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Thread: Phase 3 Squall
15/10/2009 23:49:36
Mine arrives tomorrow 4S version, not sure what the score will be with the fan unti lI get a look.
Decided on a clour scheme after seeing this image at foamy jets
called the interceptor there but I can't find any difference except foamy jets are offering the vector thrust unit and linkages built into the price.
Might be worth a look
Thread: The November Grand Prize Draw
13/11/2008 10:21:00
room in the hangar for this little baby
Thread: The September Grand Prize Draw
01/09/2008 17:18:00
50th birthday for me not tooo old to learn to fly electric am I?
Thread: The July Grand Prize Draw
03/07/2008 09:59:00
More than happy to give one of these a good home
Thread: Smoke oil
30/06/2008 19:38:00

Anyone know of a good source for smoke oil? Looking for an easy to order smoke oil that isn't diesel based trying to keep thing s easy to clean up and not have to carry glow and diesel type pumps.

 Any help links appreciated.

Thread: OS 120 smoke system problems
30/06/2008 00:33:00
definitely the exhaust heat, just run the engine in and haven't put any oil thru yet. Difficult to get to that stage as the tygon only lasts 40 seconds or so.
29/06/2008 22:04:00

Iv'e tried to install a smoke system with this engine and the injector for the smoke was tapped into a 90 degree knuckle joint directly next to the engine. The diesel is fed to this injector thru tygon tubing but this just melted off the injector within 30 seconds of start up. I then put the exhaust back on the original header that came with it and tapped the injector into the main body of the exhaust but again the tygon just melted off after around 45 seconds.

Is there any other way / type of tubing that will not be affected so badly by the heat. I've toyed with the idea of using a 120mm flexible extension before the main exhaust body but the injector really needs to be in the hottest point of the exhaust and may not produce smoke this far back in the system.

Any help thoughtsd appreciated

Thread: Venting for OS 120 surpass mk III
30/04/2008 23:45:00

Never having used a pumped engine before Iv'e always had a feed going to the exhaust to feed pressure to the tank. Obviously this engine is pumped so no feed to exaust but it needs to have a vent.

What's the best way to stop fuel exiting from the tank vent pipe? Will a one way valve do the trick or is there some other way.

 Any help or suggestions appreciated.

Thread: Help with servo choice
15/04/2008 22:31:00

Hi back to the hobby after 20yrs with a vengance mortgage and kid free. Over the last four months got my hand back in with 40 trainer then Kyosho 60 sport with OS FSa 81 and Pulse xt with OS FSa 56 both great motors bye the way also couldn't afford 4 strokes 20 years ago.

Always wanted a bibe and Iv'e got the Cermark Pitts S2B which will have an OS surpass Mk III 120 in it on the bench as we speak. Never had to really consider more powerfull servo's in the past but now require some decent servo's for elevator and rudder. Going to use four futaba S9001's for the ailerons but need 2 more powerfull ones for the elevator and rudder. Handbook states min 75oz-in required but most servo's quote kg/cm.

Any reccomendations appreciated and is there an easy way to work out kg at 1cm into oz/in. Life would be easy if manufacturers quoted both I suppose.

 Any help appreciated

Thread: Advice on re-covering
04/04/2008 16:27:00

Hi David

thanks for the response. I would say there's nothing wrong with the blue scheme, I just really fancy it in a yellow and black one. When I said there's nothing wrong with the blue and white well there is in that, it arrived this morning and the tail is well smashed inside the packaging so it's being replaced early next week.

As for size it's 60" span with 1.20 - 1.40 four stroke but as I've not bothered fully unpacking it I've not got any pics as yet. Main concern was how easy will the covering come off as a lot of the fuz is thin balsa skin over cut out polyastyrene. Also will there be any problems keeping the wings true during re covering.

04/04/2008 14:43:00

Iv'e recently bought a cermark pitts S2B which is currently blue. Always wanted a pitts when I was into this hobby 20 yrs ago but mortgages kids etc limited finances then. Been back for some 4 months now and most of the old skills are back probably with slightly slower reactions and ok ish eyesight ( the joys of ageing )

Iv'e always envisaged a pitts in my hangar in yellow but build time is limited hence the blue cermark. Is it going to be a real pain to strip the existing covering and redo or is this a nightmare best left alone?

 Would appreciate any thoughts hints tips etc no need to suggest a trip to spec savers thankyou

 thanks in advance Kev Moore

Thread: The April Grand Prize Draw
02/04/2008 10:51:00
If you're not in, you can't win!
Thread: 56 FSa/ 81 FSa Fuel nitro advice
08/02/2008 20:00:00

Been away from this hobby for some 20 yrs ( thought it was less but doesn't life fly by ) spent the last month or so getting out with a trainer and OS 46 LA trying to regain some lost or forgotten skills. All going better than planned and plenty of smooth landings.

So whilst some spare cash is around Iv'e bought a Kyosho Calmato 60 sport and a Hangar 9 Pulse xt in readiness for moving on from the trainer and eventually decided on the OS 81 FSa for the Kyosho and the OS 56 FSa for the pulse.

Over the next few weeks I'm going to get both of these motors run in and fitted into the appropriate models intending to fly the Kyosho first. Both the OS manuals advice about fuels is similar and say the engines leave the factory timed for around 15% nitro in obviously unamed fuel brand but containing min 18% oil. I decided to go with Model technics formula Irvine but although my local shop sells this they thought that 15% nitro was way too much yet the OS manual say engine should be happy with 5-20% nitro.

 Would appreciate any thoughts on this and also if I do end up on 5% nitro how big a change will this mean to the engines current settings as set by OS.

One other point, Iv'e never used four strokes before but opted to go this route for a few reasons, one being noise and also I intend to use OS flexible exhaust pipes so I can route the silencer in a better place to keep as much of the crud off the fus as I fly off sand a lot and cleaning is a real pain.

 Would appreciate any help or input many thanks

Thread: Help req'd Engine mounting postion
01/02/2008 13:57:00

I'm about to start kitting out a Hangar 9 Pulse XT having finally sourced one on e bay being unable to find one anywhere in the UK following it's review in the Nov RCME.

All of the models I've seen show the engine in an upright postion and even the RCME review says it suits this position. I'd much prefer to fit the engine side on allowing the exhaust to go underneath the model and help keep some of the goo away from the plane.

Just back to flying again after a 20 year break and would appreciate any thoughts on this and wonder if I'm missing something important and the engine should be upright.

Many thanks in advance Kev Moore

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