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Thread: Big Trouble in Model Britain
09/03/2019 22:28:58

Watched it yesterday, I'm a fan of James. Lots of old model railway stuff in the loft, Scalextric too. I also build the odd plastic kit, but never know what to do with them when they are finished.

Hope Hornby can keep going. I notice Hobbyking are selling the railway stuff now.

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
08/03/2019 11:29:43

I've got a Chiltern Models Tucano, electric powered, and it's a great flier. I had their piston Provost many years ago, with a 48 Surpass up front. Tip-stalls galore!

Thread: Chiltern Models Tucano
01/03/2019 07:42:31

I'm sure the OS is perfect Jon - I went all electric some years ago, so it was the logical powertrain for me. The flaps are the same chord as the ailerons, I top-hinged mine. The most difficult surgery involved would be routing the wires for the flap servos through the foam, or fitting them inboard and using torque rods.

If flaps aren't already fitted, probably worth flying it without and seeing how you get on, which you were undoubtably going to do before I put my oar in!

28/02/2019 21:51:25

Mine is a great flier, just the job for the windier winter months and bumpier grass that trouble my lighter taildraggers. About 500W of electricity from a 4s pack pulls it around nicely. Mine is quite nose heavy, but that helps avoid the dreaded tip stall from those tapered wings. I'd also recommend fitting the flaps shown on the plan. Mine deflect about 45 degrees for landing, and mean you can fly a nose down approach without the speed building, which also helps avoid a stall.

tucano 001.jpg

tucano 002.jpg

tucano 003.jpg

tucano 004.jpg

Thread: Reviving an old TwinStar
17/02/2019 17:37:14

Stephen, your brushed motor esc would need replacing too (with a brushless one for each motor), and remember you'll need to run 3 wires to each brushless motor. The Twinstar was a good flier in its original form, should be a great one with a brushless setup.

Thread: The Ohmen
16/02/2019 07:46:49

Ah, lack of attention to detail on my part!blush

15/02/2019 23:09:49

Yes, the ribs are easy but the formers are more fiddly - I cheated and got my father-in-law to cut them out with his electric fretsaw! Would certainly consider the Sarik parts if I were building another, but I'm a lazy so-and-so.

Interesting comment on the sheet tail Peter. I built mine as per plan, but another alternative is to use a 1/16 sheet core, then 1/16 ribs and outline either side of it. Probably negligable weight saving over solid sheet, but stronger than the skeletal version while maintaining the built-up appearance, if that matters.

Edited By Trevor Crook on 15/02/2019 23:11:17

Thread: UK supplier of balsa in METRIC thicknesses?
10/02/2019 17:09:12

Mantua Models in Windsor supply both balsa and piano wire in metric sizes. The latter is particularly useful for replacing the bendy stuff used with some ARTF retracts.

Thread: Trouble with squirrels
17/01/2019 16:19:46

Sadly, most of us on here are old enough to remember that!

Thread: CURTISS Hawk II Electric conversion
07/01/2019 07:00:22

I'm guessing that, kitted out, the model will weigh around 5lb with battery. With those tapered wings the wing area is not going to be huge, so I would err on the side of more power than you may normally need for a biplane of that span and weight - around 500W. 4s would be best for that, and your 750kV motor should be ok to swing a large enough prop to clear that big cowl. 3000mAh should give reasonable duration. Making battery access could be interesting!

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Thread: New Tv. It's Good But...........
04/01/2019 19:10:51

I tried recording using a 32G usb stick plugged into the usb socket on my LG set, but it said it was the wrong type of storage device. Too small perhaps?

04/01/2019 14:20:14


I would endorse what Pete Christy said earlier about making sure your set is tuning to the best transmitter. Setting the postcode may not be sufficient. Explore the settings menu and you should be able to find info on the transmitter, multiplexer etc.

We have to use an aerial amplifier to get any freeview signal at all. You could try one of these:

It appears to have a 4g filter built in.

Loads of info on freeview transmitters here. Zoom in on your area, and double click on a transmitter symbol and you'll get a coverage map.

I know you don't need this to work as you have freesat, like me. But like yourself, I like things to work as they should. Things are so complicated now. I can remember the excitement when we got 625 lines and BBC2!

Thread: Hmmm
03/01/2019 13:24:14

I remember years ago when the late, great Sir Bruce Forsyth was presenting the original run of the Generation Game. There was much newspaper tittle-tattle about him at the time, and he took the unusual step of rebuffing some of it on the show. He concluded with "if you look at the front page, in small letters, you will find the date. That's the only bit you know to be the truth".

Thread: New Tv. It's Good But...........
03/01/2019 13:15:20

Percy, you mentioned early in the thread that you had a freesat box, but presumably the problems you describe are when you are watching through the aerial derived input to the TV?

We have iffy freeview reception, so some years ago I bought a Humax freesat PVR, which gives faultless reception on all channels. We replaced the (Samsung) TV last year with an LG model, and this gives much improved freeview reception (and also has a freesat tuner if I could be bothered to run a third cable from the dish). I wonder if my newer set has a more sensitive tuner, or built-in 4g filtering. I am surprised your newer set appears worse than the old one. Make sure it's tuned into the optimum transmitter/region etc. I had to select options during tuning to acheive this.

Most of the time we just watch via the PVR, although I sometimes look at freeview. Occasionally, the BBC SD channels are poor, but the HD ones are fine. As said above, they are on different multiplexers.

Amazing that we could get a UHD 49" branded smart TV for under £400, but such offers are commonplace.

Edited By Trevor Crook on 03/01/2019 13:16:54

Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
01/01/2019 19:59:54

Lost in admiration! Beyond my building skills and stamina, I'll probably do some credit card "modelling" with the new Avios 1450mm MkV. Looks really good.

Thread: IMAX B6 Clone fault...
28/12/2018 07:33:07

My son had a similar fault on a charger (can't remember the brand) from new, bought from Giant Cod some years ago. No amount of button pushing would fix it, so they exchanged it.

Thread: Mosquito Cof G
26/12/2018 10:58:37

Wise words Jon. I have a Black Horse Mossie which flies very well and has never bitten me, using your landing technique, which I use for all my warbirds.

When I get a chance I'll see where the c of g is as a percentage of chord, and report back.

Thread: Christmas films worth recording
17/12/2018 21:41:55

Not sure if it's on (but it probably is), but National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is one of my guilty pleasures at this time of year.

16/12/2018 13:45:37

Yes, apparently the models/modellers weren't in the credits as the film company didn't want to admit models had been used. I must check the credits when I next watch my DVD! Silly really, as anyone with half a brain must realise that you wouldn't blow up real aircraft in flight, or, probably, on the ground. Full-size models were used for the latter.

16/12/2018 07:53:29

Just read an article on filming the BoB by one of the pilots of the Mitchell camera plane. He says it's the most dangerous job he did, but they got some tremendous footage. One filming session was above cloud over the wash, and a Vulcan emerged up from the clouds and climbed through their formation! Unfortunately the cameraman in the tail turret was so shocked he didn't get footage of the cold war jet bomber flying with WW2 propellor driven fighters.

Great film, still looks good on modern big tvs as it was filmed in 70mm.

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