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Thread: Why did the charger stop?
07/06/2020 09:41:34

"Why did the charger stop?"

Too low charge current giving a false peak.

I used to race RC cars and had a routine of cycling nimh & nicd cells.

I would see an improvement in capacity over 5 or 6 cycles. Never had the patience to do more.

3300mAh cells, charge at 5A discharge 1A but only because that's all my charger would do. Some race buddies had better dischargers up to 20A.

For AA I would go for 1 amp charge, 2 amp discharge.

Give your cells a good thumping Oops. They will love you for it.

Thread: Radio cases
07/06/2020 09:28:23

I have always thought it strange that comercial cases are cut to hold the Tx upside down.

As Bert says all the presure is on the softest bits, antenna and switches.

I use a selection of re purposed metal and plastic cases. But always with the Tx side or top toward the handle.

I use a 9mm snap off blade knife to cut the foam but it is a bit wobbly. I wonder if hot wire would be better .

Thread: Professional 2D CAD free of charge
13/05/2020 14:52:35
Posted by Barrie Lever on 12/05/2020 12:41:02:

............Your benifit is you have no preconceaved ideas on how CAD should work.



I think that is my problem Barrie.

I've been using AutoCad on and off for 15+ years.

I use keyboard codes for everything except opening and saving files.

I cannot get on with the ribbon and most modern cad alternatives are very mouse driven. I like the sound of the icons highlighting, that may help me.

Only 0.4Gb left to download

13/05/2020 13:43:13

3.5Gb download. That'll give the broadband a beating

12/05/2020 09:27:55

Hi Barrie, I have been spoilt with a company provided AutoCad for many years. I have tried a few free alternatives but had trouble cross training

Frustrating as the freeware copies of Photoshop, Excel etc have been so close as to be akin to a version change.

Thanks for the link, I will give it a go.

Edited By Kevin Wilson on 12/05/2020 09:28:50

Thread: Printed parts in strong sun.
04/04/2020 09:59:19

There should be plenty of air cooling while you fly.

Just need a dihedral jig to put it in when you land.

Thread: NEW POLL - Has home isolation prompted you to start trad' building?
30/03/2020 20:45:37

I'm working from home but never been so busy.

I work for a TV/internet/mobile provider. It is a huge challenge just keeping staff available.

Looking forward to this current situation to be over so I have spare brain cells to think about modelling .

Thread: Your experience of Banggood delivery time?
23/12/2019 14:19:54

I have had deliveries anywhere between 4 days and 4 weeks.

Never any problem with customer service. Any faulty items are quickly replaced.

As mentioned above, the packing can leave a bit to be desired. Although I have had unbreakable items swathed in copious bubble wrap.

Thread: CAA registration take-up?
17/12/2019 22:34:43

Hi Kim

Not just you. Perhaps I need to contact BMFA also

Thread: BMFA News Dec 2019
08/12/2019 17:41:07

I would rather register through the BMFA to truly reflect to the CAA the numbers of active fliers that they represent.

Certainly the team running the BMFA for us have my full support.

So its three cheers from me as well.

Thread: Deafness needs light, not buzzer!
26/04/2019 13:37:10

Hi Den. I wonder if the circuit in your tx would power a little pager motor to give haptic feedback (tx shaker).

Thread: How to reduce voltage?
15/03/2019 21:06:14

I used a pair of silicon rectifier diodes to drop a bit of voltage off a PSU as suggested.

They do get hot, even just pulling 3A or so.

Thread: New Drone/Aerodrome Regulations - Is your club at risk?
21/01/2019 21:34:24

The club I fly at is 2km off the end of one runway of a protected airfield.

Looks like we will need to negotiate with their air traffic control.

We may be ok as it is the secondary runway used mainly for helicopters. They dont have quite the same arrival departure path as the fixed wing ga traffic.

Thread: Lidl Sander
18/12/2018 20:39:03

The spare discs supplied with the sander are self adhesive.

Peel off the backing and slap it on, carefully ☺

As per my post above I found finer grit discs on ebay.

Thread: White Wing Tape
01/12/2018 13:35:11

I use white sign vinyl. I have a CraftRobo plotter/cutter so have this in stock.

I use a knife and straight edge to stip down to suitable widths and squares to cover servos. Easier than starting the computer and plotter.

I get 230x610mm sheets cut for my craftrobo from MDP Supplies but you should find A4 sheets on ebay easily enough.

Thread: Durafly Bf109E
05/11/2018 21:50:08

Ah! Global warehouse. Thanks Trevor.

I also found different docs on the BoB page to tbe Desert scheme page.

That'll help one of my winter projects.

Thread: Lidl Sander
05/11/2018 21:29:23

Question was raised regarding fine discs for the 125mm sander.

I bought 400g self adhesive discs from I found them through ebay.

They did have other grits available.

Thread: Durafly Bf109E
04/11/2018 13:41:33

I bought the tropical scheme version at Hobbyking Live, watching the video of your BoB livery it is great for orientation.

Anyway, where did you find the manual Trevor?

I didn't see a link on Hobbyking and I couldn't find it on the Durafly website.

Best I found were a couple of pdf where to place the markings.

Rgds, Kevin

Edited By Kevin Wilson on 04/11/2018 13:42:55

Thread: Binding wire for solder joints
31/10/2018 12:40:55

One place you wont get any is Maplins.

They went belly up a few months back..

Thread: ‘Foaming pva or cyano’ Richards Crapps ‘Achieving Lightness’ Article
06/10/2018 00:09:55
It is possible to mixx gorilla PU glue with PVA. Its supposedly makes the foamed PU stronger.
I have whisked PU with water to make it foam up more but that make an open brittle foam.
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