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Thread: Use Venturi effect for cooling air?
06/08/2020 11:54:03

This is more or less what aircraft engines do; they don't just sit in a big empty space under the cowling. If you look at a Lycoming or Continental, the air is forced past the cooling fins by ducting and shrouds, then exits into a low pressure area to encourage the flow. Ideally the exiting air should be warm, which shows it is taking the heat with it.

Thread: How much have you spent on modeling in 2020?
06/08/2020 11:48:22

Its a trick! Our wives and girlfriends are either holding Paul hostage and have hijacked his account, or else they've discovered what he has spent and are going to tell his significant other if he doesn't get us to spill the beans.

As the saying goes, I pray when i die my girlfriend doesn't sell my model stuff for what I told her I paid for it.

All I'm prepared to say is, that throughout lockdown, eBay was still working and the Sussex Model Centre were still doing mail order! wink 2

Thread: Biplane build required
05/08/2020 23:14:47

How about Don Stothers Jabberwock III, 44" span? You would need to sort out your won electrical installation. Sarik Hobbies do plans, laser-cut parts, cowl, spats and even floats: Jabberwock III

Jabberwock III

There are four Jabberwocks in all, if you wanted to go larger: Jabberwock range

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Thread: Please help identify this glider
02/08/2020 23:35:20

I'm now wondering if it could be from the Bob & Roland Boucher/Astroflight stable. That diagonal sheeting behind the spar is one of the Boucher trademarks as are the diagonal tailplane ribs. Their Super Monterey is similar, but not identical. Here is one on RC Universe that has been rebuilt.

Astroflight Super Monterey

02/08/2020 16:28:34

There'sa good chance it could be from abroad. Graupner, Multiplex, Robbe and Simprop have all sold models here, plus all those that British servicemen posted to Germany have bought back with them. Here's a good resource for German Kits Historic German Model Aircraft Directory

In addition to Germany, the USA, France, Belgium, Spain and Italy have/have had kit manufacturers.

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Thread: An intruder on our strip
23/07/2020 11:50:20

Practice forced landings are the most likely explanation, with drugs,contraband and illegal immegrant drop off being the possible but far less likely alternatives. Mis-identification of farm strips is also a possible.

If you don't want your strip used for Practice Forced Landings, mark each end of the strip with a large 'X' and notify local flying clubs and farm strips. Most full-size operators should be sufficiently aware of noise issues to be understanding of your request. The best deterent for illegal activities is probably a number of prominent signs which say the strip is covered by CCTV.

Thread: Ben Buckle kits.
18/07/2020 21:23:21
Posted by bees on 13/05/2020 21:19:29:

...i want to turn off the motor and extend the flight time even more, did read some where that it would thermal in the right conditions would you say that is correct. Thank you.

That's what Joe Elgin's 1939 original was designed to do!

Edited By Robin Colbourne on 18/07/2020 21:31:41

Thread: switch harness
17/07/2020 12:42:56

The fundamental issue with switches for the airborne part of the radio is that they tend to get mounted to the airframe to make them accessible. Because of this, they are subject to more vibration than the rest of the equipment. The receiver is likely to be wrapped in foam, or stuck to a foam or velcro pad. Servos, certainly in engine powered models, are usually supported on the manufacturer's rubber grommets. That leaves the switch, containing sliding metal contacts and reliant on the sprnginess of the metal to keep them in contact, mountedthe side of the model, where it sees the full force of the vibration from the engine, regular dousings in fuel or exhaust residue and airborne dust thown up by the prop wash. Add frequent visits from oily fingers and is it any surprise that they fail?

Some switches have a transverse hole through the projecting part of the slider, if the switch is mounted in foam inside the model, with a thread passing through the slider hole, it can be switched on from outside the model. Adding a pillar for the thread to pass round and the off thread can also be on the same side of the model, away from the exhaust.

As it is single point of failure, there is a lot to be said for having two switches in parallel, or on larger models, two batteries as well.

Thread: Aero art
16/07/2020 23:03:31

Richard, Could that actually be St Wulfram's Church in Grantham?   In which case it would be this mid-air collision that is depicted. If you click on the picture you will see the registration lines up: Mid-air collision - Airspeed Oxford / Ju88

Edited By Robin Colbourne on 16/07/2020 23:05:35

Thread: Seagull Boomerang or Arising Star - any difference at all?
15/07/2020 14:35:02

When you bank your model into a turn, some of the lift holding it up is now keeping it into the turn, so either;

  • The model will drop to gain the extra speed to generate the extra lift.
  • You feed in up elevator to keep the nose up, and the model slows down (and will eventually start to descend to maintain lift equilibrium, or stall).
  • You feed in up elevator and a bit of throttle to maintain speed and height through the turn.

When you finish the turn by levelling the wings, the model is now likely to have an excess of speed relative to when it started the turn as you now have the lift back that was resisting centripedal force; therefore the nose is going to go up. This is more apparent when turning into wind because the model covers less ground, so this climb appears steeper. When the turn is downwind and the model ends the turn going with the wind, the climb angle relative to the surrounding air is the same, but appears less steep to the pilot, as the model covers more ground.

A model with a symmetrical wing is likely to have less longitudinal dihedral(relative angle of incidence of the wing to tailplane) than one with a flat bottomed wing. It is this longitudinal dihedral which exacerbates the zoom up when the flat bottomed aerofoil model returns to wings-level flight.

Flat-bottomed wing trainers are great, partcularly for early lessons teaching older beginners in nil or light wind conditions, as the model can be trimmed to fly slowly enough that their brain processing speed can keep up, and prevents them losing confidence in the early stages.

Semi-symmetrical wing trainers are better for more windy conditions, for the reasons others have stated.

Edited By Robin Colbourne on 15/07/2020 14:37:05

Thread: What to do with an old camera tripod
15/07/2020 10:33:20

Great idea Tim!

If you can strap the model on to the stand, you have the added advantage of using the lockable tilt to hold the model in other attitudes should you need to work on the undercarriage, for instance.

You may want to stake the feet of the tripod into the ground if you are planning to run up the motor whilst on the stand.


Thread: A model aircraft for Magnum GP 15
11/07/2020 15:44:19
Posted by Paul Marsh on 11/07/2020 14:14:02:

Probably went for a stupid price. How much did it go for?

£80 + £8.99 postage & packing

Thread: Plans for Bowman 110 ins Sailman
11/07/2020 00:01:25

Hi Roy, Great to read that you intend to make the plan available. I'm sure there will be a lot of modellers who will be very grateful to you for dong so.

With regard to A3 scanning, I've not had to do any, so I don't know prices. There is software for stitching together A4 scans so that could be an option. Scanning oversize images

The Bowman's Super 100 is a bit like an enlarged Bowman's Simpleton with a longer nose. The original Simpleton nose was too short anyway; mine had a fair amount of church roof in it. I googled 'Bowman's Super 100', and look what turned up wink 2. David Ashby and his Bowman's Super 100!

10/07/2020 12:14:05

Roy, I appreciate your Simple Sailman plan is a bit faded, but it would be really grreat if it could be preserved for posterity and available to other Bowman's fans. Outerzone welcome submissions and a lot oftheir plans have been re-drawn. I've not submitted any myself, but this is what the site says about doing so: Outerzone - Submit a plan

"How do I submit a plan to Outerzone?

If you have a plan you want to submit, that's great. Be aware we have no way to deal with paper copies, so plans must be scanned and emailed. Any format will do: pdf, jpg, tiff, png, whatever you've got is fine. If you are doing the scanning yourself and wondering what settings to use, then a good starting point would be greyscale and 400dpi (although we do have some tutorial pages here if you want to go into more detail). Then just email it here to along with any details you have on the designer, year, etc. Also please try and keep emails under 25MB total filesize. Thanks.

If you have files that are too large to email, then we recommend the WeTransfer file service. It's simple, fast and free. Currently (Oct 2017) you can send us files up to 2GB that way."

Thread: Forum weekend prize draw - winners!
10/07/2020 11:50:39

Eeni meeny miney mo,

I'd be pleased with any of them,

So thought I'd better have a go....

...and here's a Post:

Wiley Post in front of Winnie Mae

Edited By Robin Colbourne on 10/07/2020 11:51:00

Thread: Ebay sellers...
09/07/2020 18:54:31
Posted by Doc Marten on 09/07/2020 15:54:35:
Posted by Robin Colbourne on 01/07/2020 17:52:27:

I hope whoever buys this realises just how little of a Precedent Flyboy they will be getting... I seem to remember copious sheets of liteply; which are notable by their absence in the only picture out of four that actually shows the box contents!

Also if you look at the bids so far, this is a classic case of 'Shill Bidding'.

Precedent Flyboy

Edited By Robin Colbourne on 01/07/2020 17:54:53

£60 for a wingless, half box of Fly-boy parts?!

Yep, shill bidding suspected here or a buyer completely out of their mind. We'll know for sure if it's listed again at a later date.

Doc Marten, I would love to know what is going on. It did occur to me that it might be some form of money laundering, but it seems a lot of effort for a relatively small gain. If it was something in the hundreds or thousands I could believe it. The Flyboy isn't even a particularly good model even if the kit was complete.

Thread: A model aircraft for Magnum GP 15
07/07/2020 20:44:52

The Fun Fly 15 looks good.

The Mantua Models Eclips (sic) appears to fit the spec: Mantua Models Eclips

Eclips 10420.

Length = 760mm
Wing span = 1000mm
Motor size = .10 -.15
Weight = 1100 grms

Manuta Models Eclips

07/07/2020 13:57:27

This is a bit different: Revell / Hegi 'Fan' 43.5" Wingspan

or this:  Ben Buckle Outlaw

Edited By Robin Colbourne on 07/07/2020 13:58:47

Thread: Diesel anybody?
07/07/2020 13:14:12

Richard, my apologies! My eyes were getting muddled between Jon's quote and your post. Your Miss 38 looks great from all angles.


07/07/2020 11:32:43

Your Miss 38 looks very attractive and nicely built. She sounds like great fun with either FF or with basic R/C. If you get a chance to post more pictures of her I look forward to seeing them.
Cheers, Robin

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