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Thread: IC or Electric for Ripmax DeHavilland Tiger Moth
09/09/2019 17:09:50

I had the DB one many years ago and it flew very nicely with an OS48 Surpass. The model concerned looks about the same size. I'm all electric now so would suggest a 500W leccy setup. Could be challenging making an accessable battery bay though.

As said above, a gyro won't sort the adverse yaw. Loads of aileron differential together with rudder for turns. I'm afraid I cheat with that type of model and use the CAR function in the Tx!

Thread: C No Ohmen
02/09/2019 12:47:07

And mine. I velcroed my esc to the underside of the battery tray. In the unlikely event that I have to remove the esc, I'll remove the cowl (held on by film) then prise the velcro apart with something thin, and pull it out from the front.

Thread: Brian Winch
26/08/2019 07:13:39

Very sad. Like some others, I've been "all electric" for some years, but always found Brian's articles interesting, informative and entertaining. Condolences to his family and friends.

Thread: August Nationals 2019
26/08/2019 07:08:28

Fab day there yesterday, great flying and weather. Well worth the tenner to get in and the 5 hours in the car. Big thanks to the BMFA organisers once again.

Thread: Possibly going all electric, which motors should I use?
25/08/2019 22:16:41

Don't understand the carping about flying time. During my 30 years of flying ic I typically flew for 8-10 minutes before it felt it was time to land, and that's the kind of duration I get from my leccy models.

An older club member used to pull my leg about "landing again" as he puttered away for half an hour with his vintage model, but I'm afraid that would send me to sleep.

To pick up on points others have made regarding your original question, I would agree with Pat that 100W/lb is generous for a sport model, and a bit less would be fine. I'd also agree it's good to have a "standard" battery size, although I haven't acheived that with my 2s 1000 - 6s 3000 fleet!

I've got several models intended for i.c. that fly fine with electric. The main advantage with specific ep designs is they allow for battery positioning and access, but I've never had a problem sorting that with my "conversions".

24/08/2019 22:06:10

Bit of a learning curve for you, Foxfan. A "must have" is a wattmeter, to check your setup is giving the right amount of power. For your sport models, aim for around 100W/lb of model weight for good performance.

My rough guesses for your models, which I am not too familiar with, are as follows:

Electri-Cub 900-1000kV motor, 10x6 prop, 30A esc, 3s 1300-2200 lipo.

Skyfarer, 900-1000kV motor, 11x7 prop, 40A esc, 3s 2200 lipo

Mascot, 750-800kV motor, 11x7 prop, 50A esc, 4s 2200-3000 lipo

These estimates are purely from my experience, others may provide more scientific data!

Interesting comment on your club, both clubs I am in are now 80-90% electric, but we are in the noise sensitive south-east. Many other advantages of electric, which is why I "converted" about 10 years ago. Fiddling with model engines was never much of the hobby for me, though, I'm more a flyer and sometime builder.

Good luck with the new power trains.

Thread: Even Later In The Day
17/08/2019 07:33:38

Whoops! Just spotted in my photo that I did have to add a little lead after all. I've been flying it for 2 or 3 years, that's my excuse for forgetting!

17/08/2019 07:29:43

Hi Mark. I built mine for electric, too. It flies well on a modest 450W 3s setup. I use some 4000 packs that I had to hand, and the cg worked out fine without adding ballast.

Here's a view of my battery bay in case it helps - the lid is side hinged using film, and held shut with magnets.

ballerina 003.jpg

Enjoy the build, you will enjoy the flying.

Thread: X9D+ 2019 or Q X7S?
14/08/2019 08:12:19

I have a QX7 which I use in a couple of fixed wing models. It's amazingly capable for the money, and the hardware feels good - the hall effect sticks on the S feel even better. Don't know what you've been using but Open Tx, whilst very powerful, takes a lot of head scratching at first.

Oh, the telemetry X-series receivers work well and are good value. Just make sure everything you buy is EU LBT - I made the mistake of buying a "universal" rx at first, and it wasn't!

14/08/2019 08:12:18

I have a QX7 which I use in a couple of fixed wing models. It's amazingly capable for the money, and the hardware feels good - the hall effect sticks on the S feel even better. Don't know what you've been using but Open Tx, whilst very powerful, takes a lot of head scratching at first.

Oh, the telemetry X-series receivers work well and are good value. Just make sure everything you buy is EU LBT - I made the mistake of buying a "universal" rx at first, and it wasn't!

Thread: Electric Cars.
12/08/2019 16:58:54

Martin, I read a scientific paper that stated that the sun delivered more energy to the earth in an hour than the earths population consumes in a year from all sources, nuclear, fossil etc. So I don't think a major take-up of solar pv is going to upset the planet's thermodynamic balance very much. I suspect the effect of wind farms is similarly insignificant.

IDD summed up the situation nicely - at the moment evs certainly aren't suitable for every motorist, but if they fit your situation and you do your homework, they have several advantages at present. Some of those will be eroded as time goes on. The government will undoubtably start putting duty on public chargers, and may apply it to home chargers via a smart meter. The very low depreciation of the latest evs will increase as production starts to meet demand.

On the plus side, the price of the cars will come down, the infrastructure will improve and they will continue to be much more efficient than ic, less polluting and using a power source that will hopefully be more renewable. Apparently 80% of the batteries content are now recyclable, after they have done probably 10 years in a car, then reduced duty in domestic or industrial storage.

It's the power generation and distribution that will provide the biggest challenge.

Thread: Hospitalised, my own fault - but ?
12/08/2019 07:34:25

Colin, hope the injury is healing well - nasty! Reading this thread suddenly reminded me that my son and I each had E-Flite Grumman Wildcats a few years ago. Very similar size and shape to the Buffalo. We self-launched, but I remember the trouble we had holding on with one hand when the throttle was opened. We solved it by launching at half throttle - still enough power to get away, but easier to grip. May be worth trying if you dare go near it again!

Thread: Electric Cars.
11/08/2019 18:06:40

Unlikely to have 26 million evs any time soon, Paul - almost every one on sale has a long waiting list as demand far outstrips supply at present. It'll be interesting to see how the grid copes with no new houses having mains gas after 2025, which is a lot sooner than the mandated date for evs, and won't give the buyer the choice.

Thread: Three bladed props (again).
09/08/2019 14:30:42

And of course early versions had 2-bladers! With my leccy warbirds, I've found 3, 4 and 5-blade props just fine, love the scale appearence. Haven't noticed any whine, but they are all quite low revving with low kV motors. The only thing to beware of is the torque reaction on take-off, but only using half throttle solves that.

Thread: CHEAP small glider at Lidls!
09/08/2019 07:27:10

Flew my pure glider version at the slope for the first time this week, on holiday in Dorset. Goes pretty well. Plenty of elevator authority from an all moving tailplane, but needs more aileron. I top hinged the rear 25% of the wing as far as the tip dihedral, so my plan is to hinge the tip sections too and slot in little bits of flexible plastic to the t.e. to link them to the main ailerons.

It cost me £7.99 and is kitted out with stuff I already had, so it's brilliant value, and perfect to chuck in the boot on top of the luggage to take away. Being so small, the Spektrum DSM2 parkfly Rx is quite up to the job.

Thread: The Ohmen
01/08/2019 07:25:36

Chris, if the cowl screw cut-outs bother you, there's a simple solution - don't have them. The cowl on my Ohmen is located using a couple of small dowel pegs, and retained by the film covering. Electric motors don't need maintenance, but if you need access you can run a scalpel around the join to remove and re-apply covering to replace. I used this method on my electrified Ballerina a few years ago, and it hasn't been off since.


Thread: C No Ohmen
30/07/2019 07:07:27

Probably too late now, but I used magnets at the back and a dowel at the front, and angled the rear former instead of the front. Very secure, 20 plus flights with no issues.


Thread: Spektrum DX7
29/07/2019 06:34:48

My DX7 is still going strong, original battery is even still good. I don't use it much now as I find my Gen 1 DX8 easier to program, and it will still work my DSM2 Rx's - I think later Gen 1 DX8's had DSM2 disabled.

As Peter says, if it still works fine keep using the DX7, it will work with any new DSMX Rx's you buy. If you fancy a new Tx with voice annunciations etc. and don't need 7 channels, the DX6 looks good, but it won't work your old receivers.

Thread: Electric Cars.
28/07/2019 07:51:38

Frank, your response to C8's Mondeo figures points out that an ev will go about half as far on 60kWh as a diesel will on 640kWh, which emphasises the tremendous effeciency of evs. I'm sure a great many people haven't looked at those figures. The cars are getting better and cheaper all the time, the infastructure and supply effeciency are a different matter.

27/07/2019 06:55:06

Erf, electric cars won't be the only extra stress on the grid. The government announced a little while ago that from 2025, new build homes would not be connected to mains gas, so plenty of extra power required for all of those to be heated!

Not sure what you mean by ev's higher running costs, low cost fuel and less maintenance are their strongest selling points at present. Of course, none of us know what new tax regimes will be brought in, as you say the fuel duty hole will have to be plugged somehow.

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