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Thread: Flaps
16/05/2020 20:35:56
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 16/05/2020 17:35:48:

Be aware of the added drag when landing, pull the nose up a few degrees and some models will stop dead almost right away. Be aware too that you might need an elevator flap mix. Again, it varied depending on model but in general lowering flaps causes a nose down pitch, especially if you have retracting gear as well. However, if your model is very light (like a funcub) and essentially has no need for flaps other than for fun, the model will pitch up with flap deployment. The same is also try if you fly too fast, obviously.

Which models are you building?

On a couple of high wing models with flaps, a Glenns Maule (now no more) and a Seagull Maxi Lift (Laser 150) the flaps cause the nose to pitch up, same with my friends Wilga. On my Maxi Lift I have around 60 Deg Flap for landing, this allows very steep approaches and short roll out. Without flap it just floats on forever. Another friends Zero also required a touch of down elevator mixed in with the flaps.

Thread: The Lockdown Restrictions Have Been Relaxed. Who's Been Flying?
15/05/2020 19:13:56

Very nice Pete, gave our strip it's 2nd cut this afternoon and a quick session with my MPX Heron, booming thermal went from 130m to 430m before I chickened out yes which was good as I thought the CAA operator number would affect performance cheeky

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 15/05/2020 19:14:58

Thread: Flying over private land
14/05/2020 19:40:48

Flying over the private land might not be an issue but how do you ensure any people, using the public footpath, not under your control don't approach you when you are planning to land?

Thread: Advice on using my old Futaba gear
14/05/2020 15:27:45

David, yep the lower battery voltage is fine, the actual 2.4 ghz circuitry runs at 3.3v so this isn't an issue. Also on the T6K you can fit a soldered pack, it shows you how in the instructions.

For gliders it's a better bet than the T6L as you get aileron differential, spoilerons (crow braking if you have flaps), camber etc etc. Plus Vario if you have the appropriate sensor in the aircraft.

The thing that I don't like about the T6K is that for some reason Futaba made the trainer switch non-spring loaded and on the top right of the Tx, which is the opposite of what they previously did (spring loaded top left) which is what all our instructors were used too, so for that reason it isn't a very good instructors radio!

Thread: For Better or for worse
14/05/2020 13:27:40

As it's obviously flown off the roof, did it have it's CAA operator ID attached, tut tut wink

Thread: Advice on using my old Futaba gear
14/05/2020 08:57:58

Couple of guys in the club have the T6K radios and have just replaced the dry cells with rechargeable Nimh cells, no problems they work well. I wouldn't use loose cells in a holder as a receiver supply, but in the transmitter I have used a set of Nimh batteries in a Dx6i for over 8 years with no issues.

Power consumption of 2.4 radios is very low and the T6L which has no display will probably be less than 100 milliamps.

If you do go with dry cells, then make sure you have a spare set in your flight bag/box.

Thread: Irvine 61 Muffler
11/05/2020 12:14:36

Same questions as John, Just Engines do an exhaust spacer here, but it's only 12mm.

Thread: Best prop for AXI 5330/18 259 on 8S
10/05/2020 12:01:50

18x12e on Ecalc gives 59A, 1630 watts, 6440 rpm, 7.8kg and estimated speed 75mph. Looks quite a good match.

Note Ecalc estimates the battery voltage sag under load and in this instance the batteries I've chosen drop to 27.8v at this load. If you batteries are better you'll get more power (more amps) and if they are a bit tired results won't be as good.

If you pm me an e-mail address I can send you a PDF of the output.

10/05/2020 08:17:57

Peter, couldn't agree more, onboard telemetry is the way to go. If your system supports it then the SM Modelbau Unisens sensors are great, measuring current, volts, mah and rpm in one small neat unit.

I often set up high current and low voltage alarms, as well as a mah alarm, had a couple of magnets come loose in a motor and rub on the back plate, this set the high current alarm off so I landed and checked. If I had been using just a timer then the first I may have known about this was when the LVC kicked in.

09/05/2020 17:38:41
Posted by Dickw on 09/05/2020 10:54:37:

Just checked the data using MotoCalc and come up with numbers remarkably close to Frank's ecalc figures, apart from top speed which MotoCalc suggests will be in the mid 50s mph. That sounds fine - unless you are planning on pylon racing with it smiley

Both ecalc and MotoCalc suggest a thrust to weight ration of around 1:1 or better, and since you say it doesn't seem to pull that well on the ground it might be a good idea to check rpm and make sure you are getting something like the numbers in Frank's post.


My mistake Dick, I didn't change the aircraft characteristics apart from the weight, so probably underestimated the drag and frontal area etc

09/05/2020 16:48:42

Those numbers are not far off the Ecalc ones, the electric props are thinner than the Aerostar wooden ones so you will get a little more thrust for the same power input.

What size ESC have you got, if you have enough head room, say an 80 amp ESC then a 19 x 10 prop would give you more take off ummph,

09/05/2020 08:23:21

Just run this through ecalc, I assumed 5000mah 45c lipos and got 1400 watts, 6.7kg thrust at 52amps on a 18x10 APC E, 6500 rpm.

Going to a 19 x 10, gives 7.6kg, 1700 watts, 61 amps, 6400 rpm. Estimated level speed on both props is 68 mph.

An 18 x 8 drops the power to 1240watts, 5.6kg, 44amps.

I would say based on this that if you think you need a bit more thrust then a 19 x 10 prop would do the job (subject to ground clearance).

BTW we are just refurbishing a Mick Reeves Hurricane, 80", and using a 19 x 10 prop on a 400kv motor on a 6s battery. Haven't weighed it yet but it's no where near 6.5kg.



Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 09/05/2020 08:23:52

Thread: If you like engines.........
06/05/2020 13:24:10

While the big stuff is great these are just delightful

Thread: Will going FPV help me?
04/05/2020 08:02:34

Quad flyer in our club finds flying FPV much easier, so I would give it a go. I have also flown my quad and few fixed wing planes FPV, the biggest problem is getting lost in the sky, you don't know where you are blush, but with a spotter this isn't an issue as they can tell you which way to fly.

The other issue is my FPV googles misting up, but mine, Fatshark V2, don't have a fan.

Thread: Robin DR400 Black Horse
03/05/2020 18:39:33

Sarik Hobbies have a 2.5m span one on their plans list.

Thread: The big question, WHEN
03/05/2020 12:22:53
Posted by Steve J on 03/05/2020 11:18:04:
Posted by Michael Ramsay-Fraser on 03/05/2020 10:45:56:

Ventilators, PPE shortages and NHS overwhelmed within days was the outcome. Recommendations were made. Did the government take action? Watch the death figures rise and guess the answer.

The question is how much do you spend preparing for a 50 year event? Do you have mothballed wings in hospitals? Do you pay over market rates to keep PPE production in the UK? If you spend a few billion a year on pandemic preparation, how does this impact deaths from other causes?

I think the issue is that we had a few weeks warning over other countries and didn't start preparations when we could have. But how much has the current pandemic cost? Is one of the reasons Germany has fared better than UK due to the fact they spend a higher proportion of their GDP on health care compared to the UK?

Thread: First Warbird?
03/05/2020 11:20:19

yes but that workbench is way too tidy.........................

Thread: Power consumption on multi engined model
03/05/2020 08:21:36
Posted by Cliff Bastow on 02/05/2020 21:02:56:

The power set up recommended uses 4 x 30 amp esc so I assume each motor will draw less than 30amp, lets say 25 amp max so what will be the total draw at the battery is basically what I am asking. Normally I use Deans connectors but I am a bit worried they wont take enough amperage.

Is it what each motor draws added together?

Yes, think of amps as fuel flow, so if you had one tank feeding 4 engines then the flow from the tank would be the total flow going to all engines.

Thread: Novice needs help!
02/05/2020 12:11:40

Tony when you say the receiver doesn't light up, do you mean there is no light at all? .If that is the case the receiver isn't getting any power, make sure you have the power lead plugged in the correct way round,

What receiver model is it? some of the Spektrum receivers require a bind plug while later ones have a button thats pushed.

Thread: Gorilla glue
02/05/2020 10:34:41

I often use it instead of epoxy, joining foam wings, wing joiners, engine bulkheads that sort of things. Just make sure that what you've glued together is clamped together or the expansion will push it apart.

BTW Gorilla Super Glue is also very good, the one with a brush is good for application and the Gel super glue is also great where you don't want the glue to wick away.

I usually stock up when they are on offer at Aldi.

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