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Thread: 3+ meters?
11/09/2014 12:56:23

is the spinner size a major deciding factor or something?

I would have thought that once you get the model it would be very easy to find the right size spinner as they are both cheap and readily available.

Thread: Looking for a thermal soarer for slope
10/09/2014 10:14:22

If I was going to build a woodie, ideally it would be a kit from skybench. but they are the wrong side of the pond.

The Hollein stuff looks great and i've heard good things about the kits.

09/09/2014 12:27:48

Have a look at the wood cnc stuff from **LINK**

Thread: HP 60 Carbon Tail Boom
02/09/2014 10:53:14

Andy they didn't all have a corroflute mount for the tail boom. The kits went out with a plastic triangle that was stuck to the bottom of the wing. I believe they went back to corroflute, as they had a bad reputation for breaking off at the point the carbon square rod entered the plastic mount.


So I think it depends on the age of your model to an extent. It would require a pretty fundamental rethink of the tail arrangement to get away from the single rod.  Fast, heavy model, small tail boom.


Perhaps switch to a thicker fin, with an aerofoil, and a thicker bit of carbon. 




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Thread: servo splines, what makes are compatible
06/08/2014 09:09:32

this might help.




Edited By Tom Satinet on 06/08/2014 09:09:51

Thread: Easy Glider Pro V Radian Pro
17/06/2014 10:09:37

From what I hear the original radian was better than the pro.

The pro is okay, but I think the fuselage is too bendy and it just has several issues that need addressing (i,e stiffen the fuselage). The EG is a pretty well sorted model. I had the "normal" EG - the non "pro". I wasn't in love with the elevator linkage but I don't know if it is better on the EG pro.

Edited By Tom Satinet on 17/06/2014 10:30:39

Thread: Servo Loading
16/06/2014 14:53:29

The amount of servo torque required for each control surface depends on a number of things:


size of control surface

amount of deflection

speed of airflow

gearing of linkage



Presumably with 3d you have a requirement for large surface movements at the same time as having a large airflow. This also means you can't gear it down in the linkages (ie small horn on the servo, big horn on the control surface).


It's like when you try and open a big door in to a strong wing (i.e barn door in a gale). A non favourable linkage setup is like doing it from the hinge end.

This is a useful calculator, but isn't free.



I guess that in a normal sport plane the order would be:






Ailerons are quite big and deflect a lot. Rudder a bit smaller but deflects quite a bit. elevator small and doesn't deflect much. Throttle doesn't have a hard job. But that's for a "normal" plane (say wot 4 / normal glider) - 3d has much bigger control throws than normal. 


Edited By Tom Satinet on 16/06/2014 14:56:41

Thread: Easy Glider Pro V Radian Pro
15/06/2014 20:38:23

I think the Easy Glider is the better model.

Thread: Settings for Algebra 100
04/06/2014 15:57:49

Is that Algebra "normal"? I though the Rudder/elevator version was a polyhedral design.

It looks a bit lacking in effective dihedral angle for a rudder /elevator model.

Thread: Unresponsive Controls?
03/06/2014 09:39:25

Wind lateral balance would have to be way out for it to make a big difference on a polyhedral model like that.


Most likely one or both wings are warped. And/or the control surfaces. 

Edited By Tom Satinet on 03/06/2014 09:40:16

Thread: Radian Pro Maiden
28/04/2014 16:00:56

Be careful not to go too fast with the model in a dive. The fuselage tends to flex and you can find you can't pull out of the dive.

Thread: Ideal glider for those windier days?
28/04/2014 10:47:50

Have you tried ballasting either model?

As you know there aren't that many built up models around, that are not super light. I have heard good things about the skybench models, but have no experience of them.

Thread: What's the main radio brand you fly?
17/04/2014 15:40:14
Posted by Erfolg on 17/04/2014 13:09:55:

There does seem to be a niche for those who like pretending they are old time cinema ice cream sellers, with their massive tray of confectionery.angel 2

You know one was quite amused when I put my vacuum flask cup on his trany, well I think he was amused, as he said "very funny, how amusing".

Rather than comparing some such as Jeti to Ferraris, I would suggest TVR or even Lotus, a lot of style, a bit of go, but not a patch on the Porsches of all types that other manufacturers produce, rather understated power, good value, stying a little acquired, Easily under estimated by those driving their Escorts with racing stripes.. All reassuringly expensive.

#do you have a lot of experience of the software on the Jeti tx?

Thread: HK Wicked Wing/Windrider Bee2
02/04/2014 18:13:07

Hi Ian

that makes sense then. I used standard servos which weigh 40g each. The wicked wing instructions for the CG are inline with the rcg and "predator" recommendations.

I think the weight distribution also depends on if you do stuff like thinned goop and obviously the tape you put on.


02/04/2014 14:50:56



How are you getting on the with CG? As I said they are insistent on rcg that the cg is 8.25 inches +. By that they mean 8.25 inches from the nose straight back. IIRC windrider gives the CG as a distance along the leading edge.


I have the beevo and I have a AAA pack in it and it's still slightly nose heavy of 8.25 inches. I think the planform is the same - but with a different aerofoil. Obviously you will need lower rates on the elevator for a more reward CG.


I am just wondering if your need for nose weight is due to the forward CG and maybe you will get more performance with it further back.

I'm waiting on some correx from ebay to make bigger fins as they look small to me and the "predator bee" instructions also go for larger fins.



Edited By Tom Satinet on 02/04/2014 14:51:58

26/03/2014 17:53:22

couple of points

1) you can remove strapping tape even if you have used 3m 77 spray. If you heat it with your covering iron it will come off quite easily. I didn't believe it till i took at the tape off an m60 fuselage.

2) conventional wisdom on rcgroups is that the CG of bees is 8.25 to 8.5 inches, which is a lot further back than the wind rider instructions. not surprisingly they also use bigger tip fins.

Thread: Great Orme & Long Mynd help requested
22/03/2014 21:44:24

You don't need anything for the Orme.

You are also fine at the Long Mynd. They ask people to join if they make multi visits.

Thread: NCFM Moth or Bluto
12/02/2014 13:17:06

the m60 (bigger moth) is a nice step up from the WT. I would go for the bigger m60 over the moth if you want bigger air flying.

I have not seen a bluto go, but they have reputation as being fast.

Thread: New TX recommendations
21/01/2014 13:46:39

hitec - easier to use, better tx to hold (sticks and switches better). Very easy to use software, but does nearly everything

frsky taranis - harder to use, ultimately far more flexible, cheap receivers and telemetry devices.

I've got both.

If you are not a techy computer types, I would get the hitec, or even better then new aurora 9x. If telemetry is a big deal, frsky is better.

An aurora with an frsky module and screen would be a good tx.

Both transmitters are very capable and I have used them both for contest glider flying.

Thread: Crow Set Up
18/12/2013 12:17:05

more up aileron might help, but flap is obviously better for slowing models down.

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