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Thread: Electric trainer advice
16/06/2011 17:43:22
Posted by aspr1n on 15/06/2011 22:39:14:
Birdy, you said you thought the ailerons on the V-Trainer made it twitchy, do you know how the V2 V-Trainer 4Ch compares? I can't find any pics of how the plan form might differ.
I am afraid I don't know. If you do end up getting the V-trainer also know that the extra weight fof the 4ch wing means that your need 3s batteries with the motor in the kit. The wing also has no dihedral so it does't correct its self like most trainers. The v-tail can cause complications to.
15/06/2011 20:27:30
Sims arn't really that much like flying in the real world is why they arn't as important - You don't get the spacial awareness or depth and you don't behave the same on a sim - I wouldn't even try prop hanging in real life, but on a sim I'm happy to. They can't really prepare you for when things go wrong either - when you crash you don't care but in in reality when things go pare shaped how you react is important and a sim isn't going to teach you what to do.
And real life is far more fun - did I mention that?
15/06/2011 14:32:10
Hi and welcome to this forum.
It would probably be good if you let us know weather you are going it alone or if you have joined a club. You should join a club because it will make the whole process of learning to fly faster and more enjoyable.
You should also join the BMFA in case you crash into someone's car and damage it or something.
Finnaly there is a special v-trainer aileron wing kit available, but personally I found it makes the model twitchy and not as easy to fly.
Good luck,
Thread: Can I just say GAH, COMPUTERS!
14/06/2011 23:03:18
What hardware are you using?
Thread: wow
14/06/2011 12:49:18
I'd watch the mods don't jump on you with that kind of linking.
I do wonder how many people have crashed doing stunts like these.
Birdy (H&S dept. )
Thread: ebay, gotta larf
05/06/2011 11:46:13
If that's economy postage, then what's next day delivery.
Thread: RCM&E July 2011 issue
04/06/2011 17:13:45
I find his reviews annoying too. Surely a column is not so you can review things but so you can talk about electric flight? Brian Winch and Whittaker manage not to spend their entire time reviewing so why does he? Other then his look at CE compliance and the christmas present ideas, he had only built and reviews so far this year.
Thread: Fournier plan error - July Issue 2011
02/06/2011 14:54:11
Same here.
Thread: Funjet and prop size = esc
29/05/2011 19:43:50
It should be fine - and you can just throttle back a bit right?
Thread: Spot the Plane 2
27/05/2011 21:56:09
30 for me please!
Thread: Cool Camera for a tenner
24/05/2011 16:11:31
Sorry I meant the site on my link was out of stock.
24/05/2011 11:48:44
They're not in stock at the moment but....
Thread: The 'spot the plane' competition
20/05/2011 12:41:05
25 for me.
The wording in the starting post makes it sound like only one person can choose each square, while I think you mean each forum member can only choose one, not multiple squares.
Thread: Connectors
15/05/2011 15:44:03
Whats stopping you from chopping off the 4mm and soldering 3mm bullets on? Or have I misread your post.
Thread: Simple Electronics
08/05/2011 18:34:48
Yes. I can't think of any review I've seen which hasn't recommended the model in the conclusion - even in the recent p51B review it said it was a good model, despite all the problems with the build and the price. And from the photos I didn't even think it looked that good - you can see the canopy hatch easily.
Rant over.
More on topic, what about modifications - for example how to change the switch on a transmitter to a rotating thing?
08/05/2011 17:54:22
Posted by Basildon Biggles on 08/05/2011 17:35:38:

Not sure I agree, there is an excellent thread on RCMF for a homebuilt servo tester at a third of the price you would be expected to pay anywhere else on the net.

Tried GiantCod?

On topic, I would want a decent explanation of how a lot of things in our hobby work: A large number of flyers have no idea how an esc or 2.4 rx works for example. Or how to wind an electric motor for different kvs. In fact, perhaps the Fly Electric column could actually be about electronic stuff rather than just lots of reviews of electric models and accessories?
Thread: First time flyer
06/05/2011 22:24:35
Thread: Question about radio controllers
03/05/2011 22:59:56
When choosing your transmitter you might want to see what brand(s) the people at your local club use and especially what the instructors use; If they are the same make then you can can connect the transmitters and use one as a buddy box.

And yes you can use it for more then one model.
Chances are that there will be someone willing to let you have a go on their trainer or there's a club trainer before you decide (inevitably ) that you want to buy your own model. The guys at your local club will tell you what you need, as well as the local model shop.
Thread: low throttle bad for the esc ?
02/05/2011 12:06:34
This is a link worth reading if you are interested, and gives a good explanation as to why esc get hot at mid throttle.
If your esc had ok cooling though it shouldn't be a problem.
Thread: windy decisions
01/05/2011 23:15:54
One the model is up I tend to find it is best to have something fast. The main problem for me is usually the wind direction and the trees the wind comes over; Because of this I tend to use something easily hand-launchable and something which won't break when the turbulence/ cross wind gets the better of me on landing...
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