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Thread: motor rpm
30/04/2011 22:17:04
The latter. Kind of - with no load it should spin at 12000rpm, but as soon as you put a prop on the it will slow down.
Thread: The ultimate RC model plane?
30/04/2011 20:12:54
Is that a real photo of the watchkeeper? It just doesn't look... Right.
I do remember seeing an absolutely tiny (around 60 inch span?) UAV on display at Farnborough. It wasn't flying though, and on a display stand so it was probably just a model...
Thread: Blue foam twin-boom build and maiden
30/04/2011 17:39:33
Does look nice... I would consider building it if I had the space - it would go on to the "to build one day.." list.
Is that what you do with your models Tim?
Thread: Amazing how dim you can be sometimes!
27/04/2011 21:35:52
You're not crashing properly; I make sure I know when I've crashed by making something big has broken off.
Thread: Two Fingered Flying
26/04/2011 23:29:31
I fly thumbs only with a neck strap. Legacy from my days of playing the PS2. (Got a ps3 to waste time now. )
US mags have disappointed me mostly because of their photography; I'm not paying almost £5 for blured photos.
Thread: Any ideas about how to fix this?
25/04/2011 19:53:28
Done that and I think its worked. Thanks again. So much easier then cutting it off...
Thread: Inconsistant flier!
25/04/2011 11:53:41
Just my 2p but perhaps he has confidence problems? He probably flies more carefully when he's not feeling that confident then, thinking he is a flying god gets overconfident. Its like that I haven't yet crashed on the first flight of the day - I usually decided to practice flying low or something and mess it up.
Thread: Any ideas about how to fix this?
24/04/2011 21:07:33
Good plan Alan. I'll try that - even if it doesn't work then the sheeting would be ruined anyway... It seems the simplest idea, but thanks anyone who suggested anything.
24/04/2011 11:58:31
Sorry, hit that enter instead of Tab
24/04/2011 11:53:11
Now, I have finally got around to building the wing of Mr. Miller's Harmony, I've just stuck on the top sheeting and removed the washout wedges. Then I checked, as instructed, that the washout is equal.
That is when I realise that I've just built negative washout into one of the wings (). Now I thought that the best way of fixing this would be to remove the top sheeting, but I seemed to have glued that on quite well, so if I do It'll mean destroying it. Any good Ideas before I try doing that? 

Edited By birdy on 24/04/2011 11:57:54

Thread: RCM&E TV
23/04/2011 13:35:54
Posted by James40 on 22/02/2011 13:25:01:
Sorry David, still no good, you're still doing the funky robot dance.
I don't actually think that's low res, it's just smaller.
Anyway, for comparison to Tim, I'm on 3.21Mb/s broadband speed according to the test I just carried out, about half what I'm actually paying for!
It could always be the forum software that's an issue, I mean this is my third attempt at posting a reply seeing as this forum constantly crashes Google Chrome Incredibly FRUSTRATING!!!
I had a sneaky peak in RCM&E control center and took some top secret pictures of the forum mainframe

I think I can see the problem !

You think that's slow? The best I managed out of three tries was 0.57mb/s...

I personally preferred the youtube style video since you could just leave it to load.
Thread: Unknown motor power.
21/04/2011 23:36:56
Why don't they work well in cold weather then? They loose their charge slowly Bill. 

Edited By birdy on 21/04/2011 23:37:32

Thread: Building A Plane For My GCSE
21/04/2011 16:09:10
But you have to do the paperwork in that time as well? Also consider for when you are making this how easy it will be to CAD - and how much time it will take to cad. Using 2D Design my project took around 10 hours to CAD (although it was quite complex).
Thread: Hmmm... I'm sceptical....
21/04/2011 14:38:02
Someone who loves the Formosa, but can't afford - oh wait its more expensive. I'm stumped. A really weird person?
Thread: A little Easter giveaway.....
21/04/2011 11:52:34
I think you should "lock" this thread now.
Thread: GYRO Z718 Metal 3.5CH Electric RTF RC Helicopter spare parts
21/04/2011 10:21:17
Sorry, ignore this. (said something wrong... )

Edited By birdy on 21/04/2011 10:25:01

Thread: Hmmm... I'm sceptical....
20/04/2011 20:55:41
Whilst searching fleabay for Formosas I came across this. How did they get a picture of their yet-to-be-made, museum quality, wooden Formosa, thinks I. Well page one of Google images found me this.
And whilst I'm questioning it, isn't 1 month add three weeks postage over the PayPal complaint time limit... The final question is how the seller has a 100% rating....
Thread: Servo chatter - what's actually happening?
20/04/2011 19:22:00
My understanding (correct me someone if I am wrong) is that it is when the servo keeps over correcting.
Thread: Bad Solder Joint - could have been nasty
18/04/2011 15:23:29
I've been there before too, but was lucky enough to find the fault before I flew.
Thread: 2.4Ghz manuafacturer compatability
17/04/2011 18:31:41
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 17/04/2011 18:12:57:
PS Birdy, I don't know where you go shopping mate but if you're paying £70 for a R617FS you being seriously ripped off! Typical price is just over £50 and with a tiny bit of shopping around you can easily get them for £47 or so.

Fortunately I now buy the giantcod cheapies. But still, £50. You can buy alot with that! And its nice that people are there to tell you what you should expect to pay.

Hedley, you could buy a genuine speccy rx, but you can save alot of money buy buying something like these. I've personally no idea if there any good, but someone will.
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