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Thread: Transmitter / receiver issues, help needed pls
24/06/2019 17:35:52
Posted by DAIRE CONNOLLY on 24/06/2019 17:04:27:

From the online docs it does seem to be 4v minimum but the 3.7 seems to work ok.

Until you've pulled a few mah out of the battery then the volts will drop, lipos start off at 4.2v fully charged (with no load), dropping to 3.6v (no load) when almost fully discharged. So you may be OK initially........................

Note you can get voltage boosters which raise the Lipo voltage to 5v, often used in small discus launched gliders, I've used then with a small single cell (700 mah) lipo.

Thread: Gorilla Glue in Aldi Stores
24/06/2019 12:14:21

Also I was in a Tesco Superstore recently and they were selling Gorilla Superglue and Superglue Gel for £3.60P per bottle. I find their superglue very good too.

Thread: Milson Airstrip
24/06/2019 08:11:54

You missed Ray Watts prop hanging his tug and I was giving FPV "rides" in our 1/5th scale T-21 wink

Was a cracking day and in our post fly-in pub debrief we think we might have identified what is causing the IS-5 random instability.

Thread: Battery sag, not battery fault, answers on a postcard please
23/06/2019 08:10:37

Can you describe the problem a little more, where are you measuring the battery volts? if it is between the connector and ESC then it could be the connector is faulty and providing an inline resistance.

Thread: Real metal on aircraft. Is it a problem for radio?...
21/06/2019 21:08:14

As long as the tx can "see" the Rx aerials then no. Lots of WWI scale model planes have metal cowls. Just do a proper range check and move the model around during the range check.

Thread: Transmitter / receiver issues, help needed pls
20/06/2019 08:53:41

One other thing to check is that you haven't got a faulty servo which is overloading the ESC BEC (which powers the receiver and servos), we had this on one model and only found it after the problem persisted with a 2nd ESC.

You can test this by unplugging each servo at a time.

Thread: Who said it would never happen in our lifetime
20/06/2019 08:43:47

And Rills Royce are getting in on this too by acquiring the Seimens aerospace electric propulsion division.

Thread: Extending Receiver NiMH 6V pack leads
17/06/2019 07:37:08
Posted by Andy C on 16/06/2019 22:38:31:

Thanks Frank but what does that actually mean. Can a 5 cell NiMH receiver pack lead needing an additional 12" of wire be done with 22AWG?

Andy, I should have been clearer, AA cells typically have a fairly high internal resistance, which would typically be 0.1 to 0.2v per cell at 3 amps. So total voltage drop would be 0.5 to 1.0v over the battery, so the 0.06v drop along the extra cable is negligible.

16/06/2019 17:49:56

From the net, awg 22 servo wire is approx 16.2 ohms per 1000ft, so lets say thats 0.02 ohms for 30 cm, if the total servo current was 3 amps then that's an 0.06v voltage drop..........

If you are using AA cells then the voltage drop across them at 3 amps will be much much higher.

Thread: Multiplex Profi TX safety warning
07/06/2019 13:34:48

It's also on the Technical Forum and there is a warning on the latest Launcher update too. On their technical forum the 1st reported failure was beginning of May, and since then another 2 have been reported. I've been flying with the latest update since Jan with no issues but will roll back to the earlier version.

Thread: Slowing down (a sports-aero) on landings - flaperons or spoilerons?
07/06/2019 11:54:27
Posted by Ben B on 06/06/2019 15:53:27:

Just thinking of mention of the thread of electric planes- presumably with an electric set-up the only implication of the power of the set-up is that a more powerful set-up is likely to be heavier (bigger battery, bigger motor). There's no "tick-over" as such, no idle speed to adjust, prop is almost irrelevant- the ESC could even be set on brake to add to the drag (though the risk is always broken props on nose-over).

Slightly off topic, but if you have the ESC brake on to stop the prop it creates less drag than a windmilling prop

Thread: Daks Over Normandy
05/06/2019 18:38:46
Posted by Peter Miller on 05/06/2019 18:33:07:

Well I saw 16 of the Daks pass south of me at 4.30pm. Four hours late

I have a feeling that they were a but more punctual on D-Day

Actually a day late due to the weather! and I suspect that was the reason today, probably too windy over the drop zone for the parachutists.

Thread: The Difference a Prop (Pitch) Makes?
05/06/2019 18:35:27
Posted by paul coleman 1 on 05/06/2019 17:53:35:

Hello gents,speaking of props,is it correct that ic props can be used on electric motors,but electric props cannot be used on ic engines?

Yes, electric props have a thinner hub and aerofoil section which makes them more efficient but not strong enough to handle the power pulses from an IC engine. You many find an IC prop draws a few more amps than a similarly sized electric prop.

Thread: Ink Jet Printing
04/06/2019 12:15:47

I have done this, it's OK under some circumstances, but the base colour will affect the final result, dark images/letters on a light background work very well but a light image on a dark background not so. I made up a gold logo to go on a dark red plane and while the transfer looked really good out of the printer, applied to the plane the red background completely distorts the colour.

If they are simple one colour images then getting them made on a vinyl cutter is much better,

Thread: The Difference a Prop (Pitch) Makes?
04/06/2019 11:25:50
Posted by Jonathan M on 04/06/2019 08:45:43:

Now done a proper test with the same 12x8 prop, maximum figures:

LiPo at 40% charge: 38 amps, 520 watts => 99 watts/lb

LiPo at 100% charge: 45amps, 700 watts => 133 watts/lb

So that's a quarter less thrust available towards the end of a flight than at the start. I never realised there'd be such a theoretical difference, which if I was a more experienced flier I might notice in actual practice...?

And, as an aside, that's another difference between EP and IC... where one might expect to actually see a very slight increase in thrust/weight ratio as the fuel runs down!

Based on Ecalc adjusted to fit your watt meter readings, thrust drops from 2.8kg to 2.35kg, also as batteries get older then the internal resistance goes up so you get less power too. I had a model the other day (8s setup) that on the first flight I thought the ESC had gone out of calibration and I wasn't getting full throttle, turned out the batteries used were poor, a newer set and performance was recovered.

Thread: Now that Solartex has gone...
03/06/2019 18:20:29
Posted by Peter Christy on 03/06/2019 12:46:48:

Its not clear from the ad if Diacov is "tex" or "film" (like solartex or solarfilm). Can you enlighten us, Frank?



As others have said it's a tex, I got mine from here, very similar to Solartex natural, I'm just covering my first model with it, and have brush painted a couple of test pieces with acrylic paint ok.

Thread: Where to buy small lipo
03/06/2019 11:40:16

Would this fit.

Thread: Now that Solartex has gone...
03/06/2019 11:32:26

As an alternative to Solartex I'm using this , Not coloured but goes an very nicely, but I've not been able to find a UK stockist so have bought from France.

Thread: Electric Cars.
01/06/2019 20:55:01

Peter have you really looked at the Jag I Pace, it's designed from the ground up as an electric car sharing next to nothing with the E and F Pace, The BMW I3 doesn't have much in common with their IC range either. Renault Zoe isn't based on any existing model either.

But they all have wheels, doors and a steering wheel (but then so do Teslas)

Thread: Making an electric glider's propeller fold more positively
31/05/2019 22:03:37

I've got the same model, can't remember the ESC, but no issues with the blades folding.

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