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Thread: Electric Cars.
05/11/2018 08:02:14
Posted by Erfolg on 04/11/2018 22:05:29:

Yet I do welcome improved air quality, as long as all the pollution from the sacred cows are also addressed. I read just yesterday that buses and other public transport pollution is ignored as it will cost billions to deal with it. Suggesting it could easily take a decade before this source is improved upon.

Thread: Which Set Should I buy
05/11/2018 07:51:11

Eric, some good advice there, I would also check out what is popular with your local club, that way you can tap into the local knowledge if ever required.

Tx's are a personal preference, for Instance the new MPX Cockpit Sx sets have rollers on the rear to operate flaps, and spoilers (or throttle if you wish), my friend who has one is a thumb flier and fines them very convenient, I'm a pinch flier and prefer mounted sliders (that said I've flown his planes and managed OK)

Thread: Electric Cars.
04/11/2018 14:30:46
Posted by Erfolg on 04/11/2018 12:41:27:

I recently sat in a BMW i3 in the local BMW showroom, apparently it was Rooneys car, before his ban and subsequent move to the USA.

As for the car, WOW, once you are in it. Getting in was another matter, as the sill was so wide. The other aspect that put me off was the price, it was so scary, I cannot remember what it was exactly, approx £100,000. They had two of them, one already sold. I could get an old one for £57,000. Or for £1000 per month. The killer was two things, there is no space for the Zimmer frame, nor my models. I am also guessing that repair costs are astronomical.

I did have a look in a i3, without a fancy paint job, theirs being black, it is hideous. Other than that not up to standard for the section of the market it occupies, price wise. OK for the mum for picking up the kids, although when i pick up the grandkids, the mothers all drive expensive SUVs. Perhaps the target market are old pensioners, rather than the young pensioner.

The i8 carbon fibre hybrid supercar is £100,000 the i3 electric hatch is around £30,000 (but that one doesn't interest footballers)

Thread: Build versus flying time
04/11/2018 14:26:24

As long as the repairing versus flying time doesn't get out of kilter I'm OK wink

Thread: Electric Cars.
04/11/2018 11:21:11

Yes, but you are being a bit unfair, put in £1,000 near me and the newest car is 2008, £500 and it's 2004, once the technology is mainstream then prices might be more competitive.

Thread: Saito FA40 Performance Increase
04/11/2018 10:45:10

Experimenting with the prop may give something more suitable for the airframe, many years ago I had a biplane with a Webra Speed 40 two stroke in it, on a 10 x 6 prop the planes performance was lackluster, it flew much better on a 12 x 5 but the Webra wasn't happy with that so I tried my OS40FS (MK1) with the 12 x 5 and it was a much better match.

03/11/2018 18:31:31

Ikura, it looks like the Super Flying Models one, I've got one and they fly fine, but as you say not the best for learning to fly.

Gary, looking good.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 03/11/2018 18:32:16

Thread: Electric Cars.
03/11/2018 13:24:24
Posted by Erfolg on 03/11/2018 11:56:53:

Seems Tesla has developed a brand new unique group with very deep pockets from nowhere, as the other manufacturers have retained their sales volume.

Or the fact that at the moment Tesla make the only luxury pure electric car which is comparable to it's IC rivals. Will be interesting to see if the majors dent their sales when their electric offerings come on line, Jag I Pace and the new Audi offerings, but at the moment these are not available in large quantities as production is ramped up.

02/11/2018 22:35:51
Posted by Erfolg on 02/11/2018 19:38:21:

Frank, you are pulling our leg, are you not?

I found it hard to believe that Tesla were really getting their act together, as I have read in various publications and newspapers how badly the company were doing, by all the measures that matter to investors. Not historically, that is now. The build quality has been compared to a kit car in the 60s.

So I did a search, for verified data, for last year, as any thing for this year is open to, lets call it, optimism.


you will note that you have to open the table up, to find way down at the bottom, ahh, yes, could it be Tesla, with a slither of sales.

I am guessing that you are laughing at me for taking the bait?smiley

I did say they appeared to have turned the corner their Model S currently outsells the BMW 6 and 7 series and Mercedes S class combined in the US.

02/11/2018 18:48:31

Mmm, maybe Tesla have turned a corner, so far this year the Model S has captured 45% of the US luxury car market, next best is the Lexus LS with 13% (Jag XJ comes in at 2%). The Model 3, now they seem to have finally been able to ramp up production isn't doing to bad too.

Thread: How to connect battery
02/11/2018 18:36:30

Looking at the 2nd photo, that's 3 standard servos, so a typical 40ish size model, a 2s Lipo and regulator are over the top, especially if you aren't familiar with swapping connectors etc, a 4 cell Nimh Rx battery pack like this would be an easier solution.

Thread: Slowing down a Boomerang II trainer
02/11/2018 14:28:51

Nifty I think you'll find the transmitter tray very useful, I fly with a tray radio and have been known to put my left hand in a pocket when thermaling a glider. I use the MPX crossover harness (other brands are available) and while I get some ribbing about selling ice cream etc it does make the Tx a very stable platform.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 02/11/2018 14:29:22

Thread: How to connect battery
02/11/2018 14:23:35

Ah, your first photo didn't show the Regulator, so normal way would be Lipo to switch, switch to regulator and then regulator to Rx. Reason being is that the regulator would continue to draw a small current if it was installed before the switch, so even when switched off it would be drawing down the battery, not a problem if you remember to unplug the Lipo at the end of the flying session but if you forgot and left it, it would run the battery down and damage it over time.

But if you are unsure and concerned about getting it wrong then a 4/5 cell Nimh battery, as suggested by Denis, direct to switch and then Rx would do the job much simpler. A standard Nimh Rx pack will come with the correct connections and can easily be charged in the plane.

BTW the lead with the two white plugs is an extension lead for the balance port which you would plug into the charger to balance the Lipo cells

02/11/2018 13:44:50

What's the issue, if you are using high voltage servos then you'd just plug the battery into the switch and the switch into the receiver. The 3rd wire on the switch is for charging, a bit of a throw back to Nimh packs which you charged in situ.

BTW I use as few 2 cell LiFe batteries via a standard switch on some models where the power demands are not too high (and through a FET switch for larger models) as a 2S LiFe is about the same voltage as a 5 cell Nimh.

Thread: Electric Cars.
01/11/2018 22:42:38

The issue with IC cars in built up areas isn't CO2 but nitrous oxides, which is where diesels haven,t performed too well and real world results are much worse than official test figures with some models exceeding the allowable limits by large margins, but Bosch claim they have a solution which slashes NOx emissions

I don't think the motor industry covered itself in glory by having a cheat mode which allowed engines to recognise they were on test and adjust the engine operation hide their true emissions.

Thread: Problems I'm having
01/11/2018 17:56:32

We have a hedge and a couple of trees at our "real" site and they are often visited, so depth perception isn't just limited to flight simulators wink

Thread: Which Set Should I buy
01/11/2018 17:50:37

Eric, also now you would probably have 5 basic channel as it is more normal now to put the ailerons on separate channels so you can electronically dial in some aileron differential, which helps offset adverse yaw. On some of my models I have different amounts of differential on different flight phase, increased differential for take off and landing to avoid adverse yaw at low speeds, and less for aerobatics.

01/11/2018 16:42:30
Posted by Anthony Wright 3 on 01/11/2018 16:21:20:

Hello I use frysky Exelent radio. It just annoys me that nobody can think for themselves anymore!

Would make forums very boring though.

As for the radio sets, they are all basically OK. My recent experience in programming other peoples radios with lower/mid end sets has been Spektrum Dx9, Futaba 6J (8 channels) and Multiplex Cockpit Sx9, the Sx9 is about the easiest to program, followed by the Spectrum and then Futaba, but all of them were quite straightforward. I've tried to help a couple of Open Tx users on the field but not being familiar with the system have not been able to help and the owners have had to go and resort to the internet for help.If you are in a club with an Open Tx expert then this wouldn't be an issue, but if you aren't then you'd need to invest some time on the internet looking at various tutorials etc.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 01/11/2018 16:45:00

Thread: Electric Cars.
01/11/2018 10:24:39

Piers, do you mean something like the Renault Twizy?

31/10/2018 22:34:40
Posted by Percy Verance on 31/10/2018 17:46:57:


£7 a month sounds pretty good. Is he using cheap rate charging Frank? My total annual mileage would probably be around twice what your friend covers.

Edited By Percy Verance on 31/10/2018 18:05:58

Yes, he charges it overnight to take advantage of that.

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