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Thread: 2.4Ghz manuafacturer compatability
17/04/2011 17:36:27
Its worth selling that R617FS - they cost £70 new.
Thread: Unknown motor power.
15/04/2011 15:22:12
Your charger should have a main power lead and a place for the small white plug. You should be plugging both leads in if you can. So yes, small white plug.
Thread: Model Shops (again) The Good and the Bad
15/04/2011 15:15:45
Good service: Giant Cod -I have never had a single problem.
EM Models in Tunbridge Wells - They have always given me exactly what I want at what I consider a reasonable price, and have given good advice. They even, when buying a covering iron a few years ago, recommended that I didn't buy what they had in stock, since they thought that one with accurate temperature control etc, rather than a cheap and chearful one, would be more than I needed. The only problem with them is their insistence of using upmarket brands like flightpower lipos at times.
BRC hobbies - I once returned a faulty v-tail mixer to them, but forgot to put in a return address, so, a month later, having completely forgotten about it, I received a working one with a note explaining how they had had to look through their records to find my address - top marks. I'm sure most place wouldn't have bothered and kept the cost of postage and a new mixer.
OK service: Sussex model centre - they said one colour scheme of a model was in stock on the web site when it wasn't, but to be fair they did politely call me and ask if they should should wait for new stock or send they other colour, and then they sent me one incorrect item, which they corrected, but was annoying all the same.
Thread: Unknown motor power.
14/04/2011 22:36:49
Hi Bill,
First thing you should do is check that there is no postal damage (eg dents in the battery or it is "puffed up"). After that I would check that it is above the minimum safe voltage (thats 9 volts for a 3 cell lipo) - this could be done with something like this , or if the main power lead has a compatible connector then most chargers will tell you.
Often however you will find that the battery has the wrong connector - I use deans connectors, but lots of people like 4mm bullet connectors or even "ec3" connectors. Sometimes batteries come with no connectors at all. In this case you need to solder on the connectors you want to use, but make sure that you don't short the battery whilst doing this - strip the insulation from one wire, solder it and insulate it before stripping the insulation from the next.
After that I tend to balance charge it (although you should really do this every time you charge you lipos anyway). Once thats done, I put it in a safe place - away from small metal objects and leave it there till I need it. Incidentally it is better to store lipos in a place at room temperature - they don't like getting to cold.
Thread: Binding Problem
10/04/2011 08:41:56
According to something or other I read it is to make sure as few txs are on as possible for binding.
David, does the "rx" bit have any power indicator LEDs? And if so do they come on when you slick them into the 6ex to bind it?
Thread: Which gizmo do you want in YOUR transmitter? and why!
10/04/2011 08:35:23
We should try showing this thread to futaba or Hitec or someone.
09/04/2011 22:22:51
Something that magically removes the ground just in font of my model.
Thread: Selcol battery
09/04/2011 20:58:05
Its amazing how technology companies love to release their best and most innovitave products on April first. I remember an iPhone app just for 2.4 flying was released on that date a couple of years ago.
Thread: Webbit example build: Covering
09/04/2011 20:56:03
That looks like classic wot 4 scheme to me.
Thread: Building A Plane For My GCSE
07/04/2011 22:24:24
Hi Joseph,
In my opinion (quite literally finishing my GCSE DT coursework today) what you want is to make something that is as simple as possible - remember you have to CAD this, justify every single little feature and most importantly, no finger joints - I have alot of freinds who have spent hours and hours trying to get them right. Also, don't worry how well it will fly - as long as it gets off the ground for a photo then it is ok. You might also want to look into getting your own materials since it is unlikely your dt department will have any good balsa (assuming you are using that).
Good luck,
Thread: RCM&E May 2011 issue
07/04/2011 20:28:47
Re metric and imperial, I am young enough to have been bought up with only metric, but to be honest, even if it isn't quoted in metric, I am fine, since it isn't hard to convert, and you get used to the imperial - I now think of most things in inches not cm (upsets DT teachers too. )
Thread: Weather's getting a bit better, how much flying you getting in?
07/04/2011 20:21:51
Normally when you have a holiday (lucky me!) the weather turns awful, but right now I can't think of any way for it to improve.
Just had an hour of air time with my Raven. Yes, I'm in a very good mood.
Thread: RCM&E May 2011 issue
06/04/2011 23:01:19
I haven't read much of it yet, but enjoyed the proxxon circular saw review - and on that note can we have more tool reviews? I don't know about other people, but I have always considered buying tools, but have been put off by the price and wondering how much they would actually improve the quality of the models I build.
Ian, perhaps that's your god(s) (for PC ) telling you should try electric...
Thread: Which Electric Trainer
03/04/2011 20:16:45
The ultrafly tutor, sebart shark 30e and the E-flight alpha would all take the smaller lipo. The The MPlex mentor cannot take either battery.
A bigger trainer would be better though. Perhaps he could shoehorn the 6s 2500 into the Hanger 9 Alpha 40?
Thread: Thunderstorm at Sun and Fun USA
02/04/2011 21:51:09
You might want to look at this thread .
Thread: Large Sabre or other ? + Wemotec fan
02/04/2011 21:48:51
By the B36 do you mean the suggested mega motor. If not it would be useful if you posted a link since the kv would be the most important thing to people who know about EDF stuff (I don't )
Thread: Telemetry - do you use it? What do you think of it?
29/03/2011 22:30:54
TBH I do not really see the point of telemetry for the things I fly; I am of the oppinion that you should know when you are about to fall out the sky (can't anyone else "feel" it?) and you don't need telemetry to tell you when you lipo is about to run out of juice. I use one of these things with a very bright LED that flashes at a pre-set voltage. I also think that in the applications it would be most useful (ie. high value models or high performance models - dead stick in a trainer isn't much of a problem) it is also most dangerous - taking your eyes off the model for long enough to take in the information takes around a second, and a fast moving model can do alot in that time.
The idea of a fuel senser is good, but if you can do that, why can't you just put a flashing light on the outside of a model?
On the plus side, telemetry is pretty cool, but I personally see it as an unneeded cost.
Thread: A really stupid mistake! Twice
29/03/2011 20:03:42
Its as good as when I built two left sides, so I disassembled one carefully and carefully built it the same again. Doh!
Thread: Phoenix 2.5 problems
27/03/2011 20:51:01
The sockets seem fine when used for buddy leads, but mine doesn't like the sim lead - so I use my JP planet system instead for phoenix.
Phil have you checked all the pins are ok - my first lead had a pushed-in pin.
27/03/2011 20:32:13
I thought that you had to have a genuine adaptor for it to work - otherwise everyone would buy one of those and then just buy the DVD (which you can get of the phoenix website for £9.95).
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