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Thread: Model Transport
18/01/2019 08:23:49

Would a glider carrying bag work, e,g,

Thread: Exhaust Cleaning?
15/01/2019 16:28:06

Sounds a bit like the old P&R silencers, on those the tube was wrapped in a glass/metal fiber (I think) wool that you periodically replaced, on those you could pull the inner tube out.

Thread: Gyro assisted CofG
14/01/2019 18:42:51
Posted by supertigrefan on 14/01/2019 16:38:15:

Interesting stuff.

I'm under the impression that a flight stabiliser only 'intrudes' when there are no signal inputs so what effect would it have on an unstable aircraft once it receives a command?

Would it be imperceptible or would there be a momentary twitch between the stabiliser relinquishing control to the receiver?

Not quite true, in stablised mode the gyros are always working, what happens is that the stick position is then taken as a command to rotate the model around an axis and the unit then send instructions to the relevant servos. If you set the gain too low it can make the model responses very slow, too high and you can introduce instability, every model needs different gyro settings.

One thing the writer could do is run his models parameters through a program like and then determine the maximum rearward c of g, I think if you actually move the c of g too far rearward, so you need a lifting tail section, could be very interested.

Thread: Motorcycles and model flying
14/01/2019 18:33:17
Posted by Don Fry on 14/01/2019 17:04:53:

Get a Jap bike and don't break down.

It would be easier to tell you what didn't go wrong with my Yamaha 350 (YR5) and the Honda 400F I had suffered from a self destructing fuse box, the 2 Moto Guzzi's were quite reliable, and I understand the modern Triumphs are every bit as good as their Far Eastern brethern

14/01/2019 14:08:43

My first RC plane was a Cambria Capstan glider which i used to take to the local slope on my Moto Guzzi V50, a long while ago and I can't remember how I strapped it on.

Re leaning sidecars I seem to recall when the 125 rules for learners was brought in there were some leaning 3rd wheels that could be added to turn an motor bike into a motorbike and side car as any size sidecar could be driven on a provisional license,

Thread: Gyro assisted CofG
14/01/2019 13:55:45

It's an interesting one, in theory yes, but you usually have to do a few flights to tune the gyro to suit the plane, with ability to switch the gyro off being the get out of jail card. Will be interesting to use one in an unflown plane, but something like the Wingstabi with the Easy firmware where it automatically adjusts the gains might just work. Or a flight controller/gyro which has auto level capability (similar to the helicopter flybarless controllers).

I think I would test it out on a hack model, i.e. move the c of g back and then fit the gyro, before putting it in a nice scale model that hasn't flown before.

Thread: Glow Power Indicator
14/01/2019 11:39:57

Slightly off topic, but I've just taken delivery of one of these with the aim of making a glow box like Tims.

Thread: OS 25 FSR- Equivalent
13/01/2019 13:09:21

Same here, my 25 FSR got wrecked a few years back, I acquired a new in box OS 32 last year, for not a lot, it's a peach of a motor.

Thread: full-size electric-powered flying anyone?
12/01/2019 18:24:08

Another being developed one here

Thread: Latent Servo Response
12/01/2019 08:56:57

If it was only the elevator servo and all other controls were fine then it falls into two categories

1) fault in elevator servo

2) fault in elevator control in the Tx

You can discount 2 if it only affects this plane and all others are OK. Interestingly I "fixed" an intermittent servo in my old Wildthing yesterday, it has old Fleet servos fitted (yes it's that old) and I'd made up some converter leads as Fleet used a different pin order, turned out that the signal wire was making poor contact in the converter lead, I removed the servo plug and fitted a new one, it works perfectly now (well at least on the bench, going to fly it today)

Thread: club drone ban
08/01/2019 08:38:21

I was prohibited from flying my Atom Autogyro at one club as they had a ban on all rotor craft.

Thread: Aeroloop model retriever
07/01/2019 15:01:43
Posted by kc on 07/01/2019 14:24:11:

Thanks for your comments, my club has just purchased an Areroloop ( from Sussex Models) and the members look forward to never needing to use it! But if we do it's there.........

Yes we bought one on the premise it would never be needed, unfortunately it has been used a few times. We just need something to stop the trees from jumping in front of models....................

Thread: Blotto rip-off
06/01/2019 12:30:41
Posted by Percy Verance on 06/01/2019 10:25:40:

God loves a tryer.....

A prime example of exactly why I leave ebay well alone.......

There's some good deals if you are prepared to look, I recently picked up a MPX DR12 pro Rx for a good price and also had some electrical paste delivered from China (for a £1) to repair a component on a circuit board that was too delicate to solder.

Thread: Do You fly Drones? An opportunity to explain why
06/01/2019 12:20:15
Posted by Simon Webb on 06/01/2019 11:55:50:

This drone story at Gatwick was a Police cover up IMO

They had a military drone in the sky to "look for a drone"

That is NOT how you would look for a would scan the sky from the ground!

Even if you were trying to follow it back to the pilot or see if you could spot the pilot?

But the more I read the less I believe there was a drone being flown by a rogue pilot.

Thread: ASP Engines
04/01/2019 08:30:08
Posted by Nigel R on 03/01/2019 16:58:43:

Another option, keep an eye on Ebay for Irvine 53s, come up quite regular, good motors.

+1, just fitted an old one that hadn't run for years in an Astro Hog, runs great.

Thread: New Tv. It's Good But...........
04/01/2019 08:26:48
Posted by cymaz on 03/01/2019 22:19:31:

Gave up on Sky Tv a couple of years ago and got a Netflix subscription....not regretting the decision

and if there is a series or sporting event you'd wish to watch on Sky then you can always access it (for a fee) via Now Tv on your smart TV or Roku box

Thread: ASP Engines
03/01/2019 16:53:10

Worth keeping your eye on the BMFA classifieds, new in box engines often get listed, for instance there is an Evolution 61 listed at the moment.

Thread: New Tv. It's Good But...........
02/01/2019 22:35:28
Posted by Percy Verance on 02/01/2019 21:19:59:

It seems HD is the way to go Chris. The difference is plain to see........ yes

I'm not entirely sure just where the signal is coming from Chris. I've noticed some houses in my village have aerials aligned in one direction, and some in exactly the other......

I'll need to make enquiries......

Edited By Percy Verance on 02/01/2019 21:34:38

Put your postcode in here and it will show your local transmitters.

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
02/01/2019 13:04:59

He was a key contributor to the forum and will be missed. Condolences to his family and friends for their loss.

Thread: Anyone else been up diddly up up on New Years Day?
01/01/2019 21:15:26

Good session at the club field this morning yes

Regretted doing continuous touch and goes when I had to clean the mud off the wing wink

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 01/01/2019 21:16:55

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