contact you when/should I find somewhere suitable.


Kind regards




This is Sad news.

sad Steve.

Edited By Stephen Jones on 03/09/2019 19:40:51

Thread: Terrysaur
23/08/2019 20:22:37


Just got to love that Bird. smiley



Edited By Stephen Jones on 23/08/2019 20:22:56

20/08/2019 23:43:28

Hopefully their will be a rebirth , You can buy the epp eagle .


I think we are seeing a theme here.


20/08/2019 23:34:40

Me too.

Just love it . dare i say it, I think it is better than the Funky Chicken.


Thread: Fouga magister 1/4.5 moulded from scratch
15/08/2019 23:55:30

My word there is a lot of work involved in making these molds.

You have shown some patience and dedication sir.


Thread: Drones in the news - again...
15/08/2019 10:41:31

Seems strange the public are happy to watch rocket propelled missiles exploding above them.

And jump on anyone flying a drone after all they must be very safe to use, After all blood is to be transported from hospital to hospital and we are soon to look forward to having are parcels delivered by drone . What could possible go wrong.

It`s not like fireworks have caused any harm.

I think fireworks should also be banned. from public sale,

Sounds like double standards to me.

I dislike them both.





Edited By Stephen Jones on 15/08/2019 10:44:34

Thread: YouTube Video you like
11/08/2019 16:46:51

Hi all,

I found this video which shows what can be done with a couple of servos.

Thread: Terrysaur
11/08/2019 16:24:31

Looks straight forward to build, not so sure on how well i would be able to paint the head.

But something i would like to have ago at building.

Looking forward to the flight video.


10/08/2019 14:40:40

Looks Good to me Lindsay. thumbs up


Thread: Hospitalised, my own fault - but ?
08/08/2019 23:23:33

Well Noted Colin,

That is why these are not Toy planes.

Take care .

Thread: Electrifying a 120cm chuck glider
08/08/2019 23:16:08

Or watch my video.

08/08/2019 23:11:48

Hi, Kevin,

Here is my Build of the Bolt.

Which shows how i and Neil did a conversion.

Adding a motor on the front would also be easy to do. if you want a powered glider.

Hi Rene,

Maybe you could do the same on your glider i did mine as a two separate wings but could of glued together as one large wing and i also could of used a spruce spar in place of a carbon rod. Also 5g servo will do for the Ailerons and elevator.



Edited By Stephen Jones on 08/08/2019 23:13:06

Thread: Hospitalised, my own fault - but ?
08/08/2019 20:55:07

Hi Colin,

Sorry to hear about your accident Hope all heals well soon for you.

I guess it would not of been as bad or may not of happened at all if you had control of the transmitter as you would of felt the pull of the motor and backed off the power.

Not that your over keen pilot was to blame but with no feed back from the controls how was he to know how much power was needed. I bet he is as sick as a dog knowing he was at the controls.

I always perform my own hand launch as i will hold the model up right and set the power until i feel the motor is holding the weight of the model. That way i know it is a safe power setting for the model.

Get well soon.

Thread: The Bolt chuck Glider
08/08/2019 20:29:30

Hi Andy,

Looks interesting how does the foam feel compared to the Lidl. or Hobbyking type models.

And how much


06/08/2019 22:56:26

Here is a fresh Video of the Bolt.

06/08/2019 22:52:15

Hi Andy,

I have seen some pictures on the webb of the fx 707 which is a updated version of the 706 .

From what i have seen the 706 looks very much like the bolt. The Bolt has narrow wings and is fast compared to the Lidl Glider.

Now fx 707 looks like the wings do not sweep back would it be possible to post some pictures for us to look at or maybe start a fresh post on the conversion of the Fx 707.

Cheers Steve....

Thread: Don Valley MFC Open Weekend August 3-4th.
27/07/2019 17:38:11

Great weather while in work..............

Come the weekend ............rain Rain rain.

That how my life goes.

sad Steve sad......

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