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Thread: Lap top Computers
29/09/2020 17:24:41

I've just replaced the hard drive with an SSD in my Sony Vaio, which I bought in 2012, was reasonably good spec then with a Core i5 processor and Radeon graphics. It's OK running flight simulators and all my work stuff (viewing 3D models etc) Mine has a 17" screen so is OK on it's own, but at home I have a 24" monitor, running as an extended screen

Shame Sony stopped making them, this is my second (I has an earlier one from a company I worked for) and find them very reliable.

+1 for SSDs mine, running Win10, now boots up in no time at all, with the earlier mechanical drive I could go and make a cup of tea smiley

Thread: Jet Pack Paramedic - Coming to a Hillside Near You!
29/09/2020 17:06:39

These were displayed in the docks at the Gloucester Tall Ships festival a couple of years ago, very impressive and very noisy!

Thread: BMFA kick backs/discounts for clubs
28/09/2020 08:08:04

I'm a club sec and as far as I am aware there are no club discounts. For a club to be affiliated all the members have to be members, as this is all online you can keep tabs of members BMFA status via the portal but maybe some secs feel it's easier to manage if they do the renewals. I am happy either way, a lot of members prefer to do the club ,bmfa, CAA all in one go, others like to join the BMFA direct. For the latter we then link them via portal so they show up on the BMFA club members list.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
27/09/2020 19:11:10

I wouldn't bother with a starter, just a good prime and a back flip with a chicken stick, should getting it going, works every time with my old 150. My chicken stick is a piece of broom handle with a bicycle hand grip on it.

I think Model Technics do fuel by mail order if you call them, Weston UK do, but Jon doesn't recommend them and they only ship in 4 gal batches.

I'm already looking forward to seeing the scale model you'll put it in.....................

Thread: Inadvertantly Overdischarged Lipo
27/09/2020 12:15:57

You can try it, but your charger will probably not recognise it on the Lipo setting due to the low voltage. So set your charger to Nimh and charge rate to say 0.5A and watch the voltage until it gets above 9v, then you can charge it on the lipo setting, do not leave it unattended.

But even if it comes back, the capacity and performance will probably be reduced based on my previous experience.

Thread: Glider Height Restriction Anomaly?
27/09/2020 11:12:29

I think the >14kg AGL 400ft limit for gliders came in to discourage pilots from slope soaring them and requiring mountain rescue when they put their backs out launching them wink

27/09/2020 08:07:18
Posted by Keith Miles 2 on 27/09/2020 00:02:42:


And all of that takes place at or below 400 feet above the launch point?

No but like the regular aerotows and large model meetings, NOTAMS are put in place which allow flying large models with an increased height ceiling, often 1500ft.

Thread: Best interference free 2.4 tx under ?350?
26/09/2020 12:12:35
Posted by MattyB on 26/09/2020 11:26:06:
Besides, from what I understand from the few people I know still devoted to FM, crystals are as rare as hens teeth these days...

True but if you have synthesized transmitter and receivers then crystals aren't an issue. I'm still flying several IC models on 35 Mhz, where I don't really need telemetry, using a 15+ year old MPX Cockpit Sx and recently acquired a hardly used back up for a £35

25/09/2020 16:21:00

Martin, from your description it may not even be 2.4 ghz interference but some other high power electromagnetic "beam" which is swamping the receiver electronics and causing a lock out. Some receivers will be better at handling this than others, but then it's not down to the protocol used.

Did any of them have telemetry feedback telling them what the signal quality was like? My Jeti and MPX systems both have this and the only time I ever see drop to less than perfect is when I've landed a glider out of sight when I've gone back a bit to far on the hill when landing, so the ground is interrupting the line of sight blush But then again there are no cheap 3rd party receivers available for either of those systems.

25/09/2020 11:41:29
Posted by Martin Harris on 25/09/2020 11:32:23:
Posted by Brian Cooper on 25/09/2020 01:57:54:

Wasn’t it a Multiplex transmitter which was proved to be prone to programming corruption back in the early days of debate over whether mobile phones were a hazard near the flight line? As far as I know, it was the only repeatably demonstrated example of a problem.

I maybe wrong but i thought it was one of the Futaba 9 channel sets. But some MPX programmable transmitters were around before the days of mobile phones, so may not have been designed accordingly.

I've got 4 MPX programmable transmitters (35mhz and 2.4 Ghz), Jeti DS12, Spektrum Dx6i, and also had a Futaba FF6 (35 Mhz), never had a mobile phone problem with any of them, nor a reception problem.

As far as I am aware at our club field we have never seen any 2.4 GHz interference (Multiplex, Spektrum, Frsky, Hitec, Jeti, Futaba, Detrum and Flysky), but have seen transmitter faults on a couple of Spektrums (early Dx8 and a Dx6) and a Futaba 6EX

But if you are worried about interference on 2.4 GHz, there's a couple of fliers at our club using Frsky Taranis radios with 900 MHz modules as they understand this has better range and is less prone to interference.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 25/09/2020 11:47:44

Thread: Getting Hard To Buy Lipo's
23/09/2020 15:26:24
Posted by Barrie Lever on 23/09/2020 12:55:03:

The good thing about glow engines is that gradually manufacturers will spring up again as it does not require a huge factory to make glow engines like it does to make something like LiPo cells.


And it looks like a couple of the RC car engine manufacturers have started to make some glow engines too, the Force 46, SH15 and 32 and NGH are offering a glow version of one of their small petrol engines, NGH 55.

But there are also loads of new in box engines around too, we have a few in our club room.

One of the other issues with Lipos is shipping, not that easy to ship them by air anymore.

Thread: larger models
21/09/2020 18:42:50
Posted by Robin Colbourne on 20/09/2020 23:35:22:

Modern two stroke petrol engines, purpose-made for model aircraft, use shaft or rear drum/disc induction which offer opportunities for greater control of induction timing.

Edited By Robin Colbourne on 20/09/2020 23:35:45

Most of the rear carb models from the likes of DLE etc use reed valves, it's only the engines with a front carb that use shaft induction. The additional power mainly comes from them being tuned for model aircraft use (that and not worrying about noisewink)

Thread: Premier 1/4-scale piper cub J3 cockpit
21/09/2020 09:27:26
Posted by cymaz on 21/09/2020 05:45:31:

You might have had this already or this

Edited By cymaz on 21/09/2020 05:48:05

The Aerocockpits panels etc are exquisite, friend has got one for the large FW190 he is building and it is super.

Thread: larger models
20/09/2020 22:04:10

You could check online rpm reports for the different engines and then decide, e.g. a search using a DLE 30 suggests 7200 to 7300 rpm on a 19 x 8 prop, around 2.7 HP, a ST2000 gives around 9,400 rpm on a 16 x 8, around 2.9 HP.

Friend had a Supetigre 25cc in a Wilga designed around a 30cc petrol, don't think we ever used full throttle, was off the ground on 60% throttle or so.

Thread: New limit on groups in England from Monday?
20/09/2020 08:26:09

Leccy the BMFA had already included this in their advice for modellers "

5. Only travel based on what is permitted by current government guidelines."

So this would apply to any areas that have more local lockdowns, for instance a couple of slopes near me in Wales are now off limits as they are in a local lockdown area.

Thread: New ipad
18/09/2020 11:30:03

No, just go to the web page and sign in as normal. I often access the forum from different PCs.

Thread: Pegasus/Galaxy Models Musketeer
17/09/2020 08:01:13

I think I had one as my 1st low wing model, some 40 years ago. Would have flown with a Webra Speed 40. If I remember it did fly OK, although at the time I probably wasn't experienced enough to really comment laugh

Thread: New limit on groups in England from Monday?
14/09/2020 12:09:07

Martin, as an option to a spreadsheet look at an online calendar, we use one from here as a site reservations system, I have embedded it into our club webpage so that is where members book in. You can do this from a PC, tablet or smart phone. We have introduced this and stopped members from signing the paper book on site, most of our members are quite happy with this system, those that have problems have a couple of contacts who will make bookings on there behalf. The admin can print off who has been at the site so if track and trace ever need to follow up we can easily let them know who was there on the relevant days and we can also keep a PDF print out for the club records.

Some of our members have asked we keep the system when all restrictions are lifted as they not only find it convenient but a good way of seeing who else is flying on the day so they can avoid being Billy Nomates.

Thread: To stabilise or not to stabilise - the gyro question
12/09/2020 11:30:15
Posted by Peter Christy on 12/09/2020 09:01:59:
Posted by TonyS on 12/09/2020 08:18:42:
Isnt that a bit like a Ford Pop driver poo-pooing a paddle shift gearbox and saying that anything other than double de-clutching isn’t really proper driving but is cheating?

Well, a paddle shift gearbox may well be perfect in a Formula One car (less than one turn on the steering, lock to lock), but is absolutely abysmal on a road car. Its simply a gadget for wannabe racing drivers.

The occasions when I've had to drive a car with them, I've just left it in full "auto" mode. Absolute nightmare devices!


Having got one that came with my 2nd hand car, I tend to agree, the only time I use mine is to drop a gear or 2 on a decent to stop the car from speeding up without holding the brakes, just like you would on a manual.

As for stablisers it all depends how they are used and set up, in dampening mode they can sit in the background and just extend the flying conditions of lightweight airframes that get pushed round in the wind, but in full auto mode they can make it like you aren't flying the model, but if you are a beginner and don't have any help they will help preserve the model and let you get in the air. Some of the self leveling and return to home systems are quite impressive, as long as the pilot knows which switch to hit laugh

Thread: Ripmax Phase 5e
10/09/2020 19:16:35

Just to come full circle, I never did get a Phase 5e and covert it to a pure glider, but I did nab a 2nd hand Phase 6, perfect yes

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