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Thread: Ballerina
30/10/2018 06:59:45

Here's how I did the battery box on my leccy version if it helps:

ballerina 003.jpg

Flies great on a 450W 3s 4000 setup, but needs more power for unlimited vertical if that's your thing.

Thread: FrSky X6R EU LBT 6/16CH Receiver
29/10/2018 07:21:57

All I can contribute is that I am using an X6R with a QX7 tx on OpenTx and I get RSSI and rx voltage displayed, without having messed around with any jumpers. This suggests that the X6R sends telemetry by default, and it's just a matter of setting up the tx to receive/display it.

Thread: B-24 "Witchcraft"
27/10/2018 20:56:51

They did a fine job. Graham will need to put on the rotating turret nose for full authenticity!

27/10/2018 09:33:02

Yesterday afternoon I enjoyed reading Graham's review of the superb Flightline B-24. This morning I had the TV on and channel-hopped to PBS America to see an aircrew climbing on board the restored B-24 "Witchcraft", in the same scheme as the review model. Spooky! They took off and blasted away with some of the guns (blanks presumably!) and dropped some concrete practise bombs. It's a series called "The Restorers" which I believe has been shown before, so many on here will already have seen it. They were showing several back-to-back episodes so I've set it to record.

What an amazing looking model. I prefer warbird fighters because you can do more with them, but if putting on a realistic display of bomber flying is your thing it looks the business. Not a cheap purchase, but considering what you get I regard the price as fair.

Thread: Building, when does it become too expensive to fly
23/10/2018 22:45:25

For me, the main enjoyment of the hobby is in the flying, so I would fly anything I built. Having said that, I know my building limits and stick to simple sports designs from plans, or simple scale kits. For complex shapes and features, I buy ARTFs, so I don't have the investment in time to consider. I wouldn't want to spend hundreds of hours on a warbird that wouldn't look as good as one of the current breed of foamies, and almost certainly wouldn't fly as well.

Thread: Battle of Britain: Model Squadron
23/10/2018 09:03:36

Dynam escs are not the best - the one in my Hurricane hesitated and stuttered before it would spin the motor up, and I think this is quite common. Was ok once in the air though.

A club member had the 110 a while back and said it swung on take-off and had different characteristics turning right and left. I never had that with my smaller Durafly 110, but that had counter-rotating props. May be worth trying to arrange that on the Dynam one. Having said that, apart from a small swing on take-off my Black Horse Mossie flies fine with both props going the same way.

Thread: Rick Wakeman - Piano Portraits
18/10/2018 07:40:25

Look up his tribute to Bowie on Youtube. Fabulous performance of Space Oddity and Life on Mars.

Thread: Electric Cars.
15/10/2018 21:53:45

Frank has mentioned something not often quoted - 1l of petrol contains around 10kWh of energy. Real-world range figures for electric cars are around 4 miles per kWh, which illustrates the relative effeciency of the electric drive train - the equivalent of travelling 40 miles on a litre of petrol. This goes some way towards offsetting the much higher energy density of the liquid fuel.

The range issue is close to being solved, and cost parity with ic will arrive within a few years. Trickier issues to solve are setting up an adequate infastructure and acheiving faster charge times. In the short term, there is a battery shortage that is holding back sales of evs.

Thread: Wiring a Twin
12/10/2018 08:07:19

Jim, I read recently in an RCM&E article that the adverse effect of long leads can be mitigated by fitting capacitors every few inches. Unfortunately I can't remember the spacing or capacitor values, and I think I've passed the mag on now. I think it was in Brian Collins' series on escs, perhaps someone else can enlighten us. Better safe than sorry!

11/10/2018 22:09:02

That's a very similar set-up to the one I use in my Black Horse Mosquito. In that, the esc's are in the fuselage as there is room. A bit of air gets in around the nose machine guns and I have a small air scoop hidden under the wing root. The esc's have heatsinks and small cooling fans on them. There is an air exit near the tail. I've used 3-way versions of XT60 connectors for each set of motor leads - the wing halves separate.

This arrangement was in the model when I bought it (secondhand) and has worked well. If I was starting from scratch I would probably put the esc's in the wing root radiators, which would be better for cooling and still keep the battery wires reasonably short. Depending on your model, you may be able to do something similar.

Thread: The Ohmen
08/10/2018 21:31:16

Just started fuselage construction on mine, it will be quite a few weeks before the airframe is complete at my rate of building! I'll prop mine to pull around 30A at full throttle as that's the continuous rating of the esc I have to hand. I would normally use a 40A for safety, but this esc had worked happily in a model that I discovered pulled 35A max!

Martin, the torsion bar u/c on the plan works well and is my favourite layout for sport models. I moved my Ballerina u/c from the wing to the fus so I could use this layout. Never had anything break, and it will only take a bend in a really heavy "arrival".

Thread: Flightline Spitfire?
01/10/2018 22:27:24

I saw one flying at our club field on Saturday, very impressive. It is quite an investment, but any Spitfire of that size is not going to be cheap. The similarly sized Tony Nijhius kit of parts comes to about £330 with the retracts, and you still have to buy all the servos, motor, esc and covering, then build it.

Apart from getting the satisfaction of the build, I don't understand why people are resistant to spending money on "a lump of foam". For complex, curvy aircraft it's probably the best material to use, and you have to get pretty close these days to spot the surface finish is foam.

Thread: A hybrid from Peter's plans
30/09/2018 08:28:02

She flies! I went out yesterday afternoon and conducted a very uneventful maiden. A little down trim was needed, possibly the incidence of the new wing is slightly different with how it sits on the existing fuselage. Lateral trim was spot on, so I must have built the wing straight!

Flying characteristics were very similar. I tried a stall, which was very gentle - I shut the motor down and progressively applied up as the speed decayed. She mushed through the air before finally gently dropping a wing.

She will spin with the new wing, unlike the parallel chord one. Recovery is instant when the controls are centered.

I think the roll rate is a little faster, and she seemed a tad quicker on the landing approach, but that may have been imagined as there was no wind.

In all, a great success, which drew complimentary comments from others at the field. It's stirred my interest in building again, and the Ohmen beckons!

Thread: Battery ejection - bad crash
29/09/2018 11:51:43

Another vote for velcro straps. Never had a problem with them, and it's easier to peel a strap apart than it is to lever out a "velcroed" battery, which of course stresses the adhesive each time.

Thread: Battle of Britain: Model Squadron
27/09/2018 07:31:15

Digger, all 3 episodes are on the All4 catch-up service.

Thread: Lipo Battery Storage
19/09/2018 07:15:39

I try to follow a storage regime in the winter when I fly less, but am lax in the summer.

Thread: What would be a good first Balsa build
17/09/2018 22:14:43

Thomas, it's not clear whether you want your build to be ic or electric powered. Many of the suggestions above are for ic designs. If you are planning on using ep, I suggest that a model designed for such a powertrain would be best. Although ic to electric conversion is not too difficult, it would add a layer of complexity to a first build that you may not want.

Peter's Ohmen would be a good, straightforward choice for ep.

Thread: A hybrid from Peter's plans
14/09/2018 16:56:02

Ha ha, absolutely right Peter, on my own head be it! Pretty confident all will be well though.

14/09/2018 11:47:04

I was attracted to Peters free plan for the "Destiny" a little while ago. However, despite aeromodelling for about 50 years, building has never been a strong point for me, so the elliptical wing combined with the shapely fuselage was rather daunting. Then I wondered whether that wing could fit my existing Ballerina:

ballerina 001.jpg

I did some measurements and tracing of the section, and decided it was worth a go. The root chord of the elliptical wing is a bit broader, so I re-profiled the rear underside of the root ribs and notched the t.e. to make it fit. This is the result:

ballerina e 001.jpg

ballerina e 002.jpg

I think it suits the model really well. My task was made easier because I decided to have a fuselage mounted u/c on the original model, so no u/c blocks etc needed.

I haven't flown it yet and probably won't get the chance for a couple of weeks, but will report back.

Peter, I hope you are not offended by a "mash up" of one of your designs, but I've always had the impression that you encourage people to experiment!

Thread: The Ohmen
10/09/2018 12:13:15

It's a "probable" for me, once I've finished the current project. (Sorry about the accidental pun!)

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