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Thread: Prostate Cancer
12/10/2020 09:42:35

I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer after presenting for a test. I had no signs or symptoms, I just thought it would be a good idea following a chat with a friend - we are both mid sixties. I've been on hormone therapy for 6 months and have just completed a course of radiotherapy.

Hopefully I've dodged a bullet, as I did have a bone scan that came back clear.

I'd encourage any men in the susceptible age range to get tested.

Thread: NCFM Moth build advice
01/08/2016 13:03:27

Rob is very helpful, I expect he could answer your other questions.

No connection to the business other than a satisfied customer for other stuff.

By the way, lam film is sometimes called "New stuff". Its not that new any more, but is probably a useful term to use in a search phrase..


Thread: motor upgrade help please
01/08/2016 07:55:05

Is it worth popping a new set of bearings in the original motor? I know you have a new one on the way, but you'll have a spare for next time, or another model.


31/07/2016 21:04:44

In the DC wires between the battery and ESC. Measure both current through and voltage across, even if separately. I'm not convinced you will have 11.1 V at wide open throttle for long, but the numbers will tell. The 3 wires esc to motor have a chopped up waveform that a multimeter will make no sense of. Being conservative I'd not want to put much more than 30A through a budget esc.


31/07/2016 20:50:21
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 31/07/2016 20:10:32:

Ah - snap Graham!


So, is it a case of "great minds think alike", or "fools seldom differ" ?-))

Oh, and I'd probably try the 6x4 first.


31/07/2016 20:02:15

That looks more like it.

Depending on what prop you use, you may end up pulling more current than stock, so careful you don't pop the esc. I know its more expense, but I really do recommend the use of a wattmeter. If you don't fancy splashing out right now, hopefully somebody in your club could let you use one. If overpropped a leccy motor will just pull more current and can cause damage to the esc.


Edited By Graham Bowers on 31/07/2016 20:04:23

31/07/2016 19:22:33

I'm afraid your replacement motor has too low Kv. Off the top of my head, I'd have expected 2200Kv would be needed.

The actual prop speed is going to be about 75% of the theoretical Kv * Volts value. So at 11.1V the prop speed would be 11.1 * 1400 * 0.75 = 12000 rpm as close as makes no difference.

You don't say what make of prop you have, but APC are good props and publish good data, so a 6x4 at 12000 rpm may be expected to produce 0.7 lb of thrust but the same prop with a 2200 Kv motor (11.1 * 2200 * 0.75 = 18000 rpm) may be expected to produce almost 1.6 lb of thrust. A big difference!

It has to be said that assuming 11.1 V under load may be optimistic and the only way to really know what is happening is to use a wattmeter. These are instruments that will tell you the voltage, current and wattage under static conditions and really should be in the toolbox of every leccy flier.

I'm not sure where you read that an outrunner can't do much more than 15000 rpm but its simply not true.

Hope this helps


Thread: SLEC building jig problem
19/07/2016 17:15:46

Definitely gas/ vapour from the substrate trapped under the film. In a past life I saw this under vinyl decals on non-metallic bodywork. The fix was to use porus vinyl for the decals to allow the gas / vapour to permeate through and escape.


Thread: Married!
29/12/2015 20:32:28

Whilst we have never met, I am delighted for you both.


Thread: Urgent and important petition - Please sign
30/08/2015 15:28:30

Signed and copied to a conservation FB group I frequent.


Thread: Help my sanity!
07/07/2015 19:34:36

Others have mentioned ensuring the correct video modes (PAL/ NTSC) and channels are selected. All I will add is that rather than cycling through bands / channels and hoping to find a match, actively select the correct band and then cycle through the channels. The immersion VTx operates on band F, so band F channel is 5800 MHz, but band A channel 4 is 5805 MHZ, almost no separation so you'll get a pic, but not a good one.

I assume you are using the supplied antennas and I also assume that they are compatible with the VTx / VRx, but another little "gotcha" is that it is possible to have a mixup between SMA and RP-SMA antennas such that the antenna will screw on to the VTx / VRx but neither the antenna or VTx / VRx has a probe that engages with the corresponding receptacle. This probably makes no sense yet but male RP-SMA will physically fit female SMA, see pics if following link

I doubt that is the cause in your case, just one to remember.

Good luck


Thread: Flyable conditions Moel Famau
06/05/2015 06:47:01

I'll be in the Moel Famau area tomorrow 7th May so have been watching the forecast for the last few days. As of now, the forecast for Ruthin is WNW 7mph veering NW 8mph. Is it going to be flyable please, for an M60 for example?


Thread: Centering the Elevator?
07/04/2015 19:37:31

A strong second for using a servo tester for initial setup - after getting one I wish I had done so years ago. If it works OK on the servo tester then you know its a Tx setup issue. I sometimes used to get weird offsets when I didn't set up the servo travel in my transmitter properly.


Thread: Crimping Tool for servo extensions
07/04/2015 19:22:31

I too use the HK one but find if I position the connector in the tool to crimp the insulation, the platens that crimp the conductor are too short and leave a mm or so uncrimped. I just move the connector in the tool and crimp again. I'm using servo type connectors btw, some I bought from a club member and some from HK. Anybody else find this?


Thread: What did you want to do as a kid, when you grew up, what would you chose in hindsight ?
29/03/2015 15:12:08

I wanted to go to sea, so I did as an engineer in the merchant navy. I had some enjoyable jobs in engineering shoreside afterwards and retired at 57 just over a year ago. I'm pretty happy with my choices, but if I was doing it all again I would consider law and work as a corporate lawyer in industry.


Thread: Wing loading
01/02/2015 16:59:39

If you already have the bigger engine or if you can simulate it by adding lead wrapped around it then the practical method of shifting stuff around to maintain the CG and measure the new weight (and so wing loading) may be best, depending on the specifics of your model.

All I'll add to the above is that by knowing the weights of the engines, the weights and range of positions of the moveable bits (batteries, servos, ballast for example), the weight of the entire model and CoG location its possible to calculate if and by how much you'll need to make ballast adjustments. The biggest advantage of the calc method is that its possible to get an answer on the viability of the project before spending any money or doing much balsa bashing. It would be awful to make the mods and find out at the end the model was too heavy.

Hope this helps rather than confuses, but if you wish to proceed down the calculation method (known as taking moments) and need more info / help, just ask.


Thread: Classic Veron Impala glider
31/01/2015 16:54:08

My "full size" is scarily close to the colour scheme of the tiddler. See my avatar.


Posted by Phil Green on 31/01/2015 01:34:22:

I've also a 3/4 scale Impala <snip>

and heres the 3/4 tiddler parked alongside a real one at Nont Sarahs:



Thread: APC Prop Data
30/01/2015 08:16:23

Brilliant, its back, thanks. This excellent resource disappeared for a while.

Remember, under load you only get about 80% of the theoretical (KV*V) rpm.

To prevent the release of the magic smoke, do check the actual performance with a Wattmeter. I like to verify speed with a tachometer too.


Thread: How many of you still own/fly your first plane/Helli
29/01/2015 09:15:38

I still have my first ever engine, a DC Merlin that went into a KK skystreak 26 C/L model I built around 44 years ago, now long gone.

I also still have my first sloper, predictably an Impala and believe it or not, the box it came in. Last flew around 6 years ago but in flyable condition - that's the model, not the box

I also have the engine that was in my first R/C power model. I don't think I ever knew what the model was as it was donated by a friend, but the engine is an ME Snipe.


Thread: Help needed
28/01/2015 13:40:45

I too believe it is probably a fuel system issue but before doing surgery I'd be tempted to do an engine test by strapping a new fuel tank to the side of the model and use new fuel tube, thus eliminating the old fuel system.


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