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Thread: E-flite Cherokee 1.3 BNF
13/05/2019 09:37:34

Tim I have still got the original servos with no problems, I would wait until anything happens then decide what to do. I fly Futaba so cannot help with your set up, sorry.

13/05/2019 08:55:28

Tim set the deflections at the the trailing edge as given in book. I set mine at book settings and it is a pussy cat to fly no problems at all a good low wing trainer but loops, rolls, spins etc and on low flap takes off quickly on full flap you could almost pick it out off the sky in a 5mph wind when landing. The hatch aerial is rubbish I changed mine to a piece of wire acting as the aerial. I've also improved the the front leg, there are suggestions on RCGroups site. I fly from a rough field and have had about 50-60 flights so far with no problems. Hope this helps, Brian

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
06/04/2019 20:32:50

This year for the first time in British history we might see the end of May before the end of April!

Thread: Who uses blue or pink foam?
27/03/2019 14:14:56

I get Blue foam in various thicknesses and odd shapes from a local industrial insulated roof supplier. I have to pick it up on a certain day of the week whereby the firm leaves it out before they chuck it all in a skip which I can't access.(H&S). It is used as packing sheets by the manufacturer for when the roof panels are delivered. I supply it to model aeroplane enthusiasts and some local model railway clubs and a shop locally here in Bournemouth. Maybe if people in different parts of England can find similar the supplier would be happy to give it away as otherwise it costs for a skip to be taken.

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
07/03/2019 09:00:11

fullsizeoutput_50.jpegI have several of these posters, I reckon they were printed in the early 60's. Every time I show one to friends they say "I built one of those!"

Thread: A bit of nostalgia
03/01/2019 14:33:08

I have a few of these posters and a few box tops as well. Must get around to getting rid of them!

03/01/2019 11:03:28

Here is a bit of Veron Model Aircraft History to stir our older members memories of either building some of these models or licking the model shop windows looking at the and saying one day when I'm earning enough money!fullsizeoutput_50.jpeg

Thread: William Layton
06/12/2018 08:58:21

As the person who instigated this thread I put it up to get the name of WILLIAM LAYTON about so no-one would give him the time of day to carry on doing it on this forum. I agree with my namesake Tom and go along with what Simon Craig is saying. It not a case of educating pork as there are some very intelligent people on this forum who can see just what I am doing. It has been reported to the police and they are happy that this discussion is on going as others have had William Layton contact them and that just proves it is a scam.

04/12/2018 08:51:35

I've advertised some r/c equipment on this site and have had a reply from a person called William Layton. He didn't sound quite 100% from the start but I am quite cynical when it comes to money. This morning he has said he will give me £9000+ for my radio and I'm to send him the difference minus £100 for my trouble, all for a £90 radio Tx! Beware, I know you have all heard of this before. Needless to say he won't be getting my Radio neither my bank details or difference!

Thread: A Glider at 76,,000ft!
08/09/2018 19:45:47

How on earth did the Airbus Perian II get to 76,000ft? It is designed to go to 90,000ft, it got to 76,000ft this week. Are there thermals to that height? who will build the first RC model of this glider.


Edited By sharpy1071 on 08/09/2018 19:49:15

Edited By sharpy1071 on 08/09/2018 19:50:26

Thread: C of G Which way up and why?
19/08/2018 08:37:33

I use the little bump stops that you use on kitchen doors. Half spherical, self adhesive, about 20 to a sheet in B&Q.

Thread: update
26/07/2018 16:47:12

Update on changes to UK Regulations (and the 400ft height limit) - CAA Permission & Exemption published

The recent 2018 amendments to the Air Navigation Order will come into effect on the 30th July, making it illegal to operate any unmanned aircraft (including model aircraft) above 400ft.

The UK model flying associations (BMFA, SAA, LMA & FPVUK) have been working in close collaboration in ongoing negotiations with the Department for Transport (DfT) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and we are pleased to report that earlier today the CAA issued us with a joint ‘Permission’ to allow our members to continue operating ‘conventional’ model aircraft (excluding multi-rotors) weighing less than 7Kg at heights in excess of 400ft. The full text of this Permission can be viewed HERE.

The CAA has also issued an ‘Exemption’ to allow our members to operate ‘conventional’ model aircraft (excluding multi-rotors) weighing less than 3.5Kg at heights up to 1000ft using First Person View. The full text of this Exemption can be viewed HERE.

Note that any model aircraft flying within 1km of the boundary of a licensed airfield at any height will have to be with the permission of the airfield air traffic control or airfield operator.

The Permission & Exemption will come into effect on the 30th July and are limited to members of the BMFA, SAA, LMA and FPVUK. Please note that they apply only to ‘conventional’ model aircraft (including helicopters) and do not exempt multirotor drones or unmanned aircraft with autonomous flight capability from the 400ft height limit.

It was only possible to achieve this result due to the recognition given by the DfT and CAA to the excellent safety record established by the model flying associations and our members over many years and we are grateful for their help and support in achieving such a positive outcome.

Today’s announcement is a great result for the UK model flying community and is the culmination of very significant collaborative efforts by the UK Model Flying Associations working together on behalf of their members.


Thread: Another dodgy buyer?
21/05/2018 20:27:09

Ericjerrypedro01 wrote to me this morning asking about my Mustang. English not very good, straight away alarm bells started to ring, now just confirmed hes no good, thanks people, Brian

Thread: Gorilla glue offer
09/05/2018 08:20:20

I store my bottles upside down and have had it last 2-3 years and use nealy all of it.

Thread: Basen Battery
15/02/2018 10:30:04

Has any one on this forum used Basen LiIon Batteries? A few months ago whilst surfing I came across a firm that sold Basen batteries for R/C made up into 4 cells with a choice of connector on them. They also could be high discharge or low rate discharge depending on what type of plane one was flying. I wrote all the details down EXCEPT the web site! Could anyone out there help me please?

Thread: BMFA Classifieds Scammer Alert
12/12/2017 09:54:43

I had this about 14 days ago complete scam. Same name and very similar approach. Ignore.

Thread: Scam
29/11/2017 08:49:45

On Monday I placed 4 planes for sale on the this forum. Tuesday received a request for some photos from which I duly sent. Wednesday relied the following letter which I believe to be a scam. So I look forward to comments on this. I have not answered nor will answer any emails from him. Brian

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 29/11/2017 13:40:15

Thread: Legislation Proposal at last
26/11/2017 08:34:09

It is claimed by the powers to be that this will stop criminal activity. Ha Ha. There is a sign in every town, village city saying 30mph does that stop people doing more than 30mph? There are gun laws, if your a criminal does that stop you from buying/using a gun? I own DJI450 which I have flown responsibly (I believe) I also fly model RC aircraft, which I fly responsibly and I am a member of the BMFA. What astounds me is I walk into Maplins, PCWorld etc there you have drones of all sizes and there is no facility for insurance on them in fact the staff know nothing about the BMFA insurance scheme in many cases. You hear of accidents with drones, sometimes life changing, and there is no insurance supplied by the offender. This will not stop the law breakers.

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 26/11/2017 08:36:01

Thread: AXI Motor repair
04/11/2017 08:33:09

AXI's do lock tight screws etc in so a little heat on them lossens the lock tight. I use a soldering iron with a thin tip. I also go to the local bearing supplier for my bearings, much cheaper and possibly better.

Thread: Tiger Moth in RAF service, serial nos?
15/09/2017 09:14:10

Tiger Moth N9498 was built by De Haviland Aircraft in Great Britain works construction No. 82525. I am still working on DL970. Can't help with colour scheme could be anything from plain silver through camouflage to Yellow!

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