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Thread: Dynaflite Talon
16/05/2008 18:56:00
Thread: A Reet Good Session...Orme etc...
05/05/2008 10:52:00

are you kidding Bravedan??

I'd like Andy to explain the difference.......

Thread: Does anyone have a Bedlam?
30/04/2008 10:08:00

I'm selling my bedlam if anyone is interested. Good plane, but a few things have to go.

Don't know what the rules are here, but look on the bmfa classifieds site, if you are interested.   

28/04/2008 09:35:00

I spoke to Stan Yeo on Friday, and I don't think I am revealing a trade secret here; he was telling me he's struggling to get hold of the EPP to make new planes, due to a proplem with the supplier.  So there aren't many left.

25/04/2008 16:38:00

nice, good to hear of a good maiden report.

Try using snap flaps - about 5-6mm if you aren't already.  It makes the turns and loops harder, if you like that.

The plane also responds well to camber and relfex changes. A bit of reflex in big air works well.  Camber in light conditions keeps the plane up on a lot less lift than you might imagine.   

Thread: Returner questions
23/04/2008 11:33:00

you can use 27mhz if you want. It's "Legal" as such. It really depends on where you fly.  If you live and fly in the middle of nowhere, it's not really going to be a problem.  If there are no cars around you'll probably find you've got the band to yourself.

that said, you'll want a better set anyway, as you will need 3-4 channels if you want a "conventional" looking plane (rudder, elevator, aileron (x2)).  

 A plane with a motor isn't really a sloper. You'll find that a lot of sites (especially national trust land, sites owned by local councils etc.) don't allow electrics of any sort.  If you do want to try electric flight, then of course, you'll need another channel on your TX. and probably a throttle cut buttom, to save the old fingers.

I'd say get a flying wing from SAS 1st up.  Cheap and HARD to break....

Thread: Does anyone have a Bedlam?
23/04/2008 11:25:00

that's what i like to see.  get the permagrit working.......

Looks nice Peter.   

27/03/2008 09:21:00

yeah Peter, your solution for the tailplane leading edge, was kind of what i was trying to say (albeit not very well!).

 I think i actually used servo plugs rather than soldering, but solder is probably the way to go as servo plugs require a bigger gouge out of the wing.

 As I recall the servos don't quite go out to fully 50% as the wing becomes too thin. you have to take the lugs of the servos to get it near the main spar as well (for thinness).

the rudder on the bedlam is very powerful.  I haven't flown mine for months though i must say!

13/03/2008 12:40:00

Peter, I have heard people simply cut the front inside of the correx with a knife, such that the the leading edge can be rounded and taped down with selotape, if that makes sense.

I just selopted over the edge all round, but i don't think it's really had much positive effect.

s148s??? why????  You really don't want to be without the rudder on a bedlam.

I moved my aileron servos to nearly 50% of the chord of the ailerons.

Epoxy sticks fine to the tail plane. roughen the area to be stuck with sand paper.

08/03/2008 14:45:00
a ply tail would fly better, but it would be a lot heavier so you would need even more nose weight up front. when you build the bedlam you need to get about 200g of lead into the nose, as it is. 
07/03/2008 20:29:00

Re the ballast, it should also be said that ballasting is related to crossing winds and a number of other factors aside from the percieved amount of lift or wind speed (technially ballast does not decrease the glider angle of a plane, as far as my understanding goes).   Cue Ellison......

Regarding the wing - the section works quite well with both negative and positive settings - e.g. camber and reflex both produce good results.  Although the wing is a 2 servo wing the ailerons are full span, which give decent camber control to the wing.  

You'll need a reciever with end feed plugs (e.g jr rs70, futaba r147f etc etc.)  top mounted plugs won't fit. The fuselage interior is only slightly wider than the diameter of an "A" battery .   That said installing the tail servos is not hard as they go one in front of the other.  

The instructions are pretty good, but do leave a couple of things to the imagination, so give me/us a shout if you run into problem (which i probably did wrong!).

07/03/2008 20:23:00


the model has an Mh42 wing section, which is actually a good all round soaring section (similar to mh32 - as seen on many f3j/b models).   The upshot is that the model actually has quite a wide speed range and can also handle both light and big lift.  The plane is fairly heavy (about 44oz mine) but can fly in surprisingly light air, especially if the ailerons are deployed as camber flaps.  in terms of high wind speeds, the model has pretty decent penetration.  I've certainly flown it in 30+ no bother.

 That said, when talking about wind speed and ballast i think we need to be careful.  You can have a hill that gives not much head wind, but lots of lift (e.g the Bwlch) or a hill were most of the wind is head wind rather than lift (burton DAssett).  On the former you can actually get away with little or no ballast, despite the wind.  Were i fly at burton dassett, it is often beneficial to ballast models to get through the turbulence and improve penetration.  

 however, the other side of the coin is that at a really great hill (e.g the bwlch again) you can often get some ballast into a model, even in light lift, due to the exceptional lift. 

 In terms of the bedlam, i would say that the model would benefit from a ballat tube to improve the performance in high winds.

The only thing i don't like about the model is that the tail, which is made of correx, is fairly draggy.  the net result is that the front of the plane always feels like it is flying better than the back of the plane.  In practice the plane does not always perform aerobatics or turns as well as you might expect.

 however, the model is built to survive, so the corrext tail is a neccessary comprimise to meet that design requirement.

The bedlam is a good all round glider, which flies well, if built well.  Forget packing tape and butt joint your CW tape and use profilm. Sand the fuselage round.  Plane that look like bricks, fly like them!


07/03/2008 10:42:00


I've got a bedlam. As described above, you have to cut the spar channel out a bit which is rather bizzare.

the model isn't fast but is aerobatic.  The weigh tof the wing means that spins and stuff don't terminate as sharply as a lighter wing, but you can really give it some beans.

tough model also.


Thread: 2008 First fly-in of the YEAR
07/12/2007 09:57:00


 Without wanting to go OT, where i was flying from was actually up a road that i drove my car up (up from a car park next to a wood). the language centre as visible, but it was a long way down in the bottom of the valley.   I certainly wasn't flying below myself - height was huge. Maybe i wasn't flying from the right place. Landing was in the heather just below where I am standing:

I have also flown off/around the hells mouth, but the lift was marginal as there was hardly any wind. Nice place though!  I was lucky to get a decent day on the Great Orme (blinding sun aside).


06/12/2007 20:16:00

Don't you read my stuff then Tom?

This IS the RCM&E forum you kn[/quote]

yeash andy it's like my bible......... 

Not many people have heard of that slope but it's brilliant.   

06/12/2007 13:27:00
06/12/2007 13:17:00

got some awesome slopes on the LLeyn Penisula. 

Have you been to the one overlooking "nant gwytheren" Andy? best slope i've ever flown off it terms of lift all over the place. 

Thread: Gt Orme fly-in!
06/12/2007 11:28:00
did the fly-in happen?
Thread: 2008 First fly-in of the YEAR
06/12/2007 11:26:00

Hi Lads,

Can i come? Although the 6th is the F3f race on the Mynd. not sure i can do both days for "political" reasons

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