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Thread: GWS C130 OR C160
10/03/2020 07:18:36

My son had one years ago that flew ok with the old brushed setup.

For brushless, you would need 4 ordinary escs. Quad escs tend to be part and parcel of the flight controller I think, but I don't know much about them, I'm sure somebody who does will chip in soon with a simple and cheap solution.

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
10/03/2020 07:13:07

Just read that article David, sobering if everything presented was true.

The final sentence amused me though - "If you enjoyed reading this......"

Thread: On TV tonight....
06/03/2020 22:41:40

Watched it earlier today, thought it was quite good, though agree with C8's comments above.

Very sad that the aircraft's WW2 pilot never saw it fly again.

Great to see youngsters getting involved in the restorations, we could do with more of them in our branch of aviation!

Thread: electric to oily motor conversion
05/03/2020 19:35:14

Was the original power plant in the nose? I had an electric powered glider many years ago with a brushed 500 and 6-cell nicad pack under the canopy. That lot was very heavy, so would have needed a lot of lead if a small glow motor had been used.

Personally I too would recommend a modern electric powertrain with a bit of ballast if needed, but if you are set on piston power, what about a small diesel? No glow battery to carry, it will swing a bigger prop at lower rpm and make less noise, and the smell is lovely!

Thread: On TV tonight....
05/03/2020 19:24:15

Blimey! Damned before it's even been shown!

I'll watch it, a sucker for anything Spitfire related.

Thread: Is this weather ever going to get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04/03/2020 20:19:02

Friday looks good here too, Pete. Batteries will be charged tomorrow, and as the winds are supposed to be reasonably light, I'll take a selection of smaller models - Durafly Tundra in case the strip is ropey, Ohmen to throw around the sky, and Durafly Bf109e in case the strip is good enough - I've got warbird flying withdrawal syndrome!

Thread: Forum 2020 Mass Build discussion.
27/02/2020 19:37:12

Can't comment on all of them Tony, I've just finished the Provost apart from markings. The mouldings set includes the air intakes, which reduces the carving required, although there is still plenty to do! The straight wing may make it a bit easier to build, and I've made mine removable to improve access to the electronics. Yet to fly it, so can't give an opinion on that.

I think several on here have build a few different ones, so you should get some better feedback than mine soon.

Thread: Is this weather ever going to get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23/02/2020 08:15:17

Same here in Berkshire. Just checked rhe Met Office forecast for the next week, more of the same. The long range forecast mentions a chance of things calming down a bit in the south and east in early March, but I won't get my hopes up.

At least my club has an indoor flying session this week!

Thread: idea
21/02/2020 10:31:03

Sounds like you are sorted for now then Martin - forums can be wonderful! Could be worth taking up Peter's offer of a manual though, I've also got one but as I've still got an old DX7 which I use occasionally I need to keep it.

21/02/2020 07:59:53

Indeed Martin. Ideally the seller should have provided you with the manual for the gear he sold you. I always keep mine until I part with the radio, then pass them on.

Is your DX7 one of the early, JR based transmitters that Peter M has referred to above? There have been a couple of later iterations. The easiest way to tell is the newer models have a scroll wheel to the right of the screen, the original DX7 doesn't. Navigating through the menus on each type is totally different.

The first thing to find out is how to bind your Tx to the Rx. Peter describes how to do this above, the early DX7s have the bind button on the back, the later ones have it on the top. Keep about 1m away from the Rx while binding. The failsafe position is set during the bind process.

For initial experimentation, don't worry about changing model memory, just try binding with whichever memory is active, then progress from there as you find out more.

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
20/02/2020 17:15:39

I was thinking the same as you Andy! The awful weather means that instead of flying there's lots of speculation and conjecture going on.

I was one of those who received the early email that suggested I needed a flyer number too. I was a bit confused, glad it's been clarified now.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
19/02/2020 22:38:33

Printed myself a load of Operator Number labels yesterday using my inkjet printer on self-adhesive paper label sheets. Used 5mm high Arial font, which is nice and clear. I gave the ink a couple of hours to dry then sprayed over a thin coat of Plastikote clear sealant. They are now cut out and applied inside the battery bays of all my models (I only fly EP). Job done!

18/02/2020 15:46:03

As (ironically) I got my operator number email on the same day as the revised exemption, I'll make up some labels and stick numbers inside battery bays anyway.

17/02/2020 19:12:07

Yes, just re-read the email which says to check that anyone flying one of my models has a flyer ID.

17/02/2020 18:58:34

No, got mine today, it was from the CAA.

So, pending clarification, which will probably come from the BMFA, it would seem that we can continue without display of numbers until June? I may put my Operator number on anyway.

As I understand it, my BMFA B Certificate means I don't need a Flyer number, this isn't clear in today's email from the CAA.

Thread: Folland Gnat
09/02/2020 21:07:24

That's light for its size! Should be a good "proof of concept" machine so don't beat yourself up too much about the finish. You'll never see it when it's cruising around the sky on a calm summer's day.

Thread: Low voltage lipo, how to charge.
07/02/2020 07:26:21

3s 2200 LiPos are £8.50 from Hobbyking - not worth a dodgy resurrection attempt.

Puzzled by your "isolation" switch. If I fit an isolation device, it's a high current connector link in one of the wires from the battery to the esc/regulator. If the link is unplugged, it's the same as having the battery disconnected, no drain possible from anywhere.

I must confess I only bother doing this now if the lipo connector is in an inaccessible place, or close to the prop arc.

Thread: Futaba
05/02/2020 21:55:00

My money is on throttle reversing too - I think Futaba's throttle direction is reversed relative to most other brands, so you have to change it for most esc's.

Thread: Turnigy Chargers
04/02/2020 22:32:43

Do you need it to run from 240V? If not, this is brilliant:

Thread: Mid life crisis prevention required
28/01/2020 07:11:43

David, you will get plenty of different radio recommendations on here! I would suggest talking to the instructors in the club you are considering and seeking guidance from them on brand (as well as mode). Being able to connect to an instructor's transmitter with your own (so-called buddy-box) is a big plus, and generally only works with transmitters of the same make. You will also find it easier to get setup guidance from someone with the same make of radio.

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