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Thread: Flying during pandemic.
04/07/2020 08:23:10

So the new rules from 4th July say you shouldn't meet in groups of more than 6, but gatherings of upto 30 are OK (providing following CV-19 guidelines) and clubs can reopen.

So is the limit 6 or 30?thinking

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
03/07/2020 17:21:45

Sorry if this has been asked before, but what's the thread in the outlet of a Laser 150 exhaust. Thanks.

Thread: VOLANTEX asw 28
02/07/2020 08:07:48

Also make sure the transmitter is set to mode 2 in the programming, if it is set to mode 1 then it will assign throttle (channel 3) to the right stick. Changing the operating mode to mode 2 will set the throttle channel (Channel 3) to the left stick.

Thread: Can I use an ESC & LIPO for BEC only?
01/07/2020 07:48:48

Make sure the wires to the motor can't short .

Thread: Diacov - any user comments?
30/06/2020 18:19:02

Looks like Polyspan is a light weight material sold as a replacement for tissue, Diacov is basically a lighter weight version of full sized aircraft covering, more than twice the weight of the heavy weight Polyspan. So depends what you are building, if it's a lightweight model then Polyspan looks a good choice, but for larger heavier models then Oratex or Diacov is probably a better choice.

Thread: Laser Engines now closed on Friday's
30/06/2020 18:11:53

Hope you can use the time productively,............................. by dedicating Fridays to flight testing yeswink

Thread: Diacov - any user comments?
30/06/2020 08:21:00

It's been used by the large scale glider guys for a few years. We've covered a couple of large scale gliders with Diacov and it's great, easy to apply, we were buying it from France. One of the Sarik guys has covered his 1/4 scale Cub in Diacov and pushed the management to stock it.....................................

BTW note that Diacov supplied width is wider than regular Solartex/Oratex rolls.

Can't comment on how it compares to Oratex as I've never used that, but it does seem a bit easier to use than Solartex, just not available coloured.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 30/06/2020 08:23:04

Thread: What glues do you use?
29/06/2020 08:13:01

Just been using some Grabit Aliphatic for a balsa structure, it's quite nice to use. For wing joiners and engine bulkheads Goriila yellow foaming glue, fills in any gaps and sands off very easy, just make sure you clamp the pieces together. Also like the Gorilla Cyano with the brush applicator and their cyano gel

Thread: Adding Span To A Low Aspect Wing
27/06/2020 21:15:36

You could run it through a c of g calculator which takes account of the tailplane area and moment arm.

Thread: Camber change on HQ section?
27/06/2020 21:06:33

There are recommended settings in the manual I'd start with those.

27/06/2020 20:55:39

David, whats the glider?

Thread: Matching an engine to an airframe.
25/06/2020 14:11:38

My Astro Hog has flown on an Irvine 53 and now has an OS55AX, both suit the model very nicely, plenty of power for big loops but not overpowered. I would think a 70-80 four stroke would be a good match.

Was quite interesting looking at the video recently posted on facebook from the nationals in the 1960s, all the aerobatic planes needed a long takeoff run on tarmac, probably a reflection of the smaller sized engines used.

BTW the Astro Hog is a delightful flier, build one, you won't regret it.

Thread: Ben Buckle Majestic Major help
24/06/2020 17:12:27
Posted by David H on 24/06/2020 16:21:02:

An 'expert' told me it's better to have excess power (not too excess) rather than inadequate power cos (he said) you just power back on the throttle. He thought the .97 in the Maj Maj would be fine - heck, the former owner of the Maj Maj evidently found the same.

Once again, guys, many thanks for your helpful contributions. yes smiley

Edited By David H on 24/06/2020 16:27:25

Possibly but I think you'll find that on the Majestic Major it will quite happily fly on tickover on a 91 FS, so you may need to cut the engine for landing. Mine flies on an old Laser 62 with a 15 x 4 prop.

Thread: Poly C - Fuel Proofer?
23/06/2020 22:51:01

Just finishing a petrol powered model, paint I've used is probably not fuel proof. I have some Poly C and note they say it is fuel resistant, anybody used it over paint as a fuel proofer?

Thread: Muffler choice
23/06/2020 17:15:35

I had a DLA 32cc and tried a Pitts style "muffler" still very noisy, if you fly from a noise sensitive site you'll need a bigger volume silencer, try Morris Mini Motors they stock DLE engines and various silencers, e.g. this canister one

Thread: Glider Tug Advice Needed.
22/06/2020 13:25:39

David, for the tug pilot keep the turns steady and talk to the glider pilot. Make sure the tow release works reliably and if anything looks like it is going wrong the drop the tow line. If the glider pilot got experience behind a tug, then good, if not tell them not to try and turn with the tug but just keep the wings level and let the tug pull the glider round.

The only other advise is that keep the tow line as long as possible, this reduces the impact the glider can have on the tug.

But generally towing is a bit of a non event, we actually prefer to test fly scale gliders behind a tug rather than chuck them off a hill.

Thread: Returning after a 20 year absence!
22/06/2020 07:59:54

Re the carb, if you know anybody with an ultrasonic cleaner then that would be worth a go. I am surprised though that is so locked up that soaking and heating won't free it off.

Thread: The great i.c. / electric finger chopping debate
21/06/2020 08:59:52
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 20/06/2020 14:47:47:
Posted by Tim Kearsley on 20/06/2020 13:52:47:

D'ya know, the more I read about Multiplex radio, the more I like it!


I've used it ever since the old 'Profi 4000' days in the 1980s.

However, the top of the range 'New' Profi has been so much of a sales failure (nearly three times the price of the Royal Evo but with almost no extra functionality) it has been discontinued after only a few years, the superb supposedly 'mid-range' Royal Evo/SX is down to one model and the new Cockpit doesn't have its functionality.

It's only a 'feeling' but I begin to wonder if Multiplex will continue to make radios at all. Which would be a shame as they've been doing it for about 70 years. Already their superb servos have been replaced with Hitec ones with a Multiplex label (Multiplex and Hitec are under the same ownership but Multiplex is not a subsidiary of Hitec).

Having got both a Royal Pro and a Profi I'll disagree the Profi is quite a step up capability wise from the Royal Pro, different to the 4000, but quite capable in its own right and addressed many of the limitations of the Royal Pro, wasn't much of a step up initially but the firmware upgrades made significant changes. But agree not quite sure which direction Multiplex (and Hitec) are now going.

But yes the throttle safe feature has been on MPX radios for ages, it's on my old 35 mhz cockpit.

Thread: Ben Buckle Majestic Major help
20/06/2020 16:57:45

I've got my Dads old one, powered with a Laser 62, balances on the spar, elevator movement around 10-15mm each way and rudder as much as I can get around 25-30 mm each way. Lovely flyer, you might have to stop the 91 to get it to land as there maybe enough thrust on tickover with a 91 for it to keep flying.

Thread: SK3 Quandry
20/06/2020 16:49:41
Posted by Roger Dyke on 20/06/2020 15:26:34:

Hi Simon,

Don't get too despondent. I too get the same with eCalc when I compare it's results with my own static tests. Usually the current in eCalc is about 25-30% less that what I record. And that's with all the boxes filled in as accurately as possible. It's a great tool to play with though when looking at prop affects etc.

What are you selecting for the battery Full, Normal or Low, if you are comparing results on a watt meter with a fully charged battery then you should select full on Ecalc, otherwise it is calculating the results with a 50% full battery.

I do find Ecalc matches up pretty close to my Multiplex and Unisens sensors, but a lot depends on the quality of the Lipo too.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 20/06/2020 16:51:38

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