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Thread: CAA Operator Registration Renewal
27/01/2021 14:03:11

Thank you for your clarification Andy.

27/01/2021 10:39:23

I too got that email today. Checked using the BMFA portal that my Op ID expires in Feb 22.

I'm guessing that the CAA have yet to process renewals submitted during the BMFA 2021 renewal process, and Andy will probably confirm that we don't need to take any action.

I looked at the "6 months to renewal" in more detail, and it actually says available to renew in 6 months.

Thread: Advice on which receivers and other components needed when starting with FrSky
26/01/2021 16:43:01

Pete, I believe the "no mixing of makes" rule I mentioned in my earlier post came into being some years ago after there were a couple of incidents with Spektrum tx's and Orange rx's. This was in the days of DSM2.

I asked a couple of years ago if this rule would be reconsidered, but the thinking is that there is a risk that a reverse-engineered version of a protocol may not be as well tested as the oem product. As members of the public walk their dogs on the land where we fly, the committee considered that any additional risk, however small, was not worth taking. It's not a major concern for me as I regard the Spekky receivers I use as reasonable value anyway.

Apologies for missing a predictive text typo in my earlier post, OpenTable should be OpenTx of course!

25/01/2021 16:39:24

Rob, I bought a QX7 a couple of years back when things were looking a bit flakey with Horizon Hobby, and I had (unfounded) concerns about continuing support for my Spektrum gear.

The QX7 is an amazingly capable piece of kit for the price. Although it has a slightly cheap appearance it feels solid enough and the stick feel is excellent. I had an initial problem because in my ignorance I ordered a "universal" rx, only to discover it was anything but, and T9 Hobbysport replaced it with an EU/LBT version which worked with no problem. I've had quite a few flights with it and it's been perfect, but I have struggled with setting up as all my other models have Spekky stuff, so I don't use the FrSky gear enough to get familiar with it.

Meanwhile, issues with Spektrum/HH seem to have settled down, and FrSky have confused me with ACCESS and various other updates, so I've decided to park it and keep going with Spektrum, which I have always been happy with.

MattyB is a dedicated and knowledgeable OpenTable user, and his summary above is very balanced.

Keep us posted on how you get on with the Radiomaster. That would not be an option for me as one of the clubs I am in does not permit mixing brands of tx and rx.

Thread: ESC Connectors from Hobbyking
25/01/2021 15:22:17

Forgot to mention, there are also triangular MT-30s, which are very compact, but only accept fairly thin cable.

I managed to use heatshrink as well as the backshell on the MT-60s, but that will depend on the cable you use.

I got all of mine, together with cable and heatshrink, from The Component Shop. Very good source of connectors etc and quick service.

24/01/2021 22:16:45

Yes, I think the triangular ones are called MT60s. I've used them, very good. Useful for a twin with the escs in the fus. The triangular ones are not reversible, which is handy if you are plugging them together each time you assemble the model.

Thread: Battle of Britain Movie 1969
21/01/2021 22:58:04

There was an article in the last year or so in Aeroplane magazine on the movie, sorry I can't remember which issue.

Thread: Futaba uk
21/01/2021 08:03:49

Could be worth a browse of the Als Hobbies website Rich. They sell Futaba and Spektrum so its a good place to compare prices and features. They are currently offering a 2 year warranty on Spektrum, presumably because they are official service agents.

Thread: The pure joy of model flying
20/01/2021 22:52:59

Agreed Martin, especially if its something scale.

20/01/2021 10:41:52

Martin, I had loads of great flights with a Frog Buccaneer, you could even get spares for it. Perfect for a 10 year old whose building skills were rubbish!

Thread: I could be the only one
17/01/2021 08:22:48

Wouldn't appreciate a curfew - my wife and I do our weekly shop in the local supermarket at 7pm, its lovely and quiet then so distancing is easy.

I do miss the flying and socialising, even ar 2m. Hopeful for the Spring.

Thread: Flying with Spectacles
11/01/2021 07:49:08

I've worn varifocals for 20 years or so, and find them great for flying and driving. When I worked, they were also fine for desktop or laptop use. However, for detail close-up modelling work I normally put on a pair of cheap, quite strong, reading glasses. In sunny weather, I use properly fitted clip-on polarised sunglasses.

Like you, Nigel, I have had mild long distance correction since my late teens, then the near vision started going in my late 40s. Some other observations:

I've used the same small opticians practice for 50 years, they aren't as cheap as High Street chains but according to a friend who recently moved there, take more care.

Varifocals work best with larger frames - shallow, slitty styles have much smaller zones for the different prescriptions.

It's worth paying the extra for the better quality varifocals - my current pair were about £400, but as I wear them all day every day the cost per hour is low.

Finally, varifocals don't suit everyone - my wife couldn't get on with them and wears bifocals, but she has a very different prescription to me, being long sighted.

Hope you get it sorted.

Thread: Article 16 question
10/01/2021 11:46:27

Thanks chaps, he will contact the membership sec.

10/01/2021 11:02:08

As I am a BMFA B cert holder, I have responded to the email requiring a box to be ticked in the membership portal to confirm that I have read Article 16.

My father in law is an A cert holder, but does not have internet access, so he does all his BMFA membership via paperwork with his club. The club sent him hard copy of Article 16 which he has read. Does anyone know if there is a mechanism for him to confirm this with the BMFA.

Thread: DX8 Warranty message ????
01/01/2021 17:39:08

Windows Media Player? Not sure why you are using that.

I've put a link to a video showing how to update firmware below, I think he says he is using Firefox as his browser.

Thread: CAA Operator Registration Renewal
31/12/2020 22:30:36

Mine was valid until February I think, but I just renewed anyway.

Thread: BMFA 2021 Membership ????
31/12/2020 22:28:17

Apart from a hiccup on the first day, when I tried again a couple of days later it all ran smoothly in early December.

Thread: Tier 4 ?
31/12/2020 16:44:00

Indeed. Though to put things in perspective, I'd have happily swapped 6 months worth of flying for spending Christmas day watching my grandchildren unwrapping their presents. If someone had told me a year ago that it would be illegal this year, I would have said they were mad!

31/12/2020 11:33:36

Our club has set its electronic booking system to 2 people, plenty of room to spread out, but a bit cold and soggy for me at present. I would go flying with a clear conscience as I regard the risk of catching or spreading the virus while doing so is near zero. Never had an accident or breakdown in nearly 50 years of driving to the field. I see mixing with several people indoors as the main risk.

Incidentally, the car parks at our local angling lakes are absolutely rammed.

Thread: New Spektrum NX range
25/11/2020 16:30:00

I watched a couple of YouTube videos on the NX8 today, and on one of them the reviewer stated, and demonstrated, that the scroll wheel was different, and less "touchy" than on her DX6. This addresses a minor issue with the DX8 Gen 1 I have, the scroll wheel sometimes moves just as you press it giving an incorrect menu selection.

As Steve says above, pricing needs to stabilise. At present, the price of an NX8 is $20 more than a DX8. Als Hobbies list it at £60 more.

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