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Thread: Electro-S first chuck..
27/06/2009 20:50:04
Alex, your 12v transfomer probably has a fuse in it which has expired, if not I have a spare you can borrow (12v power supply not a fuse!) or being a computer bod why don't you make one from a computer PSU.
Not sure which ESC you have got but if its a generic hobbywing/turnigy etc I have a programming card and we can set the ESC brake to on so the prop stops and folds.
Mix in a bit of down with power.
Thread: Sound effects
27/06/2009 08:42:46
Tom if you want to fly a Spit with sound of a real Merlin or a P40 with a radial then this the way to go. When will scale comps start to award points for sound realism!
At the moment OS don't do a scale Merlin engine.
Thread: Beginners
23/06/2009 13:44:40
Eric, no problem binding the Rx's to the DX6i, just make sure you have it on the model memory you want to use when you bind it.
As Timbo noted you can't however bind a Rx simultaneously to your Dx6i and Dx5e, it will only bind to one Tx at a time.
If you plan to use the Dx5e as the buddy to the Dx6i then the Rx will need to be bound to the Dx6i.
Thread: Exploding Speed Controller! In Flight. Craaassshhh :(
23/06/2009 13:35:58
Yes the speed controller was quite a mess, but the only marks on the battery were where it was against the ESC. The cells were still both above 4v and within 0.01v of each other.
The plane however is in remarkably good condition, it says a lot for these bits of foam.
Thread: Wing set up/power
22/06/2009 22:27:17
Looks like you've over prop'd it, I couldn't find a 3900 kv inrunner, but used a 3700kv motor drive calc ( and with a 3s lipo and 5 x 5 prop it told me system was over loaded as current is above 50 amps.
You need to either
1) fit a smaller prop, a 4.1 x 4.1 on a 3700 kv motor and 3s battery is pulling just under 30 amps
2) Change battery for a 2s, on same motor this reduced the current to just under 30 amps on a 5 x 5 prop.
3) Go for a lower KV motor, the one you have is really for use in a ducted fan or with a gear box. (for instance a 4.1 x 4.1 on a 3700 kv motor and 3s will be turning at over 30,000 rpm)

It cut after 2 - 3 mins as you'd been pulling such a high current the battery volts had dropped to below the ESC cut off point, lucky you didn't let the majic smoke out.
Thread: Brushless Twin set-up the basics and more
22/06/2009 22:12:39
Nik, sounds very similar to the circuit board I had, except I use the rudder input instead of the flap input. Not much good for learning to fly single engined but great for taxying on water. With electric Gemma could use the rudder input to select which motor is isolated.
Could you pm me the circuit diagram as well as i lost my copy and it would be useful to have.
21/06/2009 22:57:03
Many years ago I built an OD Seaplane twin with two 25's, a friend of mine gave me a circuit which allowed me to use rudder to operate only one throttle. It worked like this, put on full rudder (right or left) and it then froze the servo position on that side, opening (or closing) the throttle then only operated the other servo so you could get differential thrust. Moving the rudder stick back to the middle reactivated the "isolated" servo.
Don't know if it would work with an ESC as a suspect it just isolated the position signal to that servo so in the case of an ESC it would stop the motor on that side.
But it worked well and made water taxying a lot easier.
Not saying too much about the plane though which was too heavy and flew accordingly.....
I don't have the circuit diagram anymore but i still have the board I made up.

Thread: Exploding Speed Controller! In Flight. Craaassshhh :(
21/06/2009 22:40:31
Saw your e-mail as well, I'm going to guess it was not a short at the battery end, if it was the current and heat would have caused the insulation on the battery wires to melt.
Looks like either a short in the ESC, feed to motor or in the motor itself.
Your points 2 and 3 might point to the wires to the motor being disturbed in a previous landing and either shorting on the motor casing or against each other. Have you managed to check the motor wires as they do run pretty close to the motor casing.
When i first got into electric i had an ESC cut off power to the motor when it got too hot, but it kept the BEC going so i don't think it's a cooling issue.
Bring it over and we'll check the motor and battery out, the battery might be OK
If it's OK we'll plug my e-logger in and check the current draw.
Thread: How hard should it be to put the prop shaft on an elecy motor?
15/06/2009 22:36:41
Re beeping ESC, make sure Tx throttle is set to idle when you connect the battery or ESC first sees high throttle setting and thinks you want to go into programming mode.
Also on a Futaba Tx you have to set set the throttle direction to reverse or ESC will see idle as max throttle and will sit there waiting for you to go to idle before it arms itself. 
On a similar note John popped round tonight so we could sort his new electric out, wired everything up and plugged into a spare Rx I had and it just sat their beeping at us. After a bit of head scratching we realised the servo plug was reversed DOH!, turn it round and away it went fine.
Thread: Motor Cutting
15/06/2009 22:03:53
Just a thought, is the Lipo cold, whenh cold they don't give their best and will see a big volts drop until warmed up.
Thread: How hard should it be to put the prop shaft on an elecy motor?
15/06/2009 20:58:46
Alex isn't this all the stuff that came with the Graupner set, it should fit. Are trying to put the collet on without the back plate then it can open up and slide onto the motor shaft.
Thread: Buddy Problem
13/06/2009 20:25:21
Club has bought 3 new Futaba 2.4 6EX sets and buddy leads for the club trainers, intent was to use these as masters with old 35 sets as slaves, but we can't do the square to round so that is out of the window.

Anyway we tried buddying two sets again today, we couldn't use these sets together but tried them with some other sets in the club, neither of the new Tx's would act as a master but would slave to another 2.4 6 EX and 35 6EX so this showed the lead was OK.

We got the 3rd set out of the box tonight and set it up as a master but the other Tx's wouldn't slave to it. Note we have set trainer to on and when we hold the trainer toggle the mater Tx stops working but control is not transfered to the slave Tx, release the toggle and control is restored.

We are either doing something very stupid (but managed at the field to set up two other Tx's as masters with no problems) or we have a batch of Tx's which are faulty and don't transfer control to the slave set when the trainer button is held.

They are all going back to the model shop so they can check them out, most frustrating.
We are following the manual instructions to the letter and had no problems using some older Tx's as the master, have Futaba changed something or have we got a faulty batch.
Thread: A KIT for an electric glider
12/06/2009 22:06:38
DB do a glider with a power pod
Thread: Graupner Electro Junior
06/06/2009 18:17:27
Alex- re the Zakki glue, test it on a bit first, I thought I'd use it on my foam Sea Fury (not Epalor) and it dissolved the foam, probably OK on the Graupner but better safe than sorry.
Did you buy a new charger as well..................
06/06/2009 14:46:19
I've been using some Hextronic HXT900 servo's from HobbyCity in a couple of models and they've been fine over the past 9 - 12 months.
Thread: Insurance and dry cell batteries
04/06/2009 23:03:51
Basically rubbish, BMFA warn against using loose cells in airborne packs, i.e., battery holders.
I haven't seen any warnings in the BMFA news telling users not to use the DX6i, but I have seen an article telling people not to modify their 2.4 modules in their Tx's.
Can't see how having dry cells in the Tx is going to have any effect on the number of servo's you use.
Thread: Twin motors and speed controll
03/06/2009 22:34:52
I have a Twin Jet Racer running 2 x 480's on 5 x 5 props and a 30A speed controller (4s LeFE) at 10.5v it was pulling 22 amps total, max amps was 28maps, so a 40 amp esc should be no problem on a 7 cell nimh.
I would think if you pulled 20 amps each on 480's the magic smoke would definitely come out of the motors...............
Thread: ESC
30/05/2009 22:03:36
I have a 60a ESC with a switched BEC driving 6 servos, no problems for the last 12 months I stuck a temperature monitor on it and the temp when up on part throttle (but only by about 5 DegC) and reduced on full throttle.
Make sure you get one with a programming card (usually available for less than £5) makes it so much easier to set up, only difference between an outrunner and high Kv inrunner is the motor "timing" for best efficiency but the instructions with the programming  card will explain all than.
Thread: Turnigy Accucell-6
30/05/2009 08:14:13
My Accucell 6 works fine on my Maplins PSU.
Thread: Binding more than one Rx (3) to a Tx 2.4 module
25/05/2009 22:46:26
Myron, I don't use Corona 2.4 (have a Spectrum Dx6i), but looking at the hobbycity/corona web pages Corona do two system a DSSS which is a spread spectrum technology (Simlar to Spektrum) and FHSS which is frequency hopping (similar to Futaba) the two systems are not compatible.
Now my reading of the web pages is of the Rx has a D at the end it's a DSSS if it has a F then it's a FHSS. The confusing thing is that if the the Tx module finishes with a F it means Futaba (which also fits Hitec)
Sounds like you have a DSSS Tx module, 1 DSSS Rx and 2 FHSS Rx's, the FHSS Rx's should not bind to a DSSS module.
Bit confusing when a single supplier makes two incompatible systems eh
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