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Thread: Chris williams ASK-11
14/12/2018 17:53:32

I built one a couple of years back from the Sarik (Traplet) wood pack, mine was the first and I found a couple of very minor issues which I fed back and they got them corrected (the main one I recall was the aileron riblets, but it was easily solved).

It goes together well, not a difficult build, it uses the HQ3.5 section which works well without washout and it flies very nicely.

There's a video of mine on it's test flight here done quite a few more flights now. Note the spoilers are quite effective, so it's best to retract them just before touchdown,

Another thread on it here

Any questions just fire away.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 14/12/2018 17:54:20

Thread: Reichard Models GROB G 103C TWIN III
12/12/2018 09:44:52

Why bother with the servo, just make the EDF pivot against stops, start the EDF running and the thrust will deploy it wink

Sequence would be, make the the doors servo operated, open the doors, start the EDF and it will pop up.

Thread: 1/3 grob 109
12/12/2018 09:34:09

Looking good Roo. Have you decided on the power plant yet?

Thread: BMFA club finder
11/12/2018 21:47:13

Works fine for me using Chrome

Thread: Retractable SLS Systems
08/12/2018 20:01:50

Are you looking for a model for slope and flat field. if it is just the latter then a motor glider like the 1/4 scale Chris Williams ASK-11 which is a really good flier and doesn't need any expensive SLS.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 08/12/2018 20:02:41

08/12/2018 17:34:28

Most (all) scale gliders require a chunk of weight in the nose to get them to balance, if you go with the heavier SLS system on the c of g then you may still need some weight in the nose, a motor in the nose just replaces this ballast.

The other option is a retractable EDF wink

08/12/2018 13:32:49

The real problem with a SLS on a 3m glider will be the weight, you could end up with a heavy glider and if it is a scale glass ship then it could easily be prone to tip stalling.

There's some discussion on sustainers here

BTW with the advent of electric power, there are now more full size electric gliders with a motor and folding prop in the nose and

Thread: Do you weigh your lipos (I think you should!)
01/12/2018 12:38:06

Where they all in the same state of charge wink 2

Thread: Taranis limiting servo travel
30/11/2018 22:03:37

Stephen, a lot of Open Tx glider guiders use this site for advise and set ups

30/11/2018 17:08:35

Stephen, not an Open Tx expert, but what you describe is quite normal for spoilerons, what you need to happen when you have the ailerons raised is for the down going movement to increase to ensure good roll control.

If you have limited the down going travel to provide some aileron differential you want to set it up so that the differential is reduced as the spoilerons are deployed,

Thread: which is cheaper,IC or ELECTRIC?
27/11/2018 18:57:55

I'd have to agree with the Modelshop, plus it all depends on how many batteries (i.e. flights per session) you need.

I fly and enjoy both.

Thread: AstroHog tailplane dimensions needed
27/11/2018 18:55:19

The tailplane span (tailspan?) is 28" you should be able to scale the rest of the dimensions from the plan in the link from GDB.

Lovely fliers, mines got an Irvine 53 in it, a Merco 49/61 would be a good option.

Thread: HiTec Gyro 3 channel gyro HG3XA
27/11/2018 16:14:55

And if he wanted a more sophisticated gyro system then the Multiplex Wingstabi would also work fine too.

Thread: Low wingers,very twitchy,recommend expo.YES/NO
23/11/2018 15:18:11

+1 for what Peter says, might not be a bad idea to get a more experienced club member to have a fly and see what they think. But sometimes it is pilot preference, a new returning pilot brought his low wing plane to the field and I test flew it for him, I thought it flew fine, but he found it a bit sensitive and we dialed a bit of expo in, which he preferred.

Thread: Hitec Spectra 2.4GHz Conversion Module (Futaba compatible too) - Ideal for converting old Futaba Module based transmitters
23/11/2018 13:53:22
Posted by ken anderson. on 23/11/2018 10:16:13:

am ancient thread I know...………….. but with the demise of Hitec TX's(they have stopped producing all TX's) and only intend producing servo's and RX's,

ken dept.

Edited By ken anderson. on 23/11/2018 10:18:20

Ken, where did you read that? Yes the Aurora 9 has been stopped but the Flash 7 and 8 will be produced to meet demand according to Hitec USA post 243

Thread: Overlander RC6-VSR
22/11/2018 15:45:16

Looking at the picture it looks like there was something on the outside of the plug that shorted the live and neutral pins.

Thread: DX7 - Mixing issue?
22/11/2018 15:42:19

On the Dx6i, do the same Ail>Rud mix and then in the dual rate menu set the rudder control to a very low value, I did 1%. On the servo monitor the aileron stick now moves the rudder channel and the rudder stick doesn't.

Thread: extension leads
21/11/2018 13:50:24

I use the Ashlok crimping tool, which you can get from Fighter aces but if all you were doing is making up a couple of Y leads it would be cheaper to buy two extension leads and then cut and solder them together.

Thread: Take Off Dolly
20/11/2018 10:26:43

Very ingenious yes

Thread: Twin Jet
19/11/2018 22:33:31

If I remember correctly the standard 400 motors took a 6 cell Nimg pack and there was an upgrade to 480 motors with a 8 cell pack. Instructions here

Good fliers, shame MPX never did a brushless/lipo version.

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