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Thread: RCM&E Dec 2018 - Ruckus Review Update
16/08/2019 08:29:51

Jeff, re the prop, yes an electric prop is more efficient, but that doesn't necessarily mean more thrust, just less amps to develop the same thrust.

A club mate got one of these as his first low winger and I test flew it for him, I thought it flew fine, but managed to lose the canopy when doing a bunt..............

Thread: Electric Cars.
14/08/2019 17:42:11
Posted by Nigel R on 14/08/2019 17:23:48:

Also on a serious note, I see that emissions and waste from brakes and tyres are being examined in electric cars, perhaps with a view to using these components as a proxy measure for levying an electric car version of the road tax.

Not just electric cars but all cars, **LINK**. But electric cars seem to make their brakes last a lot longer due to the regenerative braking where slowing down re-charges the battery. Lots of users are able to drive round with hardly touching the brakes (electric cars are set up so the brake lights come on when you take your foot off the throttle in certain regenerative modes), Nissan call it one pedal driving. But tyre emissions are not propulsion type specific.

Thread: Multiplex Cockpit Sx 9
14/08/2019 15:52:37

Confession time, I'm no a MPX expert but do have a Royal Sx and Profi, but the only exposure I get to the Cockpit Sx is when I'm helping to setup a club mates models on his. On the Profi you have the option of having the countdown timer voice active or not, but I'm not sure on the Cockpit. On the Profi, it announces at 10min, 5min, 4 min, 3 min, 2 min, 1 min and then 30s, 20s, 10,9,8.................. This is basically for competition glider pilots who get bonus points for spot landing on a set time.

The Cockpit Sx manual says "the output of the current timer value can either be started by using your choice of switch or by swiping within the timer status display", have you set a switch for timer announcements maybe ?

If that's not the case then the only other suggestion I can make is to cancel the alarm and then have the timer count up, you can then get it to announce the time with a swipe.

Thread: Multiplex Dual Receivers
13/08/2019 21:05:14

Just adjust one of the servos mid point in the servo curves so the arms are aligned and then the mechanical linkage so both elevator halves are level, then by adjusting the end points they should move together in unison to the control input.

13/08/2019 20:16:37

Paul that also means when you move the elevator stick in high rates to give 12 deg then they will be out too, you need to get the servos matching. It suggests that there is some slight mechanical difference in each elevator linkage.

The best way is to adjust the mechanical linkage so they both move the same, but you can use the servo curves (5 point on the Cockpit Sx and Royal Sx and 9 point on the Profi), so the elevator halves move in unison. The MPX way is always to adjust the servo curves first to get equal response to the input and then adjust the required control inputs per flight phase/dual rate.

13/08/2019 19:38:14

Paul, you can set rates per flight condition (phase) too, this then adjusts the servo throw.

Thread: Take off dolly for a Funfighter, anyone used one?
13/08/2019 19:31:32

I knocked together a tail dragger dolly for a Cloud models typhoon (with OS32), it worked well, but club mate with a Me109 funfighter didn't have much joy with it, mainly because my typhoon had a rudder and the Me109 didn't.

Thread: Electric Cars.
12/08/2019 13:22:44
Posted by Martin Harris on 12/08/2019 11:37:11:

We are now trapping some of this energy and turning it into heat via direct thermal processes and photo-voltaic generation of electricity. Could this mean that making use of "green" energy actually contributes significantly to global warming?

Edited By Martin Harris on 12/08/2019 11:38:01

Or conversely we are currently in the process of releasing heat that was gathered over billions of years, i.e. fossil fuels, and releasing it over a very short period....................

But in answer to your question no the heat is radiated away, but a portion of the infrared that is being radiated back into space is interacting with CO2 and Methane which then re-radiates this heat back. without this the Earth would freeze, but if there's too much re-radiation then we warm up. Over 1 million years prior to industrialisation CO2 has fluctuated between 172 - 300 ppm, it now stands at 410 ppm and is increasing by around 2ppm per annum.

Thread: Methanol versus Petrol?
09/08/2019 18:24:26
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 09/08/2019 08:44:33:
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 09/08/2019 08:20:58:

The other reasons is that Petrol engines run cleaner as they run on much less oil, a typical glow engine has 15+% oil in the fuel and a petrol engine around 3% add to that a methanol engine runs around twice as rich as a petrol engine, then a glow engine kicks out 10x more oil.

That is the theory but i have tested our engines on 5% oil without any problem for a whole year and our petrol version are even as low as 1% in glow terms. So far its all been fine. I need to spend more time testing it before recommending it to all but certainly 10% oil is no problem and i really suspect 5 would be where it needs to be.

The trend towards high nitro also makes glow engines messy as the run so much richer. Its why i only recommend 5%.

I cant do anything about the fuel consumption figures though. stoichiometric ratios are sort of a fixed limit.

Agreed, but the majority of ready mixed fuel is 17 to 20% oil, but I'm planning to buy some neat methanol to dilute some 10% nitro fuel to drop the oil content on my Lasers and some other engines. I think the high oil content is a throwback to when castor was the main lubricant, and with synthetics then less is required.

09/08/2019 08:20:58

The other reasons is that Petrol engines run cleaner as they run on much less oil, a typical glow engine has 15+% oil in the fuel and a petrol engine around 3% add to that a methanol engine runs around twice as rich as a petrol engine, then a glow engine kicks out 10x more oil.

But noise is the big issue, I'm in the process or removing a noisy 32cc 2 stroke glow for a nice Laser 150 in my only petrol model for that reason.

Thread: Petrol to glow
06/08/2019 12:37:29

Mate and myself are currently changing out some noisy 2 stroke petrols for some quieter better sounding glow 4 strokes wink. I know if you change from glow to petrol then you have to change out the fuel tubing and tank bung, question is do we need to do that going the other way? Thanks.

Thread: Multiplex Vario/Altimeter vs UniSens-E
06/08/2019 10:14:12

Any problems/advice with either, come back or PM me and I'll see if I can assist.

Thread: Prop failure
06/08/2019 08:24:58

Just to add to to the wood vs composite props, friend had a 3 blade carbon fibre prop on his DLE 35cc powered zero start to de-laminate after a few flights, fortunately without a failure. The only wood props I have had fail have been as a result of a coming together with terra firma.

Thread: Found somewhere to fly!
05/08/2019 16:01:52

And most of all, enjoy the time with your two kids, they'll be grown up in no time.

Thread: Multiplex Vario/Altimeter vs UniSens-E
05/08/2019 11:03:55

Yep, used both, and the SM Modelbau GPS logger, aerobtec Altis GPS unit, and home made Arduino vario,

The MPX and Unisens are both very easy to use (on M-Link), the MPX vario comes configured for M Link operation so is just plug and play but is easily changed on the MPX launcher program (using the MPX USB adapter). The Unisens you would have to hook up a PC, either with their com cable or a MPX USB adapter, to set to M-Link and adjust the settings, very easy to do, but the software is all in German so you'll need to download the English manual and work your way through it.

I use the Unisens E in my electric gliders so I not only have vario but can monitor the flight battery too and the MPX vario in pure gliders. My mate has a Cockpit Sx 9 and uses some of my homemade arduino varios in his gliders.

Thread: Futaba 9CAP.
04/08/2019 16:23:02

Probably a faulty tx pot on that stick (aileron?), I know the guys in our club who used to have old 9 CAPs changed out the pots periodically.

Thread: Can you charge a LiPo through its balance lead?
01/08/2019 13:01:40

I have an e-flite charger that charges 3s and 4s batteries through the balance lead at upto 3 amps. (it's the one that came with the original Habu EDF I think).

Thread: Latest Lemon DSMP/X 7 check Plus Stabiliser
31/07/2019 12:40:15

I assume when you say ballooning you mean that the model raises it's nose.

If you have a mix on the elevator and you are in heading hold/self leveling mode the gyro will see that as an instruction to rotate the plane around that axis and move the control accordingly, so best not to have a Tx mix active in those gyro modes.

Thread: Finding Models
30/07/2019 17:40:56
Posted by David Davis on 30/07/2019 16:07:22:

Martin I had an even more bizarre experience a couple of years back. There were two of us at the strip at the time and the field downwind of where were were flying was sown to rape, again it was nearly ready to harvest so the plants were two metres high. The other chap was flying a drone. I heard him cry out as he lost control of the drone and it crashed into the rape. I landed my model and we began an intensive search of the area where he said it had gone down. An hour later and we were about to give up when I felt something touch my leg. It was his drone!

Maize field this time, drone pilot crashed, we spent a couple of hours looking with no joy, we went as far to tell the farmer there was a drone in the field with a lipo attached (he wasn't concerned), then a week later a fixed wing deadsticked into the same field, walking to get that he stumbled across the drone.

Also what we've had to do when modellers go to find a model is get them to take a flag on a stick, and we can then communicate via mobile where they are and direct them to the model.

Thread: Electric Cars.
29/07/2019 17:02:52
Posted by Erfolg on 24/07/2019 00:07:14:

It was very interesting to me in that i stated i wanted a vehicle that would reliably undertake a round trip journey of 140 miles daily, without charging, in the depths of winter and extremes of summer. You will all recognise what i want, heated seats, windscreen demisting, cabin heating and air conditioning to maintain 20C. Of necessity there would be quite a bit of stop and start driving. His opinion that i would be pushing the extremes of the capability of the vehicle, under some conditions.Although the vehicle was supposed to have 250 mile range

Shame really, if you commuted 140 miles per day for 200 days per annum thats 28000 miles, approx 2500 litres of diesel (51 mpg) at £1.30 is £3250, an electric car doing 4 miles per kwh would be 700 kwh per annum at the average UK peak rate of 14.37p/kwh is £1005 pa and off peak of 8.7p £610 pa. Not taking into account the reduced servicing costs. Plus if you charged at home you wouldn't be visiting a garage every 4 days or so.

But a better option would be to work nearer home................................

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