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Thread: Prymol
24/04/2019 13:51:23

Yes, I always found Clearcote and Solarlac to be completely fuelproof, although the latter wasn't at its best if brushed on - it dried quickly so brushstrokes didn't smooth themselves out.

Fortunately all of my builds are for e.p. now, but I would like to find a replacement for Prymol.

Thread: Electric Cars.
23/04/2019 06:57:32

Martin, I've watched a few videos of electrified classic cars, and they all have transmission whine, which you wouldn't normally notice with i.c. propulsion. Purpose designed evs don't have a conventional gearbox, although they probably have a couple of reduction gears between motor and axle. They are very quiet, road and tyre noise becoming dominant.

An exception is the Formula E racing car, which presumably has gearing designed purely for maximum effeciency - square cut teeth? They sound horrible, like supercharged milk floats!

22/04/2019 11:39:54

Seen the ads for the wonderful new Toyota self-charging hybrids? Several people have asked me how this fantastic new technology works, as it suggests they have invented a perpetual motion machine.

Of course, it's the same technology they've been using in the Prius for more than a decade, and uses regenerative braking and the petrol engine to replenish the battery, which by itself can only drive the car slowly for a mile or two.

Although they give commendable fuel economy, these are effectively i.c. cars, and Toyota have done their image no good with this confusing marketing ploy - perhaps a sign of desperation that they have no pure ev offerings yet.

I played safe for now and bought a petrol Hyundai a couple of months ago. I plan to keep it for 4 years, will seriously look at an ev then. The technology of the cars is pretty well there now in terms of range, and battery prices still seem to be falling. I could, and would, mostly home charge. Regarding using a public charger on a long run, having to take a break while it charged after 150 miles or so wouldn't bother me, but fiddling about with the right phone app etc. would. Hopefully in the next couple of years they'll sort out just needing your credit/debit card to pay, just like with fuel.

I've watched a few of the vlogs from the young lady with the Zoe mentioned above, and despite some negative experiences, she seems pleased with her choice. I like the way she can set up her car to charge overnight for 5p/kWh - that's cheap fuel!

Thread: Real Model Pilots
22/04/2019 11:16:20

Martin, how did you order them, their website, Ebay shop, email?

I need a 1/8 scale WW2 RAF half-figure for my Avios Spitfire, and can't seem to find a decent candidate elsewhere. I don't mind paying the £20 they are asking as long as it turns up in a timely fashion.


Thread: The Ohmen
18/04/2019 07:31:04

Every time I fly my Sebart Angel knife edge, I promise myself I'll mix in a little up elevator with rudder, then promptly forget! Haven't played with KE much with the Ohmen yet.

Martin makes a valid point in that we are not sitting in our aircraft, so it takes us longer than a full-size pilot to perceive that a correction is needed, and how much to apply. Mixing is a great help in this respect. My most frequently used mix is CAR, engaged on high wingers and biplanes because I haven't got a turn and slip indicator to look at.

Nothing wrong with doing it all with your eyes, brain, fingers and thumbs if you prefer though Peter.

Thread: Avios 1450mm Spitfire MkV
15/04/2019 17:14:57

I never seem to catch the bargains! Yes, it's more than I've previously spent on an ARTF, but you couldn't build and fit one out for less, so it seems fair value to me. Despite rc modelling for about 50 years, my skill and patience doesn't extend to scale warbirds, I stick to Peter Miller type models for my building.

That's one of the positives about the hobby now, so much variety. A typical carload for one of my flying sessions is PM's Ohmen (self built), Sebart Angel (wood ARTF) and a foamy warbird.

Forgot to mention, the Spitfire also has nice metal, sprung oleo legs.

15/04/2019 11:27:32


I was a bit apprehensive when I arrived at the field as the strip was in need of a mow and a roll. However, I needn’t have worried. Power was applied gradually with full up elevator initially, this was eased off as she gathered speed. Take-off occurred at just over half throttle, with a decent climb out at this setting. I had to do some minor trimming, but she flew a treat using the high rates from the instructions, with 30% expo. I only used full power for the verticals, most of the flight was at half throttle.

I flew a couple of circuits with full flap and tickover power, she seemed to slow down just fine. I must admit I forgot to explore the stall. I landed on the strip first attempt, full flap and about 20% power kept on until the wheels touched. It was a little untidy as the wind swung and she rocked onto each wingtip, but there was no inclination to nose over.

The second flight was more confident, with a more scale take-off at half throttle, and plenty of Spitfire aerobatics. She flies and looks superb. The second landing was much tidier, I got the tail down to almost a 3-pointer, and she kissed the grass gently.

The timer was set to 6 minutes for each flight, and my checker showed about 50% capacity remaining, so duration is good.

I must now source a half-body 1/8 scale pilot to fill the empty office. Real Model Pilots looks a good source, has anyone used them?

If I’ve missed anything, please feel free to ask questions.

Finally, if editor Graham reads this, it’s clear you like foamy warbirds. You should get one of these, you’ll love it!

15/04/2019 11:26:53




There hasn’t been much about this model on this forum, so I thought I’d report my experiences in a mini “review”.

The model is sold by Hobbyking and costs approximately £270. This price is similar to the popular FMS 1.4m warbird range, but this model includes some additional features and details compared with the FMS ones, as follows:

Sliding canopy and opening cockpit door

Functioning joystick with servo and linkage provided

Pan and tilt FPV camera mount with servos (no pilot is provided)

Concealed hinges and control linkages

Power is provided from a 6s pack, rather than a 4s.

I bought the ETO colour scheme version, which comes with 2 marking sets – I chose the scheme for Bob Stanford Tuck’s machine.

Assembly was relatively straightforward. As always with ARTFs, I first checked all the electrics worked with my servo tester. I then looked at potential problem areas highlighted in the (mammoth) thread on RC Groups. The only common problem I found was the top clip-in rudder hinge was a bit slack for my liking, so I glued in a Robart hinge adjacent to it. All servos were securely installed, and I checked all the u/c grub screws were tight.

I did discover a couple of previously unreported u/c issues. The wheels didn’t rotate freely due to paint creeping onto the axles, which was easily cleaned off. Also, the u/c doors are a little long for scale – I trimmed 10mm off the bottom edge, which looks right and should reduce grass drag.

Another mod I did was to attach the radio mast and cannon using magnets, so they can be removed for transport and storage.

The markings are the thin vinyl type with a clear front positioning sheet which peels off. These were a bit fiddly to apply, but seemed to stick ok after application of a warm iron. As insurance, I painted the edges with matt varnish, then gave the whole airframe a thin coat of Plasticote matt aerosol. I also applied some weathering.

The prop needed a little balancing, and with a 3000mAh 6s pack installed, the c of g was as per instructions. I haven’t measured the power as I didn’t have a helper to hand – this thing has serious thrust, I’m guessing it pulls around 1kW. RTF weight is exactly 6lb.

Thread: E-flite P-39 Airacobra
11/04/2019 22:13:24

Always fancied a P-39. I know they weren't the best of fighters, but I like the looks and the trike gear avoids the usual warbird nose-over issues. A clubmate has the smaller Roc Hobby version, which flies well if a bit ballistic on 4s. It does slow down nicely for landing with those big flaps though.

No room for any more warbirds at the moment. Still got to maiden my Avios Spitfire V, planned for tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Thread: Peter Miller Ballerina
01/04/2019 13:52:35

Flies even better with a Destiny wing!

ballerina e 001.jpg

Thread: RIOT - why 2.4 GHz only
31/03/2019 14:22:32

The only problem I ever had with a brushless setup in a fixed wing model turned out to be a faulty esc. My father in law still uses his old Fleet 35Mhz gear in his leccy models, with no issues. You should be fine. Obviously do a ground range check at different throttle settings first though.

Thread: Electric Cars.
26/03/2019 11:57:22

Yes, I just watched the young lady's video above. The technology is coming on fast, but the infrastructure needs to keep up. You really need to be able to go to a charging point armed with just your credit card, and not need a collection of cards, apps etc. The connector system needs to be standardised too. It will happen, we need to remember it's still early days.

26/03/2019 07:59:50

Yes, I knew the Zoe had specific charging requirements, and never liked the battery lease idea. I've had loads of Renaults, though - loved them.

I confess that I've just changed my car for another i.c. one. Suitable electrics are still a bit pricey and rare secondhand. The nearly new Hyundai i30 Fastback I bought is under warranty until 2023, I'm sure I'll have a really serious look then.

Incidentally, my "French" Renaults were mostly built in Spain, like many Focus models!

26/03/2019 06:56:30

One of our club members has an iPace, and loves it. He did point out though that, as with i.c. cars, the effeciency of big, heavy evs is less than that of smaller lighter ones. He gets 2.5 - 3 miles/kWh, whereas the likes of the Leaf, Kona and Niro will get 4 - 5. During the cold weather his range goes down to 180 miles, but he's never had an issue charging, which he mostly does at home or work.

Percy, have you seen the YouTube channel "The EV Puzzle"? It's produced by a 64kWh Kona owner, who is having a very positive experience. He uses a network of public chargers that are, at present, free. I think they are call Instavolt.

Thread: Does your club prohibit the use of after-market receivers?
20/03/2019 18:25:49

One of the clubs I am in does this. Members of the public walk dogs on our site and the committee want to minimise risk. Not really an issue for me as I regard my Spektrum receivers as reasonably priced. If I wanted to use Orange rx's I could always buy an Orange tx and be compliant.

Thread: Big Trouble in Model Britain
11/03/2019 10:00:15

Thanks for that Devcon. Bovington is some way from my part of the South (Berkshire) but most years we holiday in that beautiful area. Haven't been to the tank museum for many years now, it must have changed a lot, so I may make the trip for the next model show, which seems to be in October. We are having a family holiday near Swanage in August, but I doubt that any of the others in the party will be interested in a day there....

Lots of railway modelling inspiration at the Swanage railway, the station there was "Woking" in the Dunkirk film.

11/03/2019 06:52:49

The other thing that occurred to me while watching the program is that I'd rather like to go to an indoor model show. Must keep an eye out for one in the south. Don't mind if there's no RC stuff there, I'd just like to admire the skills on display.

Thread: Radio Link
10/03/2019 17:50:01

The three sets have all been reviewed in the magazine over the last few issues. They look spectacularly good value. I can't remember if the reviews mentioned flight testing, perhaps Graham can comment?

Thread: Big Trouble in Model Britain
10/03/2019 17:45:29

Love the Airfix 1/24 scale stuff. I built the Spifire 1 when it first appeared - I think I was in my mid teens so it must have been late 60s. I picked a kit up at a secondhand shop last year, and when I have time I will build it. Not as big as the Avios MkV I'm currently finishing, but I'll enjoy the build, which will take much longer!

10/03/2019 08:06:23

I've actually got the Scaextric cars down to look at refurbing some. The railway stuff is mostly old 60s Triang, so maybe worth something to a collector. Don't know if any of the locos run. Must get it down and catalogue it for potential sale!

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