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Thread: Cold weather
02/01/2009 18:20:00

One of the guys in the club who does a bit of fishing brought one of these down to the field


Look ideal, could also be put in your flight box to keep your batteries warm.

Thread: Ni-MH Charging - Help Please!!!
01/01/2009 23:06:00

You can fast charge NiCd and NiMh batteries, aim for about 20mins, so that would be 3C, so fast charging a 1000mah battery at 3A is OK for fast charging at the field, but it's probably better to charge them at less than 1C to condition them to begin with. Charging in 5mins at 3A means you are only putting around 250 mah into the battery. NiCd's and NiMh's usually get a bit better after a few cycles.

The cold weather won't help neither and the battery won't give it's best, try running it down at say 1/3rd throttle in the garage and then charging at <0.8A for a few cycles and see if that gives any improvement.

Lipo's should never be charged at more than 1C, i.e. a 1000 mah cell at 1A, 2000 mah at 2A etc.

Pb you should use around 1/10C.

Make sure your charger is set for the correct battery, i.e. Lipo on lipo and correct number of cells, NiCd on Nicd etc.

Thread: Aileron set up
01/01/2009 20:44:00

Glynn - read the Futaba manual it will tell you how to set up the individual wing servo's. Much better than a Y lead as you can trim them independantly and also set up aileron differential or flapperons etc if required, not really required on thos plane but it will be useful to go through it anyway..

 Kit instructions won't tell you how to do this as each radio is slightly different.

Thread: Aileron interference
01/01/2009 10:10:00
Mick the Multiplex IPD Rx's are about the best 35 mhz Rx I've come accross. I've used them in two planes with 4 servo wings and long extensions without a hint of problems.
Thread: Nice Beaver!
31/12/2008 20:50:00

The hobbywing 60A ESC is identical to the Turnigy plush here, which states the SBEC is good for 3A continuous. No problems with mine in my Beaver.

I even set my E-Logger to measure the temp see below, note only temp rise is at the end of the flight.

31/12/2008 13:40:00
Timbo - forum moderator wrote (see

Sorry Frank - no. Maybe an enhancement that we can get the tech guys to do for us on the new platform.

Yes would be good because it's quite easy to print graphs etc to pdf using free programs like Cute pdf
31/12/2008 09:30:00

I ran an equivalent AXI 2826-10 motor through Drive calc (KV=925) on a 3s battery and this is what it gave

Prop 12 x 6 APC E

RPM 7798

Current 32A

Power in 330W

Power out 250W

Vopt 56 km/h

Battery 3200 3s (10.33v under load)

WOT flying time 5min 30 secs

Although I fly my Beaver with a 4s 3200 mah on a 12 x 6 I use a lower KV motor and get just over 9000 rpm at full throttle, it will take off at less than full throttle though (more scale like) so i would guess the set up you propose would work, but you won't have much in reserve.But if you are getting into larger electrics then i'd seriously consider getting a charger that can handle upto 6s, they are not too expensive these days.

BTW I use the Turnigy equivalent of the this ESC

with no problems at all.

 You might want to download this free program to predict motor battery performance

Timbo - is there any way to add pdf files as images

PS - I'd buy the programming card when you get the ESC as well, much easier to change the settings on the ESC that way.

Thread: Is 2.4Ghz universal around world?
31/12/2008 09:04:00

From what I understand US has a higher power limit than Europe, France being the exception which has an even lower limit. But I understand the FHSS systems (e.g. Futaba) meet the regs in both US and Europe (except France) and DSM systems (Spectrum/JR) have different power levels in US and Europe, not even sure if you can buy a DSM system in France.

Hence the switch in the Futaba set for use in France.

Thread: AR500 Rx
31/12/2008 08:58:00
Not got an AR500 but from what i understand the last 3cm is effectivelly the aerial, so position the last 3cm of the longer aerial at 90 deg to the shorter one.
Thread: 2S lipo for reciever battery
30/12/2008 17:39:00

Slightly off topic but I can't help thinking that the Rx/Servo pack out of an E Flite Vapor or similar could be ideal for a Fox conversion and it runs off a 1s lipo.

Can you buy those as spares I wonder.

Thread: Twinstar power
30/12/2008 17:28:00
martyn sharp wrote (see

Thanks Frank but I,m looking for a trike under cart, looking to base it on a De Havilland DHC-6 or the CC-138 Twin Otter I flew in one when i was in canada with the RAF .


I just went the quick and easy way but I don't see why you can't make it with a nose wheel, I'd try and make the nose wheel steerable though.

I'm guessing your going to paint it then in which case for the nose wheel you might be better cutting the nose off, fitting a ply plate (same profile) and then regluing the nose on.

Thread: Nice Beaver!
30/12/2008 14:28:00

I put one of these in mine but with a 3300 mah 4s battery pack. I changed the prop from a 13 x 6 to a 12 x 6 as it was a bit over powered, still can take off on less than 3/4 power.

Using the ESC on 6 servos with a 35 mhz RX (Multiplex IPD), no problems.

I have my timer set for 11 mins and usually put in about 2800 mah after a flight.

I did a brief review here

Problem you might (will) have with a  2200 mah 3s is balance and you'll end up adding nose weight, much better to carry that as spare electrons .

Lovely plane, as you are using a DX6i and flaps are on a switch I'd start off with say 30 Deg flap first and work up from there, mine are on a slider and drop down to about 80 deg max and I have some down elevator mixed in as well, but at 80 deg they really do slow it down and you need to bring it in with some power, applying full power and it goes up like a lift.

Thread: Twinstar power
30/12/2008 14:10:00

Martyn - re undercarriage, I cut out some of the foam just in front of the wing and glued in a ply plate and then screwed on a ali undercarriage that I had lying around, I then cut a slot at the back and glued in a ply tail skid. Takeoffs were strictly into wind and taxying was not easy as there is little directional control.

If I go brushless, i.e. 2 ESC's I'll probably mix them in with rudder for better ground handling.

30/12/2008 14:06:00

I flew mine with a 3s lipo (3200mah) and still needed some nose weight even though I'd added a tail dragger UC.

The extra volts gave much more power, but the Grunther props kept flying off. so were replaced by a prop adaptor and 6 x 3 props. Flew it about 15-20 times and then one of the brushed motors gave up the ghost.

Another alternative battery could be a 3s Life pack, can't decide whether to re-engine mine with a couple of brushless motors or get a couple of the 11.1v brushed motors from Puffin.

Timbo - didn't you mean brushed parallel wired motors?, if you were going series than a 3s Lipo could possibly be used.

Thread: Is 2.4Ghz universal around world?
30/12/2008 13:59:00
The Spektrum DX6i has a user setting in the menu's which you set to EU or US, and yes it has a CE sticker on the back. So theoretically you could set it to the higher power US setting, but mine's set at the EU setting and there hasn't been any range issues.
Thread: Aileron interference
29/12/2008 19:55:00

You don't say what the servo's are, I had a new digital servo on rudder which went mad once the engine was started. I had a similar servo on the elevator and that was fine, but I swapped them both out for regular Futaba 3001's and the problem went away, note the servo's were on long extension leads.

I've also done two 4 servo wing planes, one with 91 FS and the other electric, using regular servo's and no ferrite rings, no problems with either. Both planes were fitted with a Multiplex IPD Rx.

So it maybe that it's the servo's that are the problem.

Thread: Brushed EDF
28/12/2008 08:58:00

Sorry didn't realise you were in Aus (lucky you), but i've bought a couple of Turnigy motors and ESC's from Hobbycity and they've been pretty good and excellent value.

Note it's actually good to reduce the size of the eflux (exhaust) as this increases the air velocity and hence thrust, not sure if 69mm to 52mm is too much, but give it a go.

27/12/2008 20:22:00

I wouldn't waste your money on a brushed ESC, get a brushless motor, ESC and Lipo. You'll get much more power for the same weight.

What fan are you planning to use.

Thread: Li-Po power
24/12/2008 14:47:00
Timbo - forum moderator wrote (see

Not wishing to sound pedantic here Simon, but in parallel the current is NOT doubled - the capacity is.

But if you have 2 x 20C 2000mah lipo's then in series the max current you can draw is 40A but if you put them in parallel then they become a 20c 4000 mah pack so 80A max.
Thread: Dx6i Servos blip to full travel at switch on
24/12/2008 14:40:00

Chris, I think it's as I thought earlier, apart from throttle (which has a signal because it's the only channel with failsafe) the others have no position signal (it's a voltage I think) until the Rx has booted up, but the power rail is energised immediately, some servo's see 0v as a signal and move to that end of the travel, wjereas others wait until they see a position signal.

If somebody had an oscilloscope that would be a good way to check it.

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