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Thread: Two more FrSky Txs in the pipeline
23/07/2015 15:41:16

It makes me laugh people going on about it not being CNC aluminium when it's a £240 quid TX with a strap, metal case, and a 20 quid RX included.

23/07/2015 15:38:43
Posted by Andy Meade on 23/07/2015 13:52:56:

A bit disappointed on the X9E internals. I was seriously considering it due to the Horus having (what looks like) a large delay.

X9E User manual here ..I guess this is because there is OpenTX online help somewhere instead?

Do you think HALL sticks would make a big difference to your flying?

Thread: Shocking behavior
11/05/2015 12:28:12

one that sues each other for liability?

It sounds like the mother had said the daughter was on the verge of a break down and might start attacking people, if she didn't get a hot meal. It's not as straight forward as someone getting kicked off because they were autistic.

Thread: Aurora 9 spoilerons setup help
20/04/2015 11:59:51

that's good.

The bfly mix is not well named if you don't have flaps (crow), but it works easily. You can adjust the ailerons and elevator easily to anything you want.

20/04/2015 09:28:41
Posted by Peter Miller on 18/04/2015 11:19:22:

I was trying to set up ailerons that could be drooped, (Flaperons). I just could not work it out at all.

In the end I contacted Hitec. This was about as useful as asking Gordon Ramsey.

I did solve the problem in the end very easily.....

I fitted a Spektrum radio.



If you mean as brakes then see above. If you mean as camber changing flaps you need to use the CAMBMIX menu. There are two ways the cambmix works.

1) don't assign a control to the mix. The values for aileron, flaps and elevator are fixed for the flight mode you are in (i,e the surfaces will move and stay there and don't respond to any control). This is what you should use if say you want a thermal,normal,speed 3 flight mode setup where the flaps and ailerons (and elevator) just moved to set position in each flight mode.

2) assign a control to the mix (e.g right slider). The values for ail,flp,elev, move proportionally in response to the control as above (higher numbers = more movement). Again without the TX in front of me I forget the procedure but I think in the mix on the middle left you press something to assign a control.

Actually there are 3 ways because if you go option 2 you can still put in set values for each flight mode per option 1. But we are talking advanced setups here. 

In fact you can use the cambix as brakes as the effect is basically the same as the bfly menu if you assign a control to it. Most menus are basically the same tbh (e,g launch, landing etc).

A function/mix in the A9 will usually have settings for aileron, flaps and elevator. so if you want spoilerons it will be all be in the same place, not spread out in the TX. Same for camber.

The other mixes like vtail and aileron to flap mixing are specific to the surfaces in question (e.g aileron to flap mix only has settings for the flaps, vtail mix only has settings for the tail servos).

You don't need to use any pmixes to do normal glider model functions. Even high end contest models don't require Pmixes. I think the problem you are both having is that spektrum radios must be quite different in the way the setup works. The a9 is super easy to use to be honest, and quite powerful.


Edited By Tom Satinet on 20/04/2015 09:32:17

Edited By Tom Satinet on 20/04/2015 09:34:24

20/04/2015 09:14:35

Hi Mike

If you go to the blfy menu there are settings for aileron and elevator. Flaps is you have them. If you put a value in for ail and ail1 it will move the ailerons in response to the throttle stick. If it's the wrong way round change the values to minus (say -40 rather than +40).

The bfly menu also has a setting for "ELEV" which is the elevator mix as you call it. If you put a number in there the elevator will move in response to the throttle stick also. Again change the number to minus if the elevator moves the opposite way to your requirement.

you will see in the bfly menu it says "1/2" somewhere. You can move to a second page which lets you change the direction the throttle stick works in if required (I think default is UP is zero effect). I think you can assign something else to be crow (e.g side slider), but I don't have the tx any more so I am not sure.

Everything to do with crow and spoilerons etc is in the bfly menu.



17/04/2015 09:27:36

Go to the bfly setting and put a value in for the ailerons.

Thread: Hitec Aurora 9 trims
09/04/2015 09:36:01

You can make the little trim switches do something. on most mixes there is a second screen (you will see "1/2" somewhere on the screen). on the second screen there is setup for adjusting mixes in which you can use the LT, RT and CT switches). I thought you could assign them to control mixes (e.g flaps), but I might be wrong on that score.

There are a few harder to access features like the mini trims but generally the TX is incredibly easy to use. I'm not sure what form a manual would take as the mixes screen is most self explanatory. I flew contest gliders on it with Crow, camber, launch settings, snap flaps, vtail etc etc and never even looked at the Pmixes. The whole point of the Aurora is that you don't need a Don Edberg manual to work it, IMHO.

Thread: What DLG 2015
25/03/2015 10:14:58

A 1.5m DLG won't have flaps. Those types of models just have ailerons (weight saving). a lot of them don't have a rudder either.

I would get a cheap "proper" dlg like a Longshot, Ypsi Notos, Topsky etc. They will fly rings round a Libelle or a Phoenix.

Thread: Hitec Aurora 9
17/02/2015 10:47:04
Posted by Percy Verance on 25/01/2015 10:38:09:

Time will tell............... it may well have been reliable thus far Martin, but let's see what happens eh?

And I wasn't actually dismissing it on those grounds Martin. I'm not a fan of transmitters adorned with lots of false chrome and garish styling........... (Mpx Profi Mc 4k owner)

Edited By Percy Verance on 25/01/2015 10:45:34

I would have thought multiplex is a lot more likely to go out of business than Frsky (think Graupner, Robbe etc). In fact of course multiplex is already owned by the guy that owns Hitec.

If you like the p4000 you should like the frsky taranis as OpenTX is the software is similar to the p4000 and you can jump from one to the other quite easily. I agree the set itself is not that great ergonomically, but Frsky has another TX in the pipeline. However the taranis doesn't have any chrome on it, fake or otherwise. The TX is grey plastic on the front and black plastic on the back.

If you do a quick google image search you will see that the taranis case is essentially the same as the JR 9x2, but without chrome and without a scroll wheel etc.

Thread: Soar Ahead Sailplanes to continue supplying
14/01/2015 10:12:19


Sas Apache

Thread: Launching Techniques in Gale Force Winds
13/01/2015 12:44:47

ah right got you Phil.

13/01/2015 09:31:56

Phil, I agree with a lot of what you said, but I can't say that I think it's easier to land in winds over 40knots (45mph+) than it is in moderate conditions, overall and on average. That's just my opinion based on experience of flying myself and watching other people. It's not meant as a slight.

The rotor alone in some places is crazy. e.g the wrecker or crest at the bwlch you have to walk back several hundred yards. Once you get past a certain point it's hard to even carry the model back to the "pits"!

You make a very good point about downwind legs on landing.

12/01/2015 14:12:27

Strong wind doesn't make landings easier in slope soaring. It doesn't really make anything easier. Not least rigging the model. surprise

The easiest wind to land is probably around 10mph at a guess, depending on the slope, where the head wind is strong enough to stop the model, but not strong enough to make the circuit critical. Nevermind the reality that strong winds create a lot more turbulence and gusts. it's way harder to land in a genuine 50mph wind on most slopes that a light wind. You will see way more crashed landings in strong wind that light wind. The downwind leg catchs people out time and time again.

disgust I'm not sure if the running backwards comment was a leg pull, but forward motion is best.

Thread: Balast?
23/12/2014 14:49:13

IIRC I saw on a post on rcgroups by Joe Wurts where he said he ballasts so that his min sink settting is not flying backwards for a given wind speed.

The amount of ballast really depends on how light the model is and other factors, such as how fast it flies (etc). Obviously at a basic level ballast increases you ability to cover the sky, which is why people tend to fly it when it's windy. i.e more windy more ballast.

yes I think it is mostly suck it and see because ballast is quite airframe specific, and also condition specific. There are too many different conditions you can encounter for there to be a ballast check list IMHO.

At 1500g your model has a very low wing loading. to be honest 14 ounces of ballast is not that much. I think a lot depends on your thermal tactics. Some people seem to rely more on the low minimum sink rate of the model rather than its ability to cover ground and find lift. 12mph on the ground will be a lot more once you get higher up.

Edited By Tom Satinet on 23/12/2014 14:51:12

Thread: Blejzyk Mefisto
12/12/2014 10:03:19

Hi Phil

The quality of the wings is nice. I bought the duo a while back to use as an electric soarer. I haven't got round to building it, yet, but it's a nice kit.

Didn't mr ellison do a review of one of the larger ones a while back in rcme?


Thread: Where to fly?
26/11/2014 15:34:19

The crest is a world class slope, but has two issues - 1) it's a long walk from the parking 2) the rotor can be problematic in a strong wind.

Thread: The new DX6 and crow braking set up
11/11/2014 09:46:56

hitec aurora 9. Spektrum module if necessary.

Much better

Thread: Time for a new mouldie
05/10/2014 17:41:20

2m is a good size. All the models you mention fly well.

Thread: 3+ meters?
11/09/2014 19:17:39

Hi Clifford,


These thread on a german forum might help. You can translate it using google translate. There seems a few pics of drive sets:



Edited By Tom Satinet on 11/09/2014 19:21:49

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