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Thread: Battle Of Britain Model Squadron On Ch 4
03/09/2018 22:21:54

"Flying around Britain" with Arthur Williams was really good, so here's hoping.

Thread: Lemon and Spektrum RX's
26/08/2018 17:22:26

That's a good point on the antenna - could the Lemon rx be more sensitive to the antenna pointing near it?

26/08/2018 08:05:25

I've never tried a Lemon rx with my Gen1 DX8, all of my rx's are Spekky except for a couple of Orange. One is an indoor type and is fine, the other is an 8ch DSMX. This is in a 2m motorglider, and gives a slightly lower ground range test result than the Spektrums, but is fine in the air to the limit of my vision. Is the Lemon DSM2 or DSMX?

I bought most of my rx's when they were a lot cheaper than they are now - you could get AR8000s for less than £40. I see there are a new range of receivers with internal antenni at reasonable prices - about £35 for the AR620.

If you are considering a new Tx and don't want frills, the DX8e looks good value and had a good magazine review recently. I'll be using my DX8 for a while yet as it talks to the few DSM2 rx's I've still got.

Thread: Destiny, My new design.
17/08/2018 07:51:53

Just building the wing from the free plan. I cut the ribs from the templates on the plan, and, unless I've misread something, R10 is seriously undersize. Anyone else had this issue?

Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
07/08/2018 07:36:22

That seemed to work a treat thanks Beth. I may have had a senior moment last time! Now looking forward to the next 13 issues.

06/08/2018 22:30:39

Thanks Beth, just seen your reply, will try the link tomorrow.

06/08/2018 12:21:15

Hi. I tried to renew my subscription by phone this morning. I wanted to take advantage of the LiPo care package offer on P.35 of the September issue and gave the lady on the phone the quote reference from the magazine page. She was unable to get it to work and suggested I tried renewing online.

I entered the secure subscription address given on the magazine page, which includes the promotion quote reference. I got through to the subscription part of the website, but there is no mention of the offer.

Can anyone give me guidance, please?

Thread: Thinking of changing my car
05/08/2018 11:16:39

Percy, I don't think it's fair now to compare Skoda with Dacia. When VW first aquired Skoda, they were still fairly basic, cheap cars. They are now well specced, nicely finished cars but are only a little cheaper than VWs. By contrast, Dacias are basic, with hard plastic interiors and slightly outdated road manners. However, the mechanicals are proven and they are still cheap. Best choice for carting models around would be the Duster, which starts at under £10k. Top of the range 2wd petrol model is still only around £13k. By contrast, Skoda's equivalent, the Karoq, starts at around £21k.

Loads of choice out there. If I was looking for something inexpensive and reliable I'd go for a 3 year old Kia with full service history, which means it still has a 4 year Kia warranty.

Thread: Apex Models Berks
02/08/2018 17:16:38

To be honest, I don't think many people on this forum would have ùsed them - mostly model cars and Airfix kits. Never good to see a shop close though.

Thread: Binding two transmitters
16/07/2018 14:03:21

John, I don't understand how you can bind more than 1 model to each memory, although I haven't tried the simultaneous binding described by Chris above.

The Taranis system seems to rely on you checking that you have the correct Rx number set during binding. I guess if you copy parameters across, the Rx number is copied too.

14/07/2018 07:17:14

Don't think so. One of the main advantages of the 2.4G protocol is that it will prevent the rx from responding to any transmitter other than the one it has been bound to. Each tx transmits a unique ID code to acheive this.

Some brands of tx such as Spektrum and FrSky have an SD card slot that you can copy model memories to, for transfer to another tx.

Thread: looking for a better transmitter
13/07/2018 07:09:01

Make sure you order the correct version. When I bought my QX7 last year I was unfamiliar with the designations, so I specified the "Universal" version of the X8R. Turns out that it isn't actually universal as it wouldn't bind with the EU-LBT transmitter that T9 supplied. I was a bit disappointed that they would send me an incompatible Tx-Rx pair, but a phone call arranged a replacement, they seem very helpful.

I've only got one model equipped with it so far, as the rest of my fleet is Spektrum, which I am perfectly happy with. I bought it as a cheap way of getting audible telemetry for FPV dabbling. It does require a fair bit of study to get to grips with the programming, but it's extremely powerful and fantastic value. Even my £100 QX7 does more than I need. It's a bit cheap looking, but solid enough, and after all it is cheap! The carbon S version looks classier and the hall effect sticks feel great. The X10 looks very good indeed.

Which Tx were you going to get?

Thread: What's flying over your house
12/07/2018 15:28:24

Quite a lot of traffic this week - I live about 10 miles from Farnborough so there's a fair bit around near showtime. A couple of Ospreys a few days ago, then on Tuesday some of the London flypast came over - Airbus shaped tanker, four-engined aircraft which I think is called a "Rivet Joint", and AWACS.

Some WW1 stuff today - 2 off SE5A, 2 off DR1, Junkers D1 and BE2. Not 100% of my id of the last two, and some or all may have been replicas.

Used to see the Red Arrows a lot, but they don't do Farnborough any more (post Shoreham).

Thread: looking for a better transmitter
10/07/2018 22:05:45

Dan, I may be stating the obvious here, but are you aware that, unlike the 35 meg days, different manufacturer's sets on 2.4 generally have incompatible protocols. I only mention this because you talk about getting a different transmitter - if you buy a non-Futaba transmitter you will need receivers too, although FrSky transmitters will accept rf modules for other makes.

Apologies if you already knew all this!

Thread: To BEC or not to BEC
10/07/2018 06:44:51

Bob, the way I have done this in the past is to remove the positive (red) wire from the esc connector by gently lifting the plastic retaining tab and pulling out the crimp contact. This can be left on the wire, but folded back and taped to the cable (making sure the contact is covered by the tape). This will allow you to easily return the esc to bec operation in the future if you wish.

Leave the negative and signal wires in place and plug the esc connector into the throttle channel. You can then plug your receiver supply into the battery connector on the receiver.

Thread: Any experience of IC to Electric ?
09/07/2018 14:05:09

My electrified PM Ballerina balances perfectly with the battery in the tank bay. Power system is a bit different to those quoted above - 900kV motor turning a 12x8 prop on 4000 3s, 40A esc. Flies well on just under 500W, but it's got a big wing, which helps. I'd guess the performance is similar to a "cooking" 40 or 46, such as an OS LA. As said above, if we know the proposed model we can give more relevant help.

ballerina 001.jpg

Thread: What glue to repair 2010 Foam Spitfire
07/07/2018 11:03:06

Never used Gorilla Glue, but am aware that it expands, which may be good or bad in your application! I am a fan of UHU Por. If it's EPP foam, ordinary cyano with kicker can also be used.

Thread: Electric Cars.
02/07/2018 07:09:34

There are two aspects to the Leaf story: Range and Fast Charging.

The range bit is a non-story. The NEDC test results have long been discredited, and anyone who believed they would acheive the quoted figures was being naive. My car has an NEDC average of 47mpg, I've never got more than 44 on a run, and it's usually mid-thirties. It's about what I expected from past experience and research before I bought the car. When the new Leaf was first launched, Nissan stated expected real-world range on their sales website as well as the NEDC figure. Now they only quote the WLTP figure of 168 miles.

The website now includes a statement that says that battery charge rate may be reduced on the third fast charge to protect the battery. I imagine this will only affect a very small number of owners who want to travel hundreds of miles in a day..

Thread: Power panel fire
26/06/2018 17:02:11

Can't match your 50 years Bob but I was flying with glow for nearly 40 before my electric conversion. I had a couple of power panels and they worked ok, but I ended up going the simple route with a 12V ex-alarm sealed lead-acid for the starter. You used to be able to get them cheap at model shows. For the glow, a 2V sealed lead-acid with an ammeter in series. Pete is right to caution against too much reliance on the meter, but in my last years of glow operation they were all 4-strokes using O.S. type F plugs, even the Lasers, and these were quite consistent. If I remember correctly, they were quite juicy, around 4-5A primed and ready to start. If the current varied much from that, something was amiss!

Regarding LiPo chargers, you can get a mains powered one that will also charge other chemistrys for £30-£40.

Thread: Flying only scale competition
26/06/2018 07:05:23

Good luck Geoff. In most respects you've got the right sort of model, no extra points to be gained from complexity such as retracts, flaps, multiple engines etc. A couple of our club members have been having a go at this class, and I had an interesting chat with them the other week. Apparently difficult maneuvers don't score any more than simple ones, so your Moth performing a slow pass will do as well as a warbird performing, say, a Derry turn. Chipmunks and Moths are popular models to score well with.

One aspect of your model that will let you down is the power system. The scoring system awards points for noise. I find this amazing, since the BMFA are supposed to be encouraging us to reduce our noise footprint, and our models sound nothing like their full-size counterparts anyway. It's supposed to be a flying only competition.

I'm sure you will enjoy competing, it's a great way to sharpen your skill and discipline.

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