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Thread: Prop balancing
18/12/2014 23:12:55

Really ????frown

Not the way I'd do it old chap

Thread: flapperons or air brakes
16/12/2014 07:06:17

Blaze doesn't need anything - lands perfectly well anyway

Thread: setting C of G on scratch build models?
16/12/2014 07:04:18


(not Cg)

Just sayin'

Thread: First electric glider suggestion
16/12/2014 06:59:52

Multiplex Easy Glider - no brainer

Do NOT go for the cheap clones - no comparison

Thread: help needed please
16/12/2014 06:54:37

Lazy Bee ?

Thread: Flying from cliffs
16/12/2014 06:53:15

Can be - but rotors are notoriously unpredictable - you have to learn your hill - if you're a newbie - get walking

Thread: Replacement Car
16/12/2014 06:51:15

THE ultimate aeromodellers car is a Ford Mondeo

Huge - fast - economical - cheap to repair - mine has 144 thousand miles on the odometer and runs like new - 100 mph cruising on the continent and 51 mpg doing it - what's not to like ?

Thread: The joy of slope
15/12/2014 23:03:35

POWERED gliders are NOT slope gliders

it's that clear and simple

Thread: Time for a new mouldie
15/12/2014 23:01:05

I much prefer the 3m or close to models - second hand bargains abound - Sting is a doozy to fly

Thread: Great Orme - Marine Drive - Closed
15/12/2014 22:59:55

I have a sneaky back route - never closed yet

Thread: Flying from cliffs
15/12/2014 22:58:20

Cliff rotor - you have to walk back - a loOOOOOOOOOOONG WAY BACK

Thread: Phase 6 ballast
15/12/2014 22:55:18

She'll carry a pound in good lift and be better for it

Thread: BMFA Area Chief Examiner standards
07/12/2014 10:54:39

PS - I could fly a perfectly credible B a quarter of a century before I took my A licence - some of us are crusty old so and so's that never bothered with clubs or achievement schemes

07/12/2014 10:53:08

I think (call me old fashioned - I care not) that there are two sorts of aeromodeller (model flier's are not the same btw....) in the frame here!

Those who see the letters on their ticket as some badge of merit, a bit like stripes on the shoulders of military officers, and those who understand that this is a job of work, a responsibility and a service to the hobby!

I don't much care for the former types - do any of us (and yes they exist)

So - did you get into the BMFA through 'aeromodelling' or did you get into 'model flying' through the BMFA

Different things

06/12/2014 21:58:41

Well since last visited, this thing has gone viral

So let me reiterate my previous ten cents worth - if you can't do it you cannot (with credibility...) test it!

I do not expect my examiners to be able to demonstrate a C nor a Heli if a fixed wing only flier - but a BASIC A and B fixed wing - absolutely and at a moments notice too!

If the ACE in the frame hasn't even got a suitable model - let alone the ability to fly same then he (or she...) has no credibility in RC aeromodelling - the B licence is not exactly taxing for any flier worth his (or her...) rations.

I'm not expecting show pilot flair - just the ability to fly to a basic safe standard - surely that's not too big an ask!

HOW do those who cannot do this end up evaluating others - it's beyond my comprehension that they'd even want to?

06/12/2014 05:32:32

For me this is a simple issue - or it should be (IMO)

You would not get into a driving examiners car to take your driving test, only to learn that the examiner wasn't a driver himself

If you can't do it then you can't test it - even if you think you can

I've tired of club safety officers pulling me this way and that and demanding hoops be jumped through when said safety officer hasn't picked up a transmitter in years!



Edited By David Ashby - RCME on 06/12/2014 06:43:23

Thread: DLE 20 Low end running issues
06/06/2013 16:12:58

Petrol engine basics (two-strokes)

1 - New plug before anything else is moved, adjusted, fiddled with or altered..

2 - New plug cap

3 - Start the engine and look for leaks, air or fuel - bubbles or wetness etc - if all ok then FULL throttle and wait!

4 - Engine runs fine at full throttle, great - if not set the high end needle first and then LEAVE IT ALONE from that moment on - it only effects full throttle!

5 - Set idle needle - adjust 1/4 turn either side and WAIT - if the engine slows then you've gone the wrong way - the correct idle needle setting is when the engine is running fastest (i.e.optimum fuel-air - QED)!

Do any of this in a different order and you're chasing your tail

Hope that helps

Thread: I've revived a zero volts 3S LiPo.
01/06/2013 07:00:58

Ask Boeing how to dispose of Lithium batteries - they'll tell you................cheeky

Thread: When do you use exponential?
01/06/2013 06:57:38

PS - everyone is flying with some exponential movement somewhere - from throttles to ailerons - elevators to flaps, there will be an exponential factor to consider - unless that is, you've install the perfectly linear, 100% square and aligned linkage, hinge, output arm or disk and control rod, which is doubtful!

Thread: Exponential??????
01/06/2013 06:53:31

Small point - depending on how your mechanical links are set up - you're probably (almost undoubtedly...) flying with expo anyway (before you start with electronic tinkering)!

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