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Thread: Catapult Build for Ducted Fan Models
12/11/2019 23:02:37

Hi Gordon,

Thank`s for the nice comments.

When the load is on the peg it locks that pedal up and needs a good press down to release it.

Just watched the HK video Funny thing that cord arrangement is setup the same way as mine.

Also worth noting is that wind direction can change pushing the model on take off to one side if the wind is not head on.

So my solution was to stake out two ends of the bungee and the Centre to have the cord attached and pulled back to the model that way you are guaranteed the model will launch in the desired direction.


12/11/2019 18:13:19
Posted by Gordon Whitehead 1 on 12/11/2019 09:29:46:

Hi Steve, your ramp is very impressive in its apparent simplicity. Do the rails pivot up with as the foot release is pressed? What is the bungee material, and how long is it and how much do you stretch it?

Hi Gordon, My setup is the same as yours only My ramp is Different

I think This video will explain things better . Link it also shows my self retracting tow hook.

Not sure if i did a plan of it But if is of any use to Anyone i could draw some up.


11/11/2019 23:22:57


I made one for my Fantrainer. Link to Video


Thread: The Bolt chuck Glider Powered Version
10/11/2019 18:59:39

This is the tailplane fitted. Complete with control rod.



10/11/2019 18:57:41

I then cut the Centre section of the tailplane free and then made a 1/16th ply control horn and a further 1/16th Ply for gluing onto the end of the tailplane. Then two 1.64th ply for the tailplane center section.


Once glued in place i laminated the underside of the tailplane.


I then added the stickers to the top of the tailplane.


The center section is now hot glued into place.



10/11/2019 18:47:03


On the underside of the tailplane i drew where i am going to fit my 22cm long tube which is 5mm in diameter.

I measured 4cm from the front of tailplane. To draw my 1st line then draw one more 4mm behind it .

I the used a sharp knife to cut on my lines.


I used a router to create a grove into which the carbon tube would fit.


After the slot was finished i cut off some of the blue outer sleeve from a control snake that would act as a bush for the tailplane to pivot, this plastic tube was the same length of the Centre section.


The outer parts of the carbon tube only are Hot glued into place i used none stick sheet to push the glue flush.



Edited By Stephen Jones on 10/11/2019 18:48:16

10/11/2019 18:26:42

Now that part is out of the way it is time to move on with the rest of the build.


The rear of the wing shoulder needs some 1/16th ply glueing in place and the front of the wing shoulder needs some balsa adding.



The cockpit area i glued some 2mm Depron to take up the gap the saw made during the removal of the cockpit.


Sanded and shaped to take the wing.


10/11/2019 18:19:20

The elevator servo is nice and flush with the side of the body.



10/11/2019 18:12:37

Next i used a Brass tube to bore a hole from the inside of the body to the now made servo slot.

I could of just cut a slot along the body then made a hole into the side to get my servo wire where i need it.

But that would not be me would it. wink.


I eyeball my tube to gauge where i want to start and finish.


Then while pushing the tube in i rotate the tube to aid the cutting of the foam.


After the hole has been bored into the foam i insert a plastic tube to aid the feeding of the servo wires after temporary removing the plug from the servo lead.


After feeding the wire through the plastic tube the tube is removed and the servo plug re-fitted.

The servo can then be glued in place.


That looks much better.


Edited By Stephen Jones on 10/11/2019 18:14:32

10/11/2019 17:59:13


Next i added the Elevator control servo.

Due to adding extra weight at the front of the model (motor) i need to balance the model by fitting the servo into the rear.


I measured 4cm from the leading edge of the tailplane then drew around the servo.

Next i used a sharp blade and cut around my line at about the same depth of the servo.


And used a Router to remove the un-wanted foam so that the servo would fit snugly into position.


Thread: Fouga magister 1/4.5 moulded from scratch
10/11/2019 17:40:39

I have loved watching this Blog , We all have to make the most of are free time so that is fine with me Too.


Thread: Lidl XL Glider
04/11/2019 20:39:44
Posted by Charles Ayling on 04/11/2019 08:21:54:

Its one of these [£3.14 20% OFF]Eachine E58 RC Quadcopter Spare Parts Axis Arms with Motor & Propeller RC Parts from Toys Hobbies and Robot on

Hi, i can not see that being anywhere near powerful enough for the job.

The Motor is a 2208/08 that was also in my spares box and i have a 4.75 x 4.75 Apc prop Running on a 3s Lipo you could get away with a 2s Lipo Battery.

So you would need to look for something in that ball park.


Thread: The Bolt chuck Glider Powered Version
04/11/2019 20:29:15

Next i use some fiberglass rods from a old kite to use as wing dowels to hold the wings in place using rubber bands.



04/11/2019 20:25:03

Hello again,

Ok so next it was time to line the inside of the model with 1/16th Ply,

The floor i made with the grain going cross wise so that the floor would follow the curvature.

The cardboard template i made earlier was use to here to draw around.


Then the sides i made a further template from cardboard by sliding into position and cutting the bottom until happy with the fit, then draw around the sides of the plane and then i added a further 20 mm to the rear of the template as this would be needed to slot into the rear.

Below you can see the slot i made in the foam for the Ply sides to slide into.


Cut out the Ply and glue into position after repeatedly checking the fit .



04/11/2019 00:20:15

It was then a case of gluing into position the ply and then adding the motor mount.


Here is a view from the side.


I then drilled a hole for the motor wires to go into the nose and fitted the motor and the nose that i cut off i sliced in two and glued back on the nose making sure the motor spins ok.




Its a bit late now so more tomorrow .


04/11/2019 00:09:53

Next i marked the center line which was easy as there is a injection mold line there already.


I cut a slot in the front of the nose so that i could inset a 1/8th ply to support the motor mount and add additional support in the front area.

And i have forgot to take a picture of that part but basically i slotted some ply into the front end then drew around the nose and internal area and added a skid and support for the motor mount.



I then cut some slots into the motor mount key into.


03/11/2019 23:57:15

So now it was time to chop the nose off to fit the motor mount and support.

I cut off approx 40mm with a angle to give slight right and down thrust.


I used 7mm thick Ply for the motor mount which i drawn around the cut off to get the right shape.

Sanded the motor mount to profile and marked the motor fixing holes.



03/11/2019 23:49:53

I also used a sanding block to get it all square .


And keep checking with a ruler that the sides and floor are square.



Thread: Terrysaur
03/11/2019 23:37:38

Looks at home on the rocks .

And looks a treat too.

Well done.


Thread: Lidl XL Glider
03/11/2019 23:33:22

Hi Charles Ayling,

How small is that motor and prop, do you know what quad copter it come off.

It could be too small for a model like this unless you are doing a extreme light weight model.


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