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Thread: SKY Rc switch
15/01/2021 08:50:26
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 14/01/2021 19:08:51:

So the $1m dollar question is, are they an improvement on an ordinary switch and is there any point buying them?

In my experience yes, I had a new heavy duty mechanical switch in a model and if it wasn't for telemetry alerting me to low receiver volts I would never have realised that the switch had a high resistance and just waggling the servos would cause a low voltage alarm. If the servo load was higher in flight then the volts might have dropped enough to cause a brown out. So for my larger models I now use a safety switch and telemetry receivers.

Thread: Saito query
15/01/2021 08:45:02

How have they failed, have they snapped or has the bronze bush bearing failed?

Thread: GLOW to PETROL
15/01/2021 08:38:40

You will need to change all the fuel tubing, including the clunk line. If the tanks have rubber bung or use O ring seals then you will need to change them to petrol compatible ones.

A few years ago a friend built a 1/5th scale Zero he had originally planned to use a big Super Tigre, but changed to a DLE 30cc, he changed all the fuel tubing but forgot the bung which then broke down and petrol leaked inside the model.

14/01/2021 22:19:10

You could always try the OS G5 Petrol glow plug and see if that works.

Thread: SKY Rc switch
14/01/2021 17:43:09

The way these electronic switches work is that they have to see a positive change to change state. On the MPX units the mechanical switch is actually a 2 way switch with the switch connecting the centre wire to either of the outer two wires, one connection will trigger the switch to the on condition, this will not change until the other connection is made to trigger the off condition. So if the switch has to positively change to operate the FET and if doesn't make good contact the condition will not change. The Jeti switches are similar except use a hall sensor and magnet to change the FET state.

On a MPX system, if the switch was on and you cut the wire to the remote activation switch the main power would stay on, if it was off when you cut it, it would stay off.

They are probably not infallible, but a step up from a mechanical switch which may be affected by vibration or over time could see an increase in resistance.

12/01/2021 18:47:52
Posted by FlyinFlynn on 12/01/2021 12:08:51:
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 11/01/2021 13:33:48:
Posted by Keith Berriman on 11/01/2021 11:12:42:

You'll need a good meter the current in the off position is typically around 2.5 milliamps. I've been using the Multiplex ones for several years, I did have a model with the RC Sky switch, which worked fine, but I sold that model. The thing to remember is to unplug the battery at the end of a days flying.

That sounds rather high to me.....quiescent current for a MOSFeT is three fifths of sod all..typically single figure uA, which is an order of magnitude smaller than 2.5mA.... Why is it so high?

That is the number quoted on the Multiplex data sheet for when the switch is in the off position, so it is for the complete unit not just the Mosfet. The Multiplex switches are slightly different as they use a 3 position mechanical switch to switch between the on and off positions and if the mechanical switch goes faulty the safety switch remains in it's current state. The Jeti magnetic ones state 160 uA.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 12/01/2021 18:53:20

11/01/2021 13:33:48
Posted by Keith Berriman on 11/01/2021 11:12:42:

Thank you for the response I was wandering about power use when not in use so will set up the Meters to check

Have seen where failsafe is power on

You'll need a good meter the current in the off position is typically around 2.5 milliamps. I've been using the Multiplex ones for several years, I did have a model with the RC Sky switch, which worked fine, but I sold that model. The thing to remember is to unplug the battery at the end of a days flying.

Thread: Digital vs Analog Servos
10/01/2021 21:08:48

No problem mixing digital and analogue servos, but if your radio has a fast response setting you can only use that with all digital, analogue servos don't like the faster refresh rate but digitals are OK at the standard refresh rate.

For dual surfaces, e.g. ailerons, flaps, dual elevators then stick with the same type so the surfaces move in unison.

Thread: Please check my setups
10/01/2021 13:44:29

Matt, I've found the ecalc figures pretty good against actual measurements, probably the biggest difference is the condition of the drive battery, one with a higher internal resistance will give poorer performance and if you have a battery which is better than that assumed by program will give more power.

10/01/2021 10:57:20

Matt an ASP40 turning a 10 x 6 at 11,000 rpm gives around 55 ozs of thrust, according to this thrust calculator

Also if you want a free electric motor calculator have a look at drivecalc

Thread: Flying with Spectacles
10/01/2021 10:41:09

+1 for varifocals, although my prescription sunglasses are only single vision, so when it's sunny I use them. No problem seeing the screen on my Profi, but it is huge with big text smile d

Thread: Please check my setups
10/01/2021 09:03:44

Matt, the Tornado Thumper motors are not listed on ecalc, but using a similar sized and same KV motor I get the following on your proposed set ups

1) 170 watts, 35ozs static thrust, 17 amps - so that looks fine and you have the option of increasing prop size if you need a bit more power.

2) 190 watts, 40 ozs static thrust, 18 amps - so that looks a bit light and an 11 x 6 prop would give 300w, 55 oz thrust, 30amps

3) 350 watts, 60 oz static thrust, 26 amps - so that looks a bit light and an 14 x 7 prop would give 500w, 80oz thrust, 38amps.

Thread: NGH 38 review Feb. 2021
09/01/2021 13:25:38

Piers - the dimensions are on Just Engines website so you can overlay it on your plan.

BTW have you seen the Propguy Fokkendecker

09/01/2021 12:06:48

Power wise it should be fine, one thing I would check is the length from the fire wall to the front of the cowl, the NGH is a bit longer than a regular OS120 FS glow or side induction 26cc petrol engine. Much like the old Magnatilla which makes fitting 4 stroke glows in them a bit tight (my Magnatilla flew on a Vega 50T which would nearly pull the skin off a rice pudding!)

BTW I did take the rocker arm cover off mine after a bit of running to check the valve clearances, they were fine, and there was lots of oil in there, but note the engine is installed inverted in my model. I did also run some oil on the rockers and down the pushrod tubes, as i mentioned in the article, before I first ran it. The only adjustment I've had to make to it was to lean the top end out a bit once it had done a bit of running.

Unfortunately with Covid I'm not sure how soon I will be able to get it back in the air sad

08/01/2021 20:53:50
Posted by bert baker on 08/01/2021 19:38:17:

Use less the review engine has been used for a year or so longevity is a unknown

It's also a sample of one.

I bought an ASP91 FS many years ago (over 10) and the conrod let go within about 3 flights, it was repaired under warranty and it's given sterling service ever since, been in a least 3 models and is currently powering my CAP Jungmeister. Valve springs also failed on my Laser 61 when it was only a few years old (probably over 20 years ago!), I got replacements direct from Neil Tidey, it's still on them and powering my Flair Fokker DVII.

08/01/2021 19:37:35

It was me who reviewed it and I bought it based on feedback on here, including Martins, several months before doing the review . The review isn't a detailed engine review but more a practical users experience. Due to Covid (and broken undercarriage!) I've only managed a dozen flights with it, but it seems to be getting even better.

The Privateer btw is a cracking model, would have been even better if I'd keep the weight down a bit wink

And yes I will be in the queue for a Laser petrol when they are released to compliment my Laser 61,62,75,150 and 200v glows.

Thread: What is the most useless thing you have bought
05/01/2021 08:37:41

32cc two stroke petrol, too noisy to use at our flying site.

Thread: Import tax/VAT from europe.
03/01/2021 17:29:25
Posted by Stuart C on 03/01/2021 17:13:01:

Without agreement in EU law to enforce UK VAT collection by member states, then the process will have difficulty in succeeding. At this moment, the EU Commission is "upgrading" its website. IMO they have more important issues to deal with first. The dust will be in the air a long time before it settles.

That's what's not clear, if an un-registered EU shop posts something to a UK customer what will happen to it. But it looks like the easy way round this is for the EU shops just to sell via Ebay or Amazon marketplace and let them deal with the VAT. I'm sure Jeff won't mind making a few percent on each sale.

Thread: Battery discharger advice
03/01/2021 14:49:30

Yep, I've used several adaptors from time to time.

Thread: Import tax/VAT from europe.
02/01/2021 09:34:55

So I am guessing that EU suppliers will know that for orders under 150 Euro they charge their local VAT but above they ship VAT free and the importer pays? Probably vice-versa for UK suppliers to the EU. But this from a policy paper dated 3rd Dec so the final trade deal may differ all should be come clear in the next few weeks, hopefully.........

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