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Thread: Ask3 setup?
10/03/2019 15:57:29

There's an Ka3 build thread on scale soaring here, might be able to help.

Thread: Cheaper Teslas.....
08/03/2019 17:51:50
Posted by FilmBuff on 08/03/2019 15:25:53:

Here's my 2p worth.

Tesla had first mover advantage in disrupting the auto industry with stylish premium brand EVs.

But as soon as the established makers finally get their act together - Tesla will be blown away.

When EVs can do 300+ miles on a charge, cost less that £28-£30K and be recharged in 20-30 mins then the market will switch. It will be the next big mobility inflection point after the gasoline revolution of the early 20th century.

True, but a Tesla Model S is the best selling luxury car in the USA and is price competitive with a Mercedes S class. They are not aiming at the bottom end of the market but the mid/premium price point.

07/03/2019 21:16:53
Posted by Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 07/03/2019 21:06:57:

Chaps, as Nigel & others have mentioned this thread is in great danger or re-running the circular arguments in the Electric Car thread.

Let's not go there eh? I'm not sure the servers could cope

Might overload the grid.................................

07/03/2019 16:19:00

Re batteries, interesting article here on battery development .

Also re Tesla, I read their new Shanghai factory capable of turning out 250,000 electric cars per annum should be operational this year.

07/03/2019 08:05:10
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 07/03/2019 02:05:57:

They have had a rude awakening in the USA in the recent very low temperatures. Pure electric cars were giving only half the claimed range and using seat/window heating reduced the range to one third of claimed figures. The ultimate recommendation from official sources was to keep the car in a heated garage. !!!!!!!!

Edited By Tom Sharp 2 on 07/03/2019 02:07:42

Or do as the do in Canada with IC cars, which is preheat them electrically.

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
06/03/2019 21:15:14
Posted by Percy Verance on 06/03/2019 20:55:32:

Bob the CAP kits were a nightmare to put together. The die cutting was worse than abysmal. I got the Gladiator half built and gave up through sheer frustration.

I finally finished a CAP Jungmeister last year after starting it over 25 years ago! glad I did it's a cracking flier.

Thread: Cheaper Teslas.....
06/03/2019 18:20:45

Possibly, but a test of Tesla vs the new Jag E Pace and Audi electric showed that the Tesla traveled significantly further per kwh, so maybe they do have some advantages.

Thread: rb-20
06/03/2019 18:17:02

When you say bridged together, it's normal with the MPX 6 pin plugs when used in power application to have 3 pins bridged for the +ve and 3 for the -ve that way it can carry 35 amps. Normally the 3 pins would be soldered to a common pad on the circuit board, as you say seems a bit pointless not fixing them all directly to the circuit board.

Thread: Wot wing for wots wot....
05/03/2019 14:09:38
Posted by Paul Marsh on 04/03/2019 18:39:42:
Posted by Percy Verance on 03/03/2019 18:42:15:

Er, Paul, if you move the C of G rearward, I think you might need a lighter engine, or weight at the back end.

No, I am right, by the swept wing, the cofg will move rearward, so you need more weight on the front end to balance.

You measure cofg at the fuselage, not the wing; Think about it...

I agree with Percy, with the swept back wing the c of g needs to be further back, so you will need to adjust the balance to achieve that. The wing sweep doesn't move the c of g back far enough to require a heavier engine, it's the opposite.

BTW my ARTF has got the swept wings and has a Thunder Tigre 75 fs and balances without any additional nose or tail weight, battery is just behind the fuel tank. Flies lovely, I would think it all comes down to which one you think looks nicer.

Thread: Reduction Drive
03/03/2019 18:43:41
Posted by cymaz on 03/03/2019 16:04:53:

Doing some more Googling I found this.....

Make some assumptions I’ve come up with some figures. Please tell me if I’ve got it wildly wrong

  1. standard set up . 18x8, 7200rpm, 68f, Static thrust 6.73kg, speed 54mph, 2.1hp needed
  2. reduction . 26x12, 3900rpm, 68f, static thrust 8.6kg, speed 44mph, 2.2hp needed
  3. reduction . 24x14, 3900rpm, 68f, static thrust 6.2kg, speed 51mph , 1.8hp needed
  4. reduction . 24x10 , 3900rpm, 68f, static thrust 6.2kg, speed 37mph , 1.3hp needed.

Now I’ve tried to do a fair comparison. It seems to me that the 26x12 might do, on paper. Any thoughts??

It might, but as it needs more power to run at 7,200 rpm engine speed you might not get the 3,900 rpm on that prop so thrust and speed could be lower, whats the plane, is 44mph speed enough? If it's a WW1 biplane or similar it's probably fine.

03/03/2019 14:21:37

Cymaz, OK 2nd set of runs,

18 x 8, 7,150 rpm, 1600 watts, 6.4kg, pitch speed 54mph

using same reduction gearing around 3,900 rpm, 24 x 14, gives 1500 watts, 8.1kg , pitch speed 53 mph.

BTW a Zenoah 62 is quoted as 7,600 rpm on a 24 x 10 and using the Mick Reeves Torquemaster 1.75 :1 , 28 x 14 at 4,400 rpm

Thread: Zipcar - Vehicle Sharing Club
03/03/2019 12:35:02

These car sharing systems are already in operation in many parts of the UK. Lets many people who don't need to use a car every day and only want if for a few short trips a week to share a car, rather than multiple people having to own a car, leaving their cars parked up blocking the streets.

Thread: Reduction Drive
03/03/2019 11:16:38

Also an 18 x 8 at 6,000 rpm thrust = 4.5kg

A 24 x 14 at 3,400 rpm , thrust = 6.2 kg

03/03/2019 11:12:51

Not quite as I can see it is for replacing props that run at the same speed.

One thing you could do is use one of the electric motor prop calculators and then find a motor that turns an 18x8 at 6000 rpm and note the power, then substitute the motor/prop with one that uses the same power to turn a prop at 3,300 rpm

A 18 x 8 turning at 6,000 rpm takes around 980 watts a 24 x 14 turning at 3,450 rpm takes 1,000 watts. using ecalc.

BTW a 6,000 rpm on 18 x 8 seems a bit weak, from what I can find it should be doing 8,000 rpm on that prop.

Thread: Lipo and FrSky SPort Telemetry
02/03/2019 10:21:09

Peter, yes, but if you can measure mah then that is even better than a throttle controlled timer. On the amp sensors I use which give mah the amount the charger puts back in is within a few mahs of what the sensor says I've taken out.

BTW if you want an all in one voltage, amps, mah, plus vario, height and rpm sensor the Unisens E sensors are very good.

Thread: Valdez Stol Record breaker build blog
02/03/2019 08:31:01

Looks great yes

Thread: Lipo and FrSky SPort Telemetry
02/03/2019 08:27:08

Charlie, this is why voltage monitoring to check Lipo capacity in operation is not very reliable as the voltage will drop under load, so an alarm at 11.3v (3.77v per cell) is fine for a battery not under load. You say you have a current sensor, can you not get a mah readout and then set the alarm when you've used 60% of the mahs (1300 mah) with a battery voltage alarm set at say 9.6v (3.2v per cell) as a back up alarm in case the battery is below par. This curve shows a typical lipo discharge under different loads.

Thread: LBT
01/03/2019 18:31:08
Posted by Doc Marten on 01/03/2019 18:02:09:

P.s- Peter, isn't a telemetry Rx also (ironically) a transmitter?

Edited By Doc Marten on 01/03/2019 18:10:42

It is, but as the data rate is much less then it can use the non-LBT 10% medium utilisation.

Not Frsky, but a few years back MPX updated their RF firmware and I noted that the Tx operating current went up, I queried this with MPX and they confirmed that they were using the full allowance under LBT now, not that I noticed as the signal quality was still 100%.

28/02/2019 17:01:29

Marten, I think you have missed the boat as far as 2.4 modules go, when 2.4 first came out there were lots of modules (from various manufacturers) to allow 35 mhz Txs to be updated, but now most fliers have either converted their Txs or got new 2.4 ghz ones. Sounds like it's time for a Tx upgrade.

28/02/2019 15:16:35

Marten, have you spoken with T9 Hobbysport the UK authorised representative for Frsky, they have Futaba modules for sale on their webpage, if they are selling them for use in the UK they must be LBT.

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