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Thread: aileron servos,y lead or dual channel?
14/11/2018 17:20:44

Separate, that way you can easily adjust the amount of aileron differential at the Tx.

Thread: Topmodel CZ Challenger
14/11/2018 09:08:36

Eric re battery choice, if you go for a 4s battery you will have to put a smaller prop on the motor to stop it from pulling too many amps, because the motor speed is directly proportional to the supply volts and power is proportional to rpm squared (with the same prop). Check out some of the online power calculators like

As regards battery size then yes a 3000 mah battery will give you a longer motor run time, but the glider will be heavier so take longer to get to height and will have to fly faster and possibly have a faster sink rate. If it balances without needing any additional nose weight then a 2200 mah battery would be a better choice, but if you have to add weight then you might as well go to a bigger battery.

My 2.3m built up thermal soarer is powered by a 1300 mah 3s battery and my 2.4m wingspan MPX Heron a 2200 mah 3s.

BTW if you are unsure of motor choice etc then it might be worth having a chat with 4max as they will help you match a system to your airframe.

Thread: Slowing down a Boomerang II trainer
12/11/2018 21:18:45

Nifty very nice, my friends Tx already has side sliders which can be reassigned to throttle so he uses that, it's been modded to include a ring so he can hold the stick with thumb and forefinger and then have 2nd/3rd finger in the ring so he can more easily move throttle slider up and down.

It's shown in a video here.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 12/11/2018 21:21:04

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 12/11/2018 21:26:56

Thread: Fixed or steerable tail wheel
11/11/2018 17:52:05

I built my 1/5th scale CAP Bucker Jungmeister with a steerable tail wheel with an internal closed loop control, which broke and would require major surgery to repair, so I've been flying it all summer with a castoring tail wheel with no issues, it actually is very easy to control on the take off and taxying is no problem.

Thread: Which Set Should I buy
10/11/2018 14:20:52

I was going to suggest Steve Webb Models only 35 miles from you, but they are listed as out of stock

07/11/2018 17:13:44
Posted by Erfolg on 07/11/2018 16:03:11:

I think. Multiplex is now a badge, that belongs to the Hitec.


Not quite the owner of Hitec bought Multiplex, so he owns both companies. Multiplex develops and build their radio gear in Germany, and the Hitec and Multiplex 2.4 protocols are completely separate, otherwise Hitec could have had an off the shelf 16 channel set.

The only branding that seems to take place is that some Multiplex models imported into the US were rebranded as Hitec (but that seems to have changed on the last couple of model releases).

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 07/11/2018 17:15:30

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 07/11/2018 17:15:56

Thread: Home made fuel
07/11/2018 08:48:51

Getting back to the original post, getting the methanol is one thing, but nitro methane another. Note on the Weston page that 10% nitro fuels are around £6 per gallon more expensive, so while methanol may be reasonable it doesn't include the oil and nitro which will push the price up substantially.

07/11/2018 08:41:27
Posted by Don Fry on 06/11/2018 20:36:03:

Yea, why does the EU forbid a gallon, but not four gallons.

Edited By Don Fry on 06/11/2018 20:37:40

It doesn't, it just requires special packaging/shipping for flammable liquids over 1 litre, it probably is not cost effective to ship one gallon so they have gone for a standard 4 gallon package.

Thread: Which Set Should I buy
06/11/2018 18:37:33

Eric, once you've adjusted the sticks it's in the programming where you specify the operating mode, this then makes the trims and everything work correctly.

Thread: DLE or NGH petrol engines
06/11/2018 18:33:19

Tigerman, if you fly from a noise sensitive site then make sure you budget for a decent exhaust system, I've got a DLA 32 which runs great but I can't fly that model at our club site as it's above our 82 dba @ 7m noise limit, rather than spend a large sum on a larger ugly exhaust it's being re-engined with a Laser 150 glow.

Thread: Which Set Should I buy
06/11/2018 18:28:24

Re mode changes, reminds me of when I bought my first Multiplex set, a 35mhz Cockpit Sx, I ordered it over the phone and then rang back in a panic a bit later as I hadn't specified the mode, told not to worry as it's easy to change. First time I'd come across a set where you could swap modes by turning a couple adjusters without opening the case.

Thread: Returnee to EF seeking advice
06/11/2018 13:49:05
Posted by Stephen Belshaw on 06/11/2018 09:35:08:

Many thanks for the prompt replies.

Frank, Point noted on not going overboard on the voltage - I may have been tempted! Good to know I can use my existing ESC's, what would be the minimum voltage for the LiPo batteries and would a 2000mAh LiPo give me the same flight time as a 2000mAh NiCd?

If the resting volts drop below 3.0v per cell it's effectively flat, the volts under load will depend on the current being drawn, you can buy battery checkers which tell you the % capacity left as the lipo resting voltage is directly releated to the remaining capacity. So if you are not using onboard telemetry readings then it's best not to fly to less than 30% capacity. Yes you should get longer from a Lipo for two reasons, firstly they are lighter and 2nd they hold their voltage better under load, so in both instances this means you'll be flying at a lower throttle setting or climbing to height much quicker, of course if you fly at 100% throttle all the time then this doesn't apply.

06/11/2018 08:09:54

Stephen, yes you can use all your existing servos and ESCs with 2.4 receivers with any modern brand, so no issues with using Frsky receivers, just note with Frsky that they have a couple of transmission protocols, one with is EU compliant and one used in the US and other places, if you buy all you kit from EU suppliers then no issue, if you say buy receivers from Hong Kong then they may come with the "wrong" firmware, you can change it but something to be aware of.

As regards batteries yes you can use Lipos instead of Nicds, just a couple of points to be aware of

1) they are much lighter

2) your ESC low voltage cut out will not be set for Lipo and if you fly to too low a voltage then you will damage the Lipo (note you can now use telemetry to monitor the voltage, current, mah etc)

3) the lipos will hold their voltage much better under load so don't be tempted to go for a higher voltage than the Nicd packs or you may burn out the brushed motors (yes I've done this)

Lots of good chargers out there, I'm using a couple from Overlander that I am very pleased with.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 06/11/2018 08:11:28

Thread: Electric Cars.
05/11/2018 17:42:43

That's another plus for electric vehicles, then as most of the braking is done by turning the motor into a generator. The Taxi company that had a fleet of Leafs noted that maintenance of their electric cars over 130,000 miles was way less than similar IC cars and that they hadn't had to replace any brake pads in that time.

BTW I knew somebody who consulted on the British Rail ATP back in the 70s and apart from the tilting mechanisms one of the other new technologies they were introducing was regenerative braking as the loads on disc brakes slowing the train from high speed were a big problem..

05/11/2018 08:02:14
Posted by Erfolg on 04/11/2018 22:05:29:

Yet I do welcome improved air quality, as long as all the pollution from the sacred cows are also addressed. I read just yesterday that buses and other public transport pollution is ignored as it will cost billions to deal with it. Suggesting it could easily take a decade before this source is improved upon.

Thread: Which Set Should I buy
05/11/2018 07:51:11

Eric, some good advice there, I would also check out what is popular with your local club, that way you can tap into the local knowledge if ever required.

Tx's are a personal preference, for Instance the new MPX Cockpit Sx sets have rollers on the rear to operate flaps, and spoilers (or throttle if you wish), my friend who has one is a thumb flier and fines them very convenient, I'm a pinch flier and prefer mounted sliders (that said I've flown his planes and managed OK)

Thread: Electric Cars.
04/11/2018 14:30:46
Posted by Erfolg on 04/11/2018 12:41:27:

I recently sat in a BMW i3 in the local BMW showroom, apparently it was Rooneys car, before his ban and subsequent move to the USA.

As for the car, WOW, once you are in it. Getting in was another matter, as the sill was so wide. The other aspect that put me off was the price, it was so scary, I cannot remember what it was exactly, approx £100,000. They had two of them, one already sold. I could get an old one for £57,000. Or for £1000 per month. The killer was two things, there is no space for the Zimmer frame, nor my models. I am also guessing that repair costs are astronomical.

I did have a look in a i3, without a fancy paint job, theirs being black, it is hideous. Other than that not up to standard for the section of the market it occupies, price wise. OK for the mum for picking up the kids, although when i pick up the grandkids, the mothers all drive expensive SUVs. Perhaps the target market are old pensioners, rather than the young pensioner.

The i8 carbon fibre hybrid supercar is £100,000 the i3 electric hatch is around £30,000 (but that one doesn't interest footballers)

Thread: Build versus flying time
04/11/2018 14:26:24

As long as the repairing versus flying time doesn't get out of kilter I'm OK wink

Thread: Electric Cars.
04/11/2018 11:21:11

Yes, but you are being a bit unfair, put in £1,000 near me and the newest car is 2008, £500 and it's 2004, once the technology is mainstream then prices might be more competitive.

Thread: Saito FA40 Performance Increase
04/11/2018 10:45:10

Experimenting with the prop may give something more suitable for the airframe, many years ago I had a biplane with a Webra Speed 40 two stroke in it, on a 10 x 6 prop the planes performance was lackluster, it flew much better on a 12 x 5 but the Webra wasn't happy with that so I tried my OS40FS (MK1) with the 12 x 5 and it was a much better match.

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