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Thread: EU. LBT
09/08/2018 08:22:56
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 09/08/2018 06:57:55:

I was under the impression (probably mistakenly) that LBT only applied to Transmitters. The clue here being in the name 'Listen before transmit', which is wot transmitters should do wink 2. I know that non LBT JR and Spektrum DMS2 receivers were still available post 2015, Now all sold out of course, unless you buy Orange ones from HK.

The transmission regulations apply to everything that transmits and that includes receivers which transmit telemetry data back. The are two means of complying with the standard (which was available for at least two years before it became into force), either transmit at low power for a very short duration or check the channel is free and then transmit at a higher power for longer (LBT). Frsky first tried the non-LBT method but it wasn't a success for everybody, so they later brought in the LBT system.

06/08/2018 12:15:09
Posted by Chris Bott - Moderator on 06/08/2018 09:54:57:
Frank I've heard others worry about using a single connection and it's a legitimate concern, but consider this:

Anyone flying with a Rx battery (i.e. not BEC) is likely have a single connection between batt and switch harness and another single connection between switch harness and Rx. These are servo power carrying connections too.

Where I've used S.Bus to a warbird wing (6servos). I used a bigger sized connector between fus and wing, and fed servo power directly to that connector rather than through the Rx.

So there are different ways to arrange things.

S.Bus also allowed me to use channels 9-16 in the wing. These are not available as separate servo ports on the Rx.

Chris yes, but it's not just the power concern, it's a single point failure that leads to a loss of all downstream devices, where if you use a multipin connector the loss of a single wire will only affect that servo. I suppose some of this comes from my involvement in safety assessments of instrumentation systems, where we avoid a single connection isolating critical functions. But again in what we do the risk is pretty small and the convenience outweighs this.

I do share you concerns over the Rx battery via switch to the Rx having had problems (fortunately found on the bench), so now on larger models I use FET switches and either dual feeds to the Rx or heavy duty connections.

Thread: Operating a servo from a transmitter switch
06/08/2018 09:18:24

I'd start by winding down the servo movement to almost nothing and then connecting the doors with them open halfway, you can then adjust the end point travel with switch in the closed and open positions to get the correct shut and open positions, this way you won't stall the servo if the 100% travel setting is too much.

06/08/2018 08:29:18
Posted by Ace on 06/08/2018 07:25:58:

I understand the principal of SBUS and its benefits particularly for a complex wing set up.

What is not clear is if you can use the 4 ch FrSky decoder + channel selector, Bangood, 16ch & FrSky Redundancy 10/20 with say Spectrum?

No, there isn't a standard serial bus protocol and different manufacturers use different protocols. S-Bus is not compatible with Spektrum.

For Spektrum you'd need to look at one of the manufacturers that covers different protocols, e.g. Powerbox.

While I can see the appeal of an SBus system my worry would be that the loss of a single connection would cause all servos that are fed from that hub, and prefer to use multi-pin connectors.

Thread: Thinking of changing my car
03/08/2018 16:48:59

Not all main dealers are bad and independents good, we had our Mitsubishi Colt serviced by a local dealer for a few years and it developed an oil leak, so we thought it best to get the main dealer to check it out, we booked it in for a main service and to check the oil leak. They found that the vent that circulates the sump gases back to the inlet had not been cleaned and was blocked, cleaning that and the oil leak went away, no extra charge over the service. The independent had missed this. But did have a Ford dealer not refit a sump plug correctly which fell out on the motorway the next day....................................

Thread: Laser 180 Petrol
03/08/2018 12:26:17

Very nice, any chance of a photo of the rear of the engine, I'm intrigued to see the pump and carb.

02/08/2018 16:04:02
Posted by Bucksboy on 12/10/2014 07:41:16:

Sorry, I've not heard about the Aspen petrol before. Where would I buy it? Do I have to do anything to my Saito petrol if I use it? Is it more expensive?

I've a friend who runs his Saitos on it, although I think he mixes his own oil in. You can buy it at most good garden machinery suppliers. It is more expensive but it doesn't smell, so your car doesn't stink after you've been flying.

01/08/2018 16:58:03

Sounds good, I've just acquired a 2nd hand Laser 150 to replace a DLA32cc which is too noisy for our site, I'm tempted now to wait for the 180 petrol, smiley, hopefully it won't be too long a wait until the production versions are available.

Thread: Refinishing classic fibreglass fuselages
29/07/2018 17:06:33

Sorry, not for sale, but this is the resprayed fuselage


Thread: Telemetry - do you use it? What do you think of it?
29/07/2018 13:29:59

Rich, glad it's sorted. Now all you need is a few thermals to check the vario function.

You mentioned height alarm above, not sure if the 16sz can do it, but I've programmed the telemetry on my MPX Profi to cut the motor if I go above a certain height on one electric glider, e.g. throttle cut come on when height exceeds 120m and off when height drops below 40m, so climb to 120m the motor cuts, search for thermals and if none find motor can restart when glider has descended to below 40m

29/07/2018 08:26:56

Make sure also that the Tx is on the latest firmware, according to the Ripmax website it should be v3.5.

BTW if you are looking for a vario for an electric glider, check out the SM Modelbau Unisens sensors, vario, altitude, amps, mah and volts all in one small sensor.

Thread: Refinishing classic fibreglass fuselages
28/07/2018 21:19:13

I have a Fiesta that was restored before I got it, done properly using car paints to a very high standard.

I've also restored a Pat Teakle HP18 fuselage, again using automotive paints with compressor and spray gun and while not as good as the Fiesta, Iwas quite pleased with the results (after today I'm going to have to do it again but that's another story!)

BTW a friend has just had an old 1970s motorbike fairing resprayed by somebody who does old bikes, very impressive and being fibreglass might be worth checking for similar near you.

Thread: Telemetry - do you use it? What do you think of it?
28/07/2018 18:06:10

Rich, if you mean you need to register the sensor on the tx by plugging it into the sbus port on the tx with a battery into the hub for power, I think this is just a Y lead. I had to do this with a non-futaba sensor on my friends 14sg, you had to plug the sensor into the Tx and do an initial set up then it worked when plugged into the receiver.

Also you may need to check that your Tx will work with the SBS-02A, or if it needs an update to make it work. Not all transmitters work with all sensors, there's a table here

Thread: Whoops!
27/07/2018 16:55:47

Not sure why you initiated a failsafe, just throttle back and apply rudder/aileron and elevator, then if your spotter saw the model spinning in, you stand a chance of recovering it.

BTW this is standard advice when flying large gliders LOS at altitude and you lose sight of it, shout for help and start the model spinning, the light glinting on it helps it show up and if nobody sees it, it will at least come down close by.

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
25/07/2018 16:54:00
Posted by MattyB on 25/07/2018 16:22:42:

Despite the ANO not defining them or the term drone anywhere, this exemption effectively has, and it's kicked them to the curb hard. FPVUK members and those in the BMFA who fly multis exclusively must be none too pleased.

Why they can still fly to 400ft, The FPV MR fliers I know (and we have one club member who flies this way exclusively) never goes above 100ft, I suspect that is true of most FPVUK fliers.

24/07/2018 22:55:22

Exemption granted , keep calm and carry on. Well done to all involved.

Thread: Volantex Ranger 757-4 Centre of Gravity
23/07/2018 22:45:35

Take offs from anything other than an easy rolling surface will end up with it nosing over, but once in the air they fly OK.

Keep an eye on the elevator though, a couple of weeks ago I had the elevator come off mine when I was doing some aerobatics, Fuselage is very tough, smile o

Thread: RIOT - why 2.4 GHz only
23/07/2018 16:24:26

I've flown brushless motored models on 35 mhz MPX IPD receivers with no issues, but I had an EDF where the aerial had to run past the ESC and motor and that was very glitchy on standard ppm receivers which went away when I stuck a 2.4 system in it.

But I can't see any problems with a Riot, except maybe they haven't made provision for a long aerial wink

Thread: Glues, etc
20/07/2018 12:19:13

Yes, probably better than araldite epoxy, it needs some moisture to go off and it foams and expands as it's setting so make sure the parts are well clamped together.

Sands easily once set and is pretty strong, but it's difficult to wash off if you get it on your fingers.

I get the smaller bottles (often on offer in ALDI) and these have a metal pin in the cap to keep the nozzle clear, I store mine inverted in a jar. If moisture gets in then the glue will go off.

BTW if you come across the Gorilla super glue gel, then that is also really good too.

Thread: suggestions on throw launch plane for flying on rough grass pasture land
16/07/2018 21:20:21

All the plans went over to Sarik Hobbies

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