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Thread: Star Delta
11/06/2018 19:43:58

well i do not see why it would not work , just need to add some more wings to it .

It would be slow.

11/06/2018 17:21:01


Do any of you remember this i built,


As a test bed ,

Well someone else also built one,

Not so mad,
Thread: Printing whole threads off the forum.
05/06/2018 23:39:37

Have you tried , Right clicking on the thread link and select save link as / then chose all files not html.


Thread: All change at RCM&E
24/05/2018 23:24:57

Sorry to hear about your health blip David also to here you are stepping down.
Hope life balances out for you and happiness follows soon.

Also nice to welcome Graham back to the fold.

All the best Steve.

Thread: Lidl XL Glider
24/05/2018 23:12:34

Hi Guys,

Just an observation by me,

The Black body and wings are heavier and stronger / less flexible than the others.

So in my opinion make up a Black Glider.

mk2 finished.jpg


Thread: Silent Sipa 200
20/05/2018 11:41:03


I had built a depron foam Sipa from the RCM&E plan for my son to fly and also to test the plan as i did not have time to proof a hard copy of the plan.

Well i was considering scrapping it as my son is now board of it and he has bashed it a few times.

So i decided to see if i could slope it,

As it turns out i can, the wind conditions where not right for the slope and where only low so at time i did have to put power on to gain height .

So i think if i lose all the un wanted weight it should be ok.

Thread: Lidl XL Glider
17/05/2018 19:24:51

Well as has already been posted,

The Playtive XL Glider will be on sale again on the 24 May at Lidl.

So there is no excuse for those that missed it last time around .

So why not grab one when you can, They are a real Catch !!!!!.


Thread: Don Valley mfc Open days 2018
13/05/2018 23:17:19

Hopefully i will be able to make this one.

i have been given permission to use the company van, it is only a small van but so are my models wink


Thread: Spring 2018 is here...been flying?
08/05/2018 21:58:10

Did you do it like this,

Watch from 38 seconds in.wink
06/05/2018 22:44:11


I went out early this morning to enjoy this nice weather

I managed to fly two indoor models outside and my usual hack my Mk3 Sipa.

I was the 1st there but it was not long before more attended.

You know you have had a good time when you have used up all you're batteries and none of you're models are in kit form.

Steve smiley
Thread: 50 inch Sipa S-200
26/04/2018 20:38:45


A small amount of progress,


The front end,


The rear,


I have not yet decided what to do about the Centre section of the wing,

My 1st thoughts where about seeing the joint between the wings, so built the wing to have a join where the boom is.

So that the boom would cover part of the join.

But now i am thinking about making the Centre section longer, 36 inch long so that the join is closer to the aileron.

That way there would be less strain on the join and a thinner carbon tube could be used. dont know


Thread: Cap Cam
16/04/2018 23:47:31

Hi Gordon,

Yes, that would do the job for a quick check of view, the Resolution: 320 * 240 is very low. And how well will it be in bright sunlight.

LOL one knows that the picture they are showing you is not a true recreation of what you will be able to see.

The output on the FX Dv-08 is also low at 640x480 but you are able to see the status of the camera as well as the picture.

It is cheap but not very piratical as a true CCTV monitor as you would not be able to use it to focus the camera you are working on. It is a check picture and alignment use only.

So i guess that is why it is cheap also modern cameras are AHD CVI TVI or network cameras now with full HD Some are 4K.

Having said that it is practical for this use. Although once you have it set right on you're cap and you place on you're head the same every time you use it there is no need for the monitor as you can watch the light to see the status.


Edited By Stephen Jones on 16/04/2018 23:50:45

16/04/2018 21:21:09

Hi again,

Here is a Video taken outside i had hoped to maiden my Wicked Wing but there was very little wind about.

So with the consent of those in the video took this. No pictures at this time i will try to get out again with mine.


16/04/2018 21:16:04

Hi Chris,

As with many of my designs i like to tweak them and so i have made some alterations to the design which has improved it`s slow flight and stability.

And may well be a subject for a free plan with in the pages of RCM&E with any luck as i find it hard to get good pictures of my models flying .


16/04/2018 19:53:38
Posted by ASH. on 16/04/2018 18:14:37:
Very clever Steve.. good for espionage work too.
Not sure I could wear a bird's nest on my head


No need for all that wire.

The Av lead is only there so i can check i have the camera is looking at what i am seeing and so can be un-plugged.


The receiver will fit in the hem of the Cap as will the rest of the wiring where i could make a pouch to house the battery. But i opted to place the battery in my top pocket so i can easy remove it without taking my Cap off.


16/04/2018 19:44:19
Posted by Chris Walby on 16/04/2018 15:11:01:

Steve, well done and thanks for letting us know

PS - What's the triangle biplane on the floor & how does it fly?

Hi Chris,

Did you not watch the video ?.

It is my interpretation of a modern tandem wing design and is the most stable plane i have flown.
As most of us probably already know the delta wing is quite stable at varying speeds and angle of attack.

So i decided to design a Tandem wing plane with that wing format.
Which to my surprise worked out very well .
And it was not until i had flown the model several times at a local indoor meeting that someone pointed out that it looked similar to that control line plane the Double Duplex.
You can read my blog here .


16/04/2018 19:19:18
Posted by Gordon Whitehead 1 on 16/04/2018 12:58:54:

An excellent idea Steve. I've never heard of a spot monitor before so googled it. Is yours some sort of wrist-mounted monitor screen? Which one is yours, how's it linked to the camera, and where can we get one like it? Is it possible to link the camera output to a mobile phone and save having to buy a spot monitor?

I'm looking forward to your outdoor footage.

Kind regards


Hi Gordon,

The FX Dv-O8 is sold for use with FPV Quadcopters so that the flyer can watch where they are going through there goggles while also recording the footage in HD 720p or 1080p with the option of remotely taking pictures.

So the analog output which would be transmitted to the goggles can also be seen on a spot monitor or any device capable of displaying analog video.

As i am a security engineer who fits CCTV i have a handheld spot monitor to hand. which is the Orange object in the left hand side of the picture that also shows my transmitter.

The down side for me is that one has to remove the SD Card and insert it into the PC in order the View / Copy the footage. When i play back the footage my player displays more info about the type of video and in the comments section it says CarDV-TURNKEY.


15/04/2018 22:24:58


i have managed to get out and shoot some footage with this camera one indoors and the other outside i will up load that footage later.

So for now here is the indoor footage and the pictures i also took.

This was taken while the video was running so is in 1080p.
And this is when no Video is recording.
I guess i could of done some in 720p mode.
Thread: 50 inch Sipa S-200
11/04/2018 23:12:24


Not much done on this one Due to work,

I have built the second quarter of the center wing.

centre wing.jpg

centre wing1.jpg

centre wing2.jpg

More as and when i get the time to work on it


Thread: Cap Cam
04/04/2018 20:28:12
Posted by John Robertson 3 on 03/04/2018 22:49:19:

Interesting! I hadn't thought along these lines, but now you've got me thinking . . .

Hopefully you'll be posting some flying video - I look forward to this.

Yes i will post some pictures / videos as soon as the weather allows.

I opened the camera unit up today with a view to adding some LED`s, But no need all that was needed was to turn the camera module round 180 degrees.

Tested and working with the onboard LED`s just in my peripheral view .


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