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Thread: I just bought another model
28/04/2009 21:26:09
"I tell you what David. It certainly isn't me! I've seen a few people's garages/workshops and it makes my little collection look exactly that!"
Ahem..... no comment
Thread: Multiplex 2.4 .
27/04/2009 19:58:15
Meant to be Sept/Oct in the UK.
Thread: Help needed with IC to Lekky conversion please
26/04/2009 19:22:27
I've had one of these in my 68" span Beaver with a 3200 mah 4s and 12 x 6 prop. I never use full throttle and changed from a 13 x 6 to 12 x 6 because the 13 x 6 was way too much. Peak amps are around 35 amps or around 500w but most of flight is around 14 amps and 200w.
It's a 700kv motor and seems well suited to a 4s battery
Thread: Budget 2.4Ghz FHSS for under 40
26/04/2009 19:09:41
You say the Rx will only work with this Tx or do you mean with this model of Tx. If it's the latter then thats the same as all other 2.4 technologies. I.e. if you have a Futaba Tx then you have to buy Futaba Rx's same with Spektrum/JR.
Thread: FUTABA t6ex 2.4Ghz or SPEKTRUM dx6i ??
21/04/2009 22:33:03
No problems or bugs with my DX6i, but Horizon did have a recall on units shipped since July or so last year, see details on their website.
Both Dx6i and 6XE in use at my club, no issues with either.
Thread: Bought a DX6i, just got a question.
21/04/2009 22:30:04
Just a word of caution on the AR500, it is full range but is only a 5 channel Rx with a built in Y lead, so you don't get to program the individual aileron servo's. The AR6200 is more expensive but is a better long term bet in MHO.
20/04/2009 21:17:45
Simon re bind plug, if you buy a new AR6200 I think thy come with a bind plug, I know I've got more than 1 now so you must get them when you buy the Rx's.
Not sure why you are selling the 6100e, they are great little Rx's.
QC is quick connect, the original Spektrum Rx's would go through a full boot up if the power was interupted to them and took a couple of seconds to come back on line. The QC upgrade basically gets the Rx to look for the "frequencies" last locked onto 1st before scanning for new frequencies, so that if the Tx has not been switched off (and aquired new frequencies) it will lock back on very quickly.
Thread: Electric Powertrain advice needed
11/04/2009 22:07:42
Alex, it's a Turnigy motor in my Beaver and most of my Lipo's are from hobbycity, so they get my vote for VFM.
Make sure you measure the max dia motor the fuselage will take before you but the motor.
Thread: Remember that Boomerang I repaired?
11/04/2009 21:58:54
The offending tree, note the club pole for dislodging wayward aeroplanes.

Thread: Tx sticks
11/04/2009 21:54:41
Terry, have a look at the Multiplex Cockpit Sx comes with 4 sets of stick ends and two of these are short options.
Thread: Budget 2.4Ghz FHSS for under 40
10/04/2009 19:25:54
Going back to the core of this thread re the low cost Planet set, fine if you want a very simple system, but if you want to upgrade to a Tx with more progaming features then the Rx you have got will not be usable with any of the mainstream players. But at this cost it's basically a throw away item. 
Thread: ESC set-up with Multiplex tx - help please
10/04/2009 13:38:12
Keith when setting travel on the SX you don't need to push set at each end of the travel. Just enter the travel adjust mode, move stick to one end adjust travel, move stick to other end and adjust channel and then press set.
As you have got throttle check on, to follow timbo's advice on training the ESC you will need to switch on Tx, move stick fully back to activate the throttle channel before moving to point 1) on timbos instructions, or deactivate the throttle check while you are initially setting up the ESC.
Make sure you either have the model secure when doing this and you keep away from the prop.
09/04/2009 22:45:45
Keith as Timbo says I was referring to the TX programming, you need to make sure that throttle settings on Tx are as above and then follow Timbo's instructions as above.
Just check as well that you have the Tx in the correct mode (you can set Sx up in modes 1 through 8), you may have inadvertenly put throttle on the slider, it's still channel 4 but operated by the slider and not the throttle stick. (For those of you who say why, this is for gliders where the throttle stick is then used to control the spoilers etc.)
If you fly throttle stick left you need mode 2.
Thread: DX6i - worth 100 for a new one with an RX
09/04/2009 21:38:04
Alex, I have a DX6i which I use in my electrics, but the programming for gliders is very limited (i.e. channel 5 and 6 are just switches), you could use it on your Blizzard and the flap switch would work the spoilerons, but in terms of programability it's not really a step up from your 6XA. I think the DX6i menus are better than the 6XA but feature wise there's not a lot between them.
Battery life is however fantastic, but then again so is the SX's. Also SX comes with 4 different ends for the sticks, I'm just trying some longer ones at the moment.
If you think you will be getting a mouldie with a 4 servo wing in the future then the DX6i (and maybe the DX7 as well) will leave you a bit dissapointed. Don't get me wrong the DX6i is a fantastic set and great for normal power (inc electrics) and the Spectrum AR6100 small RX is fantasic but it's not the Tx for more advanced gliders.
Thread: ESC set-up with Multiplex tx - help please
09/04/2009 21:19:08
Keith not sure which radio you have got but if it's the Cockpit Sx this has a throttle safe on start up, it will not activate the throttle channel until you've brought the throttle back to idle, it's a safety feature so you don't inadvertently power up an electric model if you switch on with the throttle stick forward.
Other things to check are
1) You have selected the correct mode in the menu, i.e. you are in mode 1 or 2 (whichever you use)
2) Throttle servo direction is correct
3) Throttle is set to 100% at full throw, just checked mine which is running a Turnigy ESC and full throttle is +100% and idle (motor stopped) is -100%
Bruce - Channel 4 is throttle on the Cockpit SX, elevator and rudder (or V tail) are 2 and 3
Thread: Which receiver battery plug..??
07/04/2009 22:45:58
No Digifleet use a different plug again, you would have to put a Digifleet plug onto the RX battery. If you haven't got a lead, I have some spares if you send me a pm and I'll post you one.
Thread: Using lipo battery in IC plane?
07/04/2009 22:41:31
Of course the other option is to go for a 2s A123 pack as sold by Puffin Models, no regulator required, same voltage as a 5 cell Nimh and good at delivering high amps. But your charger needs to do A123 (or LiFe) cells.
For my larger IC planes I would tend to use larger dia cells ( 4 or 5 cell sub C or 2/3rds sub C) and charge them with a "proper" charger rather than the wall charger which came with the radio.
Thread: Keeping my prop on...
06/04/2009 22:02:04
Make sure the prop nut is not bottoming out on the thread before the collet has fully bitten, can happen if the prop hub is on the thin side.
Thread: Programming and adjusting a TX - assistance with terminology
06/04/2009 21:58:15
In the good old days we used to fly with basic Tx's and the only adjustment was via the trims! not even any servo reverse.
If you are just starting then I'd say don't worry too much about the programing features as it's best to learn them as you need them and will depend on what you fly.
But they do take some of the work load off on more complicated models.
Thread: Multiplex Blizzard Build
03/04/2009 22:40:17
Interesting comments on mixing and spoilerons etc, on my MPX Cockpit you set the servo travel separately from the mix and then dial the amount of mix you want, it will never drive the servo past the travel you set. On spoilers (set on throttle stick BTW) when deployed it automatically mixes aileron so when banking left only the right aileron moves down (from it's up position) and vice versa. This is main reason why on the Mini Blade I've just set up I'm using 35 Mhz instead of my Spekky DX6i.
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