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Thread: Electric motor revving?!
24/05/2009 20:05:30
Have you checked the full load current, I put a similar Kv (924) motor in drivecalc and it estimated over  45A which is a lot for a 2250 mah battery and could be pulling the battery volts down so the LVC cuts in at full throttle.
You need to measure the volts and amps at full load to check that it's not the battery volts dropping too low on full throttle.
If you can't do this then either try a smaller prop, an 11 x 5.5 will get you down to around 37 amps, or try a larger mah battery which won't "sag" as much under load.
Not sure why motor carried on a full pelt when you throttled bak though.
Thread: Wattmeter while charging?
24/05/2009 08:13:24
Ben - let us know how long the 6v 400s lasts on a 3s lipo, mine in my twin star did about 20 flights before one died.......................................
PS if you want to stick a wattmeter in the plane you should look at the e-loggers from Eagle Tree
I've got the V2 and it's been really good.
Thread: Lipo acting up
24/05/2009 08:07:13
It all depends on the ESC Low Voltage Cut off point and the battery charger being used, I accidentally ran one of my 4s 3200 mah (Zippy) cells to the LVC yesterday but fortunately the charger (Turnigy) didn't object and I charged it OK, put back in 3150 mah
Thread: New battery charged by Air
23/05/2009 22:39:18
See this, they've already got the research grant. If it works lets hope some UK company picks up on the technology as it seems like it could be a big break through.
Note the thread title is a bit misleading, it's not charged by air but uses air in the discharge cycle, so I guess it will give off oxygen when it's being charged.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 23/05/2009 22:41:13

Thread: Lipo acting up
23/05/2009 22:29:45
Garry, beware of the small testers, I've got a cheap one and while it's a good indicator of the overall battery voltage mine is not accurate enough to give an accurate reading of each cell, when I've checked with a Digital Volt meter the individual cell voltages have been a lot closer than the simple battery checker showed.
Having said that if the above are the offload voltages, you have allowed the battery to discharge to a very low level and maybe your charger does not like the low battery volts so thinks it's a 3 cell battery.
To get the charger to recognise it you need to get the pack voltage up a bit, you could trying to charge it as a 3 cell and this might get some charge back into it which would then allow you to switch the charger off and then back on and the charger then might recognise it as a 4 cell battery. 
If your charger has a LiFe setting you could try this as LiFe batteries are a slightly lower voltage, the charger will then charge the battery upto a higher voltage (it will be like partially charging the pack), once there the charger will then recognise it as a 4s lipo and you can go back to the normal setting.
If you don't have a LIfe setting the other alternative would be to change the charger to a Nimh or Nicd type battery, set a low current say 0.3A and put a bit of charge into it for a few mins (watching it closely to make sure the overall pack voltage does not go above say 15v), this will get some charge back into the battery you can then switch back to Lipo setting and it should recognise it as a 4 cell battery. It happened once to me with a 3s I let the battery run right the way down to the LVC on the ESC and the charger refused to put it on charge I ran it for 5-10 mins as a Nicd at 1/10c and then put it back as a Lipo and the charger then worked OK.
DO NOT LEAVE THE BATTERY UNATTENDED IF YOU TRY THIS and next time set your timer for a few mins less so you don't run the battery this low again.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 23/05/2009 22:30:29

Thread: Looking at purchasing a new transmitter
22/05/2009 23:00:36
Stav, a bit left field but if are open to 35 mhz then the Multiplex Cockpit SX is very feature rich and has several really good glider features. I have a Cockpit Sx (on 35) and Spektrum Dx6i and use the Cockpit on all my gliders and more complicated models. It's especially good on a four servo wing i.e. separate flap and aileron servos, and does aileron differential and spoilerons really well.
The 2.4 version is out in a couple of months, but that looks like it might be a bit pricy, but you should find a good deal on a 35 mhz version and 35 mhz Rx's are a lot less expensive than 2.4.
Thread: 72 MHz DC Xtal set urgently needed
18/05/2009 19:50:40
Highly unlikely anyone would have those crystals in the UK as thats a US frequency and not approved in the UK. You could try posting on one of the American forums.
Thread: Run backwards
17/05/2009 18:36:47
Not if you turn the prop over, do this on electric pushers where all you have to do is switch a couple of wires around.
Thread: Just ordered a new PC & Phoenix...
16/05/2009 22:25:21
if it's the standard JR buddy lead (same as Spektrum) then that's the standard Pheonix connection so you shouldn't need any adaptors.
Thread: Aileron mixing
15/05/2009 19:22:32
AR500 R/x is only 5 channels, the "6th" channel on is a built in Y lead within the Rx. So the DX6i Tx will do it but you need a six channel Rx to do this, e.g. AR6100 or AR6200.
You could try a mix with channel 5 (gear) but you can't just use the twin aileron servo option.
I guess Spektrum choose to make the AR500 only a 5 channel Rx so it didn't take sales from the AR6200.
Thread: I'm struggling with the molocake...........
13/05/2009 22:26:45
This is off Scale Gliders UK web site

"The Pilatus B4 is one of the most striking Segelfugzeuge the World. It was in Switzerland in the way metal produced. Successful before the plane was due to gutmütiges flight behavior and the full aerobatics suitability other.

Especially the distinctive appearance has been flying model aircraft to the issuance of this model replicas animated.

The Simprop model Pilatus B4 has the same good nature and art Aviation as the original aircraft. They are waiting with great benefits in the thermal and glide."

Thread: MPX Easy Glider
10/05/2009 18:20:46
Not sure if there is any difference I think the pro has the option in the kit to install an electric motor but the regular Easyglider doesn't. I'd go with one of the RR versions which seem to be on special offer at SMC and T9 Hobbysport at the moment.
I haven't got one my self but they are meant to be cracking gliders and great for beginners. Not one for big winds though.
Thread: Spektrum DX6i
10/05/2009 18:12:17
Had mine for 10 months now and in 6 planes and 1 heli (Blade MCX), no problems todate.
Thread: Ben Buckle Elf Bi Plane (first time builder)
08/05/2009 20:43:22
I built a Ben Buckle Super Sixty quite a few years ago and it went together and flew really well, but then again only one wing.
But although I fly ARTF's these days I'm just old enough to have started on Keil Kraft rubber planes from printed sheet where you had to cut your own parts out.
Just take it slow and enjoy the build, I used white glue on mine (i.e. Evostick Resin W) with epoxy for the enginer plate bearers. Covered in Solartex.
It flew on a 40FS, PAW 35 deisel and i used it to set up some 25's I was putting in a twin.
Don't forget to protect the plan while you are building on it.
Thread: Throttle kill switch
08/05/2009 19:43:57
There is a throttle cut button on a DX6i, but if you pick up somebody elses transmission when binding anything on your Tx is going to be no good.
But I though they wouldn't bind to any Tx only a Tx that was in bind mode and the chances of two people binding at the same time must be pretty remote, I know I don't bind at the field but I guess some people might.
So either check with the other Spektrum users or disconnect the motor before binding.
Thread: Looking for a glider for a beginner?!
07/05/2009 20:41:37
Or one of these complete with servo's
Thread: Bank holiday weekend
04/05/2009 18:55:59
It's funny when flying power you don't want to fly if it's too windy, 25mph and it's perfect for slope soaring.
Weird I won't fly my powered models once it gets a bit blustery, but re-maiden my 1/4 scale glider in a 20-30 mph wind off the slope - perfect
Thread: Garway Hill: Bank Holiday Wetday.
04/05/2009 18:49:20
Er differential + Y lead = No
04/05/2009 16:51:16
Did the Y lead work OK
04/05/2009 16:44:22
Looks like yesterrday was the better day, just as well we followed my Rule No1
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