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Thread: Myron is in hospital
12/04/2012 21:24:13

get well soon best wishes

Thread: Where can you get good wood.
26/10/2011 20:23:53
I have had great service from the folks at balsa cabin mail order and driving down to visit and selecting my own wood. Any supplier worth their salt would refund reimburse if the product was not up to spec.
Thread: Local model shops - do we support 'em?
11/10/2011 18:53:06
just supported mine to the tune of £200.00 last week
"can't take it with you"
Thread: FPV and glasses
28/09/2011 16:27:19
might be better to ask over here Djay
Thread: On destroying a pupil's Wot 4.....
22/09/2011 15:55:01
The gent in question has been 'learning' for several years, and has been through his fair share of instructors and models but has still yet to fly solo.
Several years good grief ! I have heard of slow learners but it may be that he needs to stick with one instructor and have a structured training path with set objectives of going solo.
Even now when I go to the field I go with a plan of what I want to perfect, rolling circuits, Cuban eights, inverted somethings, does not matter what as long as I have improved by the end of the session - mission accomplished.
Every one crashes part an parcel of what we do just need to minimize the avoidable risks and get on with it.
Thread: onboard glow
21/08/2011 09:02:39
small croc clip connected to the plug sorts out those useless rubber jobs and stays connected for ages
Thread: Cutting out mid-flight
08/04/2011 18:35:01
Ben the remote needle should not be an issue our club trainer is a remote needle and I see no issues on that front. You should always use a filter at least to fill the plane and to be safe in the fuel intake as the exhaust pumps unknowns into the tank. Don't forget to post the answer once you get it cracked it may help others pulling their hair out.
That's why there are so many bald people about they keep scratching their head wondering about things ;o)
08/04/2011 12:37:51
Cleaning of the carb/needle valve is a good step as debris can enter and have some weird effect especially what you are describing.
Do you run the engine with an inline filter?
do you fill up via a filter on the filling pipe ?
Also check the screws that hold the carb on to the body as they can leak air also the head bolts.

Thread: Model memories?
08/04/2011 12:26:28
Cant beat a bit of " Bling " at the flying field
Thread: Mail order fuel
08/04/2011 12:23:58
Change of Tact here clubbed together and put in an order for 10 mixed cases of Optifuel and with the additional discount and free delivery Optifuel is now the fuel of choice for the price conscious Modeller.
Happy flying
Thread: Model memories?
08/04/2011 12:10:26
Still wont stop me buying an 14MZ if I can get " Wife approval" that is the hard bit
07/04/2011 16:25:44
easy answer boys and toys ;o) but honestly if you fly Helies and planes then you you need the screen to set up the pitch curves and throttle curves on the helli.
Why doe the 14MZ cost so much answer because the possibilities are limitless does it make you fly any better NO.
all the best
Thread: Plan enlarging software
27/03/2011 11:10:20
I have built 2 of these The Pizazz they are the fore runner to the hanger9 twist. The plans are accurate free and easy/medium to build. The flying of the plan is great full 3D but not as precise as the twist but cheaper and a good throw about model.
Thread: Hot Glue
09/03/2011 08:26:05
great for sticking on canopy's and if you need to get them off Hot air gun and they come off great stuff.
Thread: Camshaft bearings (help!)
26/02/2011 12:13:05
Alan c is correct the engine needs about 25 mins @ 180 C in the oven.
Sound like a chef
Thread: Club Rules
14/02/2011 18:46:22
The achievement scheme is some thing to aim for it's all about improving your flying. There is nothing better than watching some one fly a great routine perfectly and precisely.
Thread: keyfob video camera
14/02/2011 10:15:02
Barry yes comes in all styles pop over to the FVP site

Thread: Club Rules
14/02/2011 10:05:20
We have rules but they all focus mainly on safety mainly. There will always be some one who has a different opinion to yours what you need to agree on is what is safe and what is not safe. A big model or a small model they can all go wrong a 90 sized heli which is out of control is a more dangerous than a plane in my opinion. It is down to the people flying to agree what is safe flying and if you can not agree you bring in rules to enforce the safe flying but it is all designed to promote the enjoyment of every one on the flying site.
I have no issue telling some one A,B or C if I think their flying is of concern to me some take it well and some not so well but at the end of the day if I do nothing I am failing as a club member does not matter what certificate they have the only one they must have is insurance.
Failing that change clubs or go solo or fly when the "jobs worths" are not there (all clubs have them)

Thread: On My Building Board
27/07/2010 08:16:25
Hanger 9 Twist taken it apart and turned it into plans got fed up paying £120 can now make them for around £60 and strengthen them where required. Also pizzaz similar model flys great both electric and IC.
Thread: Dedicated online auction site
30/06/2010 11:50:51
Geoff love it, with out people like you we are restricted to ebay and BMFA site's, competition is what is needed.  Good luck hope you do well.
kind regards
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