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Thread: 6EX vs Optic 6 vs DX7
27/03/2012 18:51:45

Alternatively, if you're a happy Futaba user their newer sets use a new system that makes the Rx's cheaper than FASST. I think their designation is T6J and T8J for 6 or 8 channels. OK, they aren't compatible with your present gear but the other makes aren't, either. I'm a Spektrum user myself, and it offers a couple of advantages such as model match, and a vast array of bind and fly models, if that appeals. Really, though, all the makes you mention are good - weigh up what you personal requirements are and go for it!

Thread: xt60 connectors
26/03/2012 17:25:40

Yes, I've read that there are some poor copies that melt when you solder them. I've also read some bad feedback on some that GC has sold. Hence, despite being a regular GC customer I buy my XT60s from E-Bay. I always choose a top rated UK seller, and verify that the seller states that they are originals, using high temperature nylon. Usually buy them with the correct heatshrink, too. No issues so far.

Thread: Eneloops unsuitable for flight packs ?
22/03/2012 22:32:22

Hmm, don't know where the winking face came from!

22/03/2012 22:31:03

I was chatting to our club chairman a couple of weeks ago and he was telling me he'd made some measurements on an Eneloop Rx pack under load. He said that the results were very impressive, better than most cells he'd tested. Unfortunately, although he told me the various figures he obtained, I've forgotten them! Sorry that this is such a vague contribution, but I'd be confident of using them as a pack in my modest (up to 6' sport and sport/scale models.

Thread: AR6210 Satellite Rx LED?
21/03/2012 19:33:03

Yes Kevin, I'd noticed there was another LED - red so it gets your attention!

Thread: Funjet / Radjet comparison
21/03/2012 19:30:26


They do look similar, don't they? I can only speak for the Funjet - capable of high speed, but will fly slowly if required, quite robust. Mine was pretty good on a 150W setup, I'd work up from there. Sadly, mine is no more, but if I wanted a similar model again I'd give the HK product a go!

Thread: AR6210 Satellite Rx LED?
20/03/2012 18:30:02

Update and conclusion

I initially e-mailed Horizon describing my problem. I got a reply next day suggesting I try re-binding with the Tx further away as swamping occasionally gave problems. Tried this, no joy. Didn't expect any really as the satellite LED didn't flash even before the Tx was switched on.

I posted it back to Horizon last Friday, and got a new one in the post today, Tuesday. That's a pretty impressive turn around. The new receiver checks out fine.

With that level of service and no problems 'til now with about 10 Rx's and 2 Tx's between my son and I, I won't be changing radio brands any time soon!

Thread: F1 for free?????
19/03/2012 13:15:28


You don't need Sky sports and all that football rubbish to watch F1 - the basic Sky HD gets you the F1 channel. Like the others, though, I refuse to line their pockets, and I watch the BBC package, which I was very impressed with yesterday.

Thread: Sanwa RD6000 Super Conversion to Frsky 2.4GHz
18/03/2012 19:34:27

Woo Hoo! Just checked the board in my Sanwa Gemini and the artwork looks the same as in Kevin's photos. Obviously I'll double check with a scope, but it looks like this excellent guide can also be applied to my car tranny too. Must get around to it soon.

16/03/2012 13:24:55


That's a handy tip, although I've got an oscilloscope tucked away for such things, fortunately. I'm hoping the board in the Gemini is the same as in the RD6000 so the encoder output is easy to find from the pictures above. I think it uses the same case moulding, just with a moulded blank where the trainer socket would be.

Engine Doctor

Interesting comment on 35MHz Tx issues. The Gemini on 40MHz has never caused any problems during racing - I know the environment is different, but you do get the receivers passing very close under other transmitters. Most of the guys have moved to 2.4 now, though, and I'm thinking of joining them, if only to avoid waving 3 feet of aerial in front of their faces!

13/03/2012 13:20:49


Excellent guide. I don't fly Sanwa, but I race cars with a Sanwa Gemini Tx, and as crystals are nearly impossible to get I've thought of this conversion, so I looked inside the Tx. From memory, the layout is very similar to the one you've shown, but there's no trainer socket. I'll do a closer comparison soon.

Thread: April 2012 Feedback
11/03/2012 15:55:13

I'm about 2/3 of the way through mine now - as a subscriber it came last Monday. Usual quality production, with a good variety of content. One thing I noticed in this issue (although it may have been happening for some time) is that all of the photos of review models are flying field shots. A picture of how they come out of the box would be nice. Also, the reviews these days seem very fair, with warts and all, and it would be nice to see photos of some of the problems and the solutions as the article describes them. The reviewers are excellent writers, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words!

I hope this is seen as constructive criticism - RCM&E is head and shoulders above the competition in both content variety and quality, which is why I subscribe to it.

Thread: AR6210 Satellite Rx LED?
10/03/2012 13:46:38


That's encouraging. I've initially sent them an e-mail to ask if I should just take it back to the shop - I'll see what transpires.

09/03/2012 13:00:47

Thanks, Chris. Looks like I'd better contact Horizon and/or the supplying shop. First time I've ever had to deal with their after-sales, so I'll be interested to see if they live up to their good reputation.

08/03/2012 21:56:35

I've just bound a new AR6210 receiver to my DSM2 DX7 transmitter. Everything works fine, but the satellite receiver doesn't seem to have an orange LED in it, unlike my older 6200s. Can anyone out there confirm this is the case, or have I got a faulty one? Just thought I'd ask the community before contacting Horizon.

Thread: Is a DX6i ok?
06/03/2012 13:30:42

I agree with what everyone has said about the DX6i programming - it's very straightforward. I believe the new DX7 and DX8 use the same logic.

The Futaba T6J was reviewed in a recent RCM&E - last month I think. It looks quite nice, but was criticised for having a small screen - the trim positions can't always be displayed, for instance.

One other thing to bear in mind with the Spektrums is that the DX8 is more than just extra channels - the build quality is better than the DX6i and it feels much more solid. That said, my DX6i did all I needed and nothing ever broke. I only changed it for a (old style) DX7 because a clubmate offered me a deal I couldn't refuse!

Thread: Rx-seperate battery ?
04/03/2012 22:30:39


I couldn't see in your posts whether you had used heatshrink over your joint. If you don't, even silicone wire will fail as it will flex at the end of the solder and fatigue. If you cover the joint with heatshrink, the flexing will occur at the end of the heatshrink, away from the solder, and should be fine.

Thread: pairing a receiver with a transmitter
28/02/2012 18:41:09


I'm a believer in supporting your local model shop - use 'em or lose 'em. However, if you haven't one within easy reach, Brentford R/C seem to be Spektrum specialists. West London Models is another R/C and electric specialist in the London area. You can probably find loads of other places selling them on line. Also check out the ads in RCM&E.

E-bay is a possible source of secondhand units, but take care - there were a few service bulletins on DX6i's a few years ago, so you need to be sure everything has been sorted. The best way to buy secondhand is from a known source, so belonging to your local model club has its advantages, for all sorts of other reasons too.

28/02/2012 13:15:52


Regarding your earlier question on the radio gear, I haven't any experience of the Saturn gear, but I'm sure it's adequate for the basic functions. Bear in mind, though, that it's an entry level radio and if you stay in the hobby you'll probably want more functionality, model memories etc. If you want to use the AR600, look at the Spektrum DX6i transmitter. It's fairly cheap, but offers lots of functions for the money and has 10 model memories. It will also make the huge range of bind and fly aircraft available to you.

As others have said, try something a bit less ambitious before the Spit - something with a low wing and ailerons, but sport rather than scale, will be a good stepping stone.

Good luck!

Thread: I-15 Polikarpov
22/02/2012 13:01:35

I saw these a week or so ago - Sussex Model Centre have them for £85.50, and I think they're in the Galaxy Models ad in the latest RCM&E. They look good, don't they? They also do a couple of monoplanes, but I think you made the best choice for potential indoor flying, Stephen. Let us know how you get on.

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