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Thread: Information about CAD
06/09/2014 13:02:22

Quite a few CAD programs can do kinematics. I know Solidworks can, and I think FreeCAD can too. If you know any engineering students you could try to get the student version of MSC ADAMS which is nice, if overkill.

Probably easiest to use card shapes and pins though.

Thread: Free colour editing software?
24/04/2014 14:55:26

I'd suggest Paint.NET or GIMP. Both are attempts at a free version of Photoshop.

Thread: Why won't 35 mhz work ?
11/07/2013 21:15:33

You may also want to try reversing the throttle channel and seeing what happens.

Thread: Rasberry PI RC plane idea
28/04/2013 17:49:48

So you are just looking to use the RPi to collect data from a camera, gps and some MEMS sensors? I'd expect that to be possible.

If you wanted a challenge try going for the Raspberry pi collecting the data and controlling the model at the same time. cool

Thread: Amazon
08/04/2013 11:55:36

I have never had a problem with Amazon Marketplace, but I'd agree about the joke postage pricing. Ebay is no better for postage though.

Thread: DLG Rudder design
04/04/2013 14:34:28

I am under the impression that it is to minimise the torsional loads on the boom of DLG; during launch the forces on the rudder are rather large to say the least, and if this were to cause the boom to twist, it'd probably damage to boom in the long term and also mess up the control linkages to both the eleveator and rudder, possibly with unfortunate results.
I'd imagine that this is compounded by the want of the designers to have a less draggy rudder - a large amount of energy is usually lost during launch due to the rudder's drag. This can be achieved in part through a higher aspect ratio of the rudder, but this - for an above the boom fin - means moving the centre of force further from the boom, increasing the torque. By extending the fin and rudder below the boom the aspect ratio can increased and the centre of force moved closer to the boom, reducing the torque.

Thread: Space Glider
13/03/2013 18:01:33

Interesting, but no doubt about to kick up a storm of comments about safety...
Thread: Encouraging young people
12/11/2012 20:50:59

I think it is often simple problems that neither clubs nor the BMFA can do much about that cause the most problems. I started when I was 13, having read magasins etc, and tried to follow the advice given in them; I spent money on a proper trainer and branded radio equipment and joined a club. The club was absolutely great, and very supportive, but my problem was getting there. Going required a parent which for them meant a 40 minute drive, then 2 hours standing around and then the drive back. Unsurprisingly I only flew a few times a year (probably about 4 times... At least I didn't have to pay full price subs...).

I only started flying regularly when I got a foamy that I was confident enough to fly on my own - big expensive proper trainers are all very well till you crash them!

Next year with any luck I will be at university. Quite how I'm going to manage to get some big fragile annoyingly shaped things to whereever I go (fingers crossed), I don't know. Which probably explains the lack of 18 to 24 year olds.

CS and Tom, you'll love this hobby when it comes to doing a personal statement, especially if you want to do something like engineering.

Thread: Futaba T14SG chat
06/11/2012 22:21:37

TJD models are doing preorders for £460 here.

Thread: Alula Evo
05/04/2012 20:27:02

Yes I did.

Waiting for my dad before I do anything more with it - he's good with a pen.

05/04/2012 10:22:51

Got it.

Did people just leave the bigger moulding holes or tape over them or something. By moulding holes I mean the bigger ones - there is one on one side of the tail and I think two on the underside of each wing.


Edited By birdy on 05/04/2012 10:24:37

02/04/2012 18:43:50

Thank you very much both Ken and David. smiley

I think I'll probably just go for it...

01/04/2012 14:40:29

Do people think an Alula Evo is worth the money? I'm considering getting one since I quite fancy a glider and can only do flat feild flying. I have looked at "real" DLGs, but cheap isn't really the word one might use to describe them. The only model I fly at the moment (to any extent) is my Flying Wings Raven.

I'd like to hear people's opinions, thanks,


Edited By David Ashby on 02/04/2012 07:59:20

Thread: Phoenix Online Session
10/10/2011 21:04:12
I tried, but it wouldn't let me join.
Thread: Southern Model Airshow/Hop Farm 2011
18/09/2011 16:41:46
Sure you were at the right place? There was plenty of trade... And I saw at least 4 food stalls near the end of the flight line...
I thought it was good... Certainly the solo jet display (the white one who won the award...) was very impressive as well as the RV8 display. My main complaint is I always have trouble finding my way out of the Hopfarm.
Also, first class smoke ring. 

Edited By birdy on 18/09/2011 16:42:23

Thread: No Flying this week down in the South East me thinks
06/09/2011 20:29:44
Better not be like this on the 17th / 18th...
Thread: Corona FASST Compatable Rxs
06/09/2011 16:57:44
I have one, but haven't flown with it yet. Seems to be fine so far though.
Thread: Taxes and charges when buying fro the US
26/08/2011 20:58:09
In your first post you mentioned a heli version of the tx if I understood correctly. I'm pretty sure that the 8FG can do both helis and fixed wing - and if you want to send it back it won't be cheap and I can't see them refunding import charges.
Thread: Printed curcuit boards
22/07/2011 18:27:34
You could try putting it in the oven with a tray underneath it and hope the componts fall down into the tray. Then turn over and repeat. Don't really know if it will work, but I know that you can melt the solder by putting it in the oven. I'd also be careful of dripping solder so it would be worth putting foil over to tray.
This is probably a terrible idea.

Edited By birdy on 22/07/2011 18:28:56

Thread: Photosynth flying site guides
12/07/2011 22:11:28
I like it...
My thought is weather it is possible to turn such a panoramic into the type of thing needed to make flying sites in Pheonix sim creator. It would be great to be able to fly at your own site on the sim.
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