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Thread: The pure joy of model flying
20/01/2021 00:21:17

Reading through the responses, its apparent that its the good flights with a free flight model which are most memorable.

I can think of a flight with my Bowman's Simpleton, from a small slope, which became a 'speck in the sky' thermal flight and my first successful power flight with an MFA Yamamoto, but one with a free flight Veron Classic on our local recreation ground was the best, because it flew out of one side of the rec, gained height over some houses, then crossed over to the other side, again gained height, then finally returned for a perfect landing back on the rec, all by itself. To say I was ecstatic would be an understatement.

As a free flight flying field it does look a bit small now.

Bourne Recreation Ground.jpg

Edited By Robin Colbourne on 20/01/2021 00:32:16

Thread: Precedent T180
18/01/2021 15:59:31

Precedent T180 on Ebay: Unbuilt T180 kit

Edited By Robin Colbourne on 18/01/2021 16:00:24

Thread: 'Mediator'
18/01/2021 02:11:09

David, the Mediator cetainly looks a novel design. As Jonathan says it would make a nice change to the usual stuff and we need more VTPR models that don't call for large chunks of EPP or pre moulded parts.

I look forward to a flying video when circumstances allow.

Thread: It is flying related Flight
15/01/2021 17:00:42
Posted by J D 8 on 15/01/2021 15:23:18:

It's that old question Robin. Why does a Buccaneer retract its wheels ? So it can fly lower ! yes

laughlaughlaugh Love it!!!

15/01/2021 15:02:36
Posted by kevin b on 14/01/2021 23:18:56:

This thread is very interesting, but unfortunately it is way over my head.

wink 2

kevin b, that's the thing with flight, it usually is. If its not, there's usually a Buccaneer involved. laugh


Thread: mercury mentor build
15/01/2021 01:42:22
Posted by John Wagg on 13/01/2021 21:39:58:

Sorry about the thread drift but is there an advantage of the diamond configuration or is it just to be different. ??

Could it be that one of the longerons is the first part to touch the ground, thus giving slightly more protection than having a tissue covered panel at the very bottom?

Thread: Starter for smaller engines
05/01/2021 14:53:15

Matt, This one says .049 to .45 Mini Starter, so could be what you are after:

Playtron Mini Starter for 0.049 to 0.45 engines

Thread: What is the most useless thing you have bought
04/01/2021 22:57:11
Posted by Phil Green on 04/01/2021 22:55:06:

2020 Year Planner


Thread: Flair cub built up wing plans
04/01/2021 22:55:59

There's a cheap Flair Cub with a built up wing here. He infers he built it, so may have the plans.

Flair Cub on EBay

Thread: rubber / synthetic fabric runway
04/01/2021 22:51:18

When the UK had a coal industry, the rubber coal conveyor belts would have been used for this sort of thing. Ther must be other sources such as waste handling facilities which use them. A contact with the maintenance people which install the new belts would be the answer. Here is used conveyor belting for sale:

Used Conveyor Belting

Terram do a variety of geotextiles in the UK, maybe give them a call?

Terram Geotextiles

Thread: Starter for smaller engines
04/01/2021 22:34:53
Posted by Matt Carlton on 03/01/2021 20:39:49:

Evening chaps.

Some years ago, I seem to remember there being electric starters available for smaller (.10-.25) size engines. Does anyone know if there are any on the market now?

I did see a turned starter attachment to fit onto an old Speed 700 but I lack the equipment or skill for that.

I know. I should probably 'go electric' but still.

Hi Matt, I have one as you describe and its an Astroflight 1/2A starter like this one: Astro Flight 1/2A Mini Starter

Picture from Worthpoint:

Astroflight 1/2A Starter

I think it is based around a Mabuchi RS540/550 motor.

If you were to make one, I suggest you attach a battery pack directly to the motor to avoid getting wires tangled in the prop or getting caught on the model.

Edited By Robin Colbourne on 04/01/2021 22:35:24

Thread: Control line section
03/01/2021 16:22:44

Here's the Barton control line site: Barton Model Flying Club

If, like me you've hankered after one of those Wonderwings Aerostars that were flown at the FA Cup Final about 1977, and were a regular feature in the parade ring at the Sandown Park model shows, this is the page you want for plan downloads: Wonderwings Aerostar Plans downloads

This is the model in question (picture by Michael Palm from BMFC webpage):

Wonder Wings Aerostar

Thread: The 'share your photos' thread (not model flying)
30/12/2020 23:15:14

Looking across Chichester Harbour from the Thorney Island sea wall towards Hayling Island.


Thread: Why is epoxy like mustard?
30/12/2020 22:25:01

Whenever possible I put the epoxy on the job I'm going to use it on and mix it in situ, that way there's no waste. Warming it with a hair drier to wet it out thoroughly reduces the likelihood of trapped air.

Geoff, why not use one of the slower epoxies, say 30 minute, so you can get more split pins fitted from one mix?

Thread: Flair SE5a kit
24/12/2020 16:34:51
Posted by Mike Lavigne on 24/12/2020 15:40:16:

I recently picked up a Flair Se5A kit at a club auction. I am in Canada but paid the equivalent of 35 pounds for the kit. It is complete and never started.

Mike, in the words of the guy on the wall in 'Life of Brian' and without even a smidgeon of envy laugh:

Edited By Robin Colbourne on 24/12/2020 16:35:34

Thread: Plan recommendation for first Slope Soarer
24/12/2020 14:50:49

John Stones 1, I just re-read your original post and realised I had missed 'aileron wing' in the requirements.

One of the wooden versions of a VTPR (Vol tres pres du relief) or 'flying very close to the ground' glider would meet the requirements. The third group in this list are the wooden ones:

List of VTPR gliders

24/12/2020 13:06:12

We had what I think is a Dynaflte Piece O'Cake. Although the original design had an 049 engine on the nose, the one we had, bought secondhand from a model shop, was a pure glider. It was very light and ideal for marginal sites. Hankley Common, where we flew, was probably no more than 30ft top to bottom on the usual slope. The 72" span wing was tapered and quite light at the tips so it could turn tightly when the stronger lift was found.

Don't bother with the undercarriage, a plain skid is fine.

The plan is on Outerzone:

Dynaflite Piece O'Cake

The Carl Goldberg Gentle Lady is an iconic first soarer in the States.  It is slightly larger at 78" span and is also  on Outerzone: 

Carl Goldberg Gentle Lady


Edited By Robin Colbourne on 24/12/2020 13:09:26

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 24th Dec - last one!
24/12/2020 12:56:12

Merry Christmas to all!

Thread: Bowman Spatman
23/12/2020 16:19:47

Roy, your Spatman looks very smart, the light blue windows work well. A nice choice of colours and it looks very neatly built.

Thread: Building board
23/12/2020 16:12:27

Thanks to this thread, I've just bought two packs of these:

1/2" thick cork tiles, pack of 4

Although the title says 'Magicfly' I'm hoping they will be suitable for non-'Model Flight Accessories' models too! wink 2

In answer to Brian Lambert's question, the board I made earlier this year uses cork tiles stuck to a glass table top that my neighbour was chucking out. The tiles were only about 6mm thick, hence buying the thicker ones for better pin retention.

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