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Thread: RBC Dornier 335
17/12/2019 22:07:50

Keep us posted Erf. What size is it?

I built an RBC Harvard a few years ago and while the quality of the wood provided was excellent, the plan and instructions left a lot to be desired, and like you I struggled. Probably why nearly all of my current warbird fleet are foamies!

Thread: Ebay sellers...
17/12/2019 07:23:24

I ordered a new (non modelling) item from an Ebay shop for someone's Christmas present in November. I got a message saying that it had been dispatched, but when it was a week overdue I flagged it up with Ebay. They said to give it another week then they would take action. 1 week later I got an email from Ebay asking if I had resolved the matter with the seller. Since I had not heard anything from the seller, I responded "No". Within 15 minutes Ebay sent me another email saying they had refunded me, and a simultaneous message from Paypal confirming this.

It's the first time I've not had an Ebay purchase arrive, and I was very impressed by their service. Apparently the seller had provided an invalid tracking number, obviously they were very dodgy. Can't honestly remember if I'd studied their feedback rating before buying, I normally do, and will make sure I always do so in future.

Thread: Andy Symons PR on Countryfile
15/12/2019 19:33:06

Indeed, great job in what looked like rotten weather!

Thread: BMFA Renewal Certificate
06/12/2019 22:23:00

Printed mine easily too. Full marks to whoever designed the membership interface, I found re-joining and specifying CAA registration a very quick and painless experience.

Thread: T N Avro York
01/12/2019 22:20:12

My father in law converted the smaller TN Lancaster to a York a few years ago. It flew once, with my son at the helm, and seemed ok on 4 geared 400 brushed motors. It lost a bit of power after a couple of minutes so it was landed without incident. Turns out that one of the inner gearboxes had failed, so it had carried on flying on 3 brushed motors.

He hasn't persevered with it, but I'm sure it would fly really well on a brushless setup. I imagine Tony used the same wing design for the York as for the Lanc, so it should fly the same as our conversion.

Thread: Is it Just my impession?
28/11/2019 14:38:12

As ever, it depends on what your interest is, your skill level and the depth of your pockets. My main interest is flying scale models, and building and flying sport models. Building a fairly complex scale aircraft would probably tax my skills and maintenance of interest.

Hence, earlier this year I bought a 1450mm Avios Spitfire 1450mm foamy for £270. The appearance of the model is superb, as are the flying characteristics. I still derived "building" pleasure from careful assembly, scale detailing and weathering.

I priced up the major hardware items you would need if building a similar model (motor, esc, servos, retracts, oleos) from Hobbyking and they came to about £160. I didn't include a canopy or the superb scale propeller. For a build you would have to add the cost of balsa, covering, hinges and other assorted hardware. I doubt it would work out any cheaper than buying the ARTF, and it would take a lot of skill and patience to make it look as good.

To simplify the build route you could buy a part kit of the (slightly larger) TN Spitfire, which costs £179. You would still need to buy all of the electrics, hardware, covering etc. and this would cost considerably more than the Avios.

That's the great thing about this hobby, there are so many aspects to it that you can tailor it to what you want to do. And most things are considerably cheaper in real terms than when I started RC in the early 70s.

And Ray, yes I've also noticed the crazy prices people advertise their used stuff for. I consider paying a maximum of half retail price for a very good condition s/h model as reasonable.

Thread: Flair Puppeteer size
26/11/2019 22:29:39

If you are using a Puppeteer cowl it will be worth checking that your fuselage diameter matches it, and "tailoring" if necessary.

Is the cg likely to be a problem? The nose is already longer than a scale Pup, but I've never had one, so I don't know how critical it is. Plenty of help to come from others though, I'm sure!

Another option as you are providing your own wood is to keep the back end as light as possible.

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
24/11/2019 14:36:54

Just ordered the Provost plastic parts, doing mine the hard way from wood stock and plan. I'm also contemplating the red CFS scheme Ray is using on the previous page, having seen the Airfix kits in Lidl.

Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
21/11/2019 08:16:52

The QX7 I bought from T9 has a sticker stating LBT EU. Not sure that Bangood would put on a sticker. Also not sure that T9 would want to sort out a tranny you didn't buy from them for free!

Thread: Let down by FMS again
17/11/2019 16:45:54

I wore out a retract unit in my Durafly Mk24 Spitfire after over 100 flights. Got a drop-in replacement from HK for under a tenner. Another 100 or so flights completed with no further issues. I have several other retract-equipped Durafly/Avios warbirds and had no retract issues, so they aren't all bad. As said above, Flightline also have a good spares backup.

Difficult to avoid Chinese ARTFs if you want smallish warbirds that fly well, Peter. My building skills are limited to sport or simple scale models, I'm afraid.

Thread: RX8R Pro Signal Swamping??
16/11/2019 10:50:37

That's good to know, thanks Mike.

16/11/2019 10:45:21

That's good to know, thanks Mike.

16/11/2019 07:53:30

Same with my QX7 and X series rx's, telemetry swamps at close range but healthy RSSI readings at range.

Shame though that FrSky seem to be changing protocol, to one that isn't backward compatible with existing rx's, but that's a different issue!

Thread: Cremation, or Composting ?
12/11/2019 07:20:50

I don't think polystyrene foam is recyclable. Many if not most foamy ARTFs are now made of expanded polypropylene, which I'm guessing is also not recyclable. I rarely throw one of my foamy fleet away as I tend to sell them on rather than wreck them, but I wouldn't fancy one on a bonfire with the fumes!

Thread: In flames
10/11/2019 17:15:22

Yep, my rule of thumb is around 1000kv for a 3s setup. Certainly worth investing in a wattmeter to avoid such mishaps.

Thread: Autumn is been flying ?
10/11/2019 17:11:49

Glorious couple of hours at the field this afternoon, blue skies and light winds. Certainly started to chill down as we were packing up though.

Thread: Lipo for trainer
09/11/2019 08:10:33

Certainly worth trying the 3s without changing anything else apart from a cg check. You don't need a wattmeter to do that, and if the performance is still ok, it means you can swop between batteries at a flying session with no fuss. I got around cg issues when using different weight packs by taping lead to the lighter ones.

Interestingly, a few years ago I tried to inject some performance into a model by going from 3s to 4s, keeping the same powertrain. To keep the current within the esc's 40A spec, I had to go down from a 12x6 to a 10x6 prop. This consumed more power from the battery than the 3s setup, but although the model made more noise the performance was about the same, demonstrating the higher effeciency of a bigger, slower turning prop.

Thread: Autumn is been flying ?
07/11/2019 15:12:23

Went out in perfect conditions the Sunday before last, had half a dozen or so good flights plus some chit-chat. Also co-starred in an Essential RC video (well, for about 2 seconds, launching a little P38).

Thread: DB 60" Sopwith Pup
31/10/2019 22:33:54

I'm using some cheap Hobbyking wing servos in my Ballerina and they've been performing faultlessly for a year or so, but unfortunately have been discontinued. I would think the Coronas will be fine, especially after a session on the tester.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
28/10/2019 14:30:47

I think the scheme we have ended up with is much better than feared, so hats off to the BMFA for their negotiation and for taking on most of the admin.

When I started rc flying, I had to obtain a transmitting licence and specify which post office was closest to my flying site - so much for the good old days!

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