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Thread: Boddo's Biggles Biplane
21/10/2019 21:58:46

Just had the latest RCM&E delivered, and Shaun Garrity has a paragraph on the "Biggles Biplane". Spooky!

Thread: What are your three favourite war movies?
20/10/2019 21:10:36



12 o'clock High

I saw some of the Dambusters film on the box the other day, and would love to know more about how they filmed it. Lots of shots of a few Lancs at low level turning steeply, which appeared to be carrying Upkeeps.

Thread: Boddo's Biggles Biplane
20/10/2019 19:38:18

This is probably old news to some of you, but I got the October issue of Aeroplane from the library last week, and there was an interesting article on the "Biggles Biplane", written by Matthew Boddington. The aircraft in question is a BE2 replica which was commissioned by Matthew's father, Charles, to feature in a Biggles movie about 40 years ago. Charles approached his brother David to design it, and despite only having model design experience, Boddo set about the task, basing the design on Tiger Moth components.

The film was never made, but the aircraft flew, and made its way to the USA. Unfortunately, it was crashed here, luckily with no loss of life. It was brought back to life about 10 years ago, and now flies on the show circuit.

Matthew states "It doesn't fly very well, but then a Tiger Moth doesn't fly very well, and this has more drag".

An excellent article about an interesting aircraft, which Matthew states is a lasting tribute to his father and uncle.

Thread: Battery retention methods
20/10/2019 07:41:54

I've used a similar method to that described by Chris in my Typhoon, except the battery is retained by a glued-on velcro strap that is pulled tight across the battery's bottom end. This is then covered by a hatch, which is retained by a tab on one edge and a swinging latch on the other. Nothing has ever moved in scores of flights

Thread: Peter Miller Ballerina
18/10/2019 22:42:48

Looking good for Sunday down here in Berkshire - Ballerina batteries are charged!

18/10/2019 15:48:13

Peter, you can usually improve the performance by going up a size in prop, that's one of the big pluses for electric power. Of course, you have to make sure you stay within the operating limits of the speed controller and motor at full throttle. You can check this easily (but take care to restrain the model) using a wattmeter. If you don't have one, it's worth getting one as you seem to be getting more into electric flying. The one I have is only about £20, but I got it free with an RCM&E subscription.

My Ballerina only has about 400W, which is adequate for sport flying but won't sustain verticle.

Thread: Spektrum DX7
17/10/2019 22:40:29

C8, I believe the reason the DX7 charge connector is reverse polarity relative to common convention is that in those days, Spektrum used effectively a JR Tx case, and the two brands shared a lot of technology. For that tranny, Spektrum retained the JR convention. Don't know what JR were thinking though.....

17/10/2019 07:47:51

My son had a similar issue with his DX7 several years ago, but that was triggered by him accidentally using a charge lead with incorrect polarity.

Thread: C No Ohmen
15/10/2019 07:01:43

Run the tip of a soldering iron along the line you want to cut. It should melt the film without damaging the wood beneath.

Thread: Veron Avro 504N
13/10/2019 22:17:03

Yes, the Avro is a fair bit bigger than the Sopwith. I think the .40 FS should be fine, especially if it's the more powerful Surpass.

Personally, I'd check whether the kit has the scale dihedral angle. If it's been increased to turn on rudder, I'd be inclined to reduce it to the scale amount and fit ailerons, although it will almost certainly need some rudder in the turns as well.

Lovely looking kit, I am envious!

Thread: The Ohmen
08/10/2019 16:59:59

Stall turns shouldn't be a problem, but yes, it's steadier in a light breeze. Having said that, I took my B years ago with a .20 powered lightweight aerobatic model.

Thread: Model shops, SW England
05/10/2019 19:07:17

I visited AK models in Teignmouth yesterday. A pretty well stocked shop, staffed at the time by a friendly and helpful young lady. There was a problem parking near the shop - it's on a trading estate, and although it's in its own little fenced compound, this was full of cars despite there being no-one else in the shop. The surrounding roads are festooned with cars and double yellow lines, and I saw clamping in evidence. I parked at the local Morrisons, and it's a 2-minute walk between buildings to get to AK. Stupidly, I forgot to ask if there was a better way, but I'm sure they would be very helpful on the phone if you are going to visit.

Thread: C No Ohmen
03/10/2019 07:23:05


All personal preference again, but rather than stick velcro to my batteries, I prefer to strap them in. The picture above isn't very clear, but shows the balsa block at the back of the tray that stops the battery sliding backwards when I've fastened the velcro strap. I built a short "roof" to the battery tray at the front that the battery slides under, so that it can't lift, as the strap is near the rear of the battery.

01/10/2019 22:31:32

I think I used some 1/4 sheet on the underside of the battery tray, either side of the former with a hole in half way down it. I then threaded a 1/16 ply plate through the former hole to be the esc mount, glued to the bits of 1/4 then velcroed the esc to it. On other smaller models I've let the esc dangle free as Peter describes, with no ill effects. I just enjoy making a neat installation.

01/10/2019 07:12:34

I tried to make my air duct resemble a Gipsy engine type setup, so it's asymmetric, displaced to one side. Unfortunately none of the photos in the album on here show it clearly! It's a bit smaller than the opening on the plan, but everything stays cool, so I wouldn't worry about maxing out the intake size.

Thread: indestructible slow flyer....
30/09/2019 07:21:34

Hobbyking Tundra is easy to fly, takes off and lands very slowly with flaps, but enough power and weight to handle a reasonable blow. Downside is it's fiddly to get the wing on and off, I leave mine assembled.

Thread: 2019 Special Issue
27/09/2019 07:39:34

As a subscriber, I've seen many of the articles in the "Special" before, but I don't mind re-reading them as I will never know everything! Also, as a subscriber, I get 13 issues for less than £50 (plus a free set of tools) so I consider the special a bit of a bonus anyway.

Twinges of sadness to see articles by Pete Lowe and Dave Burton, reminds us of who we have lost.

Thread: Are all chargers unreliable?
19/09/2019 07:40:11

I tend to use several individual chargers rather than a single multi-output one. I've had two iMax chargers for ages now, and they've been faultless.

I've recently added a little ToolkitRC M8, which is an amazing device for the money, but too soon to report on long term reliability.

Thread: batteries
19/09/2019 07:29:31

Not sure what size that heli takes, but Overlander and 4-Max spring to mind as UK suppliers. Rapid RC sell the same Turnigy LiPos that Hobbyking sell, albeit a bit more expensive.

Thread: Battle of Britain day
16/09/2019 23:11:38

A vic formation of a Spitfire leading 2 Mustangs went over my house on Sunday afternoon, so things were obviously going on.

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