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Thread: How Much Expo
29/10/2018 12:31:40

It's a personal preference, had a new model at the field recently that the pilot said was very twitchy, I flew it and it was very sensitive, we dialed in some expo to get the control response he liked, I also had a new model which I'd started on 30% expo and after flying it I dialed most of the expo out on the ailerons and elevator, but I have a couple of 3D foamies with big control surface movements that have 50% expo.

As what Geoff says, it's whatever works for you on that model.

Thread: BMFA membership Platform training for Club Administrators
27/10/2018 21:10:30

Bit too far for me to attend, will there be a copy of the presentation available?

Thread: Lipo problem
26/10/2018 12:33:32

On those voltages it looks suspiciously like you have your charger set to storage mode, so it's only putting enough charge in for long term storage. Check your charger manual and see if you can change it to just charge or balance charge, the end voltage should be 4.2v per cell.

Thread: show us your scale glider
26/10/2018 08:18:23

Slingsby Eagle, post mid-air at Middle Wallop crying IS-5 in background


Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 26/10/2018 08:18:44

Thread: horus x10
24/10/2018 19:24:15
Posted by SONNY MONKS on 24/10/2018 18:35:13:

Hi Guys,Can someone send me some pics through on the mounting of the receivers,i normally mount mine in between the servos and tank,on the fus side,can you mount them to the rear of the servos,where the pushrods are,on the side of the fus,where there are less cables?

Not FrSky (not that it makes any difference), but yes you can mount the receiver anywhere, just make sure the aerials are at 90 deg to each other and you should be fine. I have several models set up this way. If it's an IC plane just make sure that the receiver is well supported and protected against vibration.

Thread: Navigation Lights
24/10/2018 17:25:52

I have messed around with LED lights, both the Multiplex set and some Hobbyking ones, no issues with the radio gear (MPX M Link) at all and not heard of anybody else having any issues. The only thing I'd note is that in daylight you can't really see the lights, OK at dusk but not remotely effective during daylight.

Thread: Electric Cars.
23/10/2018 18:03:45
Posted by Peter Christy on 23/10/2018 10:45:10:

Of course, the ultimate answer is a hybrid charged by a micro-turbine ( **LINK** ) powered by methane from the local sewage works!

Turbines run much cleaner and with higher efficiency than piston engines (except when idling), so there is a solution that should keep everyone happy!




Edited By Peter Christy on 23/10/2018 10:45:38

Turbines used for direct drive are about 30% efficient, so actually worse than a diesel engine running at optimum conditions, but if the exhaust heat is used to generate steam and that used to generate power too, the overall efficiency gets to over 60% which is currently the most efficient means of fossil fuel power generation.

Thread: Drone problems...
22/10/2018 13:58:43

Just on this topic, have any other clubs been approached by e-mail from a drones organisation asking for permission for their members to fly at your site, it looked like they were trying to make a register of sites where their members could fly from. They said all their members had taken a competency test (online) and they provided insurance.

We pointed out that only club members could fly from our site and that they had to be a BMFA member too

Before anyone asks, yes we do have some members who fly multi-rotors.

Thread: Electric Cars.
21/10/2018 08:27:07
Posted by Rich too on 21/10/2018 07:46:10:

People don’t currently wait 30 mins for petrol. Expect long queues!

Absolutely, my friend with a PHEV Outlander has only visited the petrol station once in the last 6 months, more like that and there will never be a queue.

Thread: Lipo problem
20/10/2018 23:38:49

Just to eliminate the obvious, a couple of years ago a friend was turning up at the field with 70% charged lipos, he couldn't understand why. On checking his charger he'd changed the lithium setting from Lipo to Life !

Thread: The Bunt
20/10/2018 08:24:51

Did a couple with my Astro Hog yesterday, doesn't have a lot of down elevator so have to start high, it goes round just fine, struggles to get back to the entry height but no flicking out.

Thread: Electric Cars.
19/10/2018 18:45:58
Posted by Peter Christy on 19/10/2018 18:13:24:

Frank: Yes, and most of that power will be coming from fossil fuels - the very thing on which electric cars are not meant to be reliant! And few power stations have catalytic converters or particle filters, etc, so are producing MORE pollution than just running the cars on petrol in the first place!

Logic? I've heard of it!




And all new fossil fuel power stations have flue gas scrubbers, plus gas fired power stations are not operating like an Otto cycle engine where you need high pressure and temps to get good thermal efficiency which leads to Nitrous oxides so it's a different form of pollution, plus there's not a lot of power stations with their exhaust in the middle of town.

Note also that while they are saying phase out petrol and diesel it doesn't mean that everybody will go battery powered, this could mean that fuel cell technology takes off, especially for commercial vehicles, imagine a truck driving quietly past you with only H2O coming out of the exhaust.

19/10/2018 17:08:32

Here you go, here is the UK power consumption you'll not that max consumption during the day is >40GW and at night less than 25 GW so that leaves 15 GW at night unused, so say for 8 hours, this gives 120 GW/hr of charging capacity, so say a car that needs 40kwh to recharge (typical Leaf battery capacity), this means you can fully recharge some 3 million cars, but if you take average mileage is 10,000 miles per annum and 40 kwh takes you 120 miles (Nissan claim 160), so say only needs an average10 kwh to recharge then thats 12 million cars which can be charged by the current grid capacity.

18/10/2018 18:59:09
Posted by Percy Verance on 18/10/2018 18:11:23:

I'm not sure Sir Clive Sinclaire and James Dyson is really a comparison Peter....... They're both inventors, but that's about it.

Mr Dyson does at least appear to - for him at least - produce winners. A clever chap. He owns more land than the Queen ya know.........

Edited By Percy Verance on 18/10/2018 18:19:30

I wouldn't class the Sinclair calculators, Sinclair Spectrum home computers (which launched a whole generation of progammers) and digital wrist watch as losers..................

And the land purchases are a tax dodge to get out of inheritance tax.........

Thread: A NEW SCAM
17/10/2018 11:34:37

As I read it, it sounds like the buyer may have done the transfer and when you told him you hadn't got the funds he went onto paypal and reversed the transaction. If it was fraudulent and he hadn't made a paypal transfer why would he go back and then cancel the transaction, sounds like some mistake somewhere.

Thread: Evolution EVOe999 Radial engine
17/10/2018 11:27:53

With my landings I'd be more worried about shear and bending loadswink 2

Thread: please explain
16/10/2018 20:14:10
Posted by nigel newby on 16/10/2018 17:44:55:

Thanks, just tried it but the page for the software is not available.

Guess I will just have to stick with FMS


It worked for me, clicking the download button at the bottom of the page and it starts the program download. Maybe your antivirus program blocks downloads.

Thread: Electric Cars.
16/10/2018 17:48:00

The theoretical efficiency of a diesel engine is around 55% in reality you be pushed to get 45%, but that is running at a constant speed at optimum conditions, so for a road vehicle less again. A combined cycle gas turbine power station with gas turbines using the exhaust to generate steam for a 2nd set of generators is getting to 65%.

It also takes a substantial amount of energy in the construction of an oil production facility, drilling the wells, transporting it to a refinery and then selling it.

Thread: please explain
16/10/2018 17:38:24

You could try the Multiplex Multiflight free version, downloadable from here see if it works with your controller.

Thread: Crash investigation - taken ages to find the cause
16/10/2018 15:45:08

I had a lucky escape with a brand new HD slide switch that I bought at a show that I installed in a glider, fortunately I was using a telemetry receiver and during set up on the bench the low voltage alarm kept going off, don't know the actual amps but wiggling the sticks pulled enough current to cause a significant voltage drop at the Rx. Plugged the battery in direct and the voltage hardly wavered under load (Sub C cells).

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