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Thread: Aldi bargains
18/11/2018 23:43:03

Thank`s Guys for the thumbs up.

I do so hate the cold, But want so much to get back on the slope.

Ski wear from Aldi it is.

Cheers Steve

18/11/2018 11:02:27


On Sunday 25th November Aldi are selling Ski wear.

I am thinking about getting a jacket and pants for use on the slopes when flying my gliders.

Do any of you guys think they will be any good or can you recommend something some where.

Cheers Steve

Thread: Upgrading electric motors
17/11/2018 18:52:33

Hi, the V Trainer is a EPP glider.

By Flyteam uk.

My son has one of the small glider version we added a motor at a later stage. and flies well .

But going faster causes the wings to bend and so a carbon rod is needed adding more weight.

Changing the Prop to a APC Prop is by far the easiest route.

The model simple is not intended to go fast. So if you just need something more powerful to cope with the wind by all means do as Simon has suggested and be prepared to do some extra work on it.

Or buy a new plane.


Thread: Making brass 'P' clamps
09/11/2018 18:44:41

i use fire alarm P Clips as i use them in my job they are now powder coated, but it does come off easy to reveal a brass like material . Or if it does not have to be brass B&Q sell them in PE.


Thread: Riot 250R Pro Edition - Racing Drone
27/10/2018 17:35:20


Not my Thing but while looking for computer parts this came up as a Super Special may be of interest to some one.

Riot 250R Pro Edition - Racing Drone


Thread: building flying-modells by plan or kits, no ARF
26/10/2018 18:52:08

Hi Bernd,

Yes we all love looking at build pictures, So please go ahead.

And as we often say, A picture is worth a thousand words.


Thread: Building, when does it become too expensive to fly
25/10/2018 18:27:11
Posted by Ikura on 25/10/2018 18:20:35:

It's such a pity that there seem to be a fair number of opinionated people these days who think they are right and unless other people do and think what they do, they are idiots.

Each to their own, and if someone wants to build a model that they never dare fly, at least they have had the pleasure of building it. They have also probably extended their building skills and enjoyed what they have been doing.

Back in the late 60's and 70's I build lots of scale models for lots of people but I never got to fly any of them. I couldn't fly in those days and could not have afforded to buy radio engines anyway. I loved building and was very content just to build nice things.

These days I build and fly but I enjoy building far more than flying.

I second that thumbs up


Thread: building flying-modells by plan or kits, no ARF
25/10/2018 18:18:09
Posted by Dave Hess on 25/10/2018 14:38:19:

here's my latest one starting to take shape. the plan is free. Just print it on A4, join the sheets, tape it to the board, cut the shapes and glue them together into a structure. I think this is the first time I've flown a plane before I built it. Many of their models are on the simulator.:

sportster build.jpg

Here's me flying it on the Simulator. It seems to go pretty well.

Why did you not just buy or build a Helicopter.

Thread: Single Channel Radio Control - RH Warring
20/10/2018 00:14:02
Posted by Simon Chaddock on 03/02/2018 21:48:22:

I have posted this before. My first RC, a MacGregor Terry Tone set.

Came as a kit that you soldered up yourself.

The transmitter in its home made case had a single valve.


Note the vast battery compartment. 96V? battery above, 4 D cells below for the heater!

The receiver similarly had to be soldered together but it did use 5 transistors so ran on 3V.


No idea what its frequency really was but it did work driving an Elmic Conquest rubber escapement.

Installed in a home designed glider which actually flew so badly that the rudder control had little chance of influencing the inevitable crash.

I still have it.

The 27 mHz digital proportional Futaba 2M (2 channel) that followed a few years later seemed so advanced by comparison! wink 2

I still have that too!

My word silver rated resisters not going for quality there where you. disgust

Shame on you Simon, wink


Thread: How old are yours?
16/10/2018 21:16:50

Well, Mike Etheridge 1 That take some beating.

I don`t feel so bad that some of mine date back to the 90`s now.

Steve disgust

Thread: Panther Trainer Autogyro
16/10/2018 00:02:03

That reminds me i should fix my Atom and try Again.



Thread: How old are yours?
14/10/2018 13:51:51

Boy now you`re asking LoL .

Some of my models are quite old and i will have to try and work out just how old some of them are .

But the easiest way to work a couple out is to look at my posts on here.

So, My Fantrainer is 9 years old ,

My silver Sipa is 8 years old ,

And i still fly them.


Thread: Guillows P40 Warhawk 16 - RC conversion!?
13/10/2018 11:07:46

I would say success largely depends on the size of model chosen the skills of the builder and light well balanced radio gear. Google does show a fair few of these models flying. i bought my models before laser cut parts sad

Now where did i put that Kit........... dont know


11/10/2018 22:27:19

I have seen a 18" Typhoon done and it did not fly too well, Now that may of been the fault of the builder or heavy radio gear, And i think it is fair to say some Guillows models fly well and others don't.

But i must admit the enjoyment of building them as just a scale model is a sheer pleasure in its self. And seeing it fly just tops it of for me.

In fact i have a Guillows Cessna just begging to be done, So you have just given me the Bug to get this one converted for indoor flying.


Thread: Rearwin Speedster 6000
11/10/2018 17:45:34

looking Very Nice indeed thumbs up


Thread: Guillows P40 Warhawk 16 - RC conversion!?
10/10/2018 21:25:55

Under 100g is good for a model of that size. So i don`t think you will have any problems,

Good Luck for the test flight, Best to do the 1st one outside on a flat calm day with long grass to cushion any landing.

Steve thumbs up

10/10/2018 20:33:39

Double Post face 10

Edited By Stephen Jones on 10/10/2018 20:34:59

10/10/2018 20:33:38

Hi, Simon

What is your AuW ?.

My 28" P51 came out at 306g. I had no problems with the supplied Decals.


Thread: BMFA Online Membership portal open for 2018 membership renewals
05/10/2018 23:47:55

Hi, is there a way of finding out if a membership is still valid. As i can not find my paperwork i am sure i`m still insured as i have not long received my copy of the BMFA News October 2018. But without this paper work can not prove it should i go to fly-in


Thread: Don Valley Open Weekend 29-30th September
01/10/2018 22:49:29
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 01/10/2018 19:23:14:

Oh, sorry I missed you too Stephen - still I'm sure there will be other chances to meet up!!


I am sure there will.wink


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