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Thread: I keep crashing
09/12/2008 19:54:00

Not sure what ESC you've got but if it's not the switched type it might be overloaded on 4 servo's but in which case it would be getting hot.

Have you checked the obvious causes, i.e. linkages being too flexible allowing control surface to be blown back or even servo's not being powerful enough.

I have 6 servo's on a larger electric but it has a 5A SBEC built in and so far no problems, and two of the servo's are on some fairly large flaps.

 Try holding the control surfaces and see if the servo can move them when you try to restrain them a bit.

Thread: Jet?
06/12/2008 21:29:00

Here's mine

Thread: How much power for EDF?
06/12/2008 21:23:00
You can always throttle back if you have too much power, but not the other way round.
Thread: Mode 2 tranny and ar 500 rx help
30/11/2008 21:36:00

From what I've read about the AR500 it has a built in Y lead so the the aileron servos are just driven from the one Tx channel. You would have to plug the servo's into separate channels and then use the free mixers to do what you want, but I'm not sure how easy that would be to set up. Even on mode 2 flapperon/spoilers will only work if you have a 6 channel Rx. 

Mode 4 eh, the only Tx manufacturer that caters for that that I'm aware of is Multiplex, the Cockpit Sx comes with modes 1 thru 8 as standard, but only on 35 mhz you'll have to wait for the 2.4 version I'm afraid. But setting up spoilerons etc is very easy even in mode 4.

Thread: The November Grand Prize Draw
30/11/2008 00:31:00
Wow make that 1140
Thread: Ok convert me!
23/11/2008 08:38:00
Eric Bray wrote (see

Only one difficulty there, John, you cannot measure an electric motor in cc's!

There are equivalent lecciesto a 40, and upwards, but you are starting to get seriously expensive!

Timbo is the best person to point that question at.

I don't know about seriously expensive, I've got a Turnigy TR42-50A 700 plus 60A UBEC ESC in my e-flite Beaver, turned a 13 x 6 at 8700rpm on a 4s battery, it was too much power so I've put a 12 x 6 on which it spins at 8900 rpm (with less amps), motor and esc cost around 75 US$ (£40 then but around £55 now thanks Gordon), 4s 3200 mah Lipo cost around 60 US$ each (£40 now). More like a 52 FS than 40 TS but not far off.

Timer on Tx is set at 11 mins and uses about 80% of the battery.

Thread: Any reason why I shouldn't
09/11/2008 19:23:00

With the Y lead both motors will run down at the same time, if you put separate batteries on each motor then if one battery is less charged than the other then one motor will develop less power at the end of the flight.

But if your Lipo's are the same brand, have the same number of flights and you don't fly until the LVC activates then having separate batteries and motors would seem fairly logical and cuts out the extra joints. 

Thread: New DX7 SE
31/10/2008 10:10:00
Maybe the new Tx won't buddy with an older one due to the faster frame rate, so they decided to leave the function off.
Thread: So many TXers
22/10/2008 22:46:00
If you are looking for a 35mhz set, you could look at the JR and MPX synthised sets, you wouldn't even need to change the Tx crystal. Just about all programmable sets have both fixed wing and heli programming, but some have more advanced features than others.
Thread: help
18/10/2008 17:16:00
Before the DSM vs FAAST arguements start, they both seem good systems, I have a Spektrum DX6i and there is a Futaba 6 EXA and FF7 2.4 used regularly at our club and so far no problems. So I'd say go with the one you like best.
Thread: Fleet radio gear
17/10/2008 19:17:00

I have a set of instructions somewhere for the XP/FM set, but as you are using it for a surface vehicle I assume its a 40 mhz set not the 35 mhz set, I know fleet used to sell quite a few 40 mhz sets for boats and also to robot builders. I'm not sure if these also had some different features, I can't see how coupled aileron and rudder would work on a boat.

Having said that the fleet systems are very simple, all the reversing, throw adjust and mixers are done by mini switches and adjustable pots inside the rear case and they were all clearly identified on the XP/FM sets.

The only thing to watch if you have got a fleet Rx is that the servo pin allocations are different as has been stated above.

Thread: Nicad batteries
10/10/2008 19:24:00
Do a search on cadmium poisoning and you'll see several articles come up on workers in battery factories being poisoned.
Thread: New charger
05/10/2008 16:42:00

The Ultramat 16 is only 50w off the mains (80w off a separate battery). You could charge a 6s at 2A off a 50w charger.

I bought my 12v power supply from Maplins and run several chargers from it.

I have one of the Turnigy chargers and its pretty good, for the money it's outstanding.

Thread: DX6i Binding
05/10/2008 16:33:00

John rebind the Tx to the Rx and it will then remember the low throttle setting, That's the only failsafe on the DX6i, throttle to low setting all other channels stay at last good position. But if you change the low throttle position then you have to rebind for the Rx to "save" this setting.

Just one last thing to check is that you do have the throttle and collective in the correct Rx sockets, wouldn't do to go to max negative pitch and leave the motor running at last setting in case of a failsafe event.

Thread: ASP FS91AR
05/10/2008 13:25:00
My ASP 91 FS does 9,200 rpm on a 14 x 6 on 10% nitro. I had some problems with mine cutting out initially and it does seem sensitive to the fuel used, but in the last 3 models it's been very good.
Thread: Low voltage protection
05/10/2008 13:19:00

I think it depends on the plane with my E-Flite Beaver most of the flight is at half throttle or so, I only use about 3/4 for take off, so you don't see the high load on the Lipo's.

What i do is measure the full throttle amps, set the timer to give about 90% of the mah out of the battery at this setting and then adjust the timer after a few flights and I've measured how many mah have gone back in to give me an idea of the actual mah used per min.

I started with the timer set at 6 mins on my Beaver and its now set at 11 mins and uses about 80% of the mah available. Whereas my Fantom started at 6 mins and has stopped there

Thread: DX6i Binding
05/10/2008 12:08:00
John it's maybe that your ESC needs calibrating, try switching it on with the Tx at full throttle and then come to idle so it learns the throttle throw. Make sure heli is restrained or blades are left off for this.
Thread: Low voltage protection
05/10/2008 08:39:00
Most ESC's have this feature built in, but the best way is to set a timer to make sure you land before you take your battery this low.
Thread: Plane,motor,esc,servos,batt 150 ?
04/10/2008 18:15:00

Re twinstar brushed on a 3s lipo, I converted mine using a 3200 mah 3s and just needed a bit ot weight in the nose to make it balance.

Much better performance but it kept throwing the Gunther props, so I bought some prop adaptors and fitted those with some 5 x 3 props. Again great performance but one motor only lasted about 10 flights before it gave up.

Great flyers though so if you are going down this route, either look at a brushless up grade or speak with Puffin Models about the new Mig Brushed motors specifically for 3s lipo's.

Thread: DX6i Binding
04/10/2008 18:08:00
John, are you leaving the Tx on when you unplug the Rx and repower. If so the Rx thinks it's had a power outage and is blinking at you to warn that there has been a power supply issue. If you switch off the Rx then the Tx, switch back on the Tx and then the Rx does it blink at you then?
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