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Thread: Clubs and slope soaring sites in Powys Wales
21/10/2011 08:41:52
John - Nearest sloping club I think is LMSA (Long Mynd Soaring Association) which flies from the Long Mynd just west of Church Stretton. About 12-15 miles from Knighton. Web address is : There may be some power clubs around there as well.
Long Mynd has sites that fly in virtually any wind direction, most of which are really good with excellent landing areas. I expect there are other good hills down Knighton way as well. There are a couple of other guys that frequent this forum that I think are Ludlow area based so they will know some others no doubt.
Long Mynd is NT land so no power whatsoever and you need insurance. Joining LMSA is the princely sum of £3 a year so has to be worth it.
Thread: Lurking
01/07/2011 08:25:30
Wow what got you so stirred this early in the morning Richard? I didn't think you stirred until much later?
30/06/2011 11:33:55
Wow Lee the sooner you are up and about again the better. Peace will again reign on the fair forums of this land.
Thread: Local Soaring site/club
26/06/2011 08:42:37
And all the music. It's all ancient stuff, like me.
See you Thursday. Alan
Thread: Crow Brakes
26/06/2011 08:40:46
We all manage a lucky one every now and then don't we Lee....
Thread: Hirobo Sceadu 50 Evolution
24/01/2010 09:41:56
I have a manual which I could copy for you but if you look up you will find all the manuals for Hirobo helis online and downloadable. Alternatively Ripmax list it as a spare you can buy for £18.99 Personally I would rather download.
If you have troubles get back to me and I can copy it for you.
Thread: For old times sake :)
25/09/2009 08:43:15
I'm on 85 as always for non power. I also have a peg board I could bring. Probably will.
Thread: Nitro fuels
01/07/2009 08:44:48
I have 2 Sceadu's and a Kyosho Caliber 5. I run 2 x OS50's & 1 x OS37. They all run on Southern Modelcrafts 5% synthetic as do all my fixed wing fleet. Pitch settings are as Hirobo and Kyosho advise which from memory is a max of 12 degrees positive. All will climb away for ever on full pitch/throttle. However I don't do 3D work so head speeds are all around the 1500-1600 rpm mark rather than closer to the 2000 rpm the 3D boys seem to run. With this I can loop, roll, flip etc & fly inverted no problem so no you don't need high nitro fuels for helicopters, at least you don't if you aren't into 3D. If you do 3D you may well. And lower nitro fuel is considerably cheaper.
Thread: My new 4m DG 800 from China
24/05/2009 07:43:31
Ken - Flaps should be hinged at the bottom. That allows them loads more deflection. Why do you think thats wrong?
Regards. Alan
Thread: Dunstable Down
15/03/2009 18:24:29
Not advisable with all those real ones using the same airspace, let alone the thousands of families on a nice day flying kites and the golf course right behind you. Why not go to Ivinghoe on the next ridge over (about 4 miles away) and join them. They are a nice bunch and the LGC pilots know they are to stay away from Ivinghoe.
ISA (Ivinghoe Soaring Association) is a very nice club to belong to.
Thread: A Jart LT is re-born and then killed :-(
15/03/2009 18:14:48
Oh Tim thats a real shame. That was a good looking aeroplane and I was looking forward to seeing it in the air sometime. Mid airs do happen though but a real shame with something so new.
Commiserations. Lee will be mortified.
24/02/2009 07:46:53
Tim - With spoilerons be prepared for loads of down elevator needed. Also don't expect them to slow things down. Certainly on the two aeroplanes I have them on they don't. What they do do is dump lift and force the plane down which is quite useful at most slopes but you need to kill the speed in the turns. Play with them at height and if possible set the Tx so you can modify the elevator compensation while in flight until you get it right. Basically with full spoilerons on you need it just nose down, coming forward gently losing height like its going out of fashion.
24/02/2009 07:20:10
Have you touched up the paintwork Tim or just going with it as it is? Be interested to see how one of these lighter weight Jart's fly.
Thread: The BAE Hawk on the Big Rock yesterday.
24/02/2009 07:16:54
Glad to see/hear you are using good music these days Lee.
Thread: Javelin
20/02/2009 07:39:49
Yes thank you Matthew I do have the GWS A4. However as Lee will tell you I finish what I am currently doing before embarking on another one, especially when it's electrickery and I don't have too much expertise in that area. However I have some flying friends well into electrics and specifically small EDF planes so should get good info from them when the time comes. Must admit I looked at all the bits GWS recommends and at well over the ton for them thought ok, time for a little thought before delving in here. Especially when the kit with the power bits (motor & esc) only retails for about £25 more than the bare one I received, but if you buy the bits separately the motor by itself was £40 odd from Perkins and as I recollect the esc was similar. So time for some reflection before spending my pennies.
And Tim you are ok as a very pointy thing is coming your way this weekend I hear.
See you all soon. Alan
19/02/2009 21:48:25
Well there you go Matthew. Insider knowledge. At one point we had 4 of them chasing us around. They actually don't like rolling over and diving at the ground manouvres but for almost anything else they stay in pretty close formation. Actually this time one of them did make deliberate dives at Lee's S15 and we were sort of forced into taking evasive action. They really do not like their airspace being invaded thats for sure.
By the way Lee hasn't responded as he is working until Saturday and then he has to sit down and work out how to add a deal of elevator compensation for when he is on full crow brakes. It was hard landing that Javelin having to hold loads of forward stick in all the time. Nice aeroplane for general flying though. We haven't tried it with full ballast yet. A pleasure still to come.
Thread: C of G contration - does it work?
16/01/2009 19:40:50
I can see you guys have never had a plank glider. I have a NCFM M60 and I can tell you that moving the C of G by 1mm totally alters the characteristics of that aeroplane. 1mm behind the sweet spot and its darn near unflyable. On the sweet spot it is a magic aeroplane. 1mm in front and it is soggy, horrible and very slow. To get to that level of accuracy I use the Multiplex C of G machine which does give that accuracy. I also record where the sweet spot is so on any subsequent repair, maintenance or refurbishment I can reproduce the exact same sweet spot.
I gave up using fingers years ago when I 1st became involved with gliders. They are so much more sensitive than pudgy fingers can ever provide. For their modest price they are they undoubtedly one of the best VFM tools you can have.
Thread: 3 Forumite's seen on Long Mynd
16/01/2009 15:30:14
Andy - From the LMSA members list how can you tell who is who anyway, plus that list doesn't seem to me to reflect current LMSA members. At least there are a couple of users on it that I recognise that I know didn't rejoin last year, let alone this.
Plus as I believe Lee said in his 1st post we didn't get the surnames of the other Alan & the John, so how can you check unless you recognise them.
Maybe I should have put this on the LMSA forum...... but then who updates and reads that very often. I guess Mike does so probably should.
By the way don't take this wrong. I TOTALLY agree with what you said. Just pointing out how hard it is to make anything meaningful of the LMSA member list unless you know everyone pseudonyms 1st.
Thread: Raptor 30
16/01/2009 11:28:05
ms - Paul Heckles school is at Chiseldon just south of Swindon no more than a few miles from you. The web address is :
and if you look at the BMFA site there are quite a few clubs in your area that cater for helicopters. Unfortunately not the Swindon one according to the BMFA but there are others fairly close.
16/01/2009 11:11:35
ms - Bruce is totally right. Before doing anything with the Raptor join a club and get lessons or use one of the schools that teach helis.
I see from your profile you live in Swindon. I am sure one of the flying schools that teaches heli flying is located just South of Swindon. Not sure but it might be the Paul Heckles school. But please do use them. It may seem expensive at 1st but a few hours of lessons will save you loads on the damage and repairs you will do on your Raptor, and they will set your helicopter up and test it out for you so you know it is ok. Hate to say it but any mishap on a helicopter is probably going to cost you at least £40+ for a crash kit and new blades. Potentially much more if it is a big one. And helicopters are very maintenance intensive. So money spent up front learning at a school can potentially save you hundreds long term.
Please don't let this put you off. I find helis the most satisfying flying of anything because of the intense concentration required. They really are a huge adrenaline rush every time you take off. But they are potentially quite dangerous to you and all around and that is why you MUST use a club or school to learn with.
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